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Comment 23 Nov 2014

Here's a thought, there is a coach that is going to make decision which player is the best for the role. Let's just wait for that.

My only hang up ever was that "Braxton is starting QB next year" bullshit Urban said. I like sticking up for Braxton, really happy he came to OSU, and carried us like he has. IMO JT is a better passer and a good enough runner and thusly I feel is more of a threat to a defense. That being said I haven't seen a side by side w/ the same options for both QBs, so that is what camp is for and the coach to make a decision. I'd love to see Braxton be the #1, just a bit skeptical he will be, then again I know nothing.

Comment 23 Nov 2014

Exactly, are they supposed to go crazy and wild after we fumble, int, int, punt, punt, knee the remainder of a half that was +2td in the first 7 mins? Notice, the deep pin, the hold, the punt return for TD, suddenly the crowd came alive. Crazy for people to expect a crowd to go crazy over horrible performance or mediocre results.

Comment 23 Nov 2014

No, you can't, but it is nice that it is actually an argument it could happen since we are talking about people who actually aren't tunnel visioned like a computer would be here.

Comment 23 Nov 2014

Just pointing this out _ade _y week. I a_ so glad I only have 3 days of work this week, going to be so distracted!

Comment 22 Nov 2014

Plus our streak over them is nearly as old as me and is as old as my girlfriend... 

Comment 22 Nov 2014

Same issue as last week, we are handing them the pass to stay in the game with turnovers. If this team doesn't fucking fix it, then there it is. But I am not giving IU credit for showing up to the game, because so far they aren't beating us(And they are only competing because of our mistakes). Just clean the stupid shit up that young teams do(TOs) and its over. I just hope it is being taken as a teaching point so we don't do it in big games, like MSU.

Comment 21 Nov 2014

Well in the past, I strongly wanted tsun to figure their shit out and actually help our schedule strength... Now with this new system I am put in a tougher spot. It seems that them being bad doesn't actually help our push for Top 4, where as if they were good and we beat them, it could help put another notable on the list for our argument. That being said, I feel like long term, the conference is the issue more than just this one team. So if the conference is going to be shit, then I want them to remain shit so we can keep whooping them. But if conference gets better, then well screw em, keep losing, we'll get more value from the other teams anyway.

So a year ago, "Please stop being a freaking joke" to now... "Everyone else sucks around you, and if they get better I'd rather you continue to suck bc, well, fuck you tsun, we'll gain from beating the other teams."

Comment 19 Nov 2014

Last year I thought we'd be ok, but going to their place w/ what we had on the line, it just felt like a "get em" feeling. This year, more on the line IMO(The need to finish out to crack top 4) but we're at home and that team looks like a dumpster fire out of control and our offense just looks very in rhythm. I have way more confidence in this offense than last years, and that is surprising to say w/ the OLine changes!

Comment 19 Nov 2014

Is The Game, its also one of the worst tsun teams I've watched play and they just seem to be getting worse each game, not better. Anytime they faced ranked opponents at the opponent's place, they got beat pretty decently. One of those teams we went there and owned(MSU) and ND IMO hasn't really been a good team. OSU is on the rise, fast, and that offense is going to likely cause me to be passed out by end of game. My only fear would be overlooking them for Championship Game the week after. I don't see tsun coming into our place and really giving us much of a fight. I feel our defense is good enough(And do they even have an offensive weapon) and TBH I don't see them stopping this offense. I expect a beating, Urban isn't going to look past this game, just hoping our players don't get tunnel vision on that game.

Side thought: Gardner is still their "QB" right? I honestly just wanna see him get DESTROYED by Bosa. I may do double shots anytime Bosa just kills the guy. Hoping if we beat the crap out of their bad QBs they'll go recruit one that is actually decent at the damn position so they will be less garbage. Need them to stop being freaking irrelevant.

Comment 12 Nov 2014

Cowherd I believe puts them in his #3 spot if he was involved. I really feel like there is more pull for OSU going on than ever before, and I am certainly not complaining. I just am taking root w/ the take care of the jobs ahead of us mentality because that is all we can do. We keep throttling our "Bad Big Ten" and even they will realize we deserve a shot.

Comment 11 Nov 2014

TBH: I don't have any issue with them pointing out the narrative that Minnesota is playing the hardest part of their schedule down the stretch. It is an entirely valid point to be made. Let's not give Minnesota too much credit, they simply haven't played any good teams outside of TCU. The fact their are 25th, in all honesty, almost felt like a bone being given to OSU to help bolster an argument for them to make a potential jump down the road into the 4th spot. I hope that isn't the case, but when I saw it I certainly laughed.

But its simple, we go in, we take care of business. Let everything else play out. After that MSU game, I think Urban has them very well dialed in to the tasks at hand.

Comment 09 Nov 2014

I wasn't really high on Dontre when we recruited him. I wasn't really impressed by anything last year. The first game I basically went "Ok I give up, this isn't anything that is scaring defenses" then the next couple games he actually seemed to have clicked. Working from jet sweeps and all that stuff is one thing, but predictable and he didn't really do a lot of damage with it. I feel that had a lot to do with how the defense was able to be prepared for that play without any other threats. Once he started showing the ability to become a threat in the passing game I feel things started to develop. Unfortunately I also only felt like this improvements last but a few games, and now he's back to being "meh" for me. He certainly doesn't classify as the guy that scares other defenses compared to the many other weapons on the team.

For me Dontre is really just nothing special and I am hoping it gets sorted out, because his mistakes are really painful. Marshall also had a few mistakes a couple games back that sent me up a wall, but since then it seems like he's gotten his mistakes cleaned up and is developing as a threat. He's doing what Dontre was supposed to do. I'm just not sold on him personally, and I don't think anyone is gaming against him compared to JT, EzE, receivers, Marshall, and Samuel. Those guys, they are genuinely a scary line up, Dontre doesn't seem to be on that par yet. My 2 cents, would love for it to click and he develop his hands more, because I feel if he does he makes his life easier and becomes far scarier to the opponent.

Comment 09 Nov 2014

So this is where I am really curious... Is Hoke and staff like actively recruiting, and if they are, on what platform does that work. "Yeah I won't be here next year, but you should come to this program for its... future." Obviously its not like they can just sit around doing nothing but this job they have is borderline impossible to accomplish anything. I dislike ttun, but I also am tired of them being so garbage that winning against them doesn't help our strength of schedule argument, so really wish they'd get on w/ putting the dumpster fire out.

Comment 09 Nov 2014

Is there merit to the argument that MSU went to Oregon, gave them a run for 3/4 quarters before bombing, then us going to MSU and in all honesty, controlling 3/4 quarters of the game pretty solidly outside of the idiotic special teams plays, it seemed like OSU was solidly better than MSU where as Oregon had a tough fight against them. Also the playoff committee taking into factor that VT was early, an inexperienced Oline and QB, that have CLEARLY developed into something pretty impressive being more a time based loss than a skill based? I know Oregon has more in their schedule for merit, but it just feels like looking at the matchups that I'm not entirely sold Oregon is better than OSU here. I imagine that argument makes it into the playoff discussion if they continue winning(and winning well)?

Comment 02 Nov 2014

Simply: That all being said and for some reason isn't in a competition to start the QB spot next year? Seems pretty out there to me.

Comment 30 Oct 2014

Well then, I guess standards vary greatly between me and Jimbo. Wow, I really would love to know what he's drinking to make that believable. I'd say share, but I dunno if I could handle the effects of a sudden loss of morality.

Comment 30 Oct 2014

I'm pretty skeptical they are dead and gone here. Of course, there is a LOT of repair work to be done and its going to take a tenacious person who is a bit nuts to turn the program around for them. That, or a couple of people in some order resulting in such an outcome.

Comment 26 Oct 2014

Regarding the "Brax starting QB" thing. I think I have to disagree.

When the OLine did its job and made gaps, JT was ripping up their gut for significant gains. When the OLine started to break down, issues started happening, And considering the hell JT went through from the VT game with that, I imagine he probably panicked a bit. (Can you blame him, getting sacked 7 times in a game and seeing the same lack of composure in front of you again has gotta be flash backs.) They also mentioned JT tweaked his knee in the second quarter and if you notice, the third quarter is where he wasn't really able to run, or rather wasn't getting the calls for it. They even put Cardale in for what was an obvious QB designed run, though there may have been other circumstances.

Now, Miller in a couple spots would have done SERIOUS damage to Penn State, but I don't think this game set aside the Braxton as QB debate even remotely. JT is a redshirt freshman, in a massively hostile environment, with an OLine that got owned, again. His picks were young man's mistakes and his throws last night were off. This is the worst game, IMO, JT has had this year based on his performance. VT I don't entirely put on JT(OLine sucked, 7 freaking sacks, 2nd start in a huge night game, WTF level play calling at times, just too many factors that JT alone couldn't be to blame.) Tonight JT made critical turn overs that put us in that spot, I don't see him doing that again.

In the game last night, an experienced veteran QB would have been a substantial value. JT isn't that, yet. Come next fall, I don't think we can just say "Braxton is the best QB" considering right now JT is making an argument is a VERY good QB already(I'd compare his first season to Braxton's but that isn't really logical or fair) and with some experience and an OLine with some experience I feel like he is right there in the first for our best QB next year.

TL;DR A game where a redshirt freshman's inexperienced showed up huge w/ an inexperienced OLine to go with it, doesn't make Braxton the best QB come next fall.

Comment 19 Oct 2014

Oregon handles 5-2 Washington, MSU struggled for quite a while against 3-4 Indiana. This is probably where I'd start. MSU performed poorly against a weaker team, Oregon stayed steady against a stronger team. (This is also giving any credit that these people watched the games, but I wouldn't hold my breathe on that.) So yeah, that is my best reasoning just taking a glimpse at it.