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Comment 19 Jan 2017

A good number of OSU's guys were injured in their senior season, Grimes and Dobbins could have been there without them

Comment 19 Jan 2017

The staff has the luxury in 2017 to take a bit of a project at DT too.  They can easily RS anyone they like.  Maybe they like a guy who is 330lbs now but need to slim him down to 305, they have at least a year to RS the guy.  We know the entire DL is fine for next year.  

Comment 19 Jan 2017

Well you teach a guy like him to pass protect because he has the abilities of an elite LT based on what people have said.  I am far from an expert but he was #3 overall because of his potential, which is what a lot of these sites base their rankings on.  He dropped because he doesn't have pass blocking skills, which may be quickly alleviated when he gets the proper coaching for it.  

Wherever he fits best I'm fine with, but he was ranked as a 5* because people saw him as a tackle after a couple years in a college program 

Comment 19 Jan 2017

Meyer has pulled guys out of nowhere before...one is painfully remembered by me:

"Sharrif was really confused and put a call into Coach Meyer. When they spoke Coach Meyer told him that he had a ‘dream' the night before, and that Coach Meyer saw himself on the sideline coaching Sharrif. Told him that is was a 'message from God that I should come back and coach, as I guess if it's my time to die, I'd rather die on the sidelines coaching you than anywhere else in the world.'"

"Sharrif talked to us the next day and said Ohio State is great and all, but Coach Meyer said he would DIE for me. That's pretty intense. From that day on Sharrif mainly kept to himself. But that was the turning point in my eyes."


Comment 18 Jan 2017

No I definitely caught that you said he had NEVER covered a Wr in his life and I LOL'd then and will again.  Wint knew the position he would be playing at OSU at least in February when he signed his letter which is a year ago.

i want them both to be good, you apparently want to hand it to a 5* freshman 

Comment 18 Jan 2017

More a question than a comment, but I wonder how much a recruit is told re: their position room.  Would Martell be told someone was likely transferring out if the coaching staff knew it?  How much of that stays inside the coaches' offices until it is published?  

QB is the obvious one since only 1 plays 98% of the snaps, but just wonder how much more a recruit knows about the 85 man scholarships than the average fan does

Comment 18 Jan 2017

He never covered a WR as a LB huh?  NEVER with all caps.  Every OSU LB who has played in the past 5 years has covered a WR at some point and they are often charged with doing it in HS as well.  

It's not the same at all if Wint has been practicing with the secondary for 15 months.  You want Okudah to play over Wint, that's fine.  But to say it's because one has NEVER covered a WR is probably not true since LBers cover WRs every week

Comment 18 Jan 2017

We had to know there was going to be attrition in the QB room with the talent brought in and JT staying a 5th year.  Sucks to see anyone go for sure but I wouldn't exactly call this shocking if true.

If not true, hopefully he squashes the rumors quickly and we can all move on 

Comment 18 Jan 2017

Here we go again, like clockwork.  OSU gets a new stud and he's automatically better than someone who has been on campus for a year or two.  

How many current college WRs have you seen Okudah cover?  How many have you seen Wint cover?

The answer to both questions is 0.  We have no idea who is better in coverage today.  Yea one has 5* next to his name and one has 3.  To say "it's not even close" without one shred of legit fact is just more evidence of people picking favorites on here in HS then when they don't start they say "well player XX is better and I know it."  

Comment 16 Jan 2017


ehh Myers may not be ready to pass protect but they do acknowledge he looks great off the bus and is put together 

Comment 16 Jan 2017

Rivals updated the top 100 today.  It got posted then got pulled shortly thereafter.  They moved Young up to top 10 and Myers dropped to 55.  Martell was one of the highest 4* guys

wikk post when they have it updated for good and the link will work

Comment 14 Jan 2017

You can say his academics are fine, Birm can too.  I will say that the schools he is visiting for officials are not the top schools in the country one would visit if he was a top 10 player at a position.  Memphis? UCF? 

That leads me to believe there is a problem academically.  Even if they are "fine" that doesn't mean he will be able to stay eligible in a college environment.  

Here are just some schools who don't have a top RB committed who could use a top 10 guy at the position:

LSU, Florida, Miami, Michigan.  

Comment 13 Jan 2017

Here is the quote from Davis 

On Tuesday, the rumor is that the country’s top-ranked offensive guard will take a visit to Washington this coming weekend. That also, is false, according to Davis.

“No, I am not visiting there,” Davis told Land of 10 on Tuesday. “To be honest, I don’t know where these rumors come from.”


Comment 11 Jan 2017

There are a few parts to that comment.  1. yes he had elite playmakers but none of them really were elite playmakers until 2014, when JT was orchestrating the offense.  Hell people wanted Samuel to start over Zeke and he actually did one game early that year).  Thomas and Smith became the threats they did through the season with JT at the helm.  2.  JT did look skittish in the pocket, but he looked perfectly fine when he had Herman.  New OCs didn't help him and make his game better. I am not saying they didn't help other QBs in the room, but their style did not benefit JT

Comment 10 Jan 2017

Here is a couple paragraphs from Rivals - https://n.rivals.com/news/three-point-stance-clemson-s-talent-watson-s-poise-5-stars-shine

"The amount of five- and four-stars who had an impact in the title game was astonishing. From four-star Jalen Hurts’ running ability to five-star Bo Scarbrough’s two touchdowns and key injury to five-star O.J. Howard’s huge block on one of Scarbrough’s runs and his wide open touchdown catch to five-star linebackers Rashaan Evans and Reueben Foster running down everything for the ‘Bama defense, the stars were everywhere.

From one-time five-star Mitch Hyatt (my bad we dropped him to a four) who did a very solid job on five-star defensive end Jonathan Allen all evening to four-star Mike Williams and all his huge catches for Clemson to four-star linebacker Ben Boulware at times calling out the ‘Bama plays before they were run, the stars were everywhere.

From five-stars Christian Wilkins and Dexter Lawrence on the Clemson defense to five-star Tony Brown’s big early hit on Williams (illegal as well) and inability to get through traffic to make plays to five-star Deon Cain’s huge gains after the catch, you couldn’t wave a towel over your head without hitting a four- or five-star on the field Monday night. Yes three-star Jordan Leggett had some very crucial catches and three-star Wayne Gallman led Clemson in rushing and scored a huge touchdown, but the two teams I dubbed having the most talented rosters in football in late September of this year have so much talent because they recruit four- and five-stars as well as anyone else in the country.

So for every Hunter Renfrow out there that gives hope to kids who never got a look during the recruiting process, true fans know that without five-stars like Watson and the rest of the players I mentioned (and others), this would not have been one for the ages and these teams wouldn’t have split the last two national title games."

Comment 10 Jan 2017

They recruited at the right positions.  OT, DE, DT and QB, along with having stud WRs

It just happens 

Comment 08 Jan 2017

I mean in the last 2 years we have taken McCall, Mack, Victor, Grimes Lindsey and probably Harris.  Those 6 were studs in recruiting, and if 2-3 really pan out, we are good.  I think Meyer got a little too cute in WR recruiting in 2013-2014, bringing in a lot of guys he thought could be good WRs, but also take handoffs out of the backfield. Now, some of the guys worked out fine like Samuel and Wilson, while others didn't for whatever reason.  

The issue has seemingly been addressed.  Having 4 good WRs, along with 2 dependable tight ends and 2 RBs gives you the 8 weapons you want on a team, along with a QB.  Let's hope the guys pan out

Comment 07 Jan 2017

Not sure that's true but no one knows.  A scholarship is a scholarship.  So if the staff thinks Sheffield joins for a year maybe OSU thinks they replace Holmes next year?  No clue