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  • SPORTS MOMENT: OSU v Washington. Night game in the 'Shoe. Sat in 24C and watched Big Daddy crush UW with my father.

    Close second is having my 4 year old son come up to me and, in an effort to have me get ready to go somewhere, tell me I needed a bath because "you stick like Michigan"
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Comment 30 Oct 2014

My old boss is a big time TSUN fan.  I asked him who the next coach was and his comment was that they were a basketball school now.  They decided they could not compete with the demographics saying everyone was leaving the north and they had better luck getting 7-8 kids to play basketball than the numbers needed for football.

Comment 25 Oct 2014

^^^This.  Made the same comment.  Tired of seeing option on 1st down every time

Comment 20 Dec 2013

Noticed several players were ranked as a "C".  Is this normal for college recruits (because the "A" and "B" players just turn pro) or are we just not getting elite prospects?

Comment 20 Dec 2013

Per SI - “It was just something special about Ohio State University,” McMillan said on NBCSN. “Every time I visited the school. Every time I talked to coach [Urban] Meyer on the phone. Every time I talked to coach [Luke] Fickell. Every time we sat down to talk. We just had a special bond.”

Gimme Fickell

Comment 16 Dec 2013

Not really Cincinnati's 6-year fight against strip clubs.  The owners are trying to put the club in Athens so the Ohio U boys can find their classmates.

Comment 03 Feb 2013

One of my biggest memories of CC was when he was let go by the Philadephia Eagles.  I was living in Philly at the time and Buddy Ryan the coach cut him because "All he did was score touchdowns".

Comment 22 Jan 2013

Not that it is important since you are only discussing relative costs but you also have to look at value etc.  

A student season ticket at Alabama is extremely inexpensive but for that you get "general admission" seating between the goal posts and the 5 yard line on the SW corner of the stadium.  That is it.  There is no seat improvement for being a senior v a freshman etc.  This means no tailgating, no going to Skull Session (if their band was smart enough to have something like this).  Nope, you want a decent spot for the game you are in your seats 2 hours before kickoff just waiting.

Basketball tickets used to be free, but again were first come first served.  They set aside about 4000 tickets for a 20,000 student campus and if you wanted a ticket you had to get there early.

I transferred from Alabama up to Ohio State and while I might have grumbled a bit at the cost of my tickets, that all ended once I saw my seat.


Comment 07 Dec 2012

Saw an article (can't remember if it was here or Ozone) about Matta.  Said Lou Holtz had told him never stay in the same job more than 7 years because people tend to start taking you for granted.  If you moved to a new program every 6-8 years you did not get a rep as a part timer, and you kept everything fresh.

Comment 28 Nov 2012

Nope, still just two teams from each conference.  It is the reason Saban is pissed.  Read yesterday that he was complaining that if they lost the game against UGa that they would probably miss out on a BCS bowl because Florida would take the second SEC slot and he did not think that was fair....

Of course it is exactly what he did last year but that was LAST YEAR.

Comment 23 Aug 2012

Somewhat ironically, that would probably be turned into a hit country single....

Comment 24 Jul 2012

Andy Staples (CNN/SI) addressed this last year in his "Cheating for Dummies" column. 

2. Nothing in writing
No major college football or basketball coach should have an e-mail address. If he does, he should never use it. That way, when a do-gooder such as former Ohio State player Chris Cicero sends an e-mail about the star quarterback and star receiver trading memorabilia for cash and tattoos, the head coach can be completely honest when he tells the NCAA: "I never saw that." If Tressel had ignored his e-mail during his Ohio State tenure, he'd still have a job. This rule applies to players, too. If an agent gives one of your players a South Beach shopping spree or a VIP night at some club that charges $12 for a Bud Light, make sure your players know better than to narrate in real time the receipt of impermissible benefits on Twitter or Facebook.

Comment 24 Jul 2012

While I agree with your #3 - that everyone still knows who won the games, I think the goal here was to take away the record for Paterno.  The student athletes know who won the games, the fans know who won the games but now we don't face the future of seeing Joe Paterno's name as the "All Time Wins" Leader.  In this case they ARE punishing one of the people responsible for this mess.  Joe Paterno put his desire to be the Wins leader over his responsibilty to protect children and stripping him of that is actually the one punishment that hurts his family the most.