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Comment 08 Dec 2015

I still dont think they are that good.  Beat Bama and they will have my respect.  I see that win in The Shoe as a flukey shit show that was the result of Elliot missing most of the week of practice, the weather and out coaches inexplicably calling the same play the entire game without desire to try anything different. MSU better win it all this year, because once Cook and the majority of the Oline is gone, I dont think they are going to be nearly as good, this is their peak IMO.

Comment 29 Nov 2015

The weather, Zeke in the hospital, Barrett getting suspended a few weeks earlier... it was the perfect storm and it bit tOSU in the ass against MSU.  MSU has sucked on D all year, they didnt just all of the sudden become great, our coaches played right into their hands.  I think the weather screwed with the early play calling and everyone panicked when things got tight and they couldn't find their way out of the tunnel... If there is a football god, he/she will somehow allow a rematch with MSU in the playoff as I have no doubt the team we saw yesterday would stomp them, Cook or no Cook.

Comment 29 Nov 2015

Its going to take a lot. The talent disparity on the field yesterday was staggering.  I was worried about this game due to what happened last week and um using raw emotion and energy to play above their heads, but that was quickly put to rest.  You could see it from the 1st play, they could not handle the speed.  Even when they moved the ball a couple times through the air, we quickly clamped down.  Peppers couldnt get free, they had zero run game and had absolutely no clue how to handle the offense. It was a sobering game for um fans yesterday.  I think they expected to win and really thought this was the start of a turn-around in the series with Harbaugh at the helm and instead they were knocked upside the head with the fact that Ohio State has better players and is a better program (right now) and that even with Harbaugh, they are not immune from being bent over on their home field.  Meyer basically stopped their momentum train right in its tracks.  All the negativity of last week was washed away.  Time to blow out some poor team in a bowl game and get things on track for next year.  I think next season has the potential to be a lot like 2014.  Lots of young talent ready to prove what they can do.  Not as many superstars which will keep the "touches" BS to a minimum and we have an all-star QB leading out team from practice #1 which will do wonders for our offense.  The defense loses a couple guys (Bosa, Washington) but I have seen enough from Hubbard, Lewis, Hill and Holmes to think that the Dline will still be very good.  LB play will be phenomenal and the DBs should be good as well.  The one player I will be worried about losing is Vonn Bell as he is excellent in the run game and rarely gives up a big play or makes mistakes,  He is so solid on the back end that I don't think some people realize how valuable he is because you never hear his name due to not making any mistakes. It was a bittersweet day yesterday knowing we probably won't be in the CFP, but imagine if we had lost to scUM?!?!

Comment 29 Nov 2015

Its funny because my wife and I were walking in to Ohio Stadium on black out night against PSU and everyone started cheering, we ran over and realized that MSU had just won and the 1st thing I said to her was I love seeing scUM lose, but i would have been much better for tOSU if they had won. It really is f***ed up that one fluke game in terrible weather could end this teams playoff hopes when the likes of Oklahoma got absolutely embarrassed by one of the worst teams in the country in Texas. Its hard to be too upset with how we got i last year, but I am still pissed haha.  Ohio State would kill MSU playing like they did yesterday, that game in The Shoe was a nightmare, I will be left thinking about that one for a long time.

Comment 24 Nov 2015

We act like this was our last hurrah!  This is a program that has has a top 5 recruiting class the past 3 years and has another 2 already lined up.  I think things will be fine.

Comment 15 Nov 2015

If they come out on fire next week, I will forever believe that Meyer and team literally out athlete teams and keep things vanilla until the absolutely have to play their best. One thing I will say is they underachie against inferior competition but still win, then plays fantastic against the big boys. They have been waiting for these last two games all year so the motivation should be there.

Comment 25 Oct 2015

Hmmm, I guess you havent checked the '16 class? We have 2 top TEs committed for next year.

Comment 23 Oct 2015

I can tell you right now if they try to load the box and blitz, Barrett will pick them apart.

Comment 18 Oct 2015

We have burners on the outside but until this point in the season, our offensive staff is afraid to go long on 1st and 10 and 2nd and medium due to the fact that the run game has been wildly inconsistent. Last year, Meyer would open things up deep knowing that if they got into a 2nd and long, they could pick up 5-10 yards on 2nd down more times than not. This year it seems like they are nervous about getting behind the chains so they consistently run the ball or call easy passing plays to try and get into more manageable down and distance situations. 

Our offense changed so much last season when CJ came in and nobody was prepared for it. It's not coincidence that Devin Smith had some of his best games once Jones became the QB. Saban even said that it was not readily apparent how good our skill position players were when looking to film pre-CJ. 

This season, opposing DCs looked at the film and smiled. We don't have to defend the read-option, which allows them to play downhill to attack the crux of our offense, inside zone. It's simple, stack the box and stop the run and make Jones string together a drive of 7-8 good passes, which he is incapable of IMO. Due to this problem, Meyer has become increasingly more hesitant to go downfield knowing they don't have that consistent ground game to move the chains if CJ gets in trouble.

Fast forward to Barrett and you see how it really forces the defense back on their heels. No longer can they attack downhill to stop Elliot because now if they get too aggressive, Barret pulls the ball and gets upfield before you even know what happened. This is where we will see the passing game develop. The rushing attacke is 100 times more consistent with the read option in our offense and it's that action that the passing game is built on. JT will be able to freeze the LBs which will free up our WRs over the deep middle. The offense will become more diverse and Meyer will begin taking more chances knowing he has a QB that can help pick up yards on 2nd and long. Add in the jet sweep motion and we are about to see this offense take off. 

Thomas is a physical mismatch for almost any DB in the country and Marshall, Miller and Samuel are all fast enough to cause problems, we just have not seen it open up due to the inconsistency in the run game. The film is out on Jones and his confidence is gone. I feel for him, he has had a very rough season thus far and is now most likely going to get benched as I don't think Meyer can justify his decision any longer.

Comment 13 Oct 2015

They are absolutely the most delusional bunch of morons in the country.  

Comment 11 Oct 2015

Not only did the ref not call anything, the Maryland Dbag, DB smacked Miller in the helmet in front of the ref and he just stood there.  To my eye, it seems like teams are seething with hate when they play tOSU, they just have a different level of intensity and anger.  I think it pisses them off that the Buckeyes act so easy breezy and kind of sleep walk through the game.  It really does look like a lot of our guys have no respect for the opponent they are playing, which is unfortunate.  The good news is Meyer's teams always play the best when the lights are brightest and they are going to start heating up the next 2 months.  I fully expect this team to put on a show Saturday night, its time to re-introduce themselves to the B1G.

Comment 11 Oct 2015

I agree with everything you have said.

1. The DL looks good so far, but I would imagine by late Nov. tOSU's Oline will be back to form which will help neutralize that Dline.

2. With um playing Man coverage, they will have their backs to the QB, Barrett could have an opportunity to break contain and break some big plays.  Looking at the Lewis v Thomas matchup, Thomas as 4 inches and about 30 lbs according to their bios.  I think Lewi has been lights out good, but Thomas is a 1st round NFL talent at WR with size and speed.  This is the type of matchup where Thomas earns his $$.  I am not saying that he will dominate, but I do think he is the type of WR that can easily give him trouble.

3. As far as game-planning, there is no doubt things have taken a huge step forward in AA, but tOSU has some pretty coaches as well and Meyer is known for keeping things off tape until the right moment, so I sure that chess match will go both ways.  It will be very interesting to see how things unfold in that game.  You have two completely different styles of football going up against each other.  Right now, it looks like um is hyper-aggressive on defense and leaves themselves open to the big play, but so far no one has been able to exploit it, where as tOSU is predicated on big plays and exploiting defenses in an up tempo fashion.  On offense it is simple, if Ruddock is ineffective, I do not see um scoring a bunch of points on tOSU.  The Buckeyes will stop the run at all costs until they are convinced that Ruddock can beat them with his arm.

It will be the biggest Game since 2006

Comment 10 Oct 2015

I think Meyer needs to make a point to run it up in these clowns every year.  They just made the black list for Ohio State opponents who need to be put in their place.

Comment 10 Oct 2015

They put their corners on an island. Our beloved Buckeys will have ample opportunity to score quickly and our ttun in a hole. The key is getting a quick lead because they do not have a quick strike offense and will never be able to dig themselves out of a hole

Comment 10 Oct 2015

Did you forget your sarcastic font? By time Ohio State rolls into AA the offense will be even better. If ttun tries to play man coverage all game, they will be begging to get beat by our skill guys on the edge.  Also, much like the game against Wisky, Ash will load the box and force ttun to throw the ball to beat us.  

Comment 03 Oct 2015

That is because the offense is incapable of sustaining long drives.  The blueprint is out, stack the box and stop Zeke and force Jones to pick you apart all the way down the field.  He is either going to make a mistake, the WRs are going to drop the ball or our team will eventually commit a dumb penalty stalling the drive.  Every touchdown this season has been off of a big play, no long TD drives that I can think of.

Comment 28 Sep 2015

They have been spending time figuring things out. Please feel free to believe that the offense you are going to see in November is the same one that's been on the field the last 3 weeks. I remember another team from up north thinking the same thing after our game against PSU last season lol, that didn't work out so well. 

Comment 28 Sep 2015

No one said they didn't have talent, they said that all the talent you did have underperformed and basically failed to ever reach competence in many areas as a team. Um has had good players over the past several seasons but as a whole could never put it together. Any idiot can look at the recruiting rankings and see talent, but Hoke lacked in recruiting speed and skill guys and never had good QB play. That is what most were referring too. Um has beaten 2 god awful teams and one decent, depleted team, so you should probably wait until you come on here trying to pick apart everything being posted. Most Buckeye fans are going to tear um down as much as possible, just like um fans talking all big about beating The Buckeyes. The country has not seen the real Buckeyes to this point in the season and are making the mistake of writing them off, but you better believe that when the meat of the schedule hits, this team will be rolling. Um is not going to rush for 256 yards without throwing it against tOSU, but I digress.

Comment 27 Sep 2015

I am honestly beginning to believe that they have been using these last 3 games to test things out with the new offensive staff.  You do not go from on of the best offenses in the country to completely inept over night and the only explanation is that the were running a system they were not used too and it was causing hiccups.  The new offensive staff needed to get on the same page and I think we have seen those growing pains over the past few week.  Jones is not cemented as the starter, Meyer figured out a system to call plays while allowing Warriner to still be on the field coaching the OL and overall, I would say that things looks much more cohesive yesterday and if Jones learns how to lead his WR's deep, this offense will be taking off!!

Comment 27 Sep 2015

You are right. I think it is time for our fan to realize that most teams prepare for tOSU like its the national title and if The Buckeyes do not come in with the same intensity, it is very easy to get into a dog fight and look up and realize the game is still close in the 4th.  i am starting to believe that the coaches are using these games to iron things out and I fully expect this team to be ready to go when they face  a team that they see as a tough opponent.  I really do think these kids bought into themselves and took the 3 OoC games way to lightly after putting all of their focus into VT to start the season.  By PSU, this offense will be flying high,no doubt.

Comment 27 Sep 2015

Samuel has the ability to make people look silly as they grasp for air.  He looks like our best all around player right now next to Zeke.  If I was Meyer I would mandate that Zeke gets 20+ carries, Michael Thomas gets targeted at least 15 times a game and Samuel also gets 5 touches on Jet Sweeps swing passes and another 5 looks downfield.  These 3 our the absolute best we have on offense right now and there is not doubt in my mind, they will be the ones making a lot of the plays going forward

Comment 27 Sep 2015

The real questions is does it matter? Ohio State is going to probably play a ranked Minnesota team, a likely 1v2 showdown with MSU and if things stay the course a top 25, possibly 15 TTUN team followed (hopefully) by a B1G title game against another ranked team.  Throw in Indiana, who is not awful and PSU who is getting better and our schedule, just like last year, is not nearly as bad as it looks.  Opening on the road with VT is not a gimme and I can think of plenty of top 25 teams that would go in there and lose that game.  They also lost their QB and were playing without their 1st round, AA CB. Right now SOS is the absolute last thing the Buckeyes need to worry about, they just need to keep ironing out the kinks and be grateful that the meat of our schedule does not come until November.  This is setting up a lot like last year, but this time without the loss.  I think people forget the offensive struggles we went through at times last season and the defense was playing terrible as far into the season as Indiana in November. The Buckeyes are in good shape right now.