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Comment 27 Oct 2016

It was the strangest show I've heard in a long time. I don't listen to his show to hear about his days at BG or coaching Tim Tebow. I want to know wtf he's going to do to beat Northwestern! Yet the chorus kept tossing softballs and talking about anything else as long as it wasn't the Penn State game or any other game on the schedule. Weird.

Comment 08 Oct 2016

Thanks for the link to the Will Smith story. I was just wondering what the status of that case was.

IU has been damn pesky the last few years. We need to jump on them with both feet right out of the gate.

Comment 05 Apr 2016

Regarding the story on training Hollywood horses, Google Jimmy Stewart's horse sometime. The horse's name was Pie, and Jimmy rode him for 22 years in all his Westerns. Jimmy swore the horse knew when the cameras were turning. At the end of Pie's life Jimmy helped bury him, and seeing how broken up Jimmy was, Henry Fonda painted a portrait of Jimmy and Pie. 

Comment 01 Apr 2016

I had to sneak into the theater to see it since I wasn't old enough to see an R movie at the time. (Actually, five of us girls from my Girl Scout troop snuck in together to see it.) 

Hate me if you want, but I still have the album I bought in the lobby that night. There was some shitty disco music, admittedly (Gene Kelly?? Ethel Merman??) but there was also some decent, fun stuff.

Comment 22 Mar 2016

Mr Chick grew up in Springfield; graduated from North. When he took me home to meet his folks the first time, about 30 years ago, it was a nice little city. Now, the only time we go there is for family funerals and we get the hell out as soon as we can. Like many other small cities in Ohio, it's dying a slow, painful, unfortunate death.

I understand wanting to get out of there, but going to AA seems like jumping from the frying pan into the fire...

Comment 12 Mar 2016

You're right, of course. But that wasn't the only reason. That game was a coaching head-scratcher. Zeke wasn't the only one wondering why the hell the best back in the country wasn't getting any touches. And the rain seemed to completely freak out whoever was calling the plays. Sparty was the better prepared team, and on that day had the superior coaching and game plan. 

Comment 26 Feb 2016

I visited a friend who lives in Northport, ME last spring (offseason). The local hobbies seem to be frantically making junk for the tourists to buy, drinking Fireball shots, and beating the crap out of each other. I was happy to get the hell out of there, and I told her that I would buy a ticket for her to come to Cbus, but I'm never going back there again.

Comment 29 Jan 2016

Re: the list of foods to never eat...I never could understand why people actually pay good money to slurp down things that look like giant loogies. I suspect that, as our oceans continue on their way to eventually becoming gigantic hot tubs, seafood in general is going to become more and more problematic. My dad used to have these pathology books that had pictures of all the things that live in raw meats and seafood...and what they looked like inside the people that ate said rawness. I still won't eat sushi...

Comment 21 Jan 2016

I know that story has to break the heart of any human that has one to break. But I think for those like me who fought infertility issues for years, only to finally realize that one of humanity's basic needs, to have and raise children, would be denied us--and the grief you go through--

and then to read this, about people who took this miracle and literally threw it away like so much trash--

well, it makes you realize that nothing about this world will ever make any sense at all.

Comment 21 Jan 2016

I lived in the Seattle area for about 7 years. The first winter, the whole city shut down because of 2 inches of snow. We couldn't believe it. Part of the problem there is that they have no snow removal equipment or any way to melt it (no salt, brine, etc due to concerns about the effect on Puget Sound). So, the first cars to drive on it basically turn it to ice. Combine that with hilly topography and you've got yourselves a fun time!

Comment 15 Jan 2016

One of the best things I did in my life was to live alone for about 6 months when I was 19. I thought a lot about what really mattered to me in life, what I wanted (and didn't want) out of life, and what I truly believed...not my parents, my friends, or my teachers. I went to school and kept in touch with people, but for the most part I was alone with my thoughts. So glad I went through that process!

Comment 13 Jan 2016

This is awesome! I just started my annual after-the-holidays diet, and this is really going to help. Every time I want to eat something, I'll watch this. The nausea should keep me from food for hours! I'm gonna make goal weight in record time. Thanks, Bert!

Comment 10 Jan 2016

God, you scUM fans really make North Koreans look rational. I know it's difficult, but try actually reading the results of the last 15 meetings between the two teams. I understand that you won a lot of games when dinosaurs roamed the earth, but no one under 60 really cares.

It's really not even a rivalry anymore. Why don't you just concentrate on making yourselves less of a laughingstock and leave us to our business of dominating the conference, okay? Run along.