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Comment 26 May 2017

Yea I agree the Cavs bench has been way better than I anticipated.  Just not sure it overtakes a team who added a top 3 player to a team that won 73 last year.

The Finals is the entire problem with the NBA though. 7 of the top 25 players in the league play on 2 teams.  there are more than 25 teams in the NBA...do the math 

Comment 26 May 2017

my initial thought is Warriors in 5.  Last year, the Cavs basically played 5-4 on defense with the Warriors and didn't even guard Harrison Barnes.  Barnes in turn shot 35% for the series.  The Warriors replaced Barnes with a top 3 player in the NBA.  They were able to clog the lane by just leaving harrison barnes open 


The Cavs bench got better during the season so they are a better matchup with the Warriors from that perspective.  I don't see the Cavs being as efficient on defense when they have to guard all 5 guys as opposed to having an extra help defender 

Comment 25 May 2017

Well of course, but I'm saying the "close to home" argument really seems to be a matter of degree, because if it was really that important, there are multiple ACC schools in his home state he could play for and end up in the NFL from.  

UGA is further than Duke, UNC, NC State and Wake Forest i would assume as they are all in-state.

Comment 25 May 2017

The main point of contention that seems to have led to this "post throwup" is that 5 hours vs. 8 hours is not a huge difference.  I won't get into that, but I do know that North Carolina is closer than both UGA and OSU, as is NC State.  So to say he wants to be close to Momma is kind of not true if his "top" school is already 5 hours away (UGA for purposes of this since they lead the CBs heavily).  UNC has actually been pretty ok the last couple of years 

Comment 17 May 2017

I mean the staff basically "passed" on Lamont Wade last year, who Rivals had rated as the #1 CB in the country and the 11th best player in the country.  Kid is a hell of a player, but other kids committed before he did and they took Okudah over him at the end when Wade decided to stick to his commit

Comment 14 May 2017

No one has answered your question yet so I'll help.  I lived there for 6 years 

good eats

macchialina, my ceviche, scarpetta, prime Italian or prime fish or prime 112, lucali pubbelly pubbelly sushi, coyo taco, swine, lobster bar and grill, yardbird, toro toro, Versailles, el pub. If you want a specific type of food let me know

places to go out

brickell has a lot of bars which are for a bit younger crowd.  Wynwood is kind of the "design district" hipster area with good spots to see and places to drink.  Broken shaker is a great cocktail bar

If she likes clubbing go to story or mynt or LIV if you really want to go big.  All the hotels on e beach have nice rooftop bars too

Comment 12 May 2017

Aaron Hernandez is the right comparison I think.  He was an H-back in Meyer's offense, which really just means he isn't set to be at RB or WR or TE.  He often lined up in the slot and created mismatches. Not the speed mismatches Harvin/Samuel presented but the size mismatch in combo with speed on the LBers.  He also took a good number of those little inside passes Tebow ran for UF, because he was big enough to take some hits up the middle.

H-Back in meyer's offense isn't just the Braxton/Samuel/Marshall role we know, it has evolved into that, but it's just a chess piece that allows for a mismatch, whether that is speed or size I think

Comment 11 May 2017


Saw this on a ND DT commit

Notre Dame defensive tackle commit Jayson Ademilola puts in a ton of work in the offseason, and his development was evident. The 6-3, 290-pound defensive tackle from Jersey City (N.J.) St. Peter's Prep was quick at the snap, stayed low, used his hands well and showed an ability to counter the move of an offensive lineman. Although he committed to the Irish in June, other schools are pursuing him. Ohio State and Alabama are showing a lot of interest in Ademilola, who saw his national ranking rise from No. 207 to No. 122, and his positional ranking rise from No. 19 to No. 11.

Anything more anyone knows on this?

Comment 10 May 2017

I will worry because OU has talented players.  A couple bad bounces and the game could turn.  OU was having success moving the ball last year at times.

They got down to the 10 on the first drive and missed a FG

I also seem to recall their TE dropping a ball on either that drive or later for a big play that may have led to a TD. 

Those 10 points early on in the game would have kept the crowd in it and given some confidence to OU.

I'm certainly not predicting a 30 point win in week 2

Comment 09 May 2017

You can name Urban's guys because you're an Ohio State fan.  If I asked you to name 5 first round NFL picks from Florida state over the past decade could you?

They had a DE/OLB drafted in the first round in 2014 I believe,  He played DE at FSU but he was playing OLB in a 3-4 with Indy.  Werner. Think he retired due to injuries recently.  

Fickell was the LBer coach for every one of OSU's successful LBers in the NFL right now, and he is no longer around.  Maybe Mitchell thinks his chances are better at FSU with a more established college LBer coach.  Position coaches are the ones who help these kids the most, not Urban or Jimbo 

Comment 08 May 2017

FSU puts guys into the NFL at a huge clip exactly like OSU.  They are 3 years out from sending 11 guys in one draft and 7 the year before (sound familiar numbers wise?)  

FSU is in Florida, a desirable place to play.  

OSU doesn't rotate linebackers much.  I don't recall many times where the 2nd team LBers were on the field.  

Point 3 I won't argue with you on, although we don't know what FSU does for their kids