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Just a huge Buckeye fan. Always have been. I remember my 1st tOSU FB game. It was at Indiana in the mid 80's. They had a great RB (Hopkins ?)but we won the FB game that day. I was really young. My 1st tOSU/UM game was in 88'. I was in The Shoe for the tOSU/ND game with Eddie, Glenn, Hoying and co. kicking tail that day. Have seen 3 tOSU/UM in the Big House. Watched both Howard and Woodson return punts for TDs on us (boooo). Howard did his Heisman pose rite in front of me (a small group of tOSU fans in the middle of the end zone front row). Watched tOSU 19 game winning streak get snapped at Wiscky in 03', also saw Will Smith have to replace his jersey 2 TIMES (seats were 1st row directly behind the OSU bench)b/c it was ripped in the back due to Wiscky holding (but no calls for holding on Wiscky the entire game?????). Watched Mo Clarett start to become Buckeye lore with TT and Washington St. games where he ran wild. Watched Troy Smith go from decent QB to Heisman Trophy winner (man could throw bullets like crazy). Just a huge Buckeye fan and have been my whole life. I bleed S&G !!!! Love watching this era of Buckeye Football. Looking back in 50+ years from now and this era will be considered 1 of the best eras (Glory Days) in the history of Ohio State FB. Just am glad to be a part of it and witnessing it.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Running onto the field after The Buckeyes beat Meshitcan in 2002. That was something that I will never forget !!!!! That W , as all of Buckeye Nation knows, sent us to play for the National Title against a very good Miami (FL) team. That was my 1st time witnessing TOSU winning the Naty!! That 2002 D was the best TOSU D I have ever seen, tho I am only 33 years old so I didn't get to see any of Woody's great teams. I'm sure that it was 1 of CFBs best Ds ever. Top 5 in history of CFB if not #1 ever !!!!!
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Jack Tatum/Mike Doss/The Big Kat
  • COLLEGE BASKETBALL PLAYER: Mike Conley Jr./ Jim Jackson
  • NFL TEAM: Cincinnati Bengals
  • MLB TEAM: Cincinnati Reds

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Comment 11 minutes ago
Wow!!!!!! I wonder what the guy in charge of that had for breakfast???? Wonder if he smoked his breakfast? !?!?!?!?!?!? Big ooooooppppsss
Comment 7 hours ago
What if we win out. Bama wins Iron Bowl then loses in SECheat CG. Miss St. losses egg bowl and Texas beats TCU and then K St. beats Baylor next week. And FSU pukes all over themselves as UF sends Muschamp out with a big W. And then Oregon loses to UCLA in Pac12 CG. How's that for a Monkey Wrench? GO BUCKEYES!!!!
Comment 8 hours ago
Also needs to get down all the techniques and moves. Once he gets all that down I agree with you he will be a beast on the DL
Comment 8 hours ago
This is my opinion as well. It would be a very dumb move on the coach's if they do burn his RS. Way too late for that. Unless he is Joey Bosa reincarnated. Even so it would not be wise to burn it with only 4 more games to the season. Hope he goes ape shit on everyone next year. GO BUCKEYES!!!!!!!
Comment 8 hours ago
Dude I feel sorry for you. You must be fu@$ed up. Wish I could help ya out there. Only thing left to be messed up would be your dank. Does that hurt too? If so then you are completely fu@$ed up. Sorry again man hope you get over all that B4 Saturday. :-D
Comment 10 hours ago
Those would work. But just win out and the B10 Championship will hold more weight than what Miss St. or TCU but would love to see FSU, Miss St. lose and a Texas win. Then Bama get beat next week. That would throw a curve ball at the committee wouldn't it? LOL
Comment 10 hours ago
I remember that hit. That and the Big Kats hit on Colby (Missouri's QB at Mizzu) are 2 of the biggest hits I can remember. Big Kats hit changed the whole game as their QB was looking over his shoulder the rest of the game. He didn't want to get hit like that again. LOL. But we need some of those hits this week and the rest of the year. GO BUCKEYES !!!!!!
Comment 17 hours ago
For the future you can go online and get B10CG tickets on hold. If the Bucks make it then you will have to pay when the Bucks clinch. If for some reason the Bucks don't get into the B10CG then you don't have to buy them. You can place as many as you want on hold so that way you won't have to wait till the last min. or it be too late. My father did that this year so I was just letting you know. I believe it was Stub Hub hope that works out for ya in future
Comment 17 hours ago
Also can't 4get about 1 of TTUNs bread and butter. TTUN has run screens left and right on us for about 80 years now. They see_ to kill us with it a couple ti_es every year. We have to be able to sniff those out and not let the_ catch us off guard. And we can't turn the ball over; can't give the_ any xtra possessions.
Comment 25 Nov 2014
No that's not the reason for him looking leaner this year than last. It's b/c most of the "All You Can Eat" buffets in AA has shut down due to not supplying enough food for the rest of AAs residents. BH ate them out of business!!!! ;-)
Comment 25 Nov 2014
I believe we have so much more talent and depth across the field. The only thing that will make this game close is if we turn the ball over. We are the only team that can stop our O. And I believe our D will come out with the attitude we saw last week after JMs punt return. We cannot turn the ball over b/c that is the only way this game will be close; can't give them ANY xtra possessions in this game. BUCKEYES -52 TTUN- 17 (late TD against our 2nd and 3rd strings)
Comment 24 Nov 2014
Yes we need our D to improve; get better every week. BUT.... The biggest thing that this team needs to do is stop the turnovers!!!!!!! That is priority #1 if we don't turn the ball over the last 3 weeks we have 3 blowouts. The only team that stopped us is ourselves. Stop the turnovers and the game won't be close. And the D "looks" better as well b/c that would be 3 less drives the opponents have. So stop giving the ball up
Comment 23 Nov 2014
STUD!!!!!! Kids a baller and is very similar to JT (as in coming out of HS as a SR) don't be surprised if he turns heads and starts a TOSU multiple years. What I love the most (same as what I love most about JT) is he is a QB that athletic not the athlete that plays QB. He is accurate as you can be. Has all the throws and can run like a deer.. it's gr8 2 be a Buckeye. GO BUCKS
Comment 23 Nov 2014
I personally thing the B10 is better as a whole than what it's credit for. Every conference has its bottom feeders and I'm not saying the B10 is the best conference in the land. But the B10 plays in more shitty weather than most other conferences. And that DOES effect how the games are played. There are some very good teams in the B10 and only in the last few weeks we are finally getting a little more respect. I know the SECheat won't ever play up in B10 country in November but let's see them.come up in late October/November and play in the shit the B10 plays in. They would go to their coach and be like "coach, I can't feel my feet and it's too cold man! And these guys hit harder than what we thought they would. We want to go back home where its.warm!" Amirite? LOL. But all seriousness this B10 IS better than what it's given credit for. GO BUCKEYES
Comment 22 Nov 2014
Yeah but 1 thing different is no single degree temps with blowing wind gusts up to 30 mph and no snow. If it is a rematch this TOSU team will blow the doors of Miny. Period
Comment 22 Nov 2014
Yes. With a score of 42-27 that showed we brought our D game and still pulled away. Now with a score of 28-20 no. The punter came to play and after he downed it at the 2 foot line and the resulting punt return for TD you saw a huge pet in our step from the whole team. We gave up a late trash TD but yes it was enough. We should not fall in polls. If we drop then FSU should drop behind us cause they looked way worse than us. They play like trash and I think IU could beat BC. GO BUCKEYES BABY IT'S MESHITCAN WEEK AND WE WILL BE FOCUSED AND READY TO RUN EM OUT OF THE SHOE TO THE WHORE CALLED ANN ARBOR!!!!!!
Comment 22 Nov 2014
I picked this week's ago after the Utah loss. We will see if that's what will happen. #ITS ON!!!!!! GO BUCKEYES!!!!!!! BEAT MESHITCAN!!!!
Comment 21 Nov 2014
I was saying 4 b/c his hearing is on Tuesday next week so if possible he would be back 1-TTUN 2-B10CG 3-1st Rd Playoffs 4- NCG. GOBUCKS