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Comment 18 Feb 2014

I have one season of YMCA youth soccer coaching under my belt. Yes. That's right. Sorry to break everyone's heart but I've got one foot in the door with that resume. 40k though? Let's talk Urbs.

Comment 02 Feb 2014

Thanks Jeremy. Always good stuff. Getting McDowell and keeping Jones would be a great finish for the year. UrbanTM is getting it done.

Comment 01 Feb 2014

They scouted Craft on that charge. He always drives hard with head down to the rack when the shot is clock running down. That charge was a result of that scouting.

Comment 12 Jan 2014

That's a good book. We aren't trying to publish an article here. I suppose someone could recommend something that no one can understand and only two people have read? :)

Comment 11 Jan 2014

No conspiracy theorist here. Vrabel's hiring makes perfect sense! Perfect fit! But, if I'm OBrien, I am still going to have a smirk on my face that it all worked out so well. Vrabel fits, is the right man for the job, PLUS I get to disrupt Urban's staff as a bonus. Yeah. I'm smirking a little bit if I'm Obrien.

Comment 11 Jan 2014

I hear you but that is why I said a direct but subtle shot at Urban. It makes perfect sense but you can't tell me that Obrien didn't quietly have a smirk on his face. After all, we thrashed them, and Obrien was visibly annoyed.

I think he threw a perfect sneaky punch. Just a thought.