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Comment 08 Sep 2014

I agree with most all of the posts so far.  At Ohio State excellence is expected.  Sometimes we are spoiled.  We expect to win every game and that doesn't always happen.  It just seems that in the past few years, all we hear about is this amazing talent and this incredible coaching staff.  Bottom line, Urbs and staff got outcoached Saturday night by Frank Beamer.  OK...it happens.  Not what we expect on a regular basis.   I do think that CFB has become this incredible money game where all everyone talks about, including me, is a National Championship. It's kind of ridiculous really.  The team is young and hopefully they will improve.  We are in a bit of a funk as a program.  We just don't seem like Ohio State recently.  Ohio State is fortunate, people fill the stands and they make a ton of money.  For most people it costs $200 a head to get into The Shoe these days.  If I paid for that nonsense the other night I would be a little pissed.  If I tailgate for most of the day and have a few too many to  get juiced for the game and somebody texts to tell on me, I am in jail for public intoxication?  Isn't CFB all about partying and rockin' the joint? The shoe was a morgue Saturday night.  I truthfully think that maybe we need some tough times to get back on track.  Texting to tell on a fan that is standing and maybe cussing a bit too much.  Give me a break.  If they keep playing like that, they will be begging for drunk people to fill that joint.  Go Bucks.

Comment 08 Sep 2014

Lots of issues...but I do think that Herman's play calling is horrible. It has been for some time. If you cannot run the ball at Ohio State there is a big friggin' problem.  I really am sick and tired of seeing our RB scooting up beside the QB in this pistol set.  There I nothing there that says to a defense...Here I am and I am coming right at you.  We are pussies in the middle of the field and all we do is tinker around the edges.  This is getting really old.  Hey Redshirt Freshman JT Barrett...we love you so much we are going to make sure we put the entire load on you to win the football game...give me a break.  I am so tired of hearing about what a genius Herman is and how he is going to be a great HC someday...he hasn't won dick at Ohio State yet and when the game is the line he goes into brain lock.  He even admitted that it would be impossible to run against the Va. Tech defense based on how they were lined up.  Really coach?  Ohio State cannot run against Va. Tech?  That's a BIG problem.  I know our O-Line is young, but for cryin' out loud...this is OHIO STATE.  We can still save the season, but I think the staff needs to look at themselves and get their act together first.

Comment 07 Sep 2014

It's easy to criticize when things are going bad...However...This has been materializing for sometime.  Let's go back to last year vs. Sparty.  After a bad start, Carlos Hyde runs through a very good MSU defense like it wasn't even there and then on 3rd and 4th down with the game on the line, Herman forgets that Hyde is on the team.  2 downs to get 3 yards with the best back in America and he isn't smart enough to realize this.  What is worse, is that Urban doesn't appear to be any smarter.  The comments throughout the threads are correct...This game was not Barrett's fault.  I don't think it was even the O-Lines fault.  Herman does not put a game plan together to put his team in position for success.  Two comments that really bother me were going into the locker room, Urban said they need to pitch and catch better and that they couldn't run vs. Va Tech defense.  Then after the game, Herman talks about how they were positioned on defense which made it impossible to run.  Is this not Ohio State??  We are known for controlling the line of scrimmage and running the football.  When we did run it last night (late in the game) we had success and it set up the pass.  We keep hearing about our great tight ends?  Where are they?  We heard about how Rod Smith needs to get more time because of his 11 second block?  Maybe we should spend more time on LeBron James itinerary next home night game.  What is going on here?  Our defense isn't bad.  It could become pretty good.  But when you set-up a freshmen qb for failure like Herman did last night and put all of the weight on his shoulders, we are going to have big problems. All-in all, a pretty sick display of coaching last night I thought.  We refuse to attack the middle of the field and VA Tech was pinning their ears back.  Herman gets lost in his huge play chart and tries to be a genius.  He isn't very good.  Right now Urban isn't any better. This is very concerning.