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Comment 08 Nov 2015

UV to offset the DV. 

Agreed, for the most part.  There are times when it feels like our game vs scUM in 2010, when Denard would come in and run (every single time).  Even Matt Millen caught on and, on air, noted something to the effect of, "They need to stop putting him in just to run, every time. Ohio State's not fooled."  The primary difference, I would say, is Braxton 2015 > Denard 2010.  He sees things (holes, etc.) Denard was not (yet) seeing in 2010.  I think the coaches know what Brax is capable of, in terms of turning nothing in to something. 

I am guessing we're exactly 20 days away from finding out that shoulder is fully healed... 


Comment 24 Oct 2015

We tend to throw the term "dumpster fire" around too loosely.  

It fits, here.  Da U's football program is, in fact, a dumpster fire.  Amazing how far that program has fallen.  Amazing. 

P.S. The guy who steals the show in the pic above is the guy wearing the sleeveless shirt (keep it classy "U"), grinning from ear-to-ear. 


Comment 17 Oct 2015

You have the best offense in the country and you INSIST on playing our 3rd best QB.  STOP IT. NOW!

Comment 23 May 2015

"Did Pryor's dissociation mean he can't attend classes? Because that'd be shameful to keep a father from a college degree over some free tattoos and traded trinkets."

This. 100%.  I could see keeping him away from the WHAC/current players and 'croots, but anyone who's willing do to the work should be able to earn their degree from THE... 

Selfishly, I hope Johnny Manziel is heading toward a similar reversal of fortune.

Comment 07 Feb 2015

Great memory. Was on my honeymoon in the USVI.  A young woman sat down at the bar next to me at kickoff in a "Happiness is being Irish" t-shirt.  She told me she was also recently married and her uncle was ND's team doctor.  She said he told her, "We'll score 30 points, but if OSU figures out how much faster they are than we are on the edge, OSU will score 100."  When TG, Jr. got (20 yards...) behind #22 on our first TD she looked at me, slammed her fist on the bar and said, "The first of 100, apparently.  Good night, buddy."   Good times!! :) 

Comment 07 Feb 2015

Yes... the song makes me happy, now, though I had "broken-up" with the song around about 21-6 vs. Bama. I never wanted to hear that effing song again.