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Comment 06 Jan 2017

The kid isn't coming here to play for Beck. He may have been recruited by him, but the fact is that there have already been numerous high draft picks including a bunch of first rounders out of the tOSU secondary and we are very likely to produce 2 to 3 more this April. If I am a young, talented DB, I wouldn't be able to get to tOSU quickly enough. You play sparingly for a year, takeover as the starter, then get drafted and make millions. The path to the NFL is so clear based on recent success that I wouldn't be surprised if we end up with a similiar (all be it smaller) haul next cycle.

Comment 05 Jan 2017

I could see either Haskins or Burrow winning the job and then having a redzone package for JT like Meyer had when Tebow was a Frosh. One thing Barrett is undeniably awesome at is scoring in the redzone. I could also see him not winning the starting job, but coming in for a change of pace to run some read-option based scheme. Who knows... it is going to be really interesting to see what happens. I mean do you think he asked Meyer if he comes back that is guaranteed to start? It will be very strange if our record setting QB comes back for his Senior year and doesn't play because he gets beat out. It seems like a less than ideal situation.

Comment 04 Jan 2017

I actually think Wilson is a better hire. He has had a lot of success at an OC and when at a place with comparable talent to tOSU in Oklahoma he produced 2 heisman QBs and set records on offense. I am ecstatic about Wilson and expect to see a much more compete and balanced offense come 2017. I also think he will stay longer whereas Chip would be out quickly.

Comment 28 Dec 2016

To me Tennessee is like the scUM of the SEC.  They act like they are always going to have a great year and have September championship syndrome, only to fade quickly by early November. They talk about how great their program is and act like anyone would be crazy to not want to go there.  They have accomplished very little in recent memory, yet think they are a power in CFB.  If you changed their colors to maize and blue, I would not know the difference other than the southern accent hahaha

Comment 28 Dec 2016

I am trying to figure out what purpose this kid would have for even bringing this up? Are they trying to hype up scUM to make themselves feel better if they win?  Do they know they are about to get their ass kicked and want to justify it by stating that scUM should be in the playoff? 

This kind of thing just perplexes me... it seems that everyone as an opinion when it comes to Ohio State, no other team is talked about and analyzed more than we are and it seems that it is usually something negative being thrown our way... the amount of butthurt throughout the country towards our success is staggering, this kid is worried about a play that was deemed to be called correctly instead of worrying about a team that is about to embarrass him on a big stage.

The Game has been reviewed and re-hashed and it has been clearly stated that there was ONE single call that was missed and other than that, most of the game was called appropriately.  Jim Harbaugh has successfully drawn attention from one of the great games in the rivalry and placed it on something that only losers and cry-babies use as an excuse.  

Comment 27 Dec 2016

If tOSU, scUM, PSU and Wisky all win, it doesnt matter what the rest of the conference does IMO... and as far as I am concerned, I don't really care what any other team does, all that matters for me is our Buckeyes bringing home the natty! 

Comment 18 Dec 2016

They were running quick slant routes with no one else on the field. That drill is 100% in favor of the WR. I think he looked fine as far as hip movement and lateral quickness. There were plenty of top DBs that got beat in that video and it is not a good indicator of how they would play in the context of a defensive scheme in relation to a game situation. You are more just looking for technique and quickness. 

Comment 18 Dec 2016

Neither McLaurin or Campbell were as highly touted or polished prospects like Grimes and Lindsay. Both of these kids play against the best of the best in High School and both look to be able to run crisp routes, which seems to be something we are missing in our current offense. 

In Meyer's first few classes, he had a real tough time landing true WRs. Most of our WRs were converted Athletes or RBs playing WR. It is no coincidence that the top WRs in Urbans first few years were holdovers from the Tressel era... Michael Thomas and Devin Smith. Meyer has landed very few true WRs coming out of HS, he has also had an issue getting split end type as well, everyone we have recruited fits the slot/scat hybrid type mold and what we have seen is a major struggle in WR development and production. KJ Hill flashes every time he is in and will hopefully be featured in the Fiesta Bowl, because he is legit.

The good news to all of this? We have finally started landing true WRs in the past few classes, WRs who played the position in HS; WRs that aren't 5'11" or shorter! I think starting next season, we are going to see a transformation in the passing game and it will be a by-product of the WR talent that will be on the field. 

Now, I know none of these guys are proven, but when I look at the prospective lineup, I get much more excited about Victor, Hill, Mack, Grimes and Lindsay then I do Clark, Campbell and Wilson. I think Paris Campbell is being misused and should be a HB. Dontre Wilson is what he is and is just a solid player that should get about 5-7 touches a game. I don't think James Clark is that good and Terry McLaurin hasn't really shown much one way or the other and the staff has f***ed up not getting Noah Brown involved, much the same way they did with Michael Thomas. 

My hope is that with a true split end like Victor and guys like Mack and Grimes that are tall, fast and have the ball skills to take the top off of the defense, we will finally see some real production in the passing game. We also have 2 stud TEs waiting in the wings and it wouldn't hurt to run some more 2 TE sets to get more power running mixed in with those play-action plays over the middle. 

Meyer has all the pieces he will ever need, including 4 stud QBs behind Barrett and a bevy of big, highly rated OL, so there is really no reason why the passing game should not take off starting next year. If it doesnt, I think it's a scheme issue and will probably never change. 

Comment 13 Dec 2016

There is a reason why Warriner is unable to land head coaching jobs year after year despite being in the mix and really wanting his own gig... 

The man is an Oline coach with a good feel for the run game, but I just dont see it in terms of having a good grasp on overall scheme in the current landscape of CFB.  I know it is unlikely, but we would be better off with him on the sideline helping out with Oline coaching and adjustments in game and someone else in the booth calling plays.  I think he is a fantastic Oline coach, but right now he is over-employed in his current role. JMO.

Comment 12 Dec 2016

I heard whispers that Okudah has been "in" since the late summer.  Word is Wade is going to sign, Okudah is just a matter of time and now Darnay Holmes is a very real possibility. There has been some speculation about whether or not this means that someone else is going to be out, but I think if you look at our secondary situation, there is plenty of room.

I have heard Riep is being recruited to play that cover safety role like Damon Webb.  Isaiah Pryor is a safety or possibly a walk out LB. I know we havent heard this yet, but I would be shocked if Lattimore, Conley or Hooker return and I bet the coaching staff would be as well. All Coach Meyer has to do is show these kids how we are about to send almost an entire defensive backfield to the NFL 2 years in a row. I would have to think that Okudah, Wade and Holmes would be up to play from day one or at least compete and I have heard the Holmes is so good, that Meyer is selling him on playing 2 ways. 

I think when you see how the staff is recruiting, it first appears that there isnt enough room, but the coaches are planning on guys leaving after 3 years.  Meyer doesnt recruit players that need time to develop and not play until they are a 5th year senior.  This has become a machine of recruit, play, get drafter and replace and kids are seeing that and will see it again this April.  The amount of talent that will be put into The League during Meyer's time here will be staggering when all is said and done. 

Comment 08 Dec 2016

I hate that weather has become such an issue with this team, but I do believe that while weather does affect both teams, it is usually in the favor of the less talented team. It can neutralize a speed advantage, especially if it limits the passing game, and it usually "uglies" up the game and keeps it closer which will always be in favor of the underdog. 

I believe this is why Meyer is so stubborn in wanting to run the ball, even when it isn't working. He wants to be able to impose his will on the ground to prepare the team for when the weather turns. When he was hired, people had this perception that he was a gun slinger, open it up type of coach, but he is much more conservative than people ever realize. He has done a good job of developing a power run game to adapt to playing in November in the B1G. Weather has affected this team, but only cost them one game and that was simply because we played right into MSUs hands. I think this is a valid argument, but not an excuse or reason to lose.

Comment 04 Dec 2016

Haha i agree! Wisconsins DBs couldn't locate a ball to save their lives. That chuck and pray nonsense will be hilarious to watch when they play someone good. Wisky got outscored 31-3 in the 2nd half LMFAO... so much for that great defense 

Comment 03 Dec 2016

This is funny. The talent that is being brought in is unparalleled... Meyer has had some great classes so far, but nothing like this.  With the QB prospects we have behind JT and all the other talent, I do not see a drop off anytime soon.  Meyer has a bunch of pure WR's waiting in the wings for the first time and the OL recruiting is out of this world.  There are only 2 areas he needs to sure up and that is DT and HB. Dobbins will be great, but we need one more HB.  I really like when we have a bruiser and a speed guy for change of pace as it gives the defense a very hard time and allows Meyer to run inside zone and power concepts one minute and speed sweeps and options the next. 

Comment 03 Dec 2016

There may be evidence that this is true, but we all know that had nothing to do with losing to USC... That game was over before it began and Tressel knew it.  We were overmatched in every phase of that game and the result was no fluke.  Ohio State could have played that game 10 times and probably would have lost all 10.

Comment 01 Dec 2016

Struggle is probably an overstatement, but Michigan did have more success passing against Lattimore and  Conley then anyone has this year: Speight made some really good throws and his guys caught almost everything thrown their way. 

On a side note... it's funny to me because Michigan employed the same quick, short passing game that we use and the main difference between their offense and ours on Saturday is that their guys caught the ball. We were not that far off from having a much better offensive performance on Saturday. If JT and his WRs can get their timing down, we could see a much better offense come Dec 31...

Comment 29 Nov 2016

I am as big of a Buckeye fan as anyone, but this is taking it a bit far. Bama has not given up a single TD in November, so for Ohio State to win, I think it will have to be a very low scoring, field position type game. I would be surprised if we went off for 30+ on Bama, but who knows.

I do think the game against our rival was misleading in that there were multiple missed opportunities where if JT makes a better throw, we would have seen some big plays. Samuel over the middle could have been a TD and then the one right after half the Peppers intercepted would have put us at UMs 40 yard line. There were guys open and JT either didn't see them or made a bad throw due to feeling pressure the moment he dropped back. 

Comment 29 Nov 2016

My dream scenario would be to get PSU in the semi final. Our guys would be liked caged animals waiting for that game and I would love to get them away from HV on a fast track.  Things would look quite a bit different when Urban isn't going ultra conservative due to being the team tightening up in that crazy white out environment. Pess State followed by Alabama would be what I prefer. 

On the ore realistic side of things, I think we would do well against Clemson. I know analysts are citing their defense as something that would be problematic for The Buckeyes, but I don't see it. They gave up lot s of points to inferior teams and I think we would score plenty. My worry is their WRs are very good and could give us issues as we did seem to struggle with Darboh and Perry on Saturday. 

Comment 28 Nov 2016

The way Ohio State beats Bama is the way they just beat UM. The defense needs to get after that young QB and shut down their run game. 

I also don't think that Bama has as good of a secondary as UM and if the WRs hold on to the ball, we should be able to open up the passing game a bit. There were some missed opportunities against UM like when Samuel was open over the middle and would have only had to beat one guy and then late in the 3rd, Barrett threw a swing pass to Weber and all the blocks were set up, but Weber just dropped it. 

Barrett needs to calm down and not try to laser it in there as he defaults to throwing high and when the ball is semi-catchable, the WRs need to pull it in.

Bama looks good, but I have complete faith that we can compete with them for 60 minutes. I would love to play them for the title. 

Comment 28 Nov 2016

Princes problem is is confidence. He looks like he is beat before the ball is snapped. He just needs to keep at it and not get discouraged. I really hope he turns it around.

Comment 28 Nov 2016

NO SHIT!!! I kept turning to my brother and saying why don't they run a delayed screen to Weber?!? We were at the game and you could see the entire front seven just selling out to blitz JT like they had no fear of being stopped and if you pair that with the fact that we have not run a HB Screen, ever, I guarantee that they would have been so caught off guard it would have gone for 6. There were plays where they literally blitzed all 3 LBs and just played man cover 0 and we continued to call empty sets with no help and never tried to slow it down. Their DBs would have been 50 yards downfield and the rest of the defense would have been blitzing, It boggles my mind why there is no misdirection or any type of screen in our playbook other than those swing passes out wide.

Comment 27 Nov 2016

They look great, but they haven't played anyone. There beatbox wins are USC, LSU and Auburn and I think all three teams have at least 3 losses. 

USC looks like a good win now, but they were garbage when they played the first time. LSU sucks and Auburn lost to a terrible Georgia team. They really have not played one, single team that is worth a shit or will be ranked anywhere near the top 10.

Comment 23 Nov 2016

Yep. At this point I think it's a mental thing. I think that Dantonio has the recipe for success against the Buckeyes coupled with the fact their entire team is made up of Ohio kids we passed on and and the fact the Meyer seems to tighten up tighter than a snare drum against MSU and what you have is a team that will give us all we can handle annually. That game will never be easy.

Comment 22 Nov 2016

*ichigan isn't going to do anything different defensively from a schematic standpoint. They are a man press, cover 1 team that blitzes a lot from a variety of areas on the field. We can know what to expect as far as what type of offense to run, but one thing that worries me is how much Ohio State struggled with MSUs defensive line on Saturday. MSU ran some slants and stunts that had Price and Prince so confused they each blocked the same guy leaving a giant hole. Don Brown blitzes a lot and he is creative and I don't expect that to change. tOSU needs to get a running game going quickly to slow that down. If they don't and we are consistently in 3rd and long, it's going to be a slog offensively.

Defensively, we already dealt with the jet sweep courtesy of Wisky and figured out how to adjust and defend it. We have also dealt with and been abused by teams lining their best WRs up in the slot and beating us with inside realeasing routes that take advantage of our Safeties alignment, so they should be ready for that as well. Lastly, Sparty exposed our over-aggression Saturday with that throwback screen, and given *ichgans history of using it against us, they should be ready for that as well. I don't think there is a ton of stuff they can do offensively that will throw us off. I also wouldn't be surprised to see Schiano bust out some zone coverage and really confuse O'Korn. We have played man all year and he is inexperienced and hasn't seen anything but man on film.  It would be good statetgy to at least try it early and see how he reacts; see how well he can read a disguised zone coverage. Our defense will live and die by how well they stop the run. If *ichigan gets it going in the run game, it will be a big problem as they will have a multitude of play-action looks with Peppers and McDoom that will be very troublesome for our overly aggressive defense.