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Comment 26 Jan 2015

We have a Scottish Terrier....named him Griffin.  It works on two levels, the OSU angle to honor Archie and the fact that it is sort of a Scottish name.

Comment 07 Jan 2015

Yeah, but I think I read ya....that some reason is that his name is Elliott, not Jackson.

Comment 07 Jan 2015

Zeke is a true sophomore...he will be back next season.  And he will dominate!

Comment 15 May 2014

Yeah, Chicago is great....especially if you love getting murdered.

Comment 11 Apr 2014

When looking at that 26,000 number you need to keep in mind that students get in free, as do kids 6 and under.  I would expect at least 10K students to show up, and probably another 5K of kids that get in free (I will be bringing my 2).  I'm predicting 60,000 plus will be there on Saturday.

Comment 11 Apr 2014

Students get in free....as do kids 6 and under.  Parking in also free.  So my family of 4 is going for $24...not a bad deal at all for a sneak peek at next year's version of the Buckeyes.

Comment 29 Jan 2014

He isn't comparing it to PSU...   He is referencing the fact that Gibbons gagged several field goals in the PSU game, which led to scUM losing.  Had he not been playing, perhaps they would have won.

Comment 16 Sep 2013

Serious case of unfounded superiority complex by Cal...

They got their ass handed to them on their field, the fans of a University located thousands of miles away outnumbered their fans, our band puts their band to shame...pretty much we showed them what big time football is about.  End result...a serious case of butt hurt.

They should be thanking Ohio State and their fans for the lesson and for pumping in a load of cash into their broke ass state.  Berkeley is a complete dump, there are bums everywhere (but they are sometimes hard to spot because they look/smell like many of the locals), and there are a ton of run-down buildings/businesses.  California as a whole is pretty much looking at Detroit as a financial model.  And the fact that so many people from Ohio could afford to make the trip out to the "Great" State of California tells me that a lot of Buckeyes are doing OK for themselves without a "superior" education from Cal.

Perhaps the most hilarious piece from their elitist spew was taking a shot at Stanford by saying that at least Cal fills their stadium....Yeah, they filled their stadium with 50% (or more) opposing fans.  I'm sure just as many OSU fans would have attended a game in Stanford...and the Cardinal would have actually given us a game!

Comment 05 Jun 2013

You not being able to explain why OSU kept him is a YOU problem.  You, like many others, base your opinions solely on these superfluous issues.  Gee's accomplishment as President at OSU have been tremendous on virtually every front.  He has greatly improved OSU's academic standing, raised a ton of money, improved facilities, led the long overdue shift to semesters, forged many beneficial partnerships, and so much more.  So he is a top performer in all areas that are important for a university president...that is why OSU kept him.

The fact that he isn't an "expert" on sports and he makes frequent, sometimes off color, remarks while trying to get a laugh doesn't outweigh his accomplishments.  People who give too much weight to athletics, and who are far too concerned about outsiders taking shots at OSU are the only ones that fail to see Gee for the blessing he is/was to OSU. 

As an OSU grad, and someone who has met the man a few times, I have no problem saying that Gordon Gee was the best thing to happen to Ohio State in the last 100 years.  Where the university is now, versus where it was before Gordon Gee entered the picture is nothing short of amazing.

Comment 14 Jan 2013

I think you are thinking about Christian Bryant...pretty sure he led the world in 15 yard penalties last season.

Comment 14 Jan 2013

Yeah, when you see vehicles parked in the grass about 20 yards from the end zone, it sort of takes a little of the shine off...not exactly big boy football. 

On another not, those vehicles would have had multiple football sized dents if Joe Bauserman were playing QB in that game.

Comment 14 Jan 2013

Welcome aboard, young man!  Can't wait to see you on the field for the Buckeyes.  Here is hoping that he becomes the next great OSU defensive back, following the likes of Springs, Winfield, Doss, Gamble, Roby, etc.


Comment 20 Nov 2012

If Simon has 29 tackles I like our chances :)

In all seriousness, I would like to see him have about 5 tackles for loss.  Our D line needs to be disruptive and push the line of scrimmage back.

Comment 20 Nov 2012

I'm guessing you got the down vote for insulting trolls.  Trolls don't deserve that sort of abuse!

Comment 20 Nov 2012

Yeah, not much mystery about who slapped a down vote on that :).  The truth hurts!

Thanks for having my back.

Go Bucks, Michigan sucks!

Comment 20 Nov 2012


There is a difference between coaching a team and being a fan of the team.  Obviously, being the head coach at Michigan is a desirable position for anyone in the coaching profession.  What Meyer said he doesn't get is a person born and raised in Ohio becoming a fan of "that team up north". 

A vast majority of people that are in that category are contrarians, not very educated, and not very knowledgeable about the sport.  They are mostly the poster children for the "Wal-Mart Wolverine" clan.

Comment 07 Nov 2012

I echo the comments above...I came here for a temporary escape from the depression of last night's results.  I purposefully avoided news sites, and the first thing I see here is a reminder of the sequel to the disaster movie that is Barack Obama's presidency.

Comment 30 Aug 2012

Wow, it appears that you've downed a whole case of the kool-aid!

I don't think the offense is going to be a well-oiled machine right out of the shoot, especially given the absence of Jordan Hall.  And there are a lot of question marks on the defensive side, especially at linebacker.

I think both units will be strong mid-year, but I don't share your apparent belief that we are looking at the 2002 defense combined with the 2006 offense.

I think we'll see some good, some bad, and some ugly on Saturday with a lot of players seeing action.  I'm thinking something in the range of 37-13.

Comment 18 May 2012

OSU needs to fire Gene Smith...YESTERDAY!

And someone needs to delete his Youtube account.  At least he didn't post a Youtube video to address the violation he committed and posted on Youtube.