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  • SPORTS MOMENT: 2014 National Championship Run. My girlfriend wasn't much for Buckeyes/didn't like them before me, I started changing that, and that season saw her turn into a Buckeye fan and has really come to enjoy watching them play in the falls.
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Comment 20 Oct 2016

Color me dumb, but isn't The Game the Saturday after Thanksgiving like every year? Or have I completely overwritten that holiday with The Game?

Comment 19 Oct 2016

We have our own assets in that same field. Everyone does. I don't dislike someone immediately for being a fan of ttun, some can be reasonable human beings I can get along with. 

Comment 18 Oct 2016

Re-read this thread would be a good starting point.

Comment 17 Oct 2016

Okay, I am not a guy who is like Buckeye never support ttun... However, the audacity to back them over your school when they are both undefeated and you're like one of the few people putting them ahead of them... Get fucked dude. I don't need a homer, but if you're going to back the rival when there is no current reason to over your own, just, get out. I can't imagine making this call, period right now.

(To be clear, I absolutely do NOT believe objectively they are a better team than us, SoS and environment are factors and along with age. ttun should be better, they just aren't IMO. But fortunately the answer to this will come in time.)

Comment 16 Oct 2016

If we dropped to Nebraska or Wisconsin, it wouldn't have been that critical for us to get into CFP. We win out the div, go championship game, and settle the conf title then and there, likely the CFP ticket. So I'd prefer a win out, but Wisconsin and Nebraska are two games I am not really out of my mind if we lost, but Wisconsin was the more likely threat of the two and we handled that business.

Comment 16 Oct 2016

Wisconsin had a 2 week preparation for us. They threw their entire playbook at us. And in the end still couldn't overcome.

ttun got them at their place, little preparation, even greener QB, and got by.

I like my chances of getting ttun at our place early for The Game. Wisconsin fought, anyone who expected less, is insane. I am actually really happy with this game. Big Ten is clearly up, games on SEC. And this young as hell team just got tested hard and passed. Was a bit disappointed in JT(Which I am a huge fan of, so that says a bit) with how he handled the game. Wasn't bad but I don't feel this was up to what we've seen him do in the past. That being said, they got the win, and the defense is continuing to progress. And defense wins championship. The DLine was the part that seemed lagging this year(I was actually surprised by this) but they have not only caught up to the progression of the rest of the team but I feel they are quickly becoming the anchor point like they were before. Our defense is becoming a massive weapon, and that gives me a ton of hope for this season.

Comment 16 Oct 2016

Reception yes. Interception, no. Interception if ball hits ground it is incomplete pass automatically. Reception it can touch as long as receiver maintains control and I think doesn't use it to trap the ball for the pass or something. Same situation arose in the interception on JT in their end zone where they checked it to make sure it never touched for the same reason.

Comment 14 Oct 2016

FFS I searched thread to see if anyone had 24-10 before posting, then it found OP as 24-10. Hate you. I'm putting my voucher in that hat though. Hoping for a 31-10, but my gut with weather is on 24-10.

Comment 13 Oct 2016

How are we having a depth issue at RB? Weber for another year, Williams and McCall are there, then load Dobbins behind that? 4 deep seems, sufficient? I mean maybe the year after we need to get 2, but I suspect we have a decent RB option for the next 3 years with only 1 in this class, don't see a reason to find another. Not saying I wouldn't look, but I wouldn't stretch.

Comment 09 Oct 2016

That's just it, they have to stop our run game. You're not stopping it without committing the resources to it, which opens up the passing game. I'm worried when someone figures out the solution to the passing game, the rushing game, and the qb rushing game. Then, we're in deep shit. Until then 3 avenues to take, whichever is open we take. I expect Wisconsin to try and plug our running game up, so I suspect we're going to see a more sweeps/WR screens/passing to stretch them out. And in the end, I want to see the team do this against us for 4 quarters. Wisconsin has a good defense that will be a test, but their offense is not going to win possession, which means that defense of Wisconsin's is going to get a work out, hope they are ready for a 4 quarter fight.

Comment 09 Oct 2016

The annoying part is I tailgate and we have these "VT" games. I'd like to tailgate w/o bringing the freaking curse... First tailgate was VT game, I knew going in it didn't feel right. That was a long as hell day. Felt the 3 touchdown win vs IU yesterday but still 2nd time tailgating and we get this shit. Was thinking about coming up for tailgate for The Game, at this point seriously debating that sadly.

Comment 09 Oct 2016

Exactly. Wind made things annoying. But if you can beat a team with the "basic" playbook calls, then that is generally a good idea. This way you don't tip your hand against the big games where you need to get that stuff out.