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Comment 27 Jun 2016

Don't forget Joe Mixon either, he was the top back by nearly every major recruiting service couple years ago.  He splits time with Perine but is a lot more explosive.  He averaged 6.7 ypc, nearly 400 receiveing yards and 11 TDs as a freshman.

Comment 05 May 2016

Definitely a 2 QB class.  Why do you think they are pursuing 2 so hard.  Collier won't play here.  And if Barrett were to decide to leave after this year then you'd only have 3 QBs on the roster and literally no experience outside of Burrows (and he doesn't have much).  Clark will take time to develop and we need one of either Mond or Martell.

Comment 06 Apr 2016

This is set to be Meyer's best class at DB, WR and DT.   Honestly the secondary class your son is apart of could be the best secondary class ever put together by any team.  Okudah, Wade #2, riep, and Holmes, are still high possibilities.  Sit back and enjoy being apart of meyer's best class at OSU.

Comment 20 Jan 2016

Lol thin?  Worley, Baker and Jones would beg to differ.  Of all the spots on the team and you're worried about one of the deepest units on the team.  We have LB's out the a**.

Comment 09 Jan 2016

Antonio put on a ton of bad weight watching him run in the all star game was like watching a full back.  Once he gets back in shape he runs similar to Bryce Brown, Nick Chubb and Damien Harris. 

Comment 26 Dec 2015

The passing game will be a new offensive wrinkle Beck shows next season.  He's also saving the Miller passing game for the 2016 season.  

Comment 04 Nov 2015

Both are great backs but run with different styles so I don't see how you could argue that losing him is good.  His speed for his size is impressive.  We go from having 2 great backs to now having one, and our rivals get exactly what they need out of the situation.  Don't know how you're spinning positives, we don't really have depth at the position.

Comment 12 Oct 2015

That's an easy one because of many events:  Playing as an underdog in each game and being told by many that we couldn't win the games, finishing the season for Barrett, playing for Karageorge, and Urban Meyer's post season motivation tactics are 2nd to none (see 2006).  Playing with a mean streak is pretty easy when there's many doubters.

Comment 10 Oct 2015

I mean he could have thrown it in a 5 yd radius and they would have both still been TDs but cardale is hitting guys more in stride.  

Comment 10 Oct 2015

When the defense has to account for 2 effective ball carriers running different directions it spreads them out.  It makes both runners more effective.

Comment 10 Oct 2015

I think it's pretty clear that JT can throw hence 2800 yds and 34 passing TDs last year.  It's just a matter of what the coaches want to do and how much they want to show.  Barrett hit Thomas for 18 yds on 3rd and 16.  JT is the better QB in the red zone for 2 reasons, a more versitile playbook (read option) and quicker decision making.  The play calling/ holding back the reigns on offense has hand cuffed us.  They are finally catering to both qbs strengths and we should see results accordingly.  Both qbs have presnt great skill sets.  The read option should really be revisited because it presents some gapping holes in the defense as we saw with our defense getting exposed.  With Barrett and Elliott running the read option, Elliot started ripping off some big runs.