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Comment 17 Apr 2014

I'm still not 100% sold on Meyer, and I'm sure some of that is from feeling so confident in JT, and then being fooled or feeling betrayed.  But part of that is also from some of the stunts he pulled elsewhere, and wondering if he has continued to grow, or if he's going to turn out to be a snake oil salesman.  I HOPE he's 100% legit, and this is indeed his dream job and that he's here, doing right, for the long haul. 

Comment 15 Apr 2014

With the unofficial Buckeye Fan boycott of ESPN, Tress & Woody never stood a chance.  JoePa & Osborne in the final is a joke.

Comment 09 Apr 2014

That first place vote for the 'Cats must have been from that  dude that got the tattoo...

Comment 01 Apr 2014

BARELY give a crap during season.  The Bucks' season is done, so is my interest.  I MAY have on the TV on Monday night to check once in a while, but I'm not watching that crap...

Comment 20 Mar 2014

~~"I'll also be missing that $1B."  Yeah, but at least we got the drama over early, & will be able to sleep well without worrying about it...

: )

Comment 19 Mar 2014


Ohio Ohio State's site lists 35, and while I'd agree they're not ALL HOF candidates, there are a lot of solid performers there.  Personally, I'm not a big NoFunLeague fan, so I don't care nor follow that as much.  I do know that all those Buckeyes contributed a lot in Columbus, and that's what I do care about.



Comment 12 Mar 2014

I don't think we'll ever get the whole story, just as we'll never know what adding Withers & Coombs, with different philosophies and terminology did to our back seven.  But I think we can all deduce Coach Meyer didn't think it was all LF, because he's still there, with the same job titles.  Let's hope for the best, and when it happens again, be happy with what we've got... 

Comment 26 Feb 2014

I'm sorry, but look back a year ago.  Roby said he'd come back, he had goals he wanted to attain.  One of those was being a captain.  The incident in IN (trumped up BS as it turned out) took that away.  Once his goals we unobtainable, of COURSE he had some mental issues to work thru.  But I recall more than one occasion where he didn't give up and ran down someone else's missed tackle and saved a TD.  He didn't quit on his teammates.

Comment 19 Feb 2014

You're correct; he has NO clue.  His months of prep are closer to a Basic Training scenario, with a week to prepare for his 'operation.'  All in all, I hope this junk fails.  Brings to mind the junk with free agency & Curt Flood.  And I detest Curt Flood.

Comment 10 Feb 2014

Regardless of why, or painting with a broad brush, if someone just doesn't like it, for one or 50 reasons...so?

I don't like it.  Don't like the look, don't like the way it navigates.  Just don't like the new format.

Comment 30 Jan 2014

Exactly right, and also, unless a kid is fortunate enough to run thru the grind (Mike D'Andrea remind you of what I'm talking about?) this will be his last choice about where to play football for almost 10 years, and this decision would definitely impact that one.  So these kids not only have to trust the 'relationship' that's developed, but also that his talents are going to be developed sufficiently for him to go to that next level.  So let's not forget that all those 3 *** playing in the NoFunLeague also shouldn't be forgotten.  So let's not condemn a kid for making that decision, let's wish him well, but hope it is his first life decision that teaches him  with those decisions come consequences, and he ends up like Bike Hart, Jake Long, and Chad Henne.

Comment 17 Jan 2014

IMHO, Priority #1 needs to be sitting the D-coaches down, Day One, and establishing the 'chain of command' and designating how we're going to do business.  If LF is being demoted (in title) from D-Cor to Co-D-Cor, responsibilities need to be established, set up and agreed upon.  Each coach should formally draw up and present their ideas for how to do their business, and 2 weeks later, sit everyone down again and each coach explains his duties, responsibilities, goals, and how he'll achieve them, as he understands his tasking; to the group including Urban Meyer.  There was way too much dysfunction and miscommunication this past year to accept anything less.  AJ needs to get this group together, singing the same song from the same sheet of music.

Comment 10 Jan 2014

Position coaches, especially good ones, come & go, and move around all the time.  With all the crap the fan base is putting his friend Luke Fickel thru, why does anyone think he'd stay here?

His friend asked him to come home & help out when MV was still playing in the NoFunLeague.  Otherwise, he's probably just retiring from those big pay checks about now.  The move is a career enhancing move, no matter if he plans on staying pro, or someday coming back to cfb.

Bottom line, impact?  Of course.  As long as a suitable replacement is named, the impact will be very short term.