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legacy...legacy...legacy...but still a fan by complete and utter choice. go bucks!!


  • SPORTS MOMENT: 2002 National Championship. Hands-down. Period. No question.
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: likely Mr. Griffin...a friend of the family and to every OSU alum out there
  • COLLEGE BASKETBALL PLAYER: Aaron Craft - such effort - each and every time he hits the court.
  • NFL TEAM: why?
  • NHL TEAM: Columbus BlueJackets
  • NBA TEAM: again, why?
  • MLB TEAM: The Tribe...so sue me.
  • SOCCER TEAM: uhm...no

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Comment 07 Dec 2014

Well babe,  we KNEW this day would come eventually,  didn't we?  :)

I've written a long post about this a couple times this afternoon,  and deleted them all... because none of them really reflected what I meant. 

I'm glad you've come to love the Buckeyes. I've surely come to love the Tide.  In the end,  we have two tradition-laden, historic programs coming together on the field Jan 1st. So, although I know what we will each be wearing (and screaming), in the end, that's what college football is all about. 

Go Bucks and Roll Tide.  Somewhere,  Woody and the Bear are smiling. 


Buckeye Beth


Comment 04 Oct 2014

Sorry for your loss, sweetheart.  Just like you love OSU now,  I've come to love the Tide as well.  I did hear Saban say in the past couple of weeks that he "always wanted" to have more of an offense like Lane is known for,  but "had no one able to run it". I like the old way better,  but yes this is giving other teams a chance (for once /giggle). I'm baffled too,  love. 

Comment 07 Sep 2014

Big hugs to you. :) O-H !  And sweet dreams (of better games, better playcalling, etc.)  Love my team, love my school. Our honor defend.

Comment 07 Sep 2014

Amen! I heartily approve this post. Especially the last point. :)

Comment 07 Sep 2014

Wait. We shouldn't be frustrated with lackluster coaching decisions? Oh, okay - I read that wrong - we can be frustrated, but we shouldn't be "allowed" to voice that? Wow. 

And I thought this forum was for banter, debate and discussion - including topics pertaining to coaches and their decisions. MY BAD. Call the Gestapo! Or the KGB! Or Hitler's Youth! :)

Comment 07 Sep 2014

I am completely floored by his incompetence.  I thought I'd seen it all when he kept calling the option AGAINST NAVY of all people. But alas, I was wrong.  I saw stuff today that I never thought I'd see as a fan of OSU. Not by OUR coaches, not on OUR field. It was appalling. It's one thing if kids don't bring their game, it happens. It's tough when you don't prepare the players properly as well. But to be SCHOOLED and look like (as coaches) you're actually purposely throwing the game with your horrible playcalling? It completely boggles the mind.

Comment 07 Sep 2014

with the recruiting classes we've had? and the HIGHLY paid coaching? i really have no idea. i'm dumbfounded.

Comment 07 Sep 2014

Oh my - wow - okay. Stop with the crazy-girl-in-pigtails-and-in-seventh-grade exclamation points please. Second, you say you hardly ever post...but do you ever READ this website? LOADS of people who are calm, objective, intelligent observers of the game. Please stop generalizing and meet some of them, hrmmm? It's not 99 percent who are clueless. 

Yes we love our team - we're FANS after all. But spend a little time with those of us who listen, discuss, and debate thoughtfully for once. Yes, tonight was pathetic. Playcalling, coaches AND execution. But look around, "99 percent" of us are saying that. Okay?

So, go take out your Hello Kitty barrettes, lose the exclamation key on your keyboard, and join the intelligent discussion. Ignore the rest.



Comment 07 Sep 2014

i agree - unfortunately - they are Coach Meyer's responsibility. i lay a LOT of blame on Herman tonite - the brainy wonder kid (supposedly). but yes, overall, most everyone was ill-prepared.  gotta say - JT came to play - i was proud of him - but god, being behind that line has to be uncomfortable as all hell. he kept his head well.

Comment 07 Sep 2014

I love my team. So much. My school. 

I gotta say - your quote "I can take a loss.  What I can't take is such an awful use of talent." is PERFECT, and SPOT ON.

I'm blown away by that. Horrific playcalling, coaching and lack of preparation. Dumbfounded.

Comment 07 Sep 2014

Me three!  Brax is amazing - but even he would've struggled behind this line. No line? You can't throw, you can't run - and it's very very hard to score. Recipe for disaster.

(I like Barrett - young QB, but doing VERY well - unfortunately, his "receivers" are making him look way worse than he is)

Comment 07 Sep 2014

I'm sorry you think that. I beg to differ. All players make mistakes - sometimes multiple ones in a game. But EVERY time? (but once) - when you are obviously the 'go to' guy, by the estimation of the OC's calls? No. At that point, two things are wrong. One, you're NOT a good player (because you should be able to shake it off during SOME point of a game - and catch SOMETHING that is thrown into your chest), and two, your OC failed you by continuing to call plays to you, even though you were having the worst night ever.  Sadly, poor player (or performance) - and even worse coaching.

Comment 16 Nov 2013

So, Mark May argued that the last two snaps are what made our offense (and hyde) "spectacular" today. And then, only after the Illini "threw in the towel", as he put it. I'm sorry, but Hyde had well over 10 yards a carry IN THE GAME. How often do you see a guy with a what's equivalent to a first down on EVERY TOUCH of the ball?

Go, 'Los....we've watched you grow (mostly as a person) but also as a player. We love you and regardless of the accolades and awards that will elude you this season, you have a grateful Buckeye Nation behind you.


Comment 31 May 2013

My dad taught me as a very little girl that people either LOVE/ADORE the Buckeyes - or DESPISE them... and that there is very little in between. I have never forgotten it - and it's probably even more true today.

Truth is, Mark's completely irrelevant. Except for the fact that the more he behaves this way (and other analysts act similarly), the more ESPN looks like the Fox News of sports.  Remember when ESPN was kinda awesome?

I just hope that when Mark passes, the airbrush-wielding makeup artist who does his face every Saturday is willing to come to the funeral home and make him up one last time. That s**t is flawless. (Doubt me? go find a pic of Mark taken while signing footballs and stuff when he's not working for ESPN - doesn't even look like him).

Finally, as much as it pains me to say - I agree with all the above. Don't feed the troll.

Comment 26 Feb 2013

YAY FOR JAMAL MARCUS!! LOVE LOVE LOVE this kid's heart. Passion and fire and determination is what makes good OSU linebackers GREAT - and this kid has all of that in spades.  Just read his twitter feed for a few months.  Head and heart in the right place - and athletic as all hell.  Winning some Big Ten honors as a freshman didn't hurt my feelings either.

At any rate, I agree with everyone above - it will be a fight in the trenches to see who represents the trenches week in and week out.  I'm excited about spring practice - the spring game and the 2013 season. Go Bucks!

Comment 24 Nov 2012

Hey BuckeyeinAnnArbor: I hope your comment wasnt meant to sound as sarcastic as it did.

It's Thanksgiving, it's The Game, and regardless of who you root for, stories like this one tug at all of our heartstrings. My love for OSU, my decision to go there, all began with my dad as well. So to Dads everywhere, who taught us how to be passionate about our schools...WE LOVE YOU. Go Buckeyes...and by the way, this girl is sure grateful that we just beat the shit out of Michigan.

Thanks for your post, YAMOSU - we are all better for it.

- Beth.

EDIT: I just went out to see the other comments posted by "buckeyeinannarbor". Unfortunately, I was wrong. This person is a michiscum homer troll on our website. After behavior like his, to a guy who just lost his dad - and after behavior like their coach exhibited, when he didnt shake hands after the game...I never, ever EVER want to hear about classless OSU fans. You have plenty of classlessness at TSUN.

Comment 22 Sep 2012

Listen. Don't fire or bench anyone right now. A) calls by the officials were terrible, you weren't on the field and you dont know what, if anything was said. B) let this team, with all new systems, coaches and players PLAY TOGETHER FOR ONE YEAR. I really don't want to hear your bitching til next year.

Yes, today was incredibly painful. But let's be honest - did you really expect this year to be "zomg osu is the best team EVAH" ? If so, you've been drinking some serious spiked kool-aid. (or at least that pretend bowl of cereal that denard seems to like so much.)

So cheer your team, love your school. Yes, discuss the weaknesses - but its WEEK FOUR, we're undefeated and it's all NEW. Let's sit back and support these guys. If next year is atrocious, then I'll understand if you whine.

Go Bucks! Beat the Spartans!

- Beth.

Comment 30 Aug 2012

You absolutely are NOT alone. There's a small part of me who wants Michigan to win every game they play, and then have them watch as we laugh at their tears when we kick their arses in November.  However, I just can't do it. I can't. 

I will be yelling "Roll Tide" throughout, singing "Yea, Alabama!" at halftime, and hopefully chanting 'Rammer Jammer' at the end of that game.  I have told people from Alabama that I would gladly pay real money, if they could just keep Denard Robinson from making that ridiculous motion of eating a pretend bowl of delusional cereal for that entire game. I can't stand his arrogance nor the standard Michigan supremacists mentality that I have to wade through year in and year out.

I can't stand the thought of them happy on any day either. I can't stand their traitor coach, their hood fans from Detroit nor their cocky strut.  Forever, and EVER - regardless of circumstance - my 2 favorite teams are and will always be Ohio State and ANYONE who plays Michiscum. Period.

Comment 30 Aug 2012

Hrm - beg to differ on the attire. Not shorts - just khakis.  It's what he always wore on game day in Florida.  Go Bucks!

Comment 20 Aug 2012

Spurting VitaminWaterZero through one's nose is NOT fun. (but I may NEVER get the Bollman visual out of my head.) That being said, this article was hysterical, and described my feelings last year perfectly.

I'm crazy excited about the new offense.  I loved my coach, and I hate everything that happened - and much like the writer earlier this pre-season who wrote "The Open Letter from Every Fan to Urban Meyer" (or something like that), it was surreal having Mr. Meyer as our coach. I too, hated him. BUT - I'm coming around, I'm glad Urban is "home" - and the only question left is HOW much better the offense and the pass will be.

Because really, when you think back (and read the statistics from this fine post), you realize that the only way to go is UP.