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Comment 04 Dec 2016

Haha i agree! Wisconsins DBs couldn't locate a ball to save their lives. That chuck and pray nonsense will be hilarious to watch when they play someone good. Wisky got outscored 31-3 in the 2nd half LMFAO... so much for that great defense 

Comment 03 Dec 2016

This is funny. The talent that is being brought in is unparalleled... Meyer has had some great classes so far, but nothing like this.  With the QB prospects we have behind JT and all the other talent, I do not see a drop off anytime soon.  Meyer has a bunch of pure WR's waiting in the wings for the first time and the OL recruiting is out of this world.  There are only 2 areas he needs to sure up and that is DT and HB. Dobbins will be great, but we need one more HB.  I really like when we have a bruiser and a speed guy for change of pace as it gives the defense a very hard time and allows Meyer to run inside zone and power concepts one minute and speed sweeps and options the next. 

Comment 03 Dec 2016

There may be evidence that this is true, but we all know that had nothing to do with losing to USC... That game was over before it began and Tressel knew it.  We were overmatched in every phase of that game and the result was no fluke.  Ohio State could have played that game 10 times and probably would have lost all 10.

Comment 01 Dec 2016

Struggle is probably an overstatement, but Michigan did have more success passing against Lattimore and  Conley then anyone has this year: Speight made some really good throws and his guys caught almost everything thrown their way. 

On a side note... it's funny to me because Michigan employed the same quick, short passing game that we use and the main difference between their offense and ours on Saturday is that their guys caught the ball. We were not that far off from having a much better offensive performance on Saturday. If JT and his WRs can get their timing down, we could see a much better offense come Dec 31...

Comment 29 Nov 2016

I am as big of a Buckeye fan as anyone, but this is taking it a bit far. Bama has not given up a single TD in November, so for Ohio State to win, I think it will have to be a very low scoring, field position type game. I would be surprised if we went off for 30+ on Bama, but who knows.

I do think the game against our rival was misleading in that there were multiple missed opportunities where if JT makes a better throw, we would have seen some big plays. Samuel over the middle could have been a TD and then the one right after half the Peppers intercepted would have put us at UMs 40 yard line. There were guys open and JT either didn't see them or made a bad throw due to feeling pressure the moment he dropped back. 

Comment 29 Nov 2016

My dream scenario would be to get PSU in the semi final. Our guys would be liked caged animals waiting for that game and I would love to get them away from HV on a fast track.  Things would look quite a bit different when Urban isn't going ultra conservative due to being the team tightening up in that crazy white out environment. Pess State followed by Alabama would be what I prefer. 

On the ore realistic side of things, I think we would do well against Clemson. I know analysts are citing their defense as something that would be problematic for The Buckeyes, but I don't see it. They gave up lot s of points to inferior teams and I think we would score plenty. My worry is their WRs are very good and could give us issues as we did seem to struggle with Darboh and Perry on Saturday. 

Comment 28 Nov 2016

The way Ohio State beats Bama is the way they just beat UM. The defense needs to get after that young QB and shut down their run game. 

I also don't think that Bama has as good of a secondary as UM and if the WRs hold on to the ball, we should be able to open up the passing game a bit. There were some missed opportunities against UM like when Samuel was open over the middle and would have only had to beat one guy and then late in the 3rd, Barrett threw a swing pass to Weber and all the blocks were set up, but Weber just dropped it. 

Barrett needs to calm down and not try to laser it in there as he defaults to throwing high and when the ball is semi-catchable, the WRs need to pull it in.

Bama looks good, but I have complete faith that we can compete with them for 60 minutes. I would love to play them for the title. 

Comment 28 Nov 2016

Princes problem is is confidence. He looks like he is beat before the ball is snapped. He just needs to keep at it and not get discouraged. I really hope he turns it around.

Comment 28 Nov 2016

NO SHIT!!! I kept turning to my brother and saying why don't they run a delayed screen to Weber?!? We were at the game and you could see the entire front seven just selling out to blitz JT like they had no fear of being stopped and if you pair that with the fact that we have not run a HB Screen, ever, I guarantee that they would have been so caught off guard it would have gone for 6. There were plays where they literally blitzed all 3 LBs and just played man cover 0 and we continued to call empty sets with no help and never tried to slow it down. Their DBs would have been 50 yards downfield and the rest of the defense would have been blitzing, It boggles my mind why there is no misdirection or any type of screen in our playbook other than those swing passes out wide.

Comment 27 Nov 2016

They look great, but they haven't played anyone. There beatbox wins are USC, LSU and Auburn and I think all three teams have at least 3 losses. 

USC looks like a good win now, but they were garbage when they played the first time. LSU sucks and Auburn lost to a terrible Georgia team. They really have not played one, single team that is worth a shit or will be ranked anywhere near the top 10.

Comment 23 Nov 2016

Yep. At this point I think it's a mental thing. I think that Dantonio has the recipe for success against the Buckeyes coupled with the fact their entire team is made up of Ohio kids we passed on and and the fact the Meyer seems to tighten up tighter than a snare drum against MSU and what you have is a team that will give us all we can handle annually. That game will never be easy.

Comment 22 Nov 2016

*ichigan isn't going to do anything different defensively from a schematic standpoint. They are a man press, cover 1 team that blitzes a lot from a variety of areas on the field. We can know what to expect as far as what type of offense to run, but one thing that worries me is how much Ohio State struggled with MSUs defensive line on Saturday. MSU ran some slants and stunts that had Price and Prince so confused they each blocked the same guy leaving a giant hole. Don Brown blitzes a lot and he is creative and I don't expect that to change. tOSU needs to get a running game going quickly to slow that down. If they don't and we are consistently in 3rd and long, it's going to be a slog offensively.

Defensively, we already dealt with the jet sweep courtesy of Wisky and figured out how to adjust and defend it. We have also dealt with and been abused by teams lining their best WRs up in the slot and beating us with inside realeasing routes that take advantage of our Safeties alignment, so they should be ready for that as well. Lastly, Sparty exposed our over-aggression Saturday with that throwback screen, and given *ichgans history of using it against us, they should be ready for that as well. I don't think there is a ton of stuff they can do offensively that will throw us off. I also wouldn't be surprised to see Schiano bust out some zone coverage and really confuse O'Korn. We have played man all year and he is inexperienced and hasn't seen anything but man on film.  It would be good statetgy to at least try it early and see how he reacts; see how well he can read a disguised zone coverage. Our defense will live and die by how well they stop the run. If *ichigan gets it going in the run game, it will be a big problem as they will have a multitude of play-action looks with Peppers and McDoom that will be very troublesome for our overly aggressive defense.

Comment 21 Nov 2016

I got a little bit ahead of myself saying he was stonewalled, but there were instances on critical downs where he was getting hit at the LOS that may have skewed my memory a bit. I wasn't really trying to say Weber was the issue as he did play very well. It was more an indictment on the fact that the passing game was a complete mess even when the ball was catchable and the fact that the coaches just decided to bench the entire offense and run JT repeatedly. There were numerous instances where we would have picked up critical first downs or decent yardage to stay ahead of the sticks and the WR just flat out dropped the ball. 

Comment 20 Nov 2016

That YPC stat is skewed due to the 60 yard run he busted in the 3rd.  I agree that Weber was playing well, but there were plenty of times where he was stonewalled.  The fact of the matter is things in the passing game were open due to MSU stacking the box and JT either missed his WR due to not being able to throw in the wind or when he did make a halfway decent throw, Campbell, Clark or McLauren (sp?) dropped the damn ball.  There were 30 mph wind gusts yesterday, some of the throws were not perfect, but holy shit the WRs did not do him any favors.

I am not really one to bash players, but James Clark is awful and I do not get why he still plays.  He cant track balls in the air, doesnt get open and drops balls that hit him right in the hands.  Why was KJ Hill not playing yesterday.  He has been the most consistent WR on our team and he is nowhere to be found??  Same thing with Samuel, where the f*** was he in the 2nd half.  Samuel was so wide open on the first TD pass due to MSU keying on the run and nothing else, so of course we would go back and attack that again, never try that again for the rest of the game. I am just baffled by some of the decisions that are made in game.  

Urban Meyer has some very disturbing tendencies as a coach and one them that is especially bad is that when he gets into a tight game with less than ideal weather conditions, he loses sight of the offensive gameplan.  He completely goes away from all of his offensive weapons and runs the QB repeatedly, and not in creative ways, mostly QB power or inside zone.  Yesterday was a carbon copy of last years MSU game. Barrett ran the ball like 27 times, by far the most of the season, Samuel touched the ball maybe 3 times in the 2nd half (just like Zeke last year), and not only did they abandon any type of downfield passing game, they stopped giving the ball to Weber as well.

On the flip side, just like last year, every time we got a lead and had a chance to pull away, we did nothing and would then give up a big play to let Sparty back in.  That game could have easily ended with their kicker windmilling down the field again and I would have felt like I just watched a replay.  Dantonio has set up camp inside Meyers head and is dancing in his nightmares.  No team is able to give us as much trouble as MSU. Their defense shuts us down almost every time and they always manage to run the ball and grind the clock on us.  I have no doubt that MSU will ruin a few more of Urban's seasons before it is all said and done, they seem to know something that other coaches don't.  The last time I was that nervous watching tOSU and had that awful foreboding feeling was last year against MSU.  I am just really relieved they won and fully expect to see a different team next week. /rant. 

Comment 18 Nov 2016

They are playing so many Freshman and first time starters and are weak on both lines with below average QB play. I get the history and all, but there is no reason we should struggle to win this game. I think this Saturday will be telling as to what kind of a roll our Buckeyes are on. If things are clicking like I think they are, I would expect to see a thourough domination Saturday.

Comment 15 Nov 2016

Not sure why you would laugh. There was a point in the season where areas of our defense were getting exploited. The coaches have done a great job of cleaning a lot of that stuff up. Another thing that has been huge is the past 2 weeks, the LBs have been playing lights out and that was not always the case. Also, moving our DBs around and not just stubbornly leaving Arnette in the slot has made a big difference as well. 

Comment 13 Nov 2016

They only ranked Stanford ahead of us because it had no bearing on the playoff.  This year is different.  They would have to objectively look at Ohio States resume, which is amongst the best in the country, and explain why they were dropped from 2 to 5.  I think us being at #2 will make it way more difficult to drop us out given we will have a much better resume than every other team trying to jump us.

Comment 13 Nov 2016

My dream would be for the Buckeyes to somehow get matched up with those ass-clowns in a dome.  I have zero doubt that Ohio State would curb stomp PSU on a neutral field.  They could even move the ball, every score they had involved some flukey shit whether it be wounded ducks magically being caught or a blocked FG that literally bounced right into their guys hands.  Not to mention, they committed lots of penalties that went uncalled, they were flagged 1 time, yet they committed a penalty on the blocked kick that would have gien us a 1st down and blatantly pulled James Clarks arm down on the 3rd to last play of the game... that was PI all the way and nothing.  Yet PSU fans cry like bitches about cheating refs...

Comment 13 Nov 2016

I would be completely shut off from CFB.  Ohio State is better than all of these teams regardless of conference title and 1 extra game against a mediocre opponent should not make a difference.  The best thing would be for either Washington or Clemson to lose again.

Comment 13 Nov 2016

They beat us, but that game is the definition of a fluke.  I think they were 8-23 passing with a whopping 154 yards, outgained 413-276 and out done in Time of Poss. 37:19 to 22:41.  They were 2-13 on 3rd down and only had 13 first downs to Ohio States 19.  They were quite literally dominated and had 2 lame ducks that were such horrible passes that it actually caused out DB's to give up 2 big passing plays.  They had a fluke blocked punt and FG, that they committed an uncalled penalty on, that magically bounced into theirs guys hands and allowed him to return it.  They only had 1 penalty called the entire night and committed an egregious PI call at the end of the game that went uncalled and effectively ended the game.  I am not one to call losses flukey, but this loss and the one to MSU last year are amongst some of the more fluky loses I have ever witnessed. Games where 9 times out of 10 Ohio State would crush them... the worst part is, all these teams lose to crappy teams and it doesnt affect them, but for some reason, 1 single loss by Ohio State always seems to be detrimental.  it is WAY better to lose to a terrible team than lose to someone good in this new system, which is just dumb.

Comment 08 Nov 2016

He still could have caught the ball. He completely lost track of it in the air, but yes, he did get interfered with.

Comment 08 Nov 2016

Ok. In the extremely unlikely event that happens then yes I would agree that I would love to see them lose all their games and gift us the division title. Problem is... that isn't happening, the most likely scenario is all 3 teams winning out and then it's up to tOSU to put the wolvies down.

Comment 08 Nov 2016

It's incredible isn't it?? I was watching our backups play at the end of the game Saturday and we had Bin Victor lined up on the outside with Austin Mack and KJ Hill moving around and going into motion. To top that off McCall is slippery and has a knack for finding extra yards. That is a group of Freshman and Sophomores that would probably see significant time at a lesser B1G program. Not to mention that Burrow looks like one hell of a QB. We really got a glimpse into the future and it looked very promising indeed!

On the flip side, Jordan Fuller, and then hopefully Okudah, Wade, Riep and Bolden!! It's amazing because we have watched Roby, then Grant, then Apple, and after that it will be Conley and Lattimore, all by drafted very high at CB and then throw in Bell and Hooker and the defensive backfield alone will have produced 6-7, 1st or 2nd round picks in 4 years. I would imagine on in home visits Meyer just walks in shakes everyone's hands and gives them a photo of all these guys and says you will be drafted on the first day of the draft in 3 years... any questions? Hahaha