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Comment 07 Feb 2014

I dont mind the new site. But why are the images so massive on the home screen? It makes for a lot of unnecessary scrolling.

Comment 06 Jan 2013

It has nothing to do with experience. All these guys played a lot last year. They should know what to expect. No one is consistent besides DT. I was liking Q but these last few games he has not been ready to play and has been playing like a pussy. Amir is a pussy who looks like he doesn't even know how to play basketball sometimes. Lenzelle takes plays off. Aaron is a non threat on the offensive end. I love defense and I love his hustle but his lack of offensive production is hurting us more. 

Comment 10 Sep 2012

Exactly. I've been to plenty of other stadiums. Its the same everywhere. Noon games against teams you know you are going to beat don't get that loud. After UAB the rest of the games will be loud. 

Comment 09 Aug 2012

It's because the ticket office did it differently this year. I am a student and we had to either purchase the whole season or just the big ten games. In the past we could buy the big ten package and we could buy the single non conference games we wanted. The whole season for a student cost almost 300 dollars this year. No way will students pay that. Especially with those first four non conference games.