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Comment 23 minutes ago

Wasn't Parris Campbell the starter week 1 because of his size and ability to block? He's back so maybe that helps the perimeter stuff as well

In regard to last year, expectations were lower and the pressure week to week was lower (until after the MSU game).  There were games after VT where the offense clicked (most first downs ever against Cincy and almost the most yards ever/Rutgers/Maryland).  As you said later in the year there were missteps, but we had seen the team have multiple games where they put the pedal to the floor.  Outside of VT, we haven't seen the offense do that yet.  If they do it this week for 50 or so, and can put up a good effort against a good D next week in Penn State, then we will at least in our back pocket know this offense is capable of doing great things.  I'm not sure we know that yet

Comment 19 hours ago

I don't question the effort of really anyone on the team thus far.  You can tell they all want to be playing better.

Comment 22 hours ago

I wonder if either look at the Maryland job.  Not a huge name program but a fertile recruiting ground with Virginia close.  May want more than 1 year of success at a school before making a leap though

Comment 08 Oct 2015

In January of 2015, Meyer was looking at 1 healthy qb from last season who played, one qb coming off his second shoulder surgery and one qb with a screw still in his ankle.

I don't understand how it is so hard to believe that Meyer told Ginn, not Jones, that he would likely start if he came back.  Glenville is one of (likely THE) the biggest pipelines OSU has, and Jones had just shown flashes of being very good.

Comment 07 Oct 2015

I was with you until you said we haven't played any teams as bad as Maryland or Rutgers last year.  Those teams went to bowl games from the B1G.  2014 Maryland and 2014 Rutgers are better than 2015 and likely as good as 2015 NIU and 2015 Western Michigan.

Aside from that statement I like it, although I am nervous even in blowouts haha

Comment 07 Oct 2015

I did mean games and edited it (it didn't seem to save of course).

I have decided that there at least 3 different viewer of an Ohio State game this year, when there are usually 1.  There are a. Cardale Supporters who will support everything he does b. Cardale "haters" who even if he makes a great play will say it was b/c a WR made a great play or the line gave him all day and c. Fans who are just watching the game.

People in camp A would say: but his line isn't blocking well and his WRs aren't even trying to help him out and penalties aren't his fault

People in camp B would say:  Cardale is holding onto the ball too long and he is underthrowing them every time even though the WRs are open.

People in camp C would say: the entire offense is playing like crap inclusive of QB, OL and WRs

I think I am falling into camp B, and need to be falling into camp C more.  I do think Cardale's confidence has taken a big shot this year, but there are other things at fault as well.  I will TRY to soften my stance in the future on being too much in camp B.

As to the INTs, he has had 3 awful INTs this year (2 against Hawaii and last week) where he clearly misread the coverage.  He also = a questionable decision to throw late (VT).  I don't recall his NIU Int for the life of me but I'm pretty sure the INTs have been on him this year (the INT in the NCG with Marshall was more on Marshall than Jones)

And as for the QB runs, I don't think Meyer wants his QB thinking about how he shouldn't run and take a hit while in the flow of the game.  Meyer has never been a guy to not have the QB involved in the running game at all.  Smith, Leak, Tebow, Driskell (didn't play much under Meyer but a dual threat guy), Miller, Barrett, Jones (last year).  I think telling QBs not to run and pick up yards goes against Meyer's philosophy of creating mismatches.  And this is the first year in Meyer's career he has a proven backup (2006 Tebow wasn't proven yet) so wouldn't he be less worried about his QBs taking hits?

Comment 07 Oct 2015

I think people on this website must be watching 2 different genes sometimes.  Cardale holds onto the ball too long and under throws WRs consistently.  How does Cardale have almost nothing to do with turnovers when 1 of the 2 types of turnovers ONLY applies to QBs?

Honesty is posting objective QB stats which I did.  You're the one diving into hypotheticals 

Comment 06 Oct 2015

Coaches and players get scrutinized when they don't perform.  I hope no one went as far as to get personal but I'm sure some did.  No matter who I think should be playing or not playing or how the offense should be called, I would never get personal about someone

Comment 06 Oct 2015

Great analysis.

I would expect since the yards per play is the same as last year, that the big plays being bigger in 2015 is making the average yards per play under 20 yards a good bit less.

Thankful for the work

Comment 06 Oct 2015

He is the 59th rated passer in the country, behind studs such as Joel Stave

Perhaps there are people who think he has played well on this website...they would be incorrect.  Even Cardale says he's not playing well week after week and he has to get way better.  I'm not saying bench Cardale; I'm saying he's not playing well

Comment 06 Oct 2015

Because he's the QB and was chosen over a guy who set B1G records last year.  OSU fans are allowed to expect the starting QB to be as good as the starting QB last year given he 'beat' that guy out

No one is going to blame Zeke for the problems, and the OL has gotten plenty of criticism.  QB is the #1 position in football and gets the bulk of the blame

Comment 06 Oct 2015

He had a QBR rating of 8 on Saturday.  How is that good?

The QB is the reason why an offense fails or succeeds.  He is the single most important player on the team.  The difference between the Cleveland Browns and the Pittsburg Steelers is Big Ben.  Cardale Jones has put this team into bad situations way too often this year.

His 200 passing yards in the first half are a great stat, but those numbers ended in 6 points. 

How you can say he's played well this year when every single objective stat out there says otherwise is beyond me.  I am not picking a fight but that is just the truth.  OSU is 5-0 in spite of QB play

Comment 06 Oct 2015

No one is turning on Jones.  They are being critical of a guy who hasn't been good this season.  The regular season is almost halfway over.  If Jones didn't have a chip on his shoulder after being benched a couple weeks ago then why would he have one now?

OSU fans expect excellence anyway.  They especially expect it when a guy with a few starts last year is over a guy who was excellent for the better part of 12 games last year

There isn't one person on this website who thinks Cardale Jones has played well.  he has the high ceiling, but he better start moving towards it instead of the floor

Comment 06 Oct 2015

Did I say I was having high blood pressure?  I watch the game with a critical eye but am extremely relaxed.  I can't change the outcome so I don't freak out anymore (I used to quite a bit).

I defended Fickell when he said "we won" a couple years ago because we hadn't lost in 2 years.  Everyone laughed at me when I did.  Now the shoe is on the other foot and people are saying we won like people can't be critical

To be honest my panic is based on Cardale not improving.  He has an extremely high ceiling but he hasn't gotten much better which worries me.  If Cardale has a limit that is 100 and Barrett has a limit that is 80, and today Cardale is at 60 and Barrett is at 70, but Cardale isn't improving upon that 60 getting it into the 80s where Barrett's physical capabilities don't let him go, then there is a problem

Comment 05 Oct 2015

I'm at a 9/10 because there have been 4 games in a row of mediocre to bad qb play with guys who are supposed to be effective.  Easily could have led to 2 losses.  Would you be at a 10 if we lost a game? I'm at a 9 for almost losing 2

Comment 05 Oct 2015

In regards to winning a national title this year I'm up near a 9.  The spark isn't there this year on offense yet.  Whether it is playcalling, the QB, the blocking on the perimeter or the OL it is something (excluding Zeke since he brings his work pants).

Last year you saw steps forward after VT, then a step back against PSU, then forward again through Sparty, then the running game brought us home.  I just don't think we've seen that improvement this year anywhere

Comment 05 Oct 2015

Someone posted a couple weeks ago that after Jones got hit or sacked none of the OL went by to help him up.  Likely just an anomaly of course but sort of a thing you start thinking about if things keep going badly for the offense.

I think the team rallied behind JT last year, and saw him lead them to great things.  Barrett was the one giving speeches to get the guys fired up for both the Sugar and NCG.  Barrett is the only sophomore captain in OSU history.  It's obvious from the vote that the team trusts JT (I am NOT saying they distrust Jones).  Perhaps there is a split in the locker room that hasn't been mentioned.  One of those "it stays inside the family" type situations.  I hope that's not the case but it wouldn't be the first time and with competitive people could almost be natural.

JT has not looked good this year by any means, but he also hasn't had a chance to start any game fresh.  I'm not condoning a switch, but I also don't know why you have Jones in there if you aren't going to take 5+ deep shots a game since that's one of the things he is supposed to do best

Comment 05 Oct 2015

Danny Kannell said he was being stubborn I believe on CFL.  I agree with him.  However, I disagree with Spielman and think something was said between Meyer/Ginn/Jones.  At the time Meyer had "3 qbs" but only 1 who could run and throw at the same time.  May not have been a promise but kind of a wink wink if Jones comes back he'll be in great position