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Comment 20 Sep 2016

Can't believe there was no review on this play!  Best catch in Alabama game and it wasn't Michael Thomas.


Comment 20 Sep 2016

I'm a huge Buckeye fan but the catch by Tyrone Prothro was probably the 2nd best catch I've ever seen behind Odell beckhams.  Does anyone remember the almost one handed grab by even sepencer in the Bama game?

Comment 18 Sep 2016

Heck the play on the Lattimore almost Int was one of the most impressive plays by a DB on a route that I've ever seen.  That had to make a heck of an impression on him because it was shown over and over on the field.  Webb has really been the only player in the secondary that hasn't been that impressive.

Comment 04 Sep 2016

My only concern is the lack of size across the DL and facing a physical running attack especially with Sprinkle out of the mix.  Cornell, Jones and Landers are smaller DTs leaving only 2 DTs with great size in Hill and Hamilton.  Youth and lack of size won't help us against the likes of Wisconsin or Alabama.

Comment 02 Sep 2016

Honestly if you're going to compare him to an OSU RB, the closest comparison is Boom Herron.  Similar build and speed.

Comment 28 Jul 2016

Honestly I see no possibility, i think the final group is already accounted for the number crunch will probably stop at 20.  Grimes, Okudah, Akers and Lindsey get us there.  And I see Holmes, Peoples Jones (0% chance he leaves his home state) and Tufele as higher on the board.  Meyer's already talking how tight the numbers are so commit #21 is going to have to be a cant miss guy for the class to make it to that number, IMO.  

Comment 16 Jul 2016

Haven't seen this one mentioned yet but Coach Carter is an unbelievable basketball movie.

Comment 14 Jul 2016

Yes it's more than likely that only a max of 2 will Grayshirt but the other 3 I mentioned (are probably redshirts which doesn't help get down to 85) but are there any actual arguments with how I showed opening up enough spots? Clark potentially coud.  The staff puts a cap on the max number of recruits they are going to take, they won't take more than they can make room for.

Comment 13 Jul 2016

I mean seriously why are you racking your brain over something that's not your job to even worry about.  How do you think the SEC was so much better than us 10 years ago, it was because they barely had any recruiting restrictions.  The average SEC class had 4.5 more players signed a year than OSU's average class.  OSU's classes were highly ranked but when you're going against schools that sign 18 more players every 4 years, it's not really fair.  You think this year is shady, that was every year in the SEC until they finally put a cap size on classes.  I was bitching about having to compete against the SEC having such a recruiting disadvantage.  I mean I think Ole Miss signed like 38 guys one year.  But seriously getting to the number isn't that hard 5 seniors, let's say 5 early entrees between Price, Samuel, McMillian, Hubbard, Lewis, Conley and Barrett, 1-3 RS juniors that are told this is their last year in the program, Collier is asked to move into coaching or move on because of incoming talent, 2-4 guys are asked to move on because they won't have a chance to play here and are granted freedom to transfer anywhere they want, 2-4 injuries/academics/team rules violation, 2-4 gray shirts (Clark, heuibel, Cage, Williamson and Simmons).  There's 25 spots max and a 17 minimum and I really don't think it's that hard to get there with multiple options to skew the numbers.  We have a ton of DBs, DL and LBs so gray shirts aren't out of the question for guys that won't see time due to enough talent at the position.

Comment 12 Jul 2016

Dobbins isn't built like Samuel or Wilson.  Dobbins has a stocky build with strong legs.  Samuel and Wilson don't have as thick of a lower body and don't run as well between the tackles, although Samuel has improved his frame and can actually run suprisingly well for someone his size between the tackles.  The point being Zeke and Dobbins although not the same height compare in their: frames, explosiveness, running styles, open field speed, receiving skills and both have great vision.  Honestly it's hard to find an exact clone of a RB because their weight is distributed differently and they typically run different.  We're just saying it's not a 100% match but probably 75% of the similarities are there so it's a good comparison.  The most important 2 qualitiies when comparing backs are their builds and running styles.

Comment 11 Jul 2016

Watched Pryor's film a couple times and he just honestly moves like a LB in his film.  White could play 3 positions with the most likely right now being S but I just see the move to LB as he grows in the weight program.  They basically have to maintain pretty close to their current size and agility to stay at the S position.  Not saying it won't happen but typically Defensive athletes are brought into our system usually underweight but having great speed and grown into a faster version of moving down to the next defensive position.  Examples on roster are (Hubbard, Cornell, Berry, Jones).  Only one example on the current roster from S to LB is Bogard but with the injuries it doesn't really count for him.  It also takes body types that are typically taller and not filled.  Look at Hubbard, a 6'5" HS safety, grown into a fast, filled out DE, talk about an extreme change in his body.  A lot depends on how the rest of this DB class ends up, Okudah would have one S spot probably sewed up.  Wade and Riep would be CBs, does that move Williamson to a nickel/S role or does he stay at CB.  Right now the class looks to have 4 CBs/S and 2 S/LBs and at least one of the 2 will fill the walkout role.  Really I think the only true thing that matters is how well a particular player moves when facing the increased speed of the college game and what position will suit their skills and growth better.

Comment 11 Jul 2016

With Pryor and White potentially moving down to LB and already having Simmons, there's really only room for one more LB.  LB position is already loaded with talent.  So whoever is 1st to commit between, Hines, Browning and Moses will probably be the only one in due to needs at other positions.

Comment 10 Jul 2016

Watched 2 games so far!  Williamson was picked on a lot and struggled in coverage.  Shaun Wade looked good other than when his eyes were stuck in the backfield and his man got behind him for a big TD.  Dobbins and Akers looked like the 2 most complete backs in the country and both catch the ball extremely well.  Najee Harris really fought the ball as a receiver.  Lecounte looked like the best CB In the country, his length and closing speed was impressive.  The QBs in order of performance of the games I watched were Tua T, Jake Fromm and then McCaffery.  Martell struggled to be decisive and had several sacks because of it, but he also looked impressive at times.  Would like to see another performance to evaluate him better and it didn't help that QBs around him were on fire.  DJ Mathews showed explosiveness, separation and great high pointing ability.  Jeff Thomas was explosive in space, Lindsey showed the most impressive agility of the receivers, Grimes looked good and caught multiple TDs.

Comment 27 Jun 2016

Don't forget Joe Mixon either, he was the top back by nearly every major recruiting service couple years ago.  He splits time with Perine but is a lot more explosive.  He averaged 6.7 ypc, nearly 400 receiveing yards and 11 TDs as a freshman.

Comment 05 May 2016

Definitely a 2 QB class.  Why do you think they are pursuing 2 so hard.  Collier won't play here.  And if Barrett were to decide to leave after this year then you'd only have 3 QBs on the roster and literally no experience outside of Burrows (and he doesn't have much).  Clark will take time to develop and we need one of either Mond or Martell.

Comment 06 Apr 2016

This is set to be Meyer's best class at DB, WR and DT.   Honestly the secondary class your son is apart of could be the best secondary class ever put together by any team.  Okudah, Wade #2, riep, and Holmes, are still high possibilities.  Sit back and enjoy being apart of meyer's best class at OSU.

Comment 20 Jan 2016

Lol thin?  Worley, Baker and Jones would beg to differ.  Of all the spots on the team and you're worried about one of the deepest units on the team.  We have LB's out the a**.