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Comment 22 Feb 2011

Look for the triple team on Sully tonight.....& letting Lighty & Craft have the open 3 pointer. If they can't hit the the open look, this will be a frustrating night and the start of a new trend.  

Comment 21 Feb 2011

Its taken opponents 25 games to figure out how to beat Ohio State.  It has become very obvious and the trend will continue.  You double or even triple team Sullinger, guard Diebler on the 3 as well as Buford, and let Lighty or Craft beat you from outside.  Neither can shoot the 3 with any consistency, we get very few offensive boards (only Sullinger) which creates one & dones. This will happen through out the tourney !

Comment 20 Feb 2011

And the winner of the "Jekyll & Hyde" award is ...David Lighty.  Has there been a recent player who can look so good on certain nights, and then so BAD !!!  I guess the second choice might be Diebler......it's a shame he can only hit a 3 if he is in a catch and shoot position.  Any chance of playing at the next level is negated by the fact that he can't create his own shot. When was the last time Thomas hit a shot ?  We will have a hard time advancing past the sweet 16 if we cannot get all five players contributing on the same night.

Comment 18 Feb 2011

Yes !!! Sully early & often.  Diebler cannot hit a shot if he is not set...it's purely catch & shoot or it's a miss.  Lighty ...PLEASE do not shoot the 3 ball...I can hear a collective groan just when you are about to launch that shot.  Craft doing well, like when he can penetrate & open either the big man or kick it out. Buford can always be counted on for points & his D has really improved.  Let's hope like football...a loss to Whisky & then undefeated.

Comment 12 Feb 2011

Just wonder what they are going to say when we win !!! Wilbon is now starting to hedge by saying " he likes the Buckeyes in the tourney, but doesn't think anyone can go undefeated". I guess each week they will continue to say this is the game we lose....."even a broken clock has the right time twice a day".

Comment 10 Feb 2011

Has there been an uglier first half than last night, Wisconsin & Iowa.  The Badgers truly got a gift yesterday, any decent team could have beat them by 20.  Hopefully they bring that same game with them on Saturday.  After witnessing this performance, I am filled with a new sense of confidence. I've never heard rims clang as loudly on missed shots.

BTW ..slight backcourt pressure by Iowa had Wisky calling timeouts & reduced their set up time in the offensive zone, causing shot clock violations. I don't think they've seen a defense quite like ours this season.

Comment 09 Feb 2011

Unlike baseball or hockey where stats, like one run or one goal games, will tell you a lot about a team.  Basketball is all about the "matchups" and home court advantage.  One team can be superior to another, yet doesn't match up well against a lower ranked team and struggles.  That is when coaching and strategy plays a major part.  We have the talent to play with anybody, some teams run & gun, and other take the air out of the ball. We just have to be ready on any given night.

Comment 06 Feb 2011

OK...who's going to state the similarities between both our Football team & Basketball team on their way to Madison.  Both were undefeated & both were number 1 in the country. Matta's Buckeyes have never won at Wisconsin & this will be the biggest game on their schedule.  A win in Madison & we'll blow by Purdue. Go Bucks & keep that season perfect.

Comment 06 Feb 2011

Hopefully Lighty makes his first shot, otherwise he'll keep shooting until he does.  Hopefully, Diebler decides whether to dunk or use the backboard on layups. Hopefully if we get a 2 on 1 fastbreak, we get an easy bucket versus a charge or embarassing miss.  Hopefully we have fewer turnovers and make more foul shots. Hopefully Craft plays more like he did in the second half than the first when we played Michigan.  BTW...Sullinger is the best player in the country !!!!!  Hopefully this game is decided early & we don't have to go down to the wire.

Comment 04 Feb 2011

This season reminds me of the 2002 football season.  "Holy Buckeye"  BTW, need to let out some frustation...Need some improvement on ...shot selection, turnovers, foul shots, rebounding.  Lighty, if it's not going in...slow down a bit & look for guys hitting the rim. Diebler, decide if you want to dunk or use the backboard...still have to work on shooting off the dribble.  Craft, you were human the first half. Team, practice fast breaks 2 on 1...can't believe how few points we get when we are on the break in transition. SULLINGER you are a BEAST...when we are in trouble, you put us on your back every game.  Lets go Bucks...some tough road games coming up...we need your best effort.

Comment 03 Feb 2011

Check out the Curtis Grant video it's a must see.  His Mom is a very special person, articulate & intelligent. Future recruits should watch this and learn what separates the Ohio State University family from other schools.

Comment 30 Jan 2011

With 9 games remaining on the schedule, the Buckeyes enter the toughest part of the schedule. With four road games including @ Minn & Wisc (back to back) , Purdue & Penn State & five home games , Mich. Mich St., Ill, Ind, & Wisc. If this team wins out, it would be a remarkable run.  Playing on the road is always tough (look at NW) but to win over the top teams over the next few weeks would really put this team on another level.

Comment 30 Jan 2011

By taking the full 35 seconds before shooting, NW shortened the game dramatically. By getting 8 long offensive rebounds reduced our possessions almost in half. Good strategy, you might see this again? Thought we would full court press on a couple of possessions to test NW ?

Comment 27 Jan 2011

Joes American Grill ... Newbury.  It's a great place for lunch or dinner. (Numerous TV's but not a sports bar...really nice)

Comment 27 Jan 2011

Not really...Oscar was great & there were others..but Maravich is the all time leading scorer & he only played three years.  They didn't let freshman play varsity & they didn't have a 3 point line.  His stats are off the charts !!!!!!

Comment 27 Jan 2011

If you didn't watch the BYU game last night, you missed the "best player" in the country. Fredette is the most prolific scorer in college since Pete Maravich. He can create the 3 pointer off the dribble and can also penetrate and score.  What separates the Buckeyes from most of the top teams, is that they have 6 players who can step up on any given night. 

Comment 26 Jan 2011

Speaking of Diebler...With his three 3 pointers last night , he is now only 11 away from becoming the all-time Big Ten leader in 3 point shots made. Interestingly, of his 79 field goals made this year, 62 are from behind the arc.

Comment 26 Jan 2011

I've bought the rights (copywritten) to :


OHIO STATE BASKETBALL  (No Logo as of yet)

Having some difficulty with fees and franchising.  Any interest from Columbus residents ? 

Comment 26 Jan 2011

Yes...it's great to be a Buckeye.  You will look back at this as the "Golden Era" for both Football & Basketball".  Tressel & Matta have had an amazing record since they joined tOSU. Too many accomplishments to even list..we all are aware. But the last 34 OSU games I've watched (13 football & 21basketball) only 1 loss.  NOT BAD !!!

Comment 26 Jan 2011

So what if the Florida vs Georgia game is going into OT or even a 2nd OT. For those of us outside the C-Bus area we missed half of the first half.  But it was truly a dominating performance. Very little anyone can say other than "watch the replay". It was obvious that the intensity level was raised before the tipoff, nor did they ever put their foot on the brake. Best shot of the evening was watching Hummels' expression as Sully hit a 3 with the shot clock at 1second.

Comment 25 Jan 2011

Bob Batist on David Lighty

[bob baptist] Can't say ever. But he is very athletic. I do wish that sometimes he'd dial back the athleticism on some of his forays to the hoop and look for a better shot for him or someone else. 

I echo those sentiments !!!! Shoot the 3 when you are squared to the hoop & you'll avoid those airballs.

Comment 25 Jan 2011

Olivier was such a great actor that he actually made a movie after he died....now that's acting.   BTW, he was also the spokesman for Polaroid....money is money.

Comment 25 Jan 2011

BTW, if you look at the roster Sullinger is listed as a 6'9" foward as is Lauderdale (6'8").  We really do not have anyone as a center. Next years top recruit Amir Williams is a 6'9" center. I think our toughest games (aside from road games) will be when we have to match up against a truly big team. We may not see this until we are into the NCAA tourney.

Comment 24 Jan 2011

Truth is (and we don't want to admit it) even with the #1 team in the country & a great product..............We're still a Football School.