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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Went to George Mason. Watching the 2006 Final Four run hit so close to home and being at the games. And of course in my lifetime, the 2002 Championship run of the Buckeyes
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Craig Krenzel/Eddie George tie
  • COLLEGE BASKETBALL PLAYER: Aaron Craft, Evan Turner, Conley Jr., Diebler
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Comment 09 Apr 2014

Had a good friend die yesterday also. I drank myself out of emotions last night between these two.

Comment 07 Apr 2014

And everyone gave a collective "IT'S 6:24 PM AND m*CH*GAN STILL SUCKS!"


it's going to be a killer rest of the offseason...sheesh

Comment 26 Mar 2014

Everything said in society nowadays is required to be put under a microscope to make sure it offends none of the 100 rights groups that have shown up every week for the past 10 years. It's the population as a whole that requires a hand-holding session 24/7. Hell...teachers can't use red pens anymore b/c of the negative affect it has on a student even if they are wrong. I know that is a random example, but in that small instance you can see where we are heading as a society in general. /EndrantBeforeIThrowAChair #bobknight

Comment 26 Mar 2014

Our society has become so focused on being "P.C" and to not hurt a single person's feelings when making any general statement that it is nauseating at times. It's just a damn phrase. Everyone understands that rape and murder are bads things and that is why those words are used in reference and descriptions to get a point across...not to make light the whole situation of the true act. Everyone take a chill pill.

Comment 24 Mar 2014

There are snuff films that have went smoother than Maryland's move to the Big Ten.

Hoooooooooooly shit....lolol. Perfect humor to start off any Monday morning. Bravo

Comment 20 Mar 2014

This I do agree with. My only counter argument is once you realize they aren't calling them...you change your angle of attack.

Comment 20 Mar 2014

Ross disappeared. We played half-hearted for most of the game. Dumb turnovers. DUMB FUCKING FOULS. Allowed them to waltz around in the lane. Tick tack fouls one way followed by nothing called the other. Just a tough tough game to go into the offseason on.

Comment 18 Mar 2014

I applauded at this point:

And before somebody gives me the "WELL YA KNOW ALL A GIRL HAS TO DO IS PICK UP A PHONE AND CRY RAPE" — just don't. Just pour a glass of water on your keyboard and take a walk outside, please.

Comment 18 Mar 2014

that's ridiculous how much time and money was probably put into something as trivial as solving a puzzle. Cool....but crazy.

Comment 17 Mar 2014
They will have them all available on mobile like last year I believe
Comment 15 Mar 2014
Kind of douchey of you... "bite the hand that feeds" is the phrase that comes to mind