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Comment 13 Dec 2014

I think this is a non story.  The fact that the police showed up and did not arrest him tells you everything you need to know. In a domestic type situation, the police will ALWAYS arrest one of the parties involved if they believe violence occurred.  If they get called to a domestic and leave without taking action and someone gets seriously injured it puts them in a very bad situation.  More than likely someone is going to get arrested and the fact that she claims he choked her and the police left without JT tells me that they do not believe her and that he is most likely telling the truth about how things went down.

Comment 11 Dec 2014

The fact that you actually believe this is quite remarkable.  Imagine Alvarez, who built Wisky up from nothing, walking into the room and saying, we need to guys to go out an embarrass yourselves so Ohio State can make the playoffs!! All the players and coaches, who have worked their asses off for years and bounced back to make the CCG, all stand up and cheer for Ohio States chance to rep the B1G in the playoff. 

I mean, are you serious?!?!? Why is it so hard to believe that OSU jumped out to a lead and was able to dominate Wisky as a result. They were more on point at every position on Saturday then I have seen from them since Meyer arrived. 

Comment 10 Dec 2014

Grant with Bell rolling to his side every play. I think they need to stack the box like they did to Wisky and let the DBs get after it. Double Cooper and stop the run. If they beat you someway else, you have to tip your cap.

Comment 10 Dec 2014

I know this is a bad thing to say, but I really do think this team plays much better when they respect the opponent.  They did not show up against Indiana, scUM, etc. until they had to.  They would jump out to a lead, take their foot off the gas and then we they realized they were in a tougher game than it needed to be, they put the team away in a flash.  Against MSU and Wisconsin, they looked focused, fast and hungry and that will happen again.

Comment 09 Dec 2014

You think they have a vastly better RB?  I would disagree.  Everything else I would say you are spot on, I told my Dad during the game that the Vonn Bell INT was the moment where everything changed.  If Wisky makes that a 14-7 game, I think things go much differently.

Comment 07 Dec 2014

You don't think defeating FSU to win the first ever Natty by way of playoff would be fulfilling?? This is no longer a beauty contest. This is a win by any means situation.  Beating Bama followed by FSU would be unreal!

Comment 07 Dec 2014

I think by beating a quality GT team and winning an OUTRIGHT conference title, FSU will be in over TCU.  Here is where the surprise comes.  Ohio State will be 3 not 4.

Comment 07 Dec 2014

I grew up in Wisconsin and this is why I have a level of dislike for them just a shade under TTUN.  They always talk, talk and talk and act like they are the best thing thats ever happened and then after the ass whooping they act like nothing ever happened.  They have some of the most annoying fans in all of CFB.

Comment 30 Nov 2014

Lol at best defense in the NCAA.  They have played nobody offenses, gave up a lot of points to an awful LSU offense and gave up a lot of to NW and Iowa.  Also, Minnesota has no passing game and scored 24 points in Madison.  I think the Buckeyes can muster up a way to move the ball.

Comment 22 Nov 2014

Coleman is downright explosive, Give him a crease and he is gone.  We bottled him up most of the day, but the few times he was able to find a hole and get to the 2nd level, he made us pay.

Comment 21 Nov 2014

Yea, I would love to see what he says after he see this offense indoors, on turf.  They would hang so many yards on that defense his head would be spinning.

Comment 18 Nov 2014

Exactly. They are so efficient and confident in the offense that Meyer has decided that they are only going to punt in obvious punting situations.  Converting 4th downs is part of being a great offense.

Comment 17 Nov 2014

We would have had a natty vacated that year had we beat Wisky... It's kind of bittersweet to think that game saved us that pain...

Comment 16 Nov 2014

Things seem to have flipped.  Now our DB's are playing very well and the front 7 is not.  Doran Grand and Vonn Bell look great.  The defensive line looks good, but gets tired due to playing too many snaps.  The biggest issue right now is the LB's taking themselves out of plays.  Another thing I have noticed, is that Bosa seems to be getting too far upfield again.  He did that last year and teams used it against him late in the year.  He had gotten much better at keeping contain this year, but now seems to be losing it again.  Schutt, Munger and Carter NEED to step up and play at least 20 snaps.  The rotation does not have to be extensive, but we need at least a little time for the starters to rest.  Its not good when you hear the leader of out Dline telling the media that they are playing too many snaps.

Comment 16 Nov 2014

I think the MSU game meant everything to this team.  Everything went perfect last year, The Buckeyes were ready to go play for a NC and it was all taken away in one game.  You have to know that this team was going to be a little worn out after that game in EL.  You could tell how much they wanted it and giving them a day off to absorb it, rest and get ready to compete the rest of the season was a decision made by the coaches.  They are paid to manage the team and I will trust that a coach that has managed two NC teams with all sorts of ego and off field issues, will know how to manage this team.

Comment 16 Nov 2014

Im sorry, but he has the the size and the speed!!!  He is better than both of those backs put together.  tOSU better figure out how they are going to contain him, because he is what they are going to get in the BCG.  The poster above that said bring the safties up close and play man coverage is correct.  Stave is not that good, we need to stop Gordon.  If Wisky scores by throwing it 40 times and not getting theirs on the ground, I will live with that.

Comment 15 Nov 2014

I dont know about you guys, but the thought of facing either of these two HB's makes me shutter.  I think the Buckeyes will have their hands full in the B1G title game.  I am leaning towards Nebraska due to poor passing game, but I think they have a better defense.  The DE - Gregory is the real deal...

Comment 12 Nov 2014

Oline and LB were the last two areas where we were having trouble landing prospects and now in the past two classes this staff will have filled those needs with a ton of potential. We have worried about the oline so much since Meyer took over, but after seeing what Warriner has done with the past two groups of starting o lines and what he has waiting from last class and this one, I do not think this will be much of an issue anymore.  Seems like forever ago that *ichigan was getting all those great oline recruits and making fun of our recruiting woes at the same position. 

Comment 12 Nov 2014

So once again, there is the argument that is predicated on the B1G not being good.  I know they B1G struggled in week 2, but these teams are better than given credit for. He should also be saying how Oregon got into a shoot out with MSU whoopty-doo and lost to an average Arizona team at home.  I guess that loss just gets erased right Pete?

Comment 09 Nov 2014

I have seen them wear one of two uniforms this year.  The classic tOSU uni and the alternate.  If you are talking about over time, I would argue that until Meyer got here, we only wore "special" uniforms against TTUN.  Since Meyer has been here, he has broke out a home alternate and road alternate that are the exact same style minus color.  Other than that, they wear the classic unis.  Oregon changes colors and combinations on a weekly basis including the helmet.  They are a team always wearing something different, not Ohio State.