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Comment 29 Nov 2014

I have the upmost respect for your and everyone else's opinion. I simply said that if you personally did not get nervous about our quarterback taking off running and taking shot after shot, then I would call you a liar. I watch the games with about 30 friends, and we all say the same thing - "don't like seeing Barrett take this many hits". I would never question his toughness or will to win, because that young man puts it all on the line every damn play. I'm saying that he was taking too many hits as our quarterback. 

Comment 29 Nov 2014

I'll take the dv's. This is what happens when your quarterback takes 20 hits a game. I love the buckeyes and loved watching Barrett this season. But you can't rely on quarterback draws on 3 and 3 time after time! Protect the young man! Enyone who says they weren't nervous when he took off running and was taking hit after hit, I will call you a liar.

Get well JT. We all believe in you!

Comment 09 Nov 2014

My perfect (dream) scenario:

Bama beats miss st this weekend.

Then on November 29th, auburn beats Bama, and miss st loses to ol miss. 

That would mean they would all have 2 losses in the SEC west and that's before the their conference championship.

Screw em all!!!

Comment 20 Aug 2014

Predictions for JT Barrett:

Starts all 12 regular season games, B10, champ, and bowl games

Throws for 2500+ yards and 25 TDs

Rushes for 700+ yards and 7 TDs

All B10 honors and we make our first playoff appearance

Go Bucks!

Comment 19 Aug 2014

I look for this offense to be much more balanced with JT at QB. I think we'll see a lot more bubble screens and short quick throws to get the ball into the hands of Wlison, Samuel, and our other playmakers. Give them a chance in the open field to make 1 guy miss, and they're taking it to the house. I'll definitely miss watching Braxton make defenders look like fools this year, but with JT, I think our offense will be just as fun to watch. I'm really excited to see our offense function as whole, instead of relying on Braxton to make plays and bail us out of bad situations. Time to step up JT

Comment 06 Aug 2014

I somewhat remember Jeremy Cash's recruitment ( had just gotten into the whole recruiting world). I believe he and shazier are cousins or related somehow. Point being that had he not committed to play for Tressel, we may have never seen the shazier destroying offenses for 3 years in columbus. Also, on a personal note, my sister had a class with Jeremy Cash and sat by him through it. She said he was a very smart, very nice person to be around. She also said that he was absolutely broken hearted when tress left, and the thing that hurt the most was he didn't even get to play a down under him. 

* I stand corrected. After a little research, it appears they were just high school teammates

Comment 03 Oct 2013
I say we start a petition to where the mid-90's jerseys like Eddie has on in that picture for this years tsun game. Loved those uni's. Better than any throwback or alternates we've had to date imo