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  • SPORTS MOMENT: OSU v Washington. Night game in the 'Shoe. Sat in 24C and watched Big Daddy crush UW with my father.

    Close second is having my 4 year old son come up to me and, in an effort to have me get ready to go somewhere, tell me I needed a bath because "you stick like Michigan"
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Comment 05 Jul 2015

Of all the one and done's his NBA career continues to be the most mind blowing. Next thing you know Byron "Don't call me B.J." Mullins will sign a max deal with to leave the D-League

Comment 17 Mar 2015

In the "over hyped so much they are just never able to match the word of mouth" group

1. Hangover
2. Any Will Farrell movie
3. Big Lebowski
4. Rush Hour

The "Could not be as good as the first" group

1. Kill Bill Vol 2
2. Any Star Wars "prequel"
3. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom - there I said it.
4. Godfather Pt. 2

The "god no, not another _______ movie" group

1. Adam Sandler ... and he gets more down votes for continuing to employ Rob Schnieder
2. Jim Carrey
3. Will Farrell
4. Kristen Stewart

Comment 04 Feb 2015

So according to what I read we signed 6 OL this year...and 5 last year.  I remember years under Boll-rus that we did not have 10 linemen total, much less 11 F/S.  Is our plan to just play one line for a quarter, then roll out the starters and grind down the opponents?  Not that I have a problem with this plan mind you.

Comment 02 Jan 2015

This is typical "RTR Bama fan" behavior.  I have never met a fan base that basically felt they were entitled to be the champion every year.  It does not matter who they are facing, what their record is, nothing.  There are only 2 truths in life - 1. We are Bama and 2. It is always our championship.

After living in the state for 13 years I was very happy to leave the mentality.  They epitomized the 'if we win, it shows we are better than you.  if we lose, well we weren't really up for the game and it did not mean anything' fandom.

Comment 02 Jan 2015

I understand the call even if I do not agree with it.  Bama stacked the line, we were not getting a first down.  He figured surprise them with a pass...if we complete it we can run MORE time off the clock (or score).  However, in that situation time is more important than yardage

Problem was not the call, the problem was it did not work.