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Comment 25 May 2015

He also has more kick return attempts than Ginn too.  Ginn was in a league of his own.  Honestly I'm more impressed with marshall's punt returns when they both catch it cleanly.  

Comment 24 May 2015

I think you are seriously underrating Samuel.  Samuel already runs fearlessly and has more bulk than Dontre.  He was creating major seperation in the spring game and is on the verge of exploding.  When Samuel broke free on his 1st TD in the wisconsin game, he looked like ginn when he was crossing the goal line.

Comment 24 May 2015

Shock people? He probably received more hype from the skill position from anyone I can remember other than maybe Ginn.  His open field speed was disappointing freshman year but he did look a lot quicker last year.  Samuel is going to shock people because we truly haven't seen his open field speed and the fact that he was moved to Hback says he's going to be taking some touches from Wilson.  Honestly there's not a lot of seperation between any of the recievers so it's hard to argue one guy over the next.  Marshall is great out of the slot with great vision, Thomas is elite outside, Samuel probably has the best speed and agility combo of anyone on the team, Wilson is a great slot receiver and great agility, Smith has great vertical speed, Campbell is labeled as the fastest reciever on the team, McLaurin has elite vertical speed, Brown is being talked up by Meyer and will probably fill in a similar role to Spencer, that doesn't even include anything about Dixon, Clark or Hill if they start to enter the mix.

Comment 24 May 2015

Honestly he's been way overrated for his production thus far.  He finally started to come into his own in a little bit last year because as a freshman his body wasn't ready.  I don't see him getting close to Ted Ginn as far as returns go because we have so many return options on this team.  Marshall's vision is better in the return game but he needs to work on fielding the punt first.  Dontre's potential will start to be really tapped this season.  But it's hard to single out any one reciever in our system because they are all really good and the ball is spread around to all of them.

Comment 13 May 2015

Best hope for us is a visit soon and FSU's class to keep filling up.

Comment 13 May 2015

His video is top notch as he comes flying into the box for run support.  Plays physical, instinctive and fast and finds himself around the football a lot.  Not sure if i'd buy into into the sudden CB movement until he at least visits, FSU got 6 straight CB's for him last month.

Comment 04 May 2015

No doubt my favorite play of the season that Darron Lee made.  Fought through White trying to cut out his legs and makes an open field tackling coming out of it.  His relentless effort has replaced Shazier seamlessly.  I hope the Buckeyes can bottle up that underdog motivation and unleash it this season because those last 3 games (minus the 4 TO's in the NC) were the best OSU football I've ever seen.  

Comment 26 Apr 2015

Not accepting a commitment or not pursuing a guy hard enough is passing on him.  They probably have a couple guys above him because any other year Layne is a take.  With Baker in the fold already it should be a slam dunk but the staff is pursuing elsewhere  currently.  Layne and King are in the same boat right now, as king is probably on the outside looking in right now.  Both are 2 elite talents  with great frames that you can't pass up on.  

Comment 25 Apr 2015

How do you let the top reciever in the state go, with that length and speed.  He's a stud at WR and Safety.  I just don't get it.  He fits the mold of the type of reciever we need.  One of the better Ohio WR films I've seen in awhile.

Comment 25 Apr 2015

He's not talking about a team.  He's talking about competition at the position in which he plays.  He's refering to competing with Jones, Barrett, Gibson and Burrows, power of the unit.  I take it not as a slam to Tennessee but the fact that so much work was put in on Guarantano and the belief that the OSU QB development system is so good, that Smith was just disappointed in his final decision.

Comment 24 Apr 2015

Brian Kelly?  Smith's quote said great players thrive in competition, not in mediocrity, we hope you remember this.  Taken down immediately when it started getting publicity.

Comment 24 Apr 2015

Who else would it be about.  No other recruit fit the description and the fact that he took it down immediately.

Comment 24 Apr 2015

Probably stemming from coach Zach Smiths tweet about Guarantano.  It was arrogant and classless IMO.

Comment 04 Apr 2015

There has been more talk about Campbell and McLaurin to this point than Dixon, plus coming off the knee surgery leaves a little bit of a question with him.  The talk about him in his first year here has been great, there's just a lot of recievers competing for snaps.  Thomas fits the mold of a big reciever in this offense,  Marshall, Wilson and Samuel all fit slot/h back roles and then it comes down to who's going to take the top off the defense between Smith, Campbell and Mclaurin.  Thomas and Marshall and should be the leading recievers on this team.  But how much of an impact will Wilson and Smith have as 3rd and 4th recievers. How much time will Samuel see in the H back and how much out of the RB role.  How much will the staff limit Elliot's carries during the season.  The way I see the recieving yardage this year 1. Thomas 2. Marshall 3. Samuel 4. Smith 5. Vannett

Comment 02 Apr 2015

I know we are just talking about practice but I was probably the most impressed with Baugh in the video.  He looked like he was playing fast.  Dunn looked more athletic.  Slade gives great effort.  Jamarco looked real agile.  Lee, Campbell, Apple and Samuel looked really good.  The booker vs Dunn, 1vs1 challenge was intense to watch.

Comment 29 Mar 2015

I'm just going to list possible players that could start in 2016 talent wise and need wise most of which will have at least a year in the system. 2013 Baugh, Conley, Burrows, Clark, Lewis, Hill, and Munger. 2014  Lattimore, Erick smith, Campbell, Dixon, Knox, M. Jones, J. Jones, Samuel, McMillion, McLaurin, Brown, Hubbard, Holmes, Webb.  2015 Burrell, Baker, Berry, Conner, Hilliard, Cornell, Prince, Weber, Glover- Williams, and maybe Feder and Landers. 2016  Walker

Comment 17 Mar 2015

This Midwest WR combo of Mack and Layne looks to be 2 of the better receivers coming out of this area in quite some time not including Robert Foster.  I have trouble seeing which one of the 2 is going to be better at the next level.  Both are 6'3", can fly, and are can't miss receivers.  Birm who do you think is the leading candidate for the 3rd reciever spot assuming those 2 follow suit.

Comment 21 Feb 2015

Don't count out Gary yet because there's something this class is going to have that meyer's others haven't had.  Serious big name players across the board, and early recruiting momentum that will continue to grow the closer we get to signing day.  We've got a lot of big names waiting to join until their announcement dates, and a little hardware around the WHAC doesn't hurt either.