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Comment 28 Sep 2014

OK.  First of all, Apple only gave up one of the long TD's the other was Doran Grant and the first one was Vonn Bell.  Secondly, the TD at the end of the first half and the slant at the beginning of the second was as much about the safeties completely taking themselves out of the play as it was bad technique by the CB's.  Bell jumped the underneath route leaving Apple all alone.  He should have stayed home and bracketed the WR deep.  With 30 sec left in the half, the last thing he needs to worry about is jumping a short crossing pattern.  They called tight man coverage to try and get pressure and Bell was the deep safety.  Apple was trailing and looked to be expecting help to the inside from Bell given the exchange between the two after the play was over.  

Overall, the defense did a good job on the screens and short passing plays and they swarm to the ball much better than a year ago.  They blitz more and contest throws that they were playing off of last season and the LB play is much better.  IMO, after watching the game again, the biggest issue is the safeties trying too hard to jump short routes and make hero plays.  Twice they bit on short routes that were already covered, completely abandoning  the backside of the defense.  These are miscues that should be easily corrected and when they are, we should be looking at an above average defense.  The pieces are there, they just need the experience to know when it is ok to play up and when they need to stay deep.  Things look brighter than last year and should continue to get better.

Comment 21 Sep 2014

Every other elite team is able to do it.  MSU is the exception, not the norm and these kids will be here for at least 3 years. Its not like the come one year and leave the next.  Our LB corps and Secondary is made up of 80% Freshman and Sophmores.  Ash is going to have plenty of talent grouped together that sticks around long enough to be developed.  They will get better each week and by next year, this defense will be elite, no doubt in my mind.  The amount of top defensive talent that has been recruited is unreal.  These kids are hungry and ready to prove what they can do!

Comment 01 Aug 2014

I think she was more or less making a general statement about the SEC as a whole.  The other B1G schools are just not as passionate about their teams, which is probably a result of their lack of success recently.  I think she was saying that on the whole the SEC fanbases probably take things a little bit too far when it comes to CFB.  Bama has fans poisoning trees after they lose.  Our fans are passionate, their fans are psychotic.  That is the observation she was making IMO.

Comment 01 Aug 2014

Lets not get carried away.  Cook was OK, but his game against us was more a result of out terrible defense than anything and while he performed well in the Rose Bowl, he made a couple absolutely atrocious plays.  The play where he threw the pick to avoid a sack was god awful and there were at least two more instances when he literally hit the Stanford defenders in their hands and they just dropped the INT.  He was bailed out a couple times in that game. 

Comment 01 Aug 2014

People have been clamoring for a better B1G and with MSU becoming a solid opponent and PSU recruiting the way they are we are looking at a tough division year in and year out.  scUM has recruited well also, and they have a lot of offensive weapons that could cause a matchup problems for lots of people of they get that running game going,  After all that, we would still be looking at Bucky Badger or Nebraska in the B1G title game, two teams that return a lot.  I think we are about to re-enter the pre-2006 B1G where there are a lot of solid teams.  This will serve the Buckeyes well as they will get more respect and be better prepared in the playoff, but they are going to have a considerably tougher road to that playoff then before.  Night road games at Happy Valley and E. Lansing will be no joke and coming out of the East with 0-1 losses and winning a B1G CG will be more then enough to get into the playoff. 

Comment 31 Jul 2014

So he wants the team to be indestructible and uses a ship that sank to the bottom of the ocean as his example?!?!  Leave it to TTUN!

Comment 19 Jul 2014

I agree. The quote makes UFM sound like a desperate, stammering idiot.  "You guys will get on of these things, what do they call it? O yea, an Ipad, you get an Ipad!  We will make sure you get your own Ipad if you sign here.  No other school can promise you an Ipad but here you will get one even though you probably already have 3 in your home.  Don't worry about anything ever again because we will make sure you have an Ipad!" LMFAO..... I am sure someone as experienced as Meyer would go off on a desperate, blubbering rant about something that is not a big deal to try and get kids to commit. This article reeks of someone who knows nothing about the recruiting process and is just making something up on their mind that they would hope was true.

Comment 05 Jul 2014

Not Bell's fault at all and he knew it.  He looked back at Perry as to say WTF are you doing?  There where numerous times all year where the LB's failed to re-route TE's and WR's which makes things difficult for the safeties.  That would be like playing Cover 2 and the outside DB's giving the WR's free release to the sidelines and not re-routing them towards the middle of the field.  The safeties are going to have a lot more difficult task when WR's release clean.  You want to disrupt routes and force the offense to run routes into the teeth of the defense and out soft a** LB corps just allowed people to run free all season long.

Comment 04 Jul 2014

They played their absolute best game against us in AA and if Hyde does not fumble late in the game, that 2pt conversion never happens.  tOSU was going in for the kill and that play changed everything.  Their defense was just as bad as ours and while their offense showed flashes, I think they lose Gallon and Dileo as well as some olineman, so I do not see them being better on offense than last year.  I think we will be looking at a team with a Senior QB that can hang with most anyone, but will still manage to lose 3-4 games.

Comment 29 Jan 2014

That is because Coombs and Withers did not communicate well which led to total dysfunction in the secondary.  Withers was a huge problem and having a proven DB's coach like Ash to teach these kids the fundamentals and where to be on the field will go miles in making the defense better.  If the defense can improve by 10-14 points a game, I see this team having a chance to go undefeated again.  Brax is a senior and there is a ton of young talent spread all over the field, so the offense should be just as good so long as they achieve better balance and the Oline holds up.

Comment 12 Jan 2014

I absolutely did that.  Got married on 10/12, a bye week, and my Dad said in his opening speech, we want to thank you for scheduling this wedding on a bye week haha!  My wife even had the DJ play the fight song as we came into the reception and my entire side stood up and went crazy, it still gives me chills!

Comment 02 Jan 2014

I may be in the minority, but I am not going to be too upset it Brax leaves.  I wish him all the best so he can do what he needs to do for his family.  I think with all the changes next year, it might be beneficial to throw JT Barrett into the fire.  This team is going to be so young next season and they are either going to scrape by the OoC schedule and get better as they go, or lose a tough one early and end up being a pretty good team by seasons end and be awesome in '15!

Comment 28 Dec 2013

If MSU could lose earl, to a terrible ND team, and climb all the way back into the top 4 by seasons end, then I am far from worried about the perception of the B1G moving forward.  tOSU will always be able to play itself into the playoff with the way other teams lose week in and week out.

Comment 11 Dec 2013

The were close to .500 the year before and have beat in us in one big-time game since 1997.  They had a good team this year, but we were poised to take that game over and our team stopped showing fight.  MSU wanted it more and in the end it showed, but I am far from worried that they are going to become some type of power. 

Comment 11 Dec 2013

He is either going to take that job or take a paycut at tOSU when he gets demoted, so I don't think that will be the issue.

Comment 04 Dec 2013

I think it was a combo, they knew the passing game would be open but elected to keep in on the ground.  They knew they could run it at will and probably decided not to take any risks throwing it down the field. 

Comment 04 Dec 2013

I agree, with the way he has performed throwing the ball in his last three games outdoors, I do not see an NFL ready QB.  If he wants to try and go out as a WR or Hybrid Back he would probably get more looks at this point in time.  I know he has a child to think of and NFL money is hard to pass up, but if he comes back for another year, he will have a Troy Smith like senior season, especially if we can develop all the young speed we have at WR!

Comment 02 Dec 2013

I mean, UM had a top 10 rushing defense coming into Saturday as did Iowa when we played them earlier in the year and not only did the Buckeyes gash them, they did it when both teams KNEW that we were going to be running the ball.  The 2nd half of the game in AA featured a team that made no secret of the fact that they had all but abandoned the pass and UM couldn't do a thing about it.  MSU has a good defense, but they couldn't stop our run game last year either. 

I have a very hard time envisioning a game where one of our best Olines in memory with 4 seniors and a senior bulldozer HB that can make people miss and outrun DB's paired with an improved and healthy Miller gets stopped, especially with all the other bells and whistles that have been added to this offense. 

If MSU plays man and blitzes they are basically one missed tackle away from Miller breaking contain and going for 20+ yds.  If OSU runs the ball well and forces MSU to play tight and focus on the run, they are going to get caught on PA just like UM did when Heuerman(sp?) scored that TD.  UM's LB's were so focused on the run that they all came up 5 yards before they realized what was going on.

On the flip side, their offense plays right into what we do best and that is stop the run.  If this team was capable of slowing down Wisky, they should be able to get stops on MSU.  I actually feel like this might be a better matchup then the one we just had with UM.

Comment 17 Nov 2013

Yea, if everyone can talk about how good Georgia is and how they should still be ranked because they have had a bunch of injuries, then why is it not brought up that Ohio State was without their two starting LB's?

Comment 06 Oct 2013

This thinking is flawed.  NU forced those TO's, they stripped Brax and made the plays they needed to keep tOSU out of the endzone.  Until Hyde took over, NU was playing sound D, they were keeping everything in front of them and making tOSU string together drives.  They were giving up yards, but always seemed to get us in a third down situation.  This is what Fickell is trying to do, key word trying, but the bend don't break is allowing teams to pick us apart.  The only time they were successful on D was when they brought pressure with tight coverage on the outside.

Comment 12 Sep 2013

How good is Cal's Oline?  If we can play man press and get consistent pressure in the QB it will go a long way towards disrupting their rhythm and with that type of quick pass offense, its all about rhythm.  I think we have the DB's to matchup with what they do.  We will definitely  see that 326 and 416 Dime formation we heard about.