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Parents went to the ND at OSU game in 1995 when I was five, parents left me at my Uncle's. My dad told me who to root for before he left, my uncle and cousins were ND fans, they couldn't sway me and I puked on their couch for them trying, and OSU won. I don't really remember a whole lot about OSU football until their National Championship season when I attended their games against Cincinnati and Penn St.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Shot to send basketball game to OT In 6th grade lol
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Current: Ezekiel Elliot / My Memorable Lifetime: Beanie Wells
  • NFL TEAM: Bengals
  • NHL TEAM: Blue Jackets
  • NBA TEAM: Cavs
  • MLB TEAM: Reds
  • SOCCER TEAM: Team USA, don't care about MLS

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Comment 16 Apr 2015

That's a good point. And I suppose they can stop it from going in every time. 

I am just super impressed by the punters who can basically stick it at the 5.. Like our man Cam

Comment 15 Apr 2015

With the way Punters can drop a ball on the spot and keep it from rolling forward I think the 10 yard line rule is a little obsolete when returning a punt vs certain talented punters.

Comment 15 Apr 2015

yesterday there was a thread that started Monday night, the amount and appropriateness of gifs got to be a lot and questionable respectively

Comment 15 Apr 2015

There were some questionable ones yesterday, did anyone get banned or jailed? 

Comment 15 Apr 2015

What if the staff launched a GoFundMe or Kickstarter for more server space so we can post moar GIFs? I'd donate $50

Comment 15 Apr 2015

So you're saying there's a GIF party in the works?

Comment 14 Apr 2015

Third team a winning record? Our third team would win 3 or 4 games max, yes our 3rd team QB would be the best QB on the field in every game outside of maybe Sparty.. But our third team OL, LB, DL, and DBs would get worked by almost everyone's first team. You really think a team of almost all freshmen and walk-ons would field a winning record? You're delusional. 

Comment 14 Apr 2015

That statement is a little bold. We'd be very thin at OL and Corner. If Lattimore and Knox weren't injured I might give it more thought but still. Honestly I think we would lose at least 2-5 games if we took out all the 1s. We're still a ton deeper than just above everyone in the Country outside of Bama and FSU and I think we're just plain better than those two at a lot of positions going into next year. We should have a great shot at winning them all. 

Comment 14 Apr 2015

Lewis is very athletic himself. He's probably a little stronger and more sound in his technique and has a deeper arsenal of pass rush moves than Jalyn. Jalyn is long and fast and has good muscle on his frame but probably isn't as strong at the point of attack and while he may have a better speed rush he might need time to develop other moves. The same thing goes for Hubbard. The good thing is that those guys are going to just get better. They will rotate a lot. When we are up by 3 TDs and teams are passing their tackles are going to get tired of the rotation of fast fresh monster DEs.