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Comment 29 Sep 2014

On J.T's performance against VT being miserable, was he throwing to himself and then dropping the balls?  I wouldn't call his performance miserable. He was running for his life from shotgun formation and all his receivers he threw to wouldn't have been able to catch the Ebola virus that night if he was throwing that. Hard to look good when you have that factoring in. 

Comment 28 Sep 2014
Speaking of the playoffs , did anyone catch the new espn playoff commercial where it says about 4 times "we hate ohio state"? maybe they are preparing for us to run the table.
Comment 10 Sep 2014

If she doesn't defend him, the alternative to the abuse that we know about  now could be much much worse. 

Comment 10 Sep 2014
The reason we are having these issues is because of last year's team. In games that we would kill teams, We would just run hyde left\right middle then Miller to the outside with an occasional pass when needed. During those games we should have been developing our passing game rather than building up our running yards. We should have been developing all of our passing game last year and then we could just plug in the new faces. Now with no inside presence we are forced to try to develop the passing game on the fly.
Comment 30 Aug 2014

Once the play book got opened in the second half,the oline played a lot better. JT was actually 13-15, just one to the wrong team. I think that interception freaked out Herman and it made him too conservative in the first half.   Once they opened it up everyone played better. 

Comment 24 Jun 2014
Also this definitely isn't new, 1aa, 2 & 3 play every year around thanksgiving. I played at Mount Union and never in 5 years playing did I have thanksgiving day off. Had practice every year on that day.
Comment 10 May 2014
No clue how to tell. The first page looks great but when I click on anything I get the menu covering up part of the page.
Comment 09 May 2014
I still have no luck with my galaxy s3. The menu still covers half my page on almost every page I get on.
Comment 10 Mar 2014
Also on the old site I had no issues seeing my entire post once I type it in. On the new site with my phone I am unable to scroll through my post to proof read it. I know I can check the preview but I'm unable to get to the part that needs to be fixed once i can no longer see it in the text box
Comment 10 Mar 2014
I know how to take a screen shot but it won't let me add it to the . Any clue how to do this
Comment 10 Mar 2014
Nothing works the way it works on a computer or ipad. There is no menu up top on the screen. It seems to be nonresponsive at times as well. There are little pictures that cover over stories so they can't be read. Have no clue how to add a screen shot or I would do that.
Comment 27 Feb 2014
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