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Comment 16 Mar 2015
If you like their brand of humor then most definitely worth seeing
Comment 16 Mar 2015
Last Week Tonight is one of my favorite shows on tv. The net neutrality piece they did was brilliant. Comparing the head of the FCC to a dingo, then said head replying "I'm not a dingo" shows that the show hits home
Comment 15 Mar 2015
Saw Book Of Mormon, I cried from laughter. South Park movie was a great musical
Comment 12 Mar 2015
At my friends house, the moment he broke through we all jumped up and started screaming. About the 50 we huddled together and did the walk off home run bounce the whole time Zeke was streaking for the end zone. And we woke up his wife in the process
Comment 11 Mar 2015
I was in Rhode Island of all places at my gf's parents house for Holy Buckeye. Thankfully her dad had a black box on the cable so I saw it happen. And thankfully I was the only one there because that play reduced me to a shouting blubbering idiot
Comment 05 Mar 2015
I was always more pro dog, then I got a cat and became a letter carrier. Since then I've become a cat person. I can count on one hand the amount of times I've been hissed at, as opposed to the amount of times I've wanted to punt a chihuahua
Comment 04 Mar 2015
My niece told me she used this while hocking Girl Scout cookies at Kroger and someone bought some because of it. What do you call a fish with 10 eyes? Fiiiiiiiiiish
Comment 04 Mar 2015
I remember watching the Natty we kept running that play and kept churning the Ducks into a fine grade of compost. I told my friend, this is like that play in Madden you could run on every play the game couldn't stop. By the end of the game our table kept calling out 'sweep, slam!"
Comment 27 Feb 2015
Setting Sun is a fantastic song, I have it in my workout mix. Listen to that, then listen to Tomorrow Never Knows by The Beatles and you'll see the influence Another you may want to check out is Endtroducing by DJ Shadow
Comment 26 Feb 2015
My two both happened at Clippers games. A friend and I were taking the elevator and up walks George Steinbrenner to go up to a private box. The best part was we saw him the night after his character appeared on Seinfeld. I asked him if he saw it, and he said he hadn't and was wondering why people were looking at him strangely that day. Not a huge celebrity but during the mlb strike the Clippers were playing Charlotte I think. David Bell was playing for them and before the game started we met Gus and Buddy Bell and Gus invited us to sit with them for the game. Buddy probably didn't say 5 words but Gus was one of the nicest people and told old baseball stories. I still have my ball signed by those two
Comment 24 Feb 2015
If I remember correctly, when Amir was named a McDonald's AA I heard that in most years he wouldn't have been one except for the crop of centers that year were lacking
Comment 23 Feb 2015
I'm at 16 years now, and I don't want to think about how many more
Comment 23 Feb 2015
A non disgruntled letter carrier, more Cliff Claven than Newman. And yes, I know it's cold outside, you don't need to ask if it's cold enough for me