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Comment 14 Mar 2013

One of the best mottos Tress had ( Unfortunately wasn't always followed ), and I used it to raise my teenage children by was :" NOTHING GOOD HAPPENS AFTER MIDNIGHT" If all young adults followed this motto many of the compromising moments would be eliminated.

I bet if records were checked nearly all these happened after the bewitching hour !

Words to live by Buckeyes

Comment 20 Feb 2013

Notre Dame offers the Big very little in TV market addition. They already have the Chicago and Indianapolis markets covered with our current teams and The Bucks cover the NATION very well.

Who needs them,  F _ _ _  ND !!!!

Comment 20 Feb 2013

NC is off limits more than likely because it would be a package deal for NC and Duke. Great TV market that would add $$$ to the Big10,  but I doubt they can get them both. I like Louisville ( pretty good in both major sports ) and or Missouri which would geographically and TV audience meet Delaney's criteria. Georgia Tech would also fit the bill as it would help the Atlanta market.

P.S.      F_ _ _   ND,  that ship has sailed and it cost their school millions. ;o)

Comment 20 Feb 2013

Satellite my friend and it is cheaper. Go Dish Network though because they just renewed the BTN contract.

Comment 16 Feb 2013

Where the heck is RYAN SHAZIER on this list.

He was better than "The Catfish " ND boy last year and he was runner up.

Comment 12 Feb 2013

Unfortunately, odds are against us at winning NC with a black QB.

Only been three since 2000 ( Leak, Young and Newton ). So that's three in thirteen years or 23% chance. Odds are worse if you go back further, so I kept it "semi modern" era.

 I am counting on one of the above mentioned or next years #1 QB recruit to break this trend and better yet reverse it !

Comment 12 Feb 2013

Please send to Gene and Gordon !

So simple , yet classy and very recognizable ! No brainer.

Comment 08 Feb 2013

Just glad Bell didn't follow this philosophy. Otherwise he'd be a VOL.

Apparently he is smarter than that and sees what Urban is building here plus a great education.

Comment 06 Feb 2013

We are currently right on number = 82.

If Townsend signs then we may need attrition to occur, but only one and alot can happen between now and first kick off. Injury, transfer, etc....

Comment 05 Feb 2013

I am so excited. Urban has put together ( Is putting together ) a top tier program as expected. He is a Rock Star amongst the college kids. If he wants you, you get the feeling you should go there.

Many under estimate the value of THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY, a degree from here will go anywhere. With our entrance standards rising to an average of 28 per entrant, the kids are smart and the parents see the value for their son to go here! That is exciting !!!

Great kids, committed parents and coach that can and will deliver !


OH _  _  !


Comment 05 Feb 2013

Yep, every Buckeye through and through takes off the week before signing and takes an official visit to his parents college, while tweeting secrets and confusing the hell out of eveyone. I hope he still signs with us, but ???? Apparently Dontre has decided not to wait and has officially became a Buckeye through and through !

This is college recruiting, these kids are 17-18 years old.

Quite frankly, I don't give a damn what they call us, as long as Urban wants them and they sign with us in the end. Because in the end, they will learn. It is THE Ohio State University and they will know Carmen Ohio word for word !

Sorry GWALTHER this was not directed at you, just a couple of months of recruiting nonsense from many.

I need a Zanex

Comment 04 Feb 2013

Great start to a great finish. Bell is next. Loved EZE but this is going to make his potential miss easier to swallow if he makes the wrong choice. Bring on Bell and I will be ecstatic!!Any other stud will take me over the top.


Comment 04 Feb 2013

Rough waters ahead this week. Probably not a popular statement, but 0-2 this week should be expected.We need post play to step up this week or we don't have a chance. Also, is it apparent to all that DT is wearing down? He looked tired again at Nebraska and shot that way too.

Comment 31 Jan 2013

Bell and any other recruit still not committed to us will be a great close !

Zeke, I would never turn down a nice athlete, but seriously we are fine at the runnung back spot for the next couple of years even if he does make the wrong choice.