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Parents went to the ND at OSU game in 1995 when I was five, parents left me at my Uncle's. My dad told me who to root for before he left, my uncle and cousins were ND fans, they couldn't sway me and I puked on their couch for them trying, and OSU won. I don't really remember a whole lot about OSU football until their National Championship season when I attended their games against Cincinnati and Penn St.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Shot to send basketball game to OT In 6th grade lol
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Current: Sam Hubbard Past: Braxton Miller, Zeke, and Joey Bosa
  • NFL TEAM: Bengals
  • NHL TEAM: none
  • NBA TEAM: Cavs
  • MLB TEAM: Reds
  • SOCCER TEAM: Team USA, don't care about MLS

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Comment 14 Aug 2016

Curtis is faster than Braxton(straight speed), Weber.. not faster than Zeke, Dontre, Smith, and McCall all faster than Marshall, Worley not as fast as Lee, but Baker is faster than Perry, Ward and Lattimore are both very fast.. I'd say Ward is faster than Apple, Noah Brown is probably close to as fast or as fast as Michael Thomas. Clark, Campbell, Gibson, McLaurin, and Mack all faster than Marshall. Hooker and Webb/Smith match up speed wise with Powell and Bell. Overall I think the team speed is at least as good.

Comment 14 Aug 2016

Probably not.. no one will ever be the best at both the 100m and marathon.. unless some very advanced bio-engineering  is going down.

I'd say those children would be very good runners.. probably between 400m and 1500m

Comment 07 Aug 2016

Well Hilliard had a torn bicep over the off season hindering his development. Apparently Cornell came in and just wasn't very strong.. and I think he slacked at first but it seems like LJ has worked closely with him and DreMont Jones to get them better. Still young guys but have to start producing. Conner and Hilliard are probably in line for the MLB spot next season. Burger and Fada are no slouches.

Comment 23 Jul 2016

We don't have "Elliott".. and before the 2014 season "we don't have Hyde"... we won't know until we watch them play.. for all we know Antonio Smith could rush for 1000+ yards. No one expected Elliott to finish 2014 the way he did.

Comment 26 Jun 2016

Barkley, Perrine, Mayfield, McDowell, Scott, Walker, Lewis .. we play a lot of good players.

Barkley is going to be a super star if their line can improve. no bones about it. He made a lot of guys on our defense look like little boys and that was a crappy O-Line. Not too mention 6 starters from that defense we're drafted in 2016, another was a UDFA, 2 more of them  are future NFLers (Conley, McMillan), and Hubbard who saw snaps is another that will make the next level, also potentially Booker. Again, a freshman with a bum ankle and a crappy O-Line went up against a defense loaded with future NFL talent on their turf and almost hit 2 bills rushing. Dude is incredible. 

Comment 11 Jun 2016

Pretty sure this was supposed to be a free country [MOD Edit: Please do not comment on politics]. Let people make personal choices that aren't actively harming others

Comment 04 May 2016

Malik Hooker just has that it factor.. That nasty in your face competitiveness that you have to love in a Silver Bullet DB.. I think a healthy Smith will show the same. Burrows and Webb will be able to fill in very formidably. Ward and Conley with Lattimore stepping in is a great look at CB.. Sure we lose 3 NFL Caliber guys but these Bullets reload and this is DBU, we're going to be putting 1-4 dbs in the NFL every year for awhile 

Comment 18 Apr 2016

All I gotta say is that Ward and Hooker are absolute monsters.. .50 cal Silver Bullets.. just fierce dudes. So much talent, just needs molding and shaping. 

Comment 18 Mar 2016

Cannondale Synapse.. Nothing fancy. Not a serious cyclist. I just enjoy the occasional leisurely ride. I did do Americas Most Beautiful Bike Ride in Lake Tahoe last June. Around the lake with a jut out to Truckee. 100 miles with a few food/hydration stops. Beautiful ride. The Emerald Bay climb wasn't hard but I'm afraid of heights so there were some nerves. Most of the ride wasn't too difficult except the Spooner climb, that was brutal.

Comment 18 Mar 2016

Lots of RPO plays with dominant blocking and running in the middle and on the edge and exploiting the inside out numbers game.. Then soon as these safeties come down 8 yards off the ball Smith, Mack, Campbell, McLaurin, Hill, Clark, or Dixon will be zoomin for 6 for Zone 6.. One or two of those guys will step up to be a deep threat for sure. So happy that we hired Stud and moved Ed into the box. This OL and group of WR may surprise some people.. Lots of NFL potential to be developed this year.

Comment 17 Mar 2016

If Mack puts in the work he's going to be a star at OSU. 6'2" 210 with sub 4.5 speed and good route running as an early enrollee. Mack's don't grow on trees.