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Parents went to the ND at OSU game in 1995 when I was five, parents left me at my Uncle's. My dad told me who to root for before he left, my uncle and cousins were ND fans, they couldn't sway me and I puked on their couch for them trying, and OSU won. I don't really remember a whole lot about OSU football until their National Championship season when I attended their games against Cincinnati and Penn St.


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Comment 18 Sep 2016

Baker played really well but Booker has length and weight on him and is still very fast and athletic. Comes down to who can diagnose plays and beat blocks faster. I hate when lbs play passively and get stuck on blocks because they gave the OL time to get to them and initiate contact. You have to be there first and with bad intentions to be a good in the box linebacker. Raekwon and Burger have impressed me in that regard 

Comment 18 Sep 2016

Passing game needs to open up, more route combos and downfield throws.

Damon Webb is proving to be a liability. Stinks about Burrows injury and Smith not being 100%

Comment 18 Sep 2016

Worley and McMillan played well too overall. Best performance by our LB so far. I still think Booker and Burger deserve time in there. I also wish baker was a little bigger. Not typically a fan of LBs that are smaller than 225. Shazier and Lee were at least 230, Baker might not be 215 and that's tough when you play an Alabama, Wisconsin, Staford type team that can focus on mauling in the run game. Baker is good though.

Comment 18 Sep 2016

Besides a few false starts on the OL our lines were dominant. Our linebackers also played the best they have all season. Also I thought Denzel Ward filled in nicely for Gareon. 

We also are nowhere near our potential either IMO.

Only concerns are staying healthy and a weak link in the secondary.

Comment 17 Sep 2016

Not sure if srs. We're young and inexperienced but we don't look like we've never played football before.. I've seen numerous plays where FSU O lineman fail to block anyone.. they figure out who they're supposed to be blocking well after it's too late.. sure that's going to happen to even good O lines on occasion but not with the consistency it is with FSU.

Comment 10 Sep 2016

Yeah you just don't know but one lightning strike cost 39 more minutes even if it's just a random isolated strike.

Comment 10 Sep 2016

Zeke also usually had the benefit of great blocking. The shit we've seen today makes Penn States offensive line look phenomenal. Saw you bashing Weber in the game thread.. What's he supposed to do when he's got multiple people hitting him before he can get to the LOS?

Comment 10 Sep 2016

My weather app is showing 60%+ chance of T-storms every hour through 9 pm

Comment 05 Sep 2016

I'd like to see him have a chance on kick or punt returns.. he looked very impressive.

Comment 05 Sep 2016

We went 275 288 295 255 across the DL when we beat Bama in the Sugar Bowl.

This year we go 266, 280, 305, 266. Pretty similar if you ask me.. The difference is isn't the size it's the skill.

Comment 05 Sep 2016

How? They win out this year and they will more than likely make the playoff, sure they'd have a tough hill to climb against a team like Alabama or Ohio State.. But they've now beaten FSU and Oklahoma in back to back games. They are not afraid of the big stage and have shown they can perform when they're there.

Comment 04 Sep 2016

Would you have been happier if we had won 87-10 and had 10 sacks and 20 INTS? Doubtful

 Seriously.. Did you read my post? Am I not allowed to enjoy the and have concerns? I even prefaced half of them with "this is nitpicky" 

I guess to you it seemed like I completely bashed the team and said they're garbage. Next time try to use reading comprehension skills and not being a jerk when disagreeing.

Comment 04 Sep 2016

I think Herman can win a natty at Houston and maybe more. He has that program rolling and can take it to another level, especially if they make it into the BIG XII