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Comment 9 hours ago

Is there such a thing as too much talent on a team? I feel like we are trying to run before we walk. Start with establishing a decent run game, then have Cardale throw a few quick slants or play-action. Back to basics. Master the QB/center exchange, to start with. Then put the frosting and sprinkles on top.

Comment 05 Oct 2015

My personal feeling has always been--if you're playing the best you can and you still lose, it's ok. It stings, sure, but at least you went down swinging. Right now, it feels like we could lose to just about anyone because we're not playing anywhere close to the best we can and our opponents are playing out-of-their-minds football. I hate watching bad football, no matter who's playing it. And I find it unfathomable that the guys are OK with this. Maybe I'm misinterpreting the attitude, but it seems to be: "Well, yeah, we could be better, but hey...we're winning! We'll get things straightened out sometime down the road." I just find it troubling.

Comment 03 Oct 2015

A woman from Southern Indiana goes to my gym. The "presumably unsophisticated" description is spot on. Every time she starts talking at me (as opposed to "to me") with her shrill, shrieking Deputy Dawg drawl, I want to slam a skillet in her face.

Get dumped, lady. I think Cardale goes all 12 gauge on your ass today.

Comment 01 Oct 2015

That ND game was one of the top 3 games I've ever seen in the Shoe. The atmosphere was electric, and it had built up throughout the week. (Actually, it felt a lot like the buildup and atmosphere for some of The Games in the 70s.) I guess the whippersnappers don't understand, but after ND beat us twice in a row in the 30s, many OSU fans considered ND a bitter rival. My dad, an OSU prof, told me when I was knee-high to a grasshopper that our three enemies were TTUN, ND, and USC, in that order. 

Comment 29 Sep 2015

That clown article had me in stitches. And the quote from the grandma grinding up against Mickey Mouse asking if he was a "real man in there" had me wondering...does this type of thing happen to Brutus? Holy crap!

Comment 28 Sep 2015

Just turn us into the damn Raiders already and be done with it. Obviously, Nike or whoever has decided that Scarlet and Gray are bad school colors, so we need to change them to be more marketable.

That's the problem I have with it. Why the hell are we letting Phil Knight decide what our new school colors are?

Comment 26 Sep 2015

It feels like we have so much potential, but something--a penalty here, an overthrow there--often seems to gum up the works. The good news is we're winning anyway. Cardale looked more comfortable out there, but I was concerned with how easily WMU seemed to run on us. It was just a strange game atmosphere...a lot of children at the game (at least in 11AA), which is unusual, and a guy down my row who could whistle at 30 decibels--and did. Often. Just weird. Glad we're on to the B1G season.

Comment 26 Sep 2015

I had a lot of respect for Bo, and I think most Buckeyes feel the same way. But it didn't stop me from smiling at his bitterness over getting the shaft from the Big 10 at the time, especially since we were the beneficiaries. And I doubt Woody, who counted Bo among his best friends, lost any sleep over it, either.

Comment 22 Sep 2015

The Indiana piece was terrific. However, I wonder what "emasciated" means...

It's 10:22 am. Isn't it time for Bert to complain about our schedule again?

Comment 22 Sep 2015

One bad game? The offense has had two bad games; the D has not. The kicking game was good last Saturday; not so much against Hawai'i. I think we were all expecting just a little too much. Most (not all) of us expected big things from that "three Heisman candidates" offense right away. Perhaps we didn't take into account the fact that not only did we lose our O coordinator, our stellar QBs and our stellar RB both lost their position coaches in the offseason. It's a lot to adjust to.

But be honest...even our head coach, who knows everything about football, has said we've had two subpar games. Who are we to disagree?

Comment 17 Sep 2015

I was very impressed by this young man taking the initiative on this issue. Well done!

I know there is a sign at the WHAC stating the core values of the program, and one of them is respect for women. Maybe that's the reason Urban isn't on board with the pledge?

Comment 13 Sep 2015

Bert has done nothing since he's been at Arky but run his mouth. It seems that he's trying to become some sort of leader amongst coaches (remember how he ran to kiss Saban's ass with the whole "the game is too fast and kids are going to get hurt" thing?). I think he forgot the most important part, though...actually winning games. I wonder how long Arkansas is going to put up with him?

Comment 11 Sep 2015

The American Embassy in London sits on one side of Grosvenor Square Park. A lovely little park, with statues of FDR and Eisenhower, acknowledging their accomplishments in WWII. Hubby and I had lunch there Tuesday prior to flying home. On the other side of the park from our embassy was a sort of mini-park, with a slightly Grecian-looking little building and lots of English garden flowers on either side. After lunch, we walked over. What we found was a permanent memorial to the victims of 9/11. I wish I could post the pictures I took, but on a medallion in front of the garden it read: "This garden was created in memory of all those who lost their lives in the 11th September 2001 terrorist attacks on the United States of America." At the top of the shelter was engraved "Grief is the price we pay for love." We were incredibly moved.

Comment 05 Sep 2015

Hubby and I decided to stay in tonight (hotel bar in Salzburg) and see what games we can get to stream on the old iPad. Maybe we can get some Austrians to give American football a look-see. Football, I'm so glad you've come back. I've missed you so.

Saw a dude walking down the street in Munich the day before yesterday wearing a Buckeye tee. Gave him the O-H and got the I-O in return. Damn, it feels good to be a Buckeye!

Comment 29 Aug 2015

Greetings from across the pond! It was a little bit of home, waking up to the Skully this morning. Well done, DJ!

Good to see Earle out and doing his thing. Alzheimer's sucks, and he's to be commended for his work to find a cure.

I've been in London four days and have seen two people with some sort of Buckeye gear on already (one baseball hat, one golf shirt). Way to represent!

Comment 23 Aug 2015

Agreed. I think it's going to be close until the 4th quarter, when our superior talent and conditioning wins out.