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Comment 14 hours ago

I think an undefeated Nebraska is best for the conference overall.  They would be in the top 5 no matter what when conference championship week rolls around, and that would keep people in the media talking about the conference.  Additionally, a win over a top 5 team would boost anyone's resume, and could potentially make it seem like there are 3-4 really good B1G teams, moving perception up

Comment 15 hours ago

Absolutely we can.  A 1 loss OSU team is likely getting in unless 4 conference champs are undefeated.  If FSU losses, I'd think the B1G would get in over them (B1G was actually undefeated 3-0 against the ACC last weekend with Maryland, Iowa and Nebraska), but who knows.

Win out, and see what happens.  You can only control so much

Comment 19 Sep 2014

He never redshirted so he could potentially redshirt this year, clean up, be suspended next year, and play in 2016 I think.  I can't say for sure but we know he never had a redshirt year so maybe he could play his 5th year and miss his 3rd/4th?

Just my 2cents

Comment 14 Sep 2014

There haven't been many huge breakdowns as of yet.  Even in losing to VT there weren't guys wide open 30 yards downfield.  There were a few breakdowns covering the TE, but often good catches by VT (They dropped all the balls they should have dropped in the shoe yesterday at home)

Comment 14 Sep 2014

I will say I think Rod has great hands out of the backfield.  Like his ability in that capacity and that should get him outside the pocket and 1 v 1 against a safety or corner on screens or like yesterday 

Comment 13 Sep 2014

Are you all happy now?  Kown comes in and get a PI call against him.

Just kidding but no one knows what to expect from a freshman which is why you don't play him in the 4th quarter of a close game early in the year

Comment 12 Sep 2014

How many times are we going to hear about Kwon starting and playing in passing situations?  None of us have seen how well he would do in that capacity, and Grant has been really really good at stuffing the run.

Everyone is blasting the O-line, and none of them are true freshman, yet we want the captain of our defense, the middle linebacker, to be a true frosh in week 2 or 3?  Maybe by the end of the year I would understand this argument, but we don't know what Kwon can do right now to help in this capacity, if anything.  Meyer straight out said he didn't play against navy because it wasn't smart for him to.  When you are down 2 TDs most of a game, you don't want a frosh in there making freshman mistakes (which they all will make no matter how good they are).  That's my take at least

He will get more play within the next few weeks hopefully, and by the B1G season maybe he will be rotating or starting, but we all love the new shiny toy a little too much

Comment 12 Sep 2014

OSU has to get up 18 spots in 11 weeks.  Plenty of time with guaranteed ranked teams losing multiple times in that span.  Start winning, start looking better in all phases and things can slowly come together. 

The missed opportunities against VT will always hurt, but we can make it all better

Comment 10 Sep 2014

If our D can carry over what they did in the 2nd half last weekend forward, with Spence, and getting guys like Kwon more snaps (hopefully we are up 4 tds in the 2nd half and he can play every snap), we will build slowly.  We could realistically be a 1 loss team heading to E. Lansing, with a chance to still hit the playoff if things break right (2007 did happen after all).

People voting on the playoff may see a young team who lost to VT, then see an improving team who starts hitting on all cylinders by years end.  We can dream still.  Win the B1G and hope for the best

Comment 09 Sep 2014

I was in no way trying to let the skill players off the hook.  I was more saying there are going to be growing pains for a team with 4 new starters on the OL with a new QB and RB.  No matter who the skill guys are if you have no line to protect the qb, or no qb to throw the ball, you're f'ed.  We seem to have the former right now, but I think they are coachable guys who played well at points in the game

The old adage "you learn a hell of a lot more from a loss than a win" is true.  Problem in CFB is you don't get 2nd chances often after you lose games. 

Comment 09 Sep 2014

Well he did and didn't at the same time.  Said he played off his man like he was supposed to, but needs to not back up deeper than the sticks, so when the guy gets to around 13 yards or so on a 3rd and 16, be up in his grill.  Also said it is learning for a young kid

And to all those wanting Kwon in the game more,  Grant looked great defending the run.  Yes he is not good in space, but I'm not sure how often he is supposed to be out in space anyway.  If we are in our base D, it would usually be 4 guys in the secondary and Lee who is a converted safety I would think who would be defending 5 wide/4wide TE sets.  As someone said, we need to play to his strengths and not have him covering when he is not profcient at it

Comment 08 Sep 2014

It's funny that last year everyone wanted Fickell gone.  The LBer play has been ok thus far (not spectacular but Grant is never going to be a cover guy), and the D wasn't too bad Saturday.  Now it's time to get Herman.

OSU fans expect a title every year, even when the team is in no position to deliver that.  6 of the 7 guys on the line and in the backfield are gone from 2013. 

Comment 08 Sep 2014

Our Wr's got enough separation on multiple plays on Saturday...they dropped the balls.  Barrett threw good balls that were dropped.  I don't want to completely blame that on coaches or players, they share blame.  40 yard bombs is not the way to get separation against an extremely talented secondary from VT (they have absolute studs there so give them some credit). 

Comment 08 Sep 2014

I think 8-4 or 9-3 is realistic.  Team is too talented to not win games, and the coaches have too good of a pedigree. 

They lost on Saturday, but could easily have won that game in a slugfest.  Questionable calls in the first half put a young offense in a big hole, and took the crowd out of the game.

But to lose 6 of the 7/8 guys inside the hashes is hard to do

Comment 08 Sep 2014

Agreed, I thought the D overall played ok.  I don't know how good VT's offense is going to be this year, so hard to give too much credit, but they did enough to win the game.  Apple looked young, had a PI called against him (prob a good call), and also had an INT.  I thought the LBers played great against the run overall, but still have some work to do on Pass D.  The D-line was good, but needs to finish the job more often, too many times letting a QB out

I thought Barrett played well enough to get a W.  Dropped passes and a porous line didn't help, but he put the ball into good spots for the first 3 quarters.  The sacks he took at the end of the game, and the INTs he threw, were due to him trying to tie up the game/win the game, and I don't blame him for that. 

I thought Samuel looked the real deal, and should be on the field a lot. 

Thomas looked pretty good. 

Comment 08 Sep 2014

Simmer down with that junk.  VT played a better game than OSU on Saturday night.  They are nowhere near the program OSU is.

It's hard to have expectations dashed, but when you look at the facts, OSU was headed for a 9-3 season this year at best.  at least 7 new starters on offense when Braxton went down, with 6 of them being inside the hashes. 

Comment 08 Sep 2014

I'm fine with most of this post, as I have only stated to my friends that I wish the offensive gameplan development was better.

The end is the part I'm not so fine with, firing everyone.  If you have really followed Meyer's career, he has not been a great in-game coach really for the past decade.  He can motivate a group of guys better than anyone, and can recruit with the best of them, but he has never been some genius who on gamedays can flip a switch. 

To be fair, an offense with 4 new OL, a new QB and a new RB is going to have growing pains.  Add in the fact that the WRs dropped a few too many balls, and we as fans think the sky is falling. 

We were not going to be a playoff contender this year.  Everyone wants to paint things rosy before the season begins (including myself), but when you look in the mirror, and look at players returning on offense, you should have been troubled. 

Remember last season when we didn't have depth on the OL?  Those guys who weren't providing depth on the O-line are now starting at Ohio State.

I was ready for a 10-2 season with Braxton, and am fully prepared for an 8-4 year without him.  Fickell/Ash put together a good enough gameplan to win us that game (bad field position on the first TD, along with a non holding call where Bosa got tackled, and a missed fumble on the 2nd TD means the D played well enough to win, giving up somewhere in the range of 14-20 points), but the inexperienced offense couldn't do enough

Comment 07 Sep 2014

LBers don't come into college able to defend the pass.  They are run stuffers in high school and it is what they know.  Kwon may be worse in pass D than Grant

Comment 07 Sep 2014

I expected a 10-2 season with Braxton.  Too many new pieces on the offense to not see a huge drop off. You want to believe the hype but come on this OL is bad, the running backs have a lot to learn, QB is a frosh.

The D is much improved if you ask me.  They looked fine and kept us in the game even while the O gave up a short field, they got hosed on a fumble call, and we missed 2 fgs.  They didn't let VT score for 20 minutes from the 3rd to 4th quarters...and the O was in great FP most of the second half

Comment 06 Sep 2014

Ok let's not overreact yet.  Oregon has had 1 great play, 1 good play, and some favorable field position.  The world isn't ending yet haha

Comment 04 Sep 2014

Results? What results should I look at that point towards VT winning this game?  Should I look to the 8-5 team from last year? 7-6 in 2012?

The D that is better than anything OSU has ever seen gave up 34 points to BC last year, and 42 to UCLA.  No one on here has discounted V.T. as a legit opponent, but the only position on the entire field where I may take VTs players over OSU's is at corner.  V.T. can win the game, but they are the team that needs breaks to come out with a W.  If both teams play their "A" game, OSU wins by 10+

Comment 04 Sep 2014

Now to be fair, Vince Young did say this about the 'Shoe

"Ohio State, man, Ohio State was the loudest place I’ve ever played. The Rose Bowl is wider and more open, but Ohio State is more closed in and everyone is so loud and on top of you. You could hear all the little things people said about you. Man, that was the toughest place I’ve ever played.”

He came in and beat one of our best teams in recent memory, so props to him.  But the Shoe is a place people don't just walk out of with a win at night, or really any time