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2 years professional baseball before my arm exploded
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I've been a buckeye since 2006, but I've always hated tsun


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Comment 24 Oct 2014

Haha love it. "yeah it just...it just happened" - kinda like your sacks my man.

"i was supposed to sack him, and it just happened"  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Comment 24 Oct 2014

Tennessee upsets Ala--- haha sorry I couldn't finish.

But I'd bet LSU gets it done.

Comment 24 Oct 2014

Joshua Perry is an awesome player, brother, and man.

Comment 22 Oct 2014

There is a rivalry between us and PSU, it's true, because it has its own Wiki page.


just sayin.

Comment 22 Oct 2014

I second that, living in Harrisburg as a Buckeye grad is annoying.  I cant wait for the trip to State College, then I can hear silence  pitiful excuses for another year.

I like to remind them OUR rivalry game is at the end of November.

Comment 22 Oct 2014

Since they're all ranked, and only beaten by other SEC teams that are ranked, then they all should still be ranked at the end of the season if they lose, right?

Comment 22 Oct 2014

I don't believe our offense will squash their defense from the start as we saw the past few games.  They'll make us work for it, at least the first few drives.

However, I see our defensive line overpowering and brutalizing PSU's O-line and Hackenberg all day long.  Force a couple turnovers for sure, we might pitch a shutout unless PSU somehow manages a long pass or a misplayed screen pass.

JT is methodical in the first half, demoralizing and exhausting their defense, and they'll never recover.  28-10(maybe) by half, and it won't get any closer. 

Comment 21 Oct 2014

Well I'm originally from PA, and I'll be with a large group of friendlies (albeit still PSU fans) - So I'll be safe until I enter the gates, at least.

I have plenty of verbal ammunition, but PSU fans don't generally enjoy PSU/OSU arguments based on common sense, so that's probably useless on Saturday. 

Comment 21 Oct 2014

Agreed.  As I said on another post, Mark Richt has integrity.  That seems to be a rare quality in head coaches, especially down south.

Comment 21 Oct 2014

Yes the OBC was the first man to come to my mind.  Always entertaining.

Comment 21 Oct 2014

I believe this is a rivalry only for me ONLY because I live in PA.  The sports section is just 10 pages of PSU football every week, all fall and I hate it...Outside of PA, is this a rivalry?  


Comment 21 Oct 2014

It certainly is, and I can't wait to represent a blot of beautiful scarlet in a sea of white sadness.  

I'm prepared to have beer dumped on me, so I'm wearing my secondary jersey.  It's going to be angry in there.

Comment 17 Oct 2014

I expected muddled, inconsistent play capable of beating low-quality teams OOC and those in the bottom-half of the conference, but incapable of even competing with the upper half of the B1G.

So far, met.

Hopefully tomorrow my expectations will still be met.