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Comment 14 Dec 2014

How about the fact that Chris gamble clearly caught a third down pass in bounds with about two minutes to play which should have been a first down but was ruled out of bounds. We wouldn't have went to overtime had that been called correctly.

Comment 10 Dec 2014
Can someone answer me how Florida st placed three offensive lineman on this list? Their line was garbage most of the season. They had trouble running and pass blocking the majority of the season.
Comment 02 Dec 2014

What does everyone think the panel would do with both tOSU and FSU winning out but Jameis Winston finally getting the boot?  So you would have us with one loss on our third qb and FSU minus Winston still undefeated.  I think we would get in over FSU.  

Comment 27 Nov 2014
They should let desmond howard and Joey galloway call the game together and see if there is a good fight in the booth during the game.
Comment 20 Nov 2014
I have no problem with suspension. He is employed by the nfl so they can do whatever they want with their employees that do dumb things like this. If I did this to my child with my career, I would be fired immediately and would never be able to get another job in this field. I have consequences for my actions and these spoiled pro athletes get by with stuff an average person would never get away with. If he is kicked out for good, he will get to understand what working hard for money is all about.
Comment 08 Nov 2014
Norwalk with a win last night over Sandusky Perkins. First playoff win in over 40 years. Congrats to them boys. Hopefully they can make a serious run.
Comment 07 Nov 2014

You're right. The only thing I see us having a chance with is if we just forfeit. I mean seriously, There is no other way but to just give up. I guess you did give us props on our special teams so maybe dantonio and meyer can come up with a deal before the game that the only units allowed on the field are the special teams units so we have somewhat of a chance.

Comment 05 Nov 2014
The wind has more of an affect in the game than a little rain unless it is torrential down pours. If it rains that hard, it will hurt both teams equally. It would be the team that holds onto the ball the best that wins. We need to just make a statement no matter what the weather is.
Comment 01 Nov 2014
It's not on here in Arizona either which is really odd considering how much alumni are here in AZ
Comment 24 Oct 2014

If LSU wins, they will probably somehow jump us in the polls. 

Comment 29 Sep 2014

On J.T's performance against VT being miserable, was he throwing to himself and then dropping the balls?  I wouldn't call his performance miserable. He was running for his life from shotgun formation and all his receivers he threw to wouldn't have been able to catch the Ebola virus that night if he was throwing that. Hard to look good when you have that factoring in. 

Comment 28 Sep 2014
Speaking of the playoffs , did anyone catch the new espn playoff commercial where it says about 4 times "we hate ohio state"? maybe they are preparing for us to run the table.
Comment 10 Sep 2014

If she doesn't defend him, the alternative to the abuse that we know about  now could be much much worse. 

Comment 10 Sep 2014
The reason we are having these issues is because of last year's team. In games that we would kill teams, We would just run hyde left\right middle then Miller to the outside with an occasional pass when needed. During those games we should have been developing our passing game rather than building up our running yards. We should have been developing all of our passing game last year and then we could just plug in the new faces. Now with no inside presence we are forced to try to develop the passing game on the fly.
Comment 30 Aug 2014

Once the play book got opened in the second half,the oline played a lot better. JT was actually 13-15, just one to the wrong team. I think that interception freaked out Herman and it made him too conservative in the first half.   Once they opened it up everyone played better.