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Comment 14 Apr 2016

I was at 2 practices this year with the father of one of the players and from what I saw Torrance Gibson is an absolute freak. I know this is not big news, but unless those practices were anomalies, I don't see how they can keep him off the field. I've read here that he has issues with route running and blocking, but damn, throw him a screen pass and watch him go.

Comment 11 Apr 2016

"I'm all for improving the competitiveness of B1G football."

I see that statement a lot on these sites but I'm still on the fence about it. If Maryland and Rutgers start getting the better players out of the DMZ they could become a threat. Also pulling in 5 stars that were otherwise leaning to OSU would hurts us. Bottom line is if we go undefeated we're going to the playoff, I don't care how good the BIG is, and both of these factors make that a little less likely. Like I said, still on the fence.

Comment 29 Mar 2016

This is exactly my take on the situation. I think most of us agree that some changes needed to be made. Whether this is  "shape up or ship out" or simply an honest assessment of their future here, the players leaving (at least so far) are players that were not getting the playing time they thought they deserved. I really don't know how OSU could address that in a presser. If it were starters that were leaving the program I'd be concerned.