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Comment 13 Apr 2014

1) You profess to enjoy Meyer's frank nature, and then say he seems fake.  Umm.. ???

2) Wrong.  I care about more than wins and losses, concerning a team I don't even play on, despite enjoying and supporting it.  College football may exist wearing only the thinnest veil of propriety, but honor and integrity (within a specific contexts here) still matter to me. See, some of us have more to look forward to in life, than living vicariously through the lives of high-school and college athletes.  Really.. there's more out there.  Please, don't beat your dog or wife, or stick your schlong into a blender, if we lose. And please don't try to shoot a family member (reference: an ALABAMA fan years ago).

3) Tressel and Bruce will be remembered for far more than their records.  Ramzy has already done one piece on Coach Tressel, that should give even the most jaded weasel some pause, before blindly ESPiNing him.  (Look it up.. Google is fun)

Comment 12 Apr 2014

Urban is a great coach, fantastic motivator, and I'd imagine a potentially elite CEO.  He is a 'winner', and seems to have transformed the business of OSU football to a successful model (internally).  It's good for the university, in terms of recognition and money garnered; it's good for the fans, who live almost exclusively for Buckeye victories, and of course it's good for the young men who put in so much effort to be a part of a D1 football team (especially at OSU), and get to enoy the spoils of an elite program.

All that being said, I'm going to state something unpopular: I don't like Urban as a person.  I know I know.. it doesn't really matter for the "bottom line", but to me, there isn't much of a difference between him and Saban.  Both are ruthless, and have the personalities of a corporate-dickhead.  (Yes, I am one of those "anti-establishment" types, he likes to label)  The fact that he even brought up having the ability to "break" someone, was wrong, IMO.  Why do it?  Ego, much?

So, I'll say it.. I'll take Tressel, tattoo-gate and all, even if it means less wins.  In comparing the two characters, I'd say one actually cares a lot more about people (on and off the field), and the other cares only so mcuh as it affects "business".

Comment 29 Mar 2014

Apples and oranges.  Not many people (if any at all) would be entertained by watching you work, or use your likeness to generate money. Regardless, I get you, and agree that the scholarship plus other benefits should be more than enough.  I am opposed to compensating college players any more than they already are, for their service of entertaining us.



Comment 29 Mar 2014

Then, as someone in this thread has mentioned, let them avoid the falsehood of naming themselves "student-athletes", by going to a pro team.  There are plenty of professional football leagues in the States, outside of the NFL.  Let those leagues serve as farm-teams.

And what you're saying is flawed, in any case.  How do you know which athletes to value the most, outside of the obvious ones (e.g. a Braxton Miller, or Joey Bosa)?  You're telling me that those on the opposite end of that scale (i.e. the perpetual practice team players) are making "profit" for the university?

And then what of the other pitfalls others here have mentioned, that come with going down this path?  There are so many, and they WILL come.. it's just a matter of time, once the ball gets rolling. Everything from player-unions to the inevitable death (or marginalization) of college football, for many smaller programs who simply cannot compete.

Comment 29 Mar 2014

Kmp10, I up-voted you for two reasons: 1) That was one of the most well-constructed posts I have seen on these forums; it's refreshing to read a piece that presents an argument which begs for an in-depth diatribe, and delivers. 2) I concur with your opinion.  I had to win fellowships, and write for grants, to receive my degrees.  I would love to have had the opportunity to play a D-ANYTHING sport (NAIA included), and receive a full-ride, regardless of the time commitment.  But then again, I value education above most.

Comment 27 Mar 2014

I grew up in C-bus, went to OSU, and root for any team from Ohio, when it doesn't conflict with OSUs fortunes.  So I am completely with your sentiments! Well said.

On a different subject.. I don't know what it is with some people.. but is it necessary to start off your post with a ridiculous stereotype? Just sayin'...

Comment 24 Mar 2014

Let's see.. he's over-rated.  Hmm.. one of the best defenders in B10 history, along with being first in steals, and fifth in assists, in B10 history.

What's over-rated, is your ability to make a cogent argument.  Troll.


Comment 22 Mar 2014

It's like some of you haven't watched a game, this year. Craft constantly called his teammates into a huddle to give a quick pep-talk, especially after a tough play or stretch.  I saw him do this EVERY game I watched.  (Admittedly, I didn't get to see all of the games, this season) Furthermore, his play on the court, proved that he is a leader. I don't know what more one could want...

As for your hyperbole.. I can only speak for myself; I have no problem with Slam or Q.  However, Amir seems not to care about basketball, and that has naught to do with Craft, or for that matter, Matta. What more could Crafty do? Tazer him after every lazy play?  WTH.. you think Tom Brady or Peyton Mannning could have been better with motivating Amir?  What.. should we bring in Tony Robbins?  For anyone to say it's ACs fault, that others played poorly (which is subjective, anyway), is just slovenly analysis.  It's typical dumb talk from typical fans.  This is 11W.. try to rise above that.



Comment 21 Mar 2014

He’s undersized and not supremely athletic

 Kyle, love the article, and I appreciate your words concerning one of my favorite all-time Buckeyes.  But, I am just flabbergasted by the above comment (and don't think you are the only one who says as much).  AC is 6'2", around 200, and has world class athleticism.  In my opinion, he's a better athlete than Slam, even if he can't jump out of the gym.  His strength, power, lateral quickness and first-step are amazing.  (Why do you think he's one of the best defenders ever to lace-up for tOSU?) Add in his "intangibles", which play into his athleticism, and you have someone who can play on any college team, in any area, and contribute as a star.  Granted, he is a defensive star (whose offense is way too maligned, IMO), but an elite, none-the-less.

I believe his athleticism translates well across sports, as well, FWIW.

Comment 08 Mar 2014

I'm with you on both of your points.  I just don't agree with dismissal of his elite defensive abilities (or trying to "knock it down" by stating it's overblown), while maintaining any pretense of objectivity.  The game-tapes speak for themselves. His lateral movement and acceleration to a spot make him a most potent defender, when combined with his vision and bball intelligence.

And if I may be blunt.. HELL YES he gets called for fouls that are just bunk.  I'm fair; I admit he gets away with some over-aggressive play, but I'm not sure if it's more than any other great defender.  Nevertheless, there have been instances, even this season, where he has been called for a "non-foul", or even a "phantom-foul" (i.e. where he never even touched the opposing player).

Comment 08 Mar 2014

I like your commentary, Doc, but I have one minor disagreement.  If Crafty played for Duke, UNC, or some other high profile bball university, with an excellent academic reputation, he would be even more despised.

Comment 08 Mar 2014

Gave you an upvote, because I agree with most of what you said.. except on two issues:

1)  You said, "he's the little gritty scrappy white guy"?  You're certainly one of many people I've heard, allude to him being the stereotypical "white runt" in the context of big-time basketball.  No.. Jack.. AC is 6'2", and around 195lbs.  One can see he is built like a SS, and based on the way he plays defense, I'm guessing he is very strong. (And I don't mean that in the sense of bench press max; I am referring to power)  He knocks people off the ball consistently, and wins most 50/50 situations on loose balls.  That's not only due to being "scrappy", I assure you.

2) Elite defensive players are often minimized, in sports.  I don't agree with this, but I suspect it's attributable to aspects of the average American sports fan, some of which are peripheral to sports.  I LOVE awesome defensive players.  I think the value they bring to a team is underappreciated by most fans, because the benefits often don't show up as a stat (i.e. a tangible which the fan can nod at, and say "YUP YUP!").  I don't believe most fans go beyond A-->B effect in a game, and don't comprehend situations where what elite defensive players do in the first half, has a palpable effect in the second half.

Just my thoughts.. and hey, even if he does get away with "more", is that his fault?  He's not being dirty, in being aggressive.  It's up to the refs to mediate "fairness" on the court, not AC.  (I'm sure you agree)

Comment 22 Jan 2014

I agree. But in this culture? I don't see it happening.  Rather, I agree with DJ; sportsmanship is a (thin hypocritical) veil, in major sports.  And to counter Dan Hawkins, I say that it even trickles down to "intramurals", brother.

Comment 21 Jan 2014

Some of the complainers, who seem to validate their lives by criticizing coaches and players, also act entitled and give off the aire of being intelligent.  For me, one adjective that may be used to describe such people, is "spoiled". What do you think, Jack? 

Comment 27 Jun 2013

I can attest to your general observation concerning graduate students.  I "slaved away" in the lab sometimes for 70+ hours in a week, and only got paid a marginal stipend.  I won some fellowships, but in the end, I guarantee my work hauled in far more grant funding (proportional to my effort), for my mentors, than the money I was receiving. Of course, such is the nature of obtaining an advanced degree in the sciences, at most (all?) universities.

But still, I am so happy to have had my tuition paid, and some (meager) money on top of it.  I know some students who lost their funding for various reasons, and  easily racked up $100,000+ in debt, at the end of their degree.  The bottom line is that the athletes (and certainly students who have/had my advantage in obtaining funds) should look at their benefits with a bit more gratitude.

*As an aside, I'd like to mention that there are PhD students in the sciences who literally do 80+ hours per week, every week.  Most often, they are Chinese and/or Indian students who would must be in an active program, as a stipulation for being in the country.  Given their respective cultures, and the threat their mentors hold over them (of being shipped back home), they literally work like slaves, and have less say in their research than do Americans.  Ironically, most of them are just as grateful as I am, or more-so.

Comment 26 Apr 2013

Wow, buck-I.8, I am sure after perusing thesaurus.com, and performing the most pleasurable mental masturbation (at least for someone of your ilk), you are very proud of yourself. Oh, and nice cheapshot at DJ.

I must say also, that you did well in segueing from one paragraph, to the other, considering your thought stream.  And truly, I commend you for taking care of the kitten.  (Absolutely no sarcasm, there)  You are a compassionate man, among many meatheads.

However, like many here, you are illogical, in spots, and all to defend the pleasure of watching sports?  Perhaps, you do so to defend its status as being more important than socioeconomic issues that effect extreme suffering on other humans.  Nevermind the political climate that leads to an incident such as the bombing, and who cares about a bunch of sheep herders, getting blown to bits by drones,  in Pakistan/Afghanistan/(who-cares-because-most-Americans-count-all-of-them-as "A-RABS", and- have-the-geographical/cultural-knowledge-of-a-carrot)?  We live in a box, and if certain unpalatable facts sully our enjoyment of rooting for athletes, then we should ignore them, mock those who discuss them, and chant "USA! USA! USA! USA!", to drown it all out. 

I mean, as you said, it is difficult to come to 11W and "have to read the close-minded.. ramblings of a formerly respected blogger"Yeah, because you "had to" read it, and then you "had to" go on a LONGER rant than the OPs to express your disdain, while shooting yourself in the foot by mocking the OP for making such a thread.


Oh, and I completely agree with you interjecting your knee-replacement experience. That alone gives you moral high-ground, and the the inherent right to tell DJ (and his ilk) to shutup. Nevermind that it didn't add one iota to your (weakly constructed) argument.  Personally, I think it gives you the ethical prowess of a god.

And if all of that fails? We just give you a pass, because you write your post at 4am, and you have finals.  (Boo-hoo) 


Comment 29 Mar 2013

Indeed, that is more of what I was looking for. However, one confounder for records versus top 25 opponents, concerns those teams who might have been in the top 25 only fleetingly.  I think there needs to be a rational cutoff (e.g. exclude teams that were in there for only two weeks)

The power conference rankings are necessary to distinguish which of those elite teams you mentioned, had to go through a schedule that included games against tough unranked opponents.  Surely, there were teams in the B10 during given years, who could more readily handle elite competition, than their mid-tier counterparts in other conferences.

The inclusion of some stats on NBA talent is needed for obvious reasons.  As a corollary, Wooden is looked upon as the greatest of all time.  But my goodness, he had elite talent during UCLAs dominant years that no other team past or present possessed, over such a span. So was he really that great of a coach? I think so.. I do.  But at the same time I muse that even a mediocre coach could have won 1-2 championships, with that talent pipeline.

Comment 29 Mar 2013

Aww Andy, you called me a troll?  I feel bad, now.  Trolls generally don't use critical thought, or provide valid points.  My issue wasn't with you "censoring" data, it was how you used it in your analysis, along with certain important variables you excluded.  (Such as power rankings for conferences, and some stats on NBA draftees) This again, makes the figures you so jovially exclaim in your last paragraph, suspect. 

Comment 29 Mar 2013

Reading comprehension is at a low, for you, right now.  I didn't say you DID cherry pick years, I said the you COULD have done so (with regards to schedule analysis) to support your point at that time.  But you didn't do any such analysis.  (And of course, that would have been somewhat underhanded) Ideally, one would randomly pick a few years within 2004-2012, and come to some statistical conclusions of respective schedules.  Sheesh...

Yes, I saw the AP and RPI.  I was talking about some measures of conference rankings, remember? That's what I mentioned. 

And I'm not pissed off at you, at this time. You have come out and admitted to some deficiencies, with respect to your ponderings.  (At least I think) 



Comment 29 Mar 2013

Yes, right. Again, you can't absolve yourself of erroneously chosing to pick data in the middle of a season, where it is obvious that the current team was one in transition!  How many (nearly) iconic players did we lose from last season? And you want to interject in that post, that those who believe Thad can't win big games, had a point?  That alone feeds trolls. You know this.


Hindsight is always 20/20, as they say, so a blog post by definition is always subject to looking either brilliant or foolish after the fact as the data changes with time.

Well.. then what are you arguing about?  "Foolish" is the dish served, here.