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Comment 17 Aug 2014

He should have been off the field at the end of the Clemson game, hindsight being 20/20.  I would prefer too see Cardale/TJ in any combo over risking losing Brax for the season in the first game.  They're going to need snaps this year, anyway.  Why not sooner than later (especially if Brax isn't 100 ... or even 85%)? 

Comment 01 Aug 2014

Side note (A):  Love any thread / poll that centers around M@(!*@an losses. 

Side note (B):  I was surprised to see that they, what with their returning/5th year/experienced QB, high-powered revamped offense, aren't ranked in the pre-season.  Did anyone else think they'd be pre-season top 25?

Comment 01 Aug 2014

I think it depends on to whom the 3 losses are (i.e. Ohio State, ND and Lil' Bro).  And.. gawdferbid the there is a fourth loss?!  If the first three losses are to the aforementioned, it may not matter who hands them their fourth loss. 

Comment 23 Jul 2014

CINSERIOUS... is that "the voice of the common man?!"  Well played, sir/madam. Well played. 

Comment 03 Jun 2014

What I'd love ... UW to beat LSU and then, well, I don't care. 

What I figure will happen... LSU will thump UW by 20 (what, with all their SEC speed) and then UW will run the table in the (pre-determined) "weak" B1G.  Ugh... 

Comment 23 May 2014

Yep. This. He's probably the QB coach at a MAC school, right now. 


Comment 19 May 2014

#4 Damien Harris - RB | Berea, KY | Madison Southern

This is the kid who initially committed to *ichigan, right?  Any word on what's new with him (I don't follow recruiting as closely as others, obviously). 


Comment 18 May 2014

Exactly. Somehow, ND has convinced the B1G that it needs them .... it's much more the other way around. As was previously stated, ND will always have U$C, Stanford and Boston College, but if the other conferences would join the B1G in boycotting forgetting to schedule ND, their arrogance would lead to their ultimate downfall (See: Rome). 

Comment 17 May 2014

This was basically stated above, (props HETUCK) but... I have been saying this for years, but to include all major conferences. In theory I would like to see all major conferences get together on the notion, "Hey ND, until you join a major conference, none of us are playing you."  So, ND would be forced to create an entire schedule of Army, Navy, Air Force and assorted MAC and Mt. West, etc. schools.  This would virtually eliminate ND from the national championship conversation, devastate their recruiting and force them, ultimately, to join a conference. They'd have no choice. Of course, it probably wouldn't even come to that, if the conferences banded together ND's only choice would be to decide which conference to join. 


Comment 11 May 2014

I re-read the original post, WILLIAM. I can see where you would have thought the last paragraph of the 1st post was a roasting of the O-line. My actual frustration is at the failure to use this years' picks to fortify the skill positions on offense (save for Johhny F., of course). 

Comment 11 May 2014

Wrong. The state of the Browns' skill position players was the entire point of my original post. 

I said the OFFENSE was the worst in the AFC North. Year in and year out. My point is quit telling me how awesome our O-line is, because even with that O-line our offense... is terrible. We need skill players. 

I am frustrated wondering why, with that said, the Browns pass on offensive skill position players to trade down/get more picks next year. You need a WR, there's Sammy Watkins. Go get him! 

I was not trashing the O-line. I just think you eventually have to use this year's draft picks to make your team better... this year.

Sorry if I was unclear initially. 

P.S. Go CBJ! 

Comment 10 May 2014

Ummm...but their skill players are MUCH better. That just might have something to do with the Ravens winning the.... Super Bowl two years ago?!  How did they EVER do that without an awesome, Brownsesque O-line? 

Comment 10 May 2014

I just feel like the front office tried to out-smart itself. All day long Thursday I was saying, "No need to over-think it. You have 3 of the top 35 picks. No need to trade up/down, etc. Take the best available player at 4, 26, and 35."  

We now know they could have had Watkins, Manziel/Teddy B./Carr and Hyde.  Yes, they probably would have had to trade up for Johnny F., but Watkins and Hyde (we now know) were there for the taking. 

I have heard several people ramble on about,"Building around the O-line..." over the last few days. Hmmm... haven't the Browns been doing that since 2007? Skillfully maneuvering through the draft, over and around numerous skill players on offense to build this "outstanding" offensive line (Thomas, Mack, Schwartz...)? And... they have consistently had the worst offense in the AFC North. Year in. Year out. 

Comment 26 Apr 2014

The ultimate silliness of all of this aside, the way to avoid landing in a stupid situation is to avoid putting yourself in a stupid situation. 

If I were weeks away from millions of dollars I would leave my house for three reasons: 

1) Church

2) Work out/train

3) My mom is in the hospital. 

You do your drinking/partying (all of it) at home until the ink is dry. 


Comment 24 Apr 2014

Agreed. "My way" is certainly the old style. The "Sipe-style" unis will be seen only on "throwback" days, going forward. Again, I do appreciate the effort.  

Comment 23 Apr 2014

No. No. No. and... no. 

I do appreciate the effort but, again, no. 

I am more a fan of bringing back the old look: 1) Please do not touch the helmets (other than to bring back the white face mask).  2) One solid color on the jersey with white or brown numbers, two colors/stripes (at most) on the sleeve 3) When wearing brown jerseys, orange pants with white and brown stripe down the leg. When wearing white, white pants with orange and brown stripes down the leg. 

Period. Amen. 

Yes, I know... "Brian Sipe called. He'd like his uni back."