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Comment 20 Jul 2014

That run back was awesome,  could you imagine last season seeing Carlos Hyde back there on kick return? That's a wrecking ball you don't want with a full head of steam coming at you.

And I concur,  Flutie won the damn Heisman because of 1 play.  It should've been Byar's the whole way.

Comment 20 Jul 2014

Old Eddie Murphy is still awesome and needless to say, NSFW

Comment 20 Jul 2014

If you haven't seen this,  this is bad ass.  You wouldn't think it would be,  but the two blend together perfectly.

Comment 19 Jul 2014
1. OSU football, duh 2. Reds, born and raised Cincinnatian and still remember being at Homecoming in 90 when they swept the A's 3a. OSU bball 3b. Live concerts with Pearl Jam and Wilco being at the top of that list
Comment 16 Jul 2014

Damn that team was loaded

Comment 15 Jul 2014
Did I miss something and Jeter has a terminal disease? I thought Joe Buck was getting ready to cry while interviewing him.
Comment 14 Jul 2014
In Cincy, best wings are at Wild Mikes. Although I usually have a bottle of bww Caribbean jerk in the fridge
Comment 14 Jul 2014
Went with a friend who got a pizza, tried a piece and it was good. Then I went back to unhinging my jaw on a burger
Comment 14 Jul 2014
I still remember the Fiesta Bowl and Brady Quinn's sister was dating AJ and she wore that silly half ND, half OSU jersey. Think after AJ sacked Quinn he said, I'll be nailing your sister later
Comment 14 Jul 2014
If anything, the best they can do is a rental player in left. Pretty high on Jesse Winkler at AA, I think Baseball America had him in their top 50 prospects and a lot of people say he has the sweetest swing in all of the minors
Comment 12 Jul 2014
A good boys high school team would beat a WNBA team. I remember some of OSU women's team members would occasionally play pick up games at Larkins (yes I'm dating myself) and they could barely hold their own against normal guys.
Comment 12 Jul 2014
Well the $10 bill would buy me lunch so...