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Comment 8 hours ago

I'm going to create a business that sells drone radio jammers for home defense.

One of those phuckers enters my airspace, and it will get sent directly to back side of the source. Now that would be a treat to watch. A drone enema. 

Here's my slogan: They fly 'em, we fry 'em.

Comment 26 Jul 2015

I think I have told this story before on a thread but it is fun to recount.

I went to another HS that was in the PCL, and played football against Gavin's father, Keith.

I take honor in the fact that I got trucked by Keith. I will never forget the play (42 dive). I was the tail back and he was a DT I think. He steamrolled me right when I hit the gap. I was about 3/4 speed. Felt like he came out of nowhere, and I saw stars.

Yes. Our schools were so small (probably still are) that we played both O and D.

In my defense, though, I do have to say that I ran for some decent yards - usually away from Keith...ha.

Comment 26 Jul 2015

I second the Honda Accord. It can be bought in your price range as well if you don't get all the fancy chit.

I have a Honda Civic with 225k on it, and I can't wear it out so that I can move up to the Accord. No kidding. The thing runs like a champ and still gets high 30's in gas mileage. After thinking the car would eventually die, I kept buying mid grade tires but the car kept going and the tires didn't. I finally bought a set of Michelin defenders when I hit 200k but I think the Civic might wear those phuckers out too...lol.

Comment 18 Jul 2015

I watched Bobby play in HS and throughout college. He is from my neck of the woods and is about the same age as I am.

NW Ohio had a few damn good teams back in the late 80's and early 90's. St. Henry, Delphos Jeff. as well as Delphos St. Johns, McComb, Bluffton had a few good teams in there, and a few others.

Comment 14 Jul 2015

I've done the snake dance after stepping on a few. I've watched western D backs get fed in a 'cage' in a biology lab. I've whimpered and scampered after staring black windows in the eye (eyes)? I've had wolf spiders on my back with all their babies squirming about.

But nothing scared me to praise the almighty more than the gar that I ran into while taking a dip in the middle of lake erie after taking a break from fishing. About 6 beers in, I dove in and went under water and was met nose to nose with a huge gar.

I damn near swallowed lake erie.

Comment 14 Jul 2015

Trust me, most men lose their balls when it comes to entering snake invested areas, me included.