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Comment 14 Feb 2015

Taking Price off the offensive line after they turned into one of the best units in the country makes zero sense/

Comment 07 Feb 2015

I used to love sweet chin music.  Shawn Michaels was my favorite, I was really disappointed when he hurt his back after Wrestlemania XIV and disappeared.

Comment 07 Feb 2015

I wonder if Dexter Williams HS coach is going to go on the radio and blast Brian Kelly because he didn't let this kid know that it might be possible Alford leaves for a better job.  How dare these coaches look to better their life situations by moving up in the world.

Comment 06 Feb 2015

If these kids think for one minute that the coaching staff of a national title team is going to stay 100% in tact, they are just kidding themselves.  Its not like the coaches are going to go recruit kids and tell them that they will probably be gone in a year or so, that wouldnt make sense.  Coaching football is a fluid situation and is a high turnover type job and these kids parents should help them understand that.  Weber will be fine.  

Remember back to Vonn Bell and how one of the biggest reasons he committed was because of Everett Withers... his relationship with Withers was the deciding factor, supposedly.  Well, I think it is safe to say that Bell was fine this year and perfectly happy without WIthers on the staff.  Mike Weber is getting a full ride scholarship to play for one of the greatest CFB programs of all time, he will be fine.

Comment 03 Feb 2015

I was at the Fiesta Bowl with my Dad. It was an amazing experience and I will forever have great memories of that game, but I was only 17. This is the first season I have been able to watch and re watch every game without having miss games for work, etc. and this title has no naysayers, just undisputed greatness!

Comment 27 Jan 2015

Offense: Paris Campbell and Curtis Samuel

Defense: Sam Hubbard and Darius Slade

edit: I hope a bunch of guys step up for PT. With as many guys as we have returning next season, we could equally be losing that many kids going into 2016. 

Comment 24 Jan 2015

Urban and Co. just schooled the best, most consistent coaching staff in Alabama and then completely out coached Oregon with a myriad of sophomores and a 3rd string QB.  I for one am not worried about scUM and I doubt Urban is either.

Comment 18 Jan 2015

I agree, they are going to be good. Lots of young talent on that team. Jones has fit right in with the other SEC coaches by putting together 40 kid recruiting classes haha. They have landed some studs on offense. Hurd, Malone and North will all be good ones.

Comment 18 Jan 2015

Nothing would have helped that unit.  Buffalo just went with quick drops and tore up our pass D all day.  Anytime the QB was able t extend the play or throw quickly it was an instant completion.  The back 7 was god damn awful last year.

Comment 18 Jan 2015

The secondary was terrible because the safeties and CB's did not hold meetings in the same room.  Withers undermined the rest of the defensive staff and there was no communication or chemistry as a result.  Look at the difference between this year and last and how much more on field communication there is between the players.  Withers WAS the problem and that is a fact.  I also think the while Vrabel was a very good coach, LJ is better.  He not only brings proven results of putting DL in the NFL, he brings experience and wisdom.  I am sure he had a hand in the defense and was able to really help out two young coaches in Ash and Fickell. 

I would love to see this defensive staff stay together as I think they are only going to get better, but i think Ash is probably gone after next season.

Comment 17 Jan 2015

The majority of the turnovers in the final two games were self inflicted.  I think it will be rather easy to clean up.  Fluke shit like juggling the ball right into the defenders hands does not happen often.  Clean up the mishandled punts/KO returns which killed us against MSU and MInny and we cut our TO's in half already.  The other stuff like dropping the ball for no reason (Cardale) will not continue to happen.  

Comment 14 Jan 2015

Do you really think it's fair to reward OSU for beating the #1 & 2 teams in succession by making them play another game. I think 4 works, most years you are going to see a drop off after 4 anyway.

Comment 13 Jan 2015

They run the score up on lesser competition CONSTANTLY, they deserved it!

Comment 12 Jan 2015

Looks to me like Warriner is going to be the OC and he was allowed to have input as to who he wanted on his team. They have chemistry, which really matters, just look at Dantonio and Bollman. I also believe Urban wanted to replace the Texas recruiting with someone who has experience in the area and with Harbaugh looking to get back into Ohio, UFM knows he needs a staff deep with Ohio roots. I think recruiting Ohio is about to become more important than ever. We have PSU, scUM, MSU, ND and sometimes Bama, trying to take Ohio's best and Urbs needs to keep them home to remain dominant in the B1G. Urban is quite literally the perfect coach for Ohio State, he has owned Ohio, just like Tressel, but also lands top kids from the South. He brings a perfect mix and I think we have seen him realize that as he seemingly has focused more on Ohio with each passing class.

Comment 10 Jan 2015

I credit Bama with 2 titles.  I do not think they should have been able to play LSU again.  National champion that could not win the SEC, it is just dumb.  Believe me, I completely respect the excellence that is Nick Saban and Alabama, but they have had some help along the way.  People want to point at OSU and always give an excuse for their success, so I will give you mine in regards to Alabama.

NC #1 -- Colt McCoy goes out after 1st series, never to return.  Alabama build a big lead through a crazy INT-TD at the end of the 1st half.  A Frosh QB in his 1st game comes out and almost beats Bama in the 2nd half and probably would have if it were not for a beautiful CB blitz dialed up b Kirby Smart at the perfect time.  I believe that Colt McCoy wins that game and Texas gets its 2nd title under Mack Brown solidifying his spot among CFB's greats.

NC #2 -- Bama loses to LSU in a close game, does not win the SEC, but thanks to the ineptitude of a lot of other teams and ESPN, they are granted a reprieve and a rematch against one of their main rivals from not only the same conference, but the same division!  Not only did they not win the SEC. they didnt even win the SEC WEST!!!!  They played one less game then all the other conference winners and LSU basically got no reward for beating them in the regular season. (This one to me is the biggest sham)

NC #3 -- This one irks me the most because ND sucked and if tOSU is not on probation, UFM hoists the crystal ball in his 1st season in Cbus!!

**Now this is all speculation and exactly the thing I hate other people doing in relation to the Buckeyes, but it is fun to look at.  The fact is Bama won 3 titles and did it with excellent recruiting and great coaching and they did it at a time where the SEC actually was a strong as everyone thought is impressive.  Those years that UFM was at Florida and the few seasons following his exit, the SEC was as good of a conference as I have seen.  What Saban has built is truly amazing.  They are literally in the National title picture every season.  I know Meyer talks publicly about scUM being our main rival and wanting to beat them, but behind closed doors Alabama has been his benchmark for success and what has driven him to the excellence he has brought to Cbus.  

Comment 10 Jan 2015

Because the kids know when the coaches say they will be playing for titles that it is 100% true and they send a multitude of kids to the NFL every year. Everything that comes out of Sabans mouth when he is recruiting these kids is backed up by their success.

Ohio State is going to have even more of an uptick in recruiting than we have alreadyseen, some kids are going to want to go to OSU to slay the big bad SEC and now that we are playing for titles and putting a lot of kids in the NFL, nothing coming out of UFMs mouth can be disputed either.

Comment 05 Jan 2015

Yea, I don't think Coker even coached that team, he just gave them a playbook and said do what you want!  They even said on the documentary on ESPN that they told him the only thing he needed to do was nothing hahaha.  What a guy, lands a coaching job of one of the most talented CFB teams of all time and ends up retiring with a Natty!