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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Even though it is technically vacated, attending the 2011 Sugar Bowl to watch the Buckeyes beat Arkansas. It's one thing to be among thousands of Buckeye fans in Columbus, but it's a whole different experience to travel far away from the Shoe and be part of the 'migration' of Buckeyes, especially when we win!
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Comment 11 Dec 2014

C'mon these kids came to Wisconsin to play football, not to play school so of course not.

But seriously, I doubt you're going to get a bunch of college football players to buy into something like that. I don't buy it.

Comment 10 Dec 2014

I went to the Sugar Bowl when we played Arkansas a few years back. Definitely one of (if not the) best games I have been to. It's like Mardi Gras but with thousands of Buckeyes, doesn't get much better than that! 

One of my favorite moments on Bourbon Street was going to the dueling piano bar. One of the piano players played Hang on Sloopy and doing the O-H-I-O. It also helped that we "won" that game. Would love to make it down there again.

Comment 04 Dec 2014

I agree, I was a bit surprised how low a couple of the teams rank. Hopefully the Buckeye's offense exploits what seems to be an inflated Wisky defense!

Comment 04 Dec 2014

Don't get me wrong, Wisconsin's defense will be one of the better ones we have seen this season. BUT when you look at the offenses they have faced over the season it's no wonder they have performed so well:

Total Offense (Yards/Game)

Team Rank
LSU 81
W. Illinois 41 (FCS)
USF 121
Northwestern 110
Illinois 105
Maryland 111
Rutgers 85
Purdue 113
Nebraska 35
Iowa 68
Minnesota 108
Ohio State   11

They have only played 2 top 50 offenses this season with Nebraska's 35th ranked being the best. Ohio State comes in at 11th and of course this is with Barrett. So even if the offense doesn't perform as well with Cardale, Ohio State should be the best offense the '2nd ranked' Wisconsin defense has faced. Distribute to the playmakers and the offense will be just fine in my opinion. 

Comment 12 Nov 2014

Sorry to hear of your trouble Ramzy. My cousin found himself in a similar situation this past summer. He went there on a trip related to school as he is in the process of becoming a minister. Instead of being detained when he arrived, he was detained trying to leave the country. He was questioned much like you, but the wanted to know our grandfather and great grandfather's names

Needless to say our parents are from Costa Rica so he has an unusual last name, Jarquin, and looks somewhat ethnic. We never even knew our grandfather so he had no idea what our great grandfather's full name was, but luckily he was able to contact family back in the States to find out his name. After hours of detainment and finally producing our great grandfather's name they let him return to the States. 

So if you travel to Israel know your family history, phone numbers, email addresses, etc....

Comment 09 Jul 2014

Great article....I miss my time in Columbus! Maybe one day I will live there again. The city is certainly transforming and growing every day. I was amazed by all of the construction, and other things, taking place the last time I visited. I'll be back this weekend for a wedding and can't wait!

Comment 15 May 2014

South Carolina is pretty bad too. I lived in Charleston for two years and there's a lot of state pride combined with animosity towards transplants, especially Ohioans. 

There are a lot of cars that have palmetto stickers with taglines like "Native" or "Carolina Girl." And at one point they had a "Go Back to Ohio" campaign. Needless to say, I moved back to Ohio (for a job) and I'm actually glad to be back. 

Comment 01 May 2014

I would also echo many of the other comments already made. I would also recommend going to the VT game because the atmosphere of a night game in the Shoe is like nothing else. It will also be warm which is always an added bonus in my opinion. Since I graduated a few years back I've tried to make it to at least one game a year and most years I choose a night game. As mentioned before it also gives you plenty of time to experience all of the pre-game activities happening around campus. Of course watching our Buckeyes beat TTUN is always special too, but I think a night game early in the season will make for an energized crowd and electric atmosphere. Tailgating around the Shoe and seeing the Skull Session are always great things to do especially for your first game. 

I also agree that the first row of the B deck or C deck along one of the sidelines would probably offer the best viewing experience. If you sit to low it can be difficult to see what's happening near the end zones. 

And of course make sure to stop by Buckeye Donuts while you're there!