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Just a huge Buckeye fan. Always have been. I remember my 1st tOSU FB game. It was at Indiana in the mid 80's. They had a great RB (Hopkins ?)but we won the FB game that day. I was really young. My 1st tOSU/UM game was in 88'. I was in The Shoe for the tOSU/ND game with Eddie, Glenn, Hoying and co. kicking tail that day. Have seen 3 tOSU/UM in the Big House. Watched both Howard and Woodson return punts for TDs on us (boooo). Howard did his Heisman pose rite in front of me (a small group of tOSU fans in the middle of the end zone front row). Watched tOSU 19 game winning streak get snapped at Wiscky in 03', also saw Will Smith have to replace his jersey 2 TIMES (seats were 1st row directly behind the OSU bench)b/c it was ripped in the back due to Wiscky holding (but no calls for holding on Wiscky the entire game?????). Watched Mo Clarett start to become Buckeye lore with TT and Washington St. games where he ran wild. Watched Troy Smith go from decent QB to Heisman Trophy winner (man could throw bullets like crazy). Just a huge Buckeye fan and have been my whole life. I bleed S&G !!!! Love watching this era of Buckeye Football. Looking back in 50+ years from now and this era will be considered 1 of the best eras (Glory Days) in the history of Ohio State FB. Just am glad to be a part of it and witnessing it.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Running onto the field after The Buckeyes beat Meshitcan in 2002. That was something that I will never forget !!!!! That W , as all of Buckeye Nation knows, sent us to play for the National Title against a very good Miami (FL) team. That was my 1st time witnessing TOSU winning the Naty!! That 2002 D was the best TOSU D I have ever seen, tho I am only 33 years old so I didn't get to see any of Woody's great teams. I'm sure that it was 1 of CFBs best Ds ever. Top 5 in history of CFB if not #1 ever !!!!!
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Jack Tatum/Mike Doss/The Big Kat
  • COLLEGE BASKETBALL PLAYER: Mike Conley Jr./ Jim Jackson
  • NFL TEAM: Cincinnati Bengals
  • MLB TEAM: Cincinnati Reds

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Comment 11 Feb 2015
Actually is was NOT a twat move...... it was a BITCH move. Regardless if the HC was trying to "protect/stick up 4" his player, there is a way to go about doing that. In which he definitely took the wrong route in how he went about doing it. It was a BITCH move ..... Period. And yes it's done, H2O under bridge, peace, see ya, etc., etc., etc., whatever. Glad it's done and everyone can move on. Still it will always be remembered (still a Bitch move) GO BUCKEYES and MESHITCAN STILL SUCKS
Comment 06 Feb 2015
This is 1 of the dumbest "stories" I have herd of in quite some time. I mean Weber's HS coach sounds like a whiny little Bitch. As a recruit, as with ANY recruit in the nation, the said recruit commits to A)The University 1st, B) the HC 2nd. Yes the position coach and player has a relationship BUT with any successful program there will be turnover; players leaving early AND coaches moving on to further their careers. With this particular situation who is to say that Drayton would not have left next year or the players JR year? The recruit commits to the school NOT the position coach. Relationships are there but again you commit to the SCHOOL 1st then the HEAD COACH who RUNS the program 2nd. For Weber's HS coach to say that Weber or Himself were "mislead" is just plain bullshit. I mean when does common sense finally come in? When UM was led by Bo how many of his assistants moved on to further their careers? Many did almost every year. Why? Because they were good at what they do. Drayton did his job at the very best of his abilities, both as a coach and as a recruiter. Because of Stan Weber will have a chance to compete on a team that will contend for Division, B10 and National Titles. Personally I would believe a Thank You would be in order and not all this bitching. Again a kid commits to the University 1st and the Head Coach 2nd. You can't fault any coach at any successful program for moving on to build their resume. This is definitely NOT the Patrino incident and nobody was mislead or lied to or anything. I'm personally fed up with hearing about this. Let Weber's HS coach keep flapping his gums until he is blue in the face. Again Weber has an unbelievable opportunity to be successful and on a team that will challenge for Titles every year B/C of Drayton.
Comment 13 Jan 2015
Yep. Both lines just beat up both UOs lines. UO came out swinging and played well very early on. But they(both lines) look worn out and just beat up in the middle of the 2nd qtr on. We kept them in the game with the 4 turnovers but as the game went on you could see that the O and D lines of UO were just both physically and mentally beat. They were a good team but they ran into a bigger faster more prepared team with a massive chip on their shoulders. GO BUCKS!!!!!!
Comment 13 Jan 2015
This wasn't just a Zeke and/or D. This was a complete TEAM effort. While both did as good as they could, this team dominated every aspect of the game. The O line was dominant; just mauled the UO D line up. The ST out played theirs. Every aspect of the game was a dominant effort. We even gave them 4 gifts. 4???? And still dominated and won by 22?? Wow. And awesome effort/outing by the whole team. GO BUCKEYES!!!!!
Comment 13 Jan 2015
Yes sir !!!!!! And another amazing....... everyone will remember this team and 100 years from now will still be remembered. The 1st playoff National Champions. And everyone will also remember how this team won ...... with our 3rd string QB after the 1st Heisman candidate went down 11 days B4 start of season and then after our 2nd Heisman candidate went down B4 B10CG and playoffs. As well as our true sophomore RB went ape shit all over 2 of the best Ds in the 2014 season. Set a Sugar Bowl record and a National Championship Game record for rushing. The whole team stepped up on the biggest stage; raising the bar every time out. It's just unreal!!! So very proud of this team and to be a Buckeye. This team will be remembered 4 ever and go down in College Football History. Never will they be forgotten. Start of something truly special. Start of a Buckeye Dynasty!!!! GO BUCKEYES
Comment 09 Jan 2015
OMG!!!!????!!?!?! I literally just threw up all over myself. My goodness that was scary. Thanx man now I will have nightmares 4 quite some time. Puke
Comment 10 Dec 2014
Another gr8 thing is we will have Dontre Wilson back. That will give the Bama D another piece of the puzzle to deal with. Like we have done all year all we have to do is get the ball out into 1 of our many talented players. They can't key on just 1 or 2 of our players. They will have to pick their poison. We HAVE to control Cooper; have to keep him on front of who ever has him and roll some help to whichever side he is on. We control him and we control Bama. We have enough weapons to drive Bama crazy. If our D plays like they did in the B10CG we will have a good chance to win the game. We can't shoot ourselves in the foot and we CAN NOT have any turnovers; especially muffed punts. We keep Cooper under control and our D smashes them in the mouth and we play fundamentally sound FB across the board then we should be punching our tickets to the NCG!!!!! It's a little easier said than done!!!!! LOL!!! GO BUCKEYES!!!!!!
Comment 10 Dec 2014
UFM will definitely use the underdog mentality with this team. They will come into this game very prepared, very focused and VERY PISSED OFF. They will come into the game like UF came into the 06' game. I would love to see us Roll them over like we did Wisconsin but that will not happen as Bama has way better players and depth than that Wisconsin team has. But we will be ready for the dog fight that's coming. We are gonna punch them in the mouth and keep doing it every play, every series, every qtr and both 1st and 2nd half's. This team will be pumped up and bigtime. GO BUCKS!!!!!!
Comment 10 Dec 2014
This team will NOT get blown out. We are as talented as they are. Yes this Bama team is the most talented team we have faced this year BUT this Ohio State team is the most talented team that Bama has played all year as well.(that's what I believe) We WILL show up. We will NOT over look Bama. We will be 1 hungry, focused and pissed off team and we will be ready to prove we belong on this stage. Let them look passed us and looking forward to the NCG. B/C we are not. We are ready and it's on baby!!!!!!! GO BUCKEYES!!!!!!
Comment 10 Dec 2014
Absolutely!!!!! Everyone can say what they feel about a young team. (As they are no longer freshman b/c they have a year under their belt, etc.) But it's still a very young team and they haven't played on THIS stage yet. I would think that the VT (the feeling of losing in their gut)game, the PSU (the feeling of winning a tough, close game) and the MSU game will help them calm down earlier than any other very young FB teams. Throw in the B10CG and all the bigtime; prime time games we played in this year will pay off bigtime as experience. It's hard to get any better atmospheres than those games. I don't believe they will have the "deer in headlights" look b/c again they have played in very tough environments. Also believe UFM will have this team extremely focused at the task in hand as well as have this team pissed the F%#K off!!!! He is the best motivator in college football. This team will NOT be in awe of Bama. UFM knows what is coming and The Buckeyes will be ready.
Comment 09 Dec 2014
Actually back in 1969 it wouldn't have mattered (only the beating of UM) if we would have won that game b/c it would have been the last game of the season as the BS "no return to Rose Bowl" (or any bowl for that) policy was still in as a rule. We could have won 100-0 and it wouldn't have mattered as it still would have been our last game of the season
Comment 08 Dec 2014
Totally agree with ya CJM. Let's not get worried about it. Bama is 4 real and they are the team 2 beat every year if you want a Naty. (You have to go through them to achieve what you want). It's not gonna be a blowout; it will be an Ali/Foreman Rumble N The Jungle 15 rounds slug fest. I am excited for this VERY YOUNG (these players will be here for the next 2-3 years) Football Team. It seems like a huge amount of people are scared/worried. Just trust in what UFM can do. Remember 06'. That UF team was told over and over they didn't belong on the field with Ohio State rite? This team will come out of the gates pissed the F@%K off and ready to take it to Bama. We got what we wanted; a chance to play for all the marbles. Bama is in the way and this young FB team has no fear. They will come out and play like their hair is in fire and start punching them rite in the mouth and shoving our foot up their ass all the way to their throat. I'm not worried, I'm READY!!!! And so will this team. Let's go kick some elephants ass!!! GO BUCKEYES!!!!!
Comment 08 Dec 2014
All I want to see is this team get better and get HUNGRIER every day. I love being the underdog b/c we have THE BEST COACH in the business motivating the shit out of this team. They will be ready to take on the kings of college football!!!!! It's our turn to take the throne and we will be there for a while. Let's go shock the world!!!!! Take it to their ass and shove it all the way up to their throats!!! We play as inspired as we did in the B10CG none of the top 3 teams can touch us. Just continue 2 do what we've been doing all year; get better every week. LET'S GO GET IT!!! GO BUCKEYES!!!!! BEAT BAMA
Comment 03 Dec 2014
Enjoy it all my fellow Buckeye. Them late teens to your 30s will go in a blink of an eye. Then you will be 35 like me LOL (I am 35 on December 4th -2marow) but it all goes sooo fast but enjoy everything it's the best of times GO BUCKEYES SPANK THEM Badgers!!!!!!!
Comment 01 Dec 2014
2che my friend. Talk about a Blow Up !!!!!! GO BUCKEYES!!!!!!!!
Comment 01 Dec 2014
Thoughts and prayers to Kosta's family. Very hard to lose such a young soul. I would love for the team to come out and have Karageorge on the back of every jersey. This isn't just a team it's also family. And they will come 2gether even closer. Once a Buckeye ALWAYS A BUCKEYE!!!!!! RIP Kosta