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Comment 09 Feb 2016

 Jonathon Cooper – Defensive End: Cooper is already on campus, a local kid from Gahanna with a constant motor. Sam Hubbard and Tyquan Lewis are pretty much set in stone to start at defensive end for Ohio State, but Cooper's quick twitch ability and junkyard dog mentality likely put him in the rotation up front by season's end.

Comment 09 Feb 2016

love the downfield blocking from the Utah State camp stuff

Comment 09 Feb 2016

I'm honestly surprised more wrestlers haven't retired because of concussions.  As staged as it it,  the impact they put on their bodies is undeniable. A lot more probably should've retired early from all the injuries they suffered.

 Daniel Bryan was always fun to watch and definitely a fan favorite.

Comment 28 Jan 2016
Sitting in 6th grade math class watching, our teacher was sobbing, Mrs Braun. I remember that she had applied for the teacher spot on the shuttle and had made it past the first cut. I can't post it from my phone but the speech Reagan made afterwards is one of the most eloquent things I've heard
Comment 25 Jan 2016
I watched last night, really enjoyed it. But take note, if you dvr'd it the first 30 minutes were taken up by the NFC postgame crap so you might want to go for the on demand or Amazon