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Comment 21 Jul 2016

Just not true.  Look at the other big games on OU's schedule and you'll see that nothing comes close to The Ohio State game.  their in state rival is 118, and the Texas game is only 188.  

OSU is that much because there will be 20k fans there in Scarlet as opposed to Crimson.  OSU was en masse at Texas in 2007, and there were 25k at VT last year.  It will be the same in Norman 

Comment 20 Jul 2016

To say this team isn't talented and bring up Michael Thomas and Zeke is funny.  Before Zeke was Zeke, he wasn't getting any attempts.  Have to wait a few weeks into the year at least to determine how high the talent and want in 2016 is

Comment 20 Jul 2016

I will answer your question as well as I can, although not many people know more than you.  He is a quiet kid it seems on the recruiting front.  If you look at his 247 profile, I believe there are only 2 predictions on where he goes, and both are to Oregon, who aren't even apparently in his top 3.  If you can find another kid who is a top 50 player who only has 2 predictions in the summer before senior year I would be shocked.  Heck, half the top 50 are committed and another 25% already know where they are going.

I think he will do it the "old school" way and use his senior year trips to travel.  Perhaps he doesn't have the money to make trips to the midwest?  I don't want to make any leaps, but that is always a possibility.  

Comment 13 Jul 2016

Actually, if I recall that was NOT Goldman.  Goldman had gotten rid of their Subprime business years before, and therefore survived better than B.S. and the others 

Comment 13 Jul 2016

Barrett comes off as more football savvy to me, and therefore better in more situations.  Can you imagine what Cardale would have done with Ginn and Holmes as his deep threats?  I mean it's not fair so I pick the player on who I think would be more versatile

Comment 13 Jul 2016

I'm going to say I would have Barrett at QB over Smith probably.  It could be recency bias, but what JT did in 2014 was set B1G records, a B1G that included Smith in it years before.  

Comment 08 Jul 2016

Is there a chance OSU has kind of stopped recruiting L. wade?  

They already have S. Wade, Pryor (may move to LB), White (may move as well), Williamson, and look great with Okudah and Riep.  Even if those 2 guys move to LB, that's a great/amazing class with Wade, Williamson Okudah and Riep.

I think L. Wade is a great player, but is there a chance it's OSU slow playing at this point?  Maybe they feel better about SW than they did a couple months ago?

Comment 07 Jul 2016

A little story on Grimes.  And a great catch


Comment 04 Jul 2016

He could be a 3rd down pass specialist his first year.  He can't play every down at 225.  Probably needs to be 240+ at an absolute minimum.  More likely 255 

Comment 01 Jul 2016

I actually am a blast at parties.  When you post a topic on a sports forum that says something that was true one to two years ago but isn't true today then it's not semantics.  OSU struggled in 2014 through 2016 to land a good number of DTs, which forced/allowed OSU to move former DEs to DT.  

You posted this topic in the recruiting forum, when you are talking about depth on the team.  You made a conclusion that Meyer and Johnson want to do this, but their 2017 recruiting goes directly against your statement.  Additionally, in 2018, OSU leads for the #1 and #2 DTs in the country, once again showing that what happened in 2014-2016 is not relevant to how Meyer and Johnson are recruiting

Comment 30 Jun 2016

Well I'm confused because the forum wasn't titled DT Depth it was titled DT recruiting, which we are not having an issue in in 2016 for the 2017 class.  

Recruiting refers to the process before a kid gets to school, depth is when they are on campus.  

How is the title not confusing?

Comment 30 Jun 2016

I'm confused why this forum post is coming out today, when OSU has 2 stud DTs and 2 stud OTs in the class, and are likely adding another stud DT to this class.  3 Natural DTs not DEs being converted.

Comment 29 Jun 2016

I mean OSU should be worried about everyone flipping. Out of State kids are always more difficult to keep anyway.  You work as hard as you can for each and every commit 

Comment 29 Jun 2016

You are looking at the VT game as the last game Smith played in, while he made big blocks for us later in the year (michigan/bigX title game).

also, he was the one who actually got us going in the NCG.  OSU was backed up inside the 10 and he caught a huge 3rd down pass for 20+ that led to the TD.  He isn't an "awful" receiver.  he has made more than his fair share of mistakes, but he may have been the deep threat last year if not for the injury 

Comment 29 Jun 2016

Why is ketchup the best condiment? — OSU_Alum_05

Ranch is the best condiment followed closely by barbecue sauce.

Ehh, I would personally say queso is the best condiment (if you count cheese as a condiment), but I agree Ranch>ketchup since it is more versatile (salads and pizza being the two that stick out vs ketchup)

Comment 29 Jun 2016

It's interesting that people say we only have 3 starters back on offense, which while true, discounts Corey Smith who has played a lot of ball for us in the past, and Brown who was penned in as a starter last year

Comment 28 Jun 2016

We would have drooled to have a guy like Ewell want to be a Buckeye any of the past 3 years.  He's a top 10 DT.  We just happen to have 2 good ones already and are in good sitting with a few more DL guys

It's unfortunate but let's be honest; ND isn't a slouch program where he will be out of touch with prestige.  ND is a top 10 program 

Comment 26 Jun 2016

Saw on Rivals that LeCounte says he is absolutely taking an official to OSU in the fall.  I understand recruiting is everchanging but we already know who will be in the secondary by then.  He went on to say “I’m just really recruiting for Georgia now."  Why would OSU want that to happen in Columbus when we already have studs at the same position LeCounte plays.


Comment 22 Jun 2016

Strength coaches seem to just be a different type of dude.  It's funny to watch them in their environment