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Comment 8 hours ago

You would think with the LBs blitzing repeatedly that it would open up a quick slant over the middle. It's like we have no ability for hot reads and instead of quick drop and throw, the coaches repeatedly have JT drop deep and send the WRs on long developing routes despite the fact that we are under pressure constantly. I feel like these are elementary adjustments that aren't being made. It's like they are too stubborn to acknowledge that they can't run their base schemes. I get that we field the better team, but adjustments, scheme and execution will always out-do trying to win on pure talent and it's up to the coaches to see what's going on and change their attack on the fly and they don't seem to be doing that. If I have to watch them run a speed option for a loss of 5 yards one more time, I might lose my mind. The f***ing play is not working Ed!!!

Comment 19 Oct 2016

I agree that you can't play what-if and use comparisons to draw any type of conclusion.  The one big thing I did notice is that Wisconsin was much more creative on offense against tOSU then @um.  They didn't use all the shifting and motion against um.  After watching that game, I figured tOSU would play man coverage, and stack the box to stop the run and Wisky would be powerless to score, but instead, I was very impressed by Chryst and his gameplan as well as the offensive execution displayed by Wisky. They were much better than I gave them credit for and I tOSU's lack of experience on defense coupled with Wisconsin's formation shifts, motions and play-calling really caused a huge issue for a young team which is why adjustments were not able to be made until halftime.  

At the same time, while they were put back on their heals, they still managed to keep Wisky out of the endzone enough to get to halftime regroup and come back as being behind only 10 was like a best case scenario after that first half.  These games can't be looked at it in a vacuum, you can't just say that um did a better job up front so that means they are better.  Football games are like learning math, you layer concepts on top of one another and the fact that Wisky used no motions or outside sweeps to pair with the inside run game against um allowed them to play downhill and really focus on the run.

tOSU was thrown off balance very early on by some of the new stuff that Wisky was showing and it had a cumulative effect on the defense as they started taking false steps outside on ball fakes, etc.  These games are all about matchups, execution and gameplanning and in the heat of a game certain things work because they were set up early on, that doesnt mean it will translate to another game. 

I am glad tOSU struggled and had the kitchen sink thrown their way, it gives them a chance to work on things that caused them issues and clean them up.  This team is very young and inexperienced and those types of games help them grow mentally which allows them to play faster on the field.  Both um and tOSU played great games and got wins, thats all that can be taken from those games and when they play in November, the outcome will have nothing to do with how they played against WIsky. 

Comment 17 Oct 2016

I was mad at the time too, but think about what a disaster it would have been if we threw a pick or something. I think if Weber would have picked up 10+ on that first play that we would have tried something. He was not about to give Wisconsin the ball in plus territory to win the game and our redzone D had been on fire all night so he probably liked our chances in OT. 

On a side note, I know everyone wants the. All second in OT, but I like knowing what the D has to do to win. I think it's more pressure for the next offense knowing they need a TD. 

Comment 17 Oct 2016

I get a kick out of this because we didn't really see fantastic production all throughout 2014, but we just remember it that way due to the playoff. Think back to VT, Indiana, Minny and scUM, Navy and PSU. Our offensive output in all of these games struggled mightily. Against PSU, I don't believe we even scored in the second half. Against scUM we had 7 points until JT made magic right before half and IU was shutting us down at home when Jalin Marshall said enough is enough and took over.

The only reason we look back on Herman as a genius is due to the fact that we ended up having to switch to Cardale Jones and suddenly our offense exploded downfield. If you think about it, even Zeke didn't have the type of games he did in the playoff during the regular season. Saban said it best, Cardale changed our offense and I think made us harder to defend. I'm not bashing Herman, just simply trying to make a point that things weren't always as good as they seemed and outside of MSU last year, Warriner has put enough points on the board to get us Ws. He seemed to be firing on all cylinders last year against scUM and ND. Coaches get too much blame, sometimes it's player execution that is the issue, but we would never know because we dont know the play call.

I can assure you our offense has not changed that much, Meyer has and always will want to run inside zone as his base. Our entire offense goes the way of the our zone based running game. It opens up counters, edge plays, read options and play action passes deep. The thing I find troubling that I believe will exist no matter who is the off coordinator is that when our inside run game gets shut down, Meyer seems to lose his way. That's a Meyer trait so I don't think blaming Warriner worke here. JMO.

Comment 16 Oct 2016

Yea, they arent making the playoff again.  They are back to being the same old MSU now that Cook is gone.  MSU has always sucked on offense and struggles to win every game they play.  Think about how many ridiculous 3rd and long conversions Cook bailed that team out on over the past 2 years.  They also happened to have one of the best Olines they have had in a long time at the same time they had the best QB they have ever had.  

I don't see them returning back to the 12-13 win seasons anytime soon. 

Comment 16 Oct 2016

So just so you now, the coaches did an excellent job of adjusting at halftime which led to us dominating the 2nd half.  If you think we didnt adjust then your opinion is null and void.

Comment 16 Oct 2016

You can look at it the other way too, scUM couldnt score on Wisky and had a hard time moving the ball and tOSU was able to move it fairly well. Anyone who thinks playing a team at home, during the day, thats been on the road 2 weeks in a row is the same as playing at Camp Randall at night vs a team with 2 weeks to prepare, knows nothing about CFB and should just stop discussing it for fear of making themselves look like an idiot. 

Comment 16 Oct 2016

He should have realized that Wisconsin played as well as they could and on the contrary tOSU played as poorly as possible and they were only up 10.  Keeping that game to a 10 point deficit at half was huge and the reason we were able  to com back and win.  Wisconsin could have easily been up by 14+.

Comment 16 Oct 2016

There is a reason they were not able to adjust until the 3rd quarter, they threw stuff at us we had not seen nor expected and it caused us a ton if issues.  We played man to man coverage the entire first half and ended up extremely confused by their shifts and motions, especially that jet sweep action.  What Wisconsin did was smart, they would shift into a new formation that kept everyone in tight which forced our entire defense into the box in the middle of the field and then they would use plays to get to the edge and our guys were having a hell of a time containing the outside.  In the second half, we showed that same man coverage and then broke off into zone, which is why Conley was able to come up with that crucial pick and why you didnt see as many plays beating us to the sideline.  

Wisconsin literally threw every offensive trick and play they had at us, in the first half and tOSU was very confused, which is why it took until halftime to adjust.  Wisky hadn't shown any of this on film and once the coaches were able to digest and understand it, they clamped down on Wisky only giving up 33 yards in the 3rd quarter. 

As far as the offense is concerned, I never really saw an issue with it most of the night.  We actually moved the ball well all night and Barrett had at least 2 TD's that I can remember that should have been caught and werent.  He was getting ZERO help from his wideouts all nigh until later in the game.  First half redzone trips not netting TD's and then an INT in the endzone, despite the struggles, tOSU actually could have scored a lot more than they did.

Comment 03 Oct 2016

Yea, McCall looks legit.  He is going to be a problem for defenses as it looks like he will be able to play in the slot and play HB just like Samuel.  Think about all the guys that arent even playing right now that are probably just as good as the players on the field. I really do feel like tOSU should pretty much run the B1G yearly.  The only thing that ever seems to stop us is ourselves.  

2013- B1G title game and Orange Bowl = Disaster of a defense and questionable coaching down the stretch.  17-0 hole to MSU and we storm back to take the lead 24-17.  Hyde was quite literally running over and through that so-called amazing MSU defense and for whatever reason the coaches start throwing the ball when we were driving up 7 late in the 3rd.  Keep running Hyde and we salt that game away, run Hyde on that 4th down and we go score and win and this is with one of the worst defenses in Ohio State history.

2014 - Champs!

2015 - MSU = Coaching disaster #2.  The weather played a factor, but you have to try and do something different.  You can't play right into MSU's defensive scheme or you will get exactly what happened.  The long ball was open as evidenced by the play at the end of the 1st half where JT almost connect with Braxton Miller over the top.  We never went back to that.  I suspect in a normal weather setting that game would have been a blowout.  Instead, the coaching staff tried to eek their way to victory and ended up costing one of the most talented Ohio State teams of all time a shot at repeating as champs.

My point is that no one and I mean no one matches up with tOSU's talent and athleticism across the board.  Obviously there are other very good teams out there with talented players, but Ohio State has speed and NFL talent at seemingly every position.  If the gameplan utilizes the mismatches and talent advantages correctly, and we do not turn the ball over, these Buckeyes should not lose. Meyer has done an amazing job of recruiting for his system and getting the players he needs in the positions he needs them to build the team he wants.  I feel like this year is the first team that truly fits what I expected to see when UFM was hired.  

Comment 03 Oct 2016

There is literally zero chance they keep Orgeron as their HC.  I agree that he is good in an interim role and the players seem to love him, but LSU boosters think they are capable of pulling Meyer from tOSU (Iknow, I know, crazy right?), so they will lose their shit if they hire a lifetime interim coach LOL! 

Comment 02 Oct 2016

Wisconsin has no speed at WR or on offense for that matter.   Playing Oklahoma this year was perfect because it gave our young defense a chance to go up against a very fast and gifted offense and they did well.  

Wisconsin on the other hand is slow. Their QB is no elusive and is inexperienced and he does not zip the ball into tight windows.  He will not be able to lob the ball to his WR's against tOSU or he will get picked off at least twice.  Here is how it will play out, Fickel and Schiano will line up in man press on the outside and stack the box to stop the run.  We will force that QB to beat us, which he will not be able to do. Ohio State may hold Wisky scoreless TBH and even if they dont, there is no way thy will score enough to hang with our offense. Rest assured that the offense will put up more than 14 points. 

Comment 08 Dec 2015

I still dont think they are that good.  Beat Bama and they will have my respect.  I see that win in The Shoe as a flukey shit show that was the result of Elliot missing most of the week of practice, the weather and out coaches inexplicably calling the same play the entire game without desire to try anything different. MSU better win it all this year, because once Cook and the majority of the Oline is gone, I dont think they are going to be nearly as good, this is their peak IMO.

Comment 29 Nov 2015

The weather, Zeke in the hospital, Barrett getting suspended a few weeks earlier... it was the perfect storm and it bit tOSU in the ass against MSU.  MSU has sucked on D all year, they didnt just all of the sudden become great, our coaches played right into their hands.  I think the weather screwed with the early play calling and everyone panicked when things got tight and they couldn't find their way out of the tunnel... If there is a football god, he/she will somehow allow a rematch with MSU in the playoff as I have no doubt the team we saw yesterday would stomp them, Cook or no Cook.

Comment 29 Nov 2015

Its going to take a lot. The talent disparity on the field yesterday was staggering.  I was worried about this game due to what happened last week and um using raw emotion and energy to play above their heads, but that was quickly put to rest.  You could see it from the 1st play, they could not handle the speed.  Even when they moved the ball a couple times through the air, we quickly clamped down.  Peppers couldnt get free, they had zero run game and had absolutely no clue how to handle the offense. It was a sobering game for um fans yesterday.  I think they expected to win and really thought this was the start of a turn-around in the series with Harbaugh at the helm and instead they were knocked upside the head with the fact that Ohio State has better players and is a better program (right now) and that even with Harbaugh, they are not immune from being bent over on their home field.  Meyer basically stopped their momentum train right in its tracks.  All the negativity of last week was washed away.  Time to blow out some poor team in a bowl game and get things on track for next year.  I think next season has the potential to be a lot like 2014.  Lots of young talent ready to prove what they can do.  Not as many superstars which will keep the "touches" BS to a minimum and we have an all-star QB leading out team from practice #1 which will do wonders for our offense.  The defense loses a couple guys (Bosa, Washington) but I have seen enough from Hubbard, Lewis, Hill and Holmes to think that the Dline will still be very good.  LB play will be phenomenal and the DBs should be good as well.  The one player I will be worried about losing is Vonn Bell as he is excellent in the run game and rarely gives up a big play or makes mistakes,  He is so solid on the back end that I don't think some people realize how valuable he is because you never hear his name due to not making any mistakes. It was a bittersweet day yesterday knowing we probably won't be in the CFP, but imagine if we had lost to scUM?!?!

Comment 29 Nov 2015

Its funny because my wife and I were walking in to Ohio Stadium on black out night against PSU and everyone started cheering, we ran over and realized that MSU had just won and the 1st thing I said to her was I love seeing scUM lose, but i would have been much better for tOSU if they had won. It really is f***ed up that one fluke game in terrible weather could end this teams playoff hopes when the likes of Oklahoma got absolutely embarrassed by one of the worst teams in the country in Texas. Its hard to be too upset with how we got i last year, but I am still pissed haha.  Ohio State would kill MSU playing like they did yesterday, that game in The Shoe was a nightmare, I will be left thinking about that one for a long time.

Comment 24 Nov 2015

We act like this was our last hurrah!  This is a program that has has a top 5 recruiting class the past 3 years and has another 2 already lined up.  I think things will be fine.

Comment 15 Nov 2015

If they come out on fire next week, I will forever believe that Meyer and team literally out athlete teams and keep things vanilla until the absolutely have to play their best. One thing I will say is they underachie against inferior competition but still win, then plays fantastic against the big boys. They have been waiting for these last two games all year so the motivation should be there.

Comment 25 Oct 2015

Hmmm, I guess you havent checked the '16 class? We have 2 top TEs committed for next year.

Comment 23 Oct 2015

I can tell you right now if they try to load the box and blitz, Barrett will pick them apart.

Comment 18 Oct 2015

We have burners on the outside but until this point in the season, our offensive staff is afraid to go long on 1st and 10 and 2nd and medium due to the fact that the run game has been wildly inconsistent. Last year, Meyer would open things up deep knowing that if they got into a 2nd and long, they could pick up 5-10 yards on 2nd down more times than not. This year it seems like they are nervous about getting behind the chains so they consistently run the ball or call easy passing plays to try and get into more manageable down and distance situations. 

Our offense changed so much last season when CJ came in and nobody was prepared for it. It's not coincidence that Devin Smith had some of his best games once Jones became the QB. Saban even said that it was not readily apparent how good our skill position players were when looking to film pre-CJ. 

This season, opposing DCs looked at the film and smiled. We don't have to defend the read-option, which allows them to play downhill to attack the crux of our offense, inside zone. It's simple, stack the box and stop the run and make Jones string together a drive of 7-8 good passes, which he is incapable of IMO. Due to this problem, Meyer has become increasingly more hesitant to go downfield knowing they don't have that consistent ground game to move the chains if CJ gets in trouble.

Fast forward to Barrett and you see how it really forces the defense back on their heels. No longer can they attack downhill to stop Elliot because now if they get too aggressive, Barret pulls the ball and gets upfield before you even know what happened. This is where we will see the passing game develop. The rushing attacke is 100 times more consistent with the read option in our offense and it's that action that the passing game is built on. JT will be able to freeze the LBs which will free up our WRs over the deep middle. The offense will become more diverse and Meyer will begin taking more chances knowing he has a QB that can help pick up yards on 2nd and long. Add in the jet sweep motion and we are about to see this offense take off. 

Thomas is a physical mismatch for almost any DB in the country and Marshall, Miller and Samuel are all fast enough to cause problems, we just have not seen it open up due to the inconsistency in the run game. The film is out on Jones and his confidence is gone. I feel for him, he has had a very rough season thus far and is now most likely going to get benched as I don't think Meyer can justify his decision any longer.

Comment 13 Oct 2015

They are absolutely the most delusional bunch of morons in the country.  

Comment 11 Oct 2015

Not only did the ref not call anything, the Maryland Dbag, DB smacked Miller in the helmet in front of the ref and he just stood there.  To my eye, it seems like teams are seething with hate when they play tOSU, they just have a different level of intensity and anger.  I think it pisses them off that the Buckeyes act so easy breezy and kind of sleep walk through the game.  It really does look like a lot of our guys have no respect for the opponent they are playing, which is unfortunate.  The good news is Meyer's teams always play the best when the lights are brightest and they are going to start heating up the next 2 months.  I fully expect this team to put on a show Saturday night, its time to re-introduce themselves to the B1G.

Comment 11 Oct 2015

I agree with everything you have said.

1. The DL looks good so far, but I would imagine by late Nov. tOSU's Oline will be back to form which will help neutralize that Dline.

2. With um playing Man coverage, they will have their backs to the QB, Barrett could have an opportunity to break contain and break some big plays.  Looking at the Lewis v Thomas matchup, Thomas as 4 inches and about 30 lbs according to their bios.  I think Lewi has been lights out good, but Thomas is a 1st round NFL talent at WR with size and speed.  This is the type of matchup where Thomas earns his $$.  I am not saying that he will dominate, but I do think he is the type of WR that can easily give him trouble.

3. As far as game-planning, there is no doubt things have taken a huge step forward in AA, but tOSU has some pretty coaches as well and Meyer is known for keeping things off tape until the right moment, so I sure that chess match will go both ways.  It will be very interesting to see how things unfold in that game.  You have two completely different styles of football going up against each other.  Right now, it looks like um is hyper-aggressive on defense and leaves themselves open to the big play, but so far no one has been able to exploit it, where as tOSU is predicated on big plays and exploiting defenses in an up tempo fashion.  On offense it is simple, if Ruddock is ineffective, I do not see um scoring a bunch of points on tOSU.  The Buckeyes will stop the run at all costs until they are convinced that Ruddock can beat them with his arm.

It will be the biggest Game since 2006