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Comment 14 Oct 2015
This stuff is very sad for these kids. These adults don't care that they are ruining such important parts of these kids lives. The area I live in has been dealing with this scum. http://www.havasunews.com/news/havasu-police-pop-warner-football-commissioner-suspected-of-embezzling/article_0fda51aa-6276-11e5-bcda-23b4cafdc044.html#.VgRFhd6
Comment 10 Oct 2015
I would only say it didn't really take much to see that he struggled throwing against zone coverage. We just kept blitzing and opening up huge gaps. When we blitzed he just found the gap and ran. They couldn't block our down 4 all game but blitzing killed us.
Comment 03 Oct 2015
You could see where it snapped. Was definitely a break.
Comment 19 Jun 2015
That wasn't on Russell. Who plays that defense with 40 seconds remaining and only a touchdown beats you? I was at the game. Just a dumb bone headed defensive call. No safety deep.
Comment 15 Jun 2015
Doesn't change the fact that I would like to see his knee go down like Willis McGahee. You're a Detroit fan, when is they last time you had a championship? Don't make a topic bashing Cleveland fans who haven't had one ever. At this point I'm pretty sure golden state will be OK if they win the championship beating us without 3 legitimate starters. Love Irving verajao currently out. How would this series be without thompson, iguodala and bogut? Would golden state even be in the finals?
Comment 24 May 2015
Topless pool at the flamingo is a good starting place. That is serious but joking aside, all the casinos look the same on the inside. Mandalay Bay always seems to have a younger crowd inside. If your looking for things outside the casino scene, Hoover Dam is less than an hour away and look up Redrock. Good hiking there.
Comment 30 Mar 2015
I didn't get to fill one out this year but did on my direct tv channel. I've only missed two games in the round of 32. Been perfect everywhere else. Wish I had the time to do an espn one.