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Comment 27 Oct 2014

I am kind of surprised by 18 tackles for Perry, but I know that aside from the stats Bosa got credit for, he had one play that really made me think the "light has turned on" and he is more aware of what is going on.  When PSU ran that reverse on him, and he was really just in perfect position to close it down made me extremely happy for him.  He must have worked hard on that because last year, heck, maybe even a few weeks ago, he flys on by without reading the play.  I think he also shut down at least one other play, stretching it out without getting credit for the tfl. 

That is my two cents

Comment 27 Oct 2014

If your O-line is having problems there are adjustments that can be made, and have been made by this coaching staff THIS YEAR.  I recall Ross having a breakdown after VT of the offensive staff leaving the TEs in to help out against the pressure.  OSU has 2 great TEs, and could easily have done more with them both in the game.  Early in the second half OSU did 2 straight runs to the outside with success.  If you can't win inside the hashes, win outside them and pull a guard.  OSU has great blocking WRs on the edge.

Throw a screen pass, try a reverse.  OSU's D-line plays extremely aggressive and teams have used that aggression against them with reverses and throwback passes etc.  You don't have to dominate the line to win games, since spread teams routinely win without having 4 or 5* guys in the trenches.  If you want to win a title, you need good lines, but not to win a game against a good but not great football team 

Comment 27 Oct 2014

I hate this line of thinking.  I'm not talking about your comments specifically, but they are for sure what a good % of people think.  2014 isn't like 2013, where there is a team who has made you say "wow" every week like FSU did last year.  Everyone has big time issues, that can't really be masked.

MSU - they are last in the SEC in pass D.  

Bama - They haven't figured out how to play on the road themselves, and have looked lost on pass D more than once this year (playing a lot of youth in the secondary). 

FSU - They have not looked like the same team this year, and teams have been able to run with success this year, and Jameis is still good for 2-5 awful passes a game where you look around wondering how he threw that pass when he makes the rest look so effortless

Auburn - Still have defensive problems, and looked pedestrian against a pretty bad South Carolina team

Oregon - They somehow have problems with the Zone read, which is ironic since their D plays against it all the time.  Also have problems with the 3-3-5, which is pretty much what the personnel OSU uses while still calling it a 4-3

Look, I agree OSU isn't a top 5 team right now, mainly because they have a bad loss.  In most years, I would say "they have no business in playoff discussion" with the flaws this team has.  But everyone has huge flaws this year, so I'm not over sneaking into the playoff, and pulling of the shocker.  Why not us?

Comment 26 Oct 2014

But to answer the question, no I don't think it did.  The conference is already fairly or not behind all the rest, so I don't think the chances are worse this morning than last night.  In fact, with Ole Miss losing they are likely better

Comment 26 Oct 2014

LSU/Ole Miss was great too.  Ms St./Kentucky was good too actually

Give them props, they have a lot of good teams in that conference.  Nobody elite, but there aren't any in cfb this year

Comment 26 Oct 2014

They are in the discussion if they win out.  1 loss will get you into the talks, but they prob need a 2 loss conference champ at the least

Comment 26 Oct 2014

We will see in 2 weeks.  This team could get blown out by 20, or they could make adjustments like they did after VT and learn a ton in 2 weeks

The best part is we get to see. 

Comment 25 Oct 2014

I think we all agree it was conservative.  Too conservative for the environment? I'm not sure about that

Comment 25 Oct 2014

Urban says we are being too conservative, but a lot of that is from our dumb penalties to me.  I'm not concerned too much

Comment 25 Oct 2014

Ehhh I would disagree.  Urban is the type of guy who has lived for big rivalry/revenge games in his career at UF and even earlier.  He can win this game by 30 points without showing anything.  That's plenty impressive enough on the road against a good run D. 

Comment 25 Oct 2014

I know this is impossible, but do you think they are being conservative because we know we can outgun PSU without showing our hand at all?

Maybe run the ball so when Narduzzi and D'antonio watch the tape they don't see crap?

But I'm sure you're smarter than our guys who get paid millions

Comment 23 Oct 2014

Hard to argue with the way Barrett spreads the ball around and the results.  It's been fun to watch this year 

There was something so satisfying about the D knowing what Miller/Hyde were going to do, doing it anyway, and having it break the will of a D.  

Brax may even be a better qb in an Auburn type of system, where it is completely reliant on 10 plays or so.  I love Brax, and think we win that VT game with him, but that loss may have helped JT in so many ways

Comment 21 Oct 2014

If you had a ranking system, where would you have Ole Miss and MSU?  They both have to be top 3 since they are undefeated and 2 of the only 3 major teams left without a loss.  

If OSU beat VT, they would likely be sitting pretty at 2 or 3 right now themselves, especially with how they've looked the last month.  And people would be saying "who has OSU beaten," and they'd be right too.

Everyone falls into this trap, myself included, of saying "...is overrated" but when you look at it, they can't be.  They are undefeated, and belong in the top 5 right now.  That can and will likely change, but as of now I don't know how you argue it

Comment 10 Oct 2014

I'm not sure I follow you on Harvin vs. Watkins. Watkins put up a higher yards per average touch by more than a full yard, and both had comparable total yards

Career Florida 194 1852 9.5 19 133 1929 14.5 13 327 3781 11.6 32


Career Clemson 240 3391 14.1 27 52 339 6.5 1 292 3730 12.8 28

The big difference is Harvin had almost 3 times as many carries, so he was out of the backfield more often, while Watkins averaged 80 catches a year and was more a pure wideout

Comment 06 Oct 2014

I think it could be a signal to the sideline like when you hit your own helmet if you need a break.  Maybe it was time for his normal rotation break and he was feeling good that drive?  Maybe it's a signal that they should run the same play to the opposite side?

Likely it's a stupid gesture, but could be more haha

Comment 01 Oct 2014

Good question, and all of us being bias will likely say it will be fine.  you never know until you see the team play in it.  Usually, the "faster" team has more problems with bad weather. I think OSU has figured out how to run between the tackles even with a bear front, as Ross expertly pointed out yesterday, so I would like to say they can grind.

And we do have a mobile QB still

Comment 23 Sep 2014

I think an undefeated Nebraska is best for the conference overall.  They would be in the top 5 no matter what when conference championship week rolls around, and that would keep people in the media talking about the conference.  Additionally, a win over a top 5 team would boost anyone's resume, and could potentially make it seem like there are 3-4 really good B1G teams, moving perception up

Comment 23 Sep 2014

Absolutely we can.  A 1 loss OSU team is likely getting in unless 4 conference champs are undefeated.  If FSU losses, I'd think the B1G would get in over them (B1G was actually undefeated 3-0 against the ACC last weekend with Maryland, Iowa and Nebraska), but who knows.

Win out, and see what happens.  You can only control so much

Comment 19 Sep 2014

He never redshirted so he could potentially redshirt this year, clean up, be suspended next year, and play in 2016 I think.  I can't say for sure but we know he never had a redshirt year so maybe he could play his 5th year and miss his 3rd/4th?

Just my 2cents