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Comment 17 Oct 2014
Slim Charles is one of my favorite Wire characters, like Omar he had a code
Comment 04 Oct 2014

Neither am I,  sometimes I still have Tim Krumie PTSD from the Super Bowl

Comment 27 Sep 2014
Me too, figured we'd have the best variety of shrimp at the training table
Comment 27 Sep 2014
I recently moved and got Fioptics, needless to say I was a bit pissed. I'm going out with UC "fans" for the game
Comment 23 Sep 2014

Vince Vaughn is definitely an interesting casting choice,  looking forward to him playing a straight role. Hopefully he doesn't have any lines about playing "just the tip"

Comment 23 Sep 2014

I can watch Ted Ginn clips all day long,  love the deep balls where he's 10 yards ahead of the defensive back covering him

Comment 23 Sep 2014

If we're going with AAU members only,  screw west, east and south, let's go north! University of Toronto and McGill University (Montreal) would open up a whole new market!

Comment 19 Sep 2014
If you go by the national crime rates, the NFL is way below average. The reason it seems it isn't is because of the glaring spotlight of the NFL. Anytime something negative ala Ray Rice or Adrian Peterson comes up people laser focus on it because of the visibility. On the flip side, it works the other way too like with Devon Still and his daughter's fight against pediatric cancer.
Comment 14 Sep 2014
After all the YAC the Falcons had last week they hardly had any today. Bengals put on a tackling clinic
Comment 14 Sep 2014

Gio is fun to watch