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Comment 27 Jan 2012

I agree.  Hopefully Marotti can get guys like Brown, Carter, and Hall in shape.  From what I've read about Marotti, he will be putting these guys through hell to get them where they need to be physically. 

Comment 27 Jan 2012

He seems like an absolute beast.  He is literally a huge get for us.  We need guys that can play tackle.  Hopefully we can land Dodson as well for some much needed depth. 

Comment 27 Jan 2012

I agree Squirrel Master.  The quality of coaching these kids will get should be on a completely different level than what we have been used to.  The offensive line has been a weakness for years and it always showed when we played against better defenses like Florida, LSU, USC, etc.  We have always had the talent, but not the coaching to have them playing at level they should be.  Hopefully that is a thing of the past with the new coaching staff.