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Comment 23 hours ago

There was talk of that for sure, but a good % of it was from 11w posters who get a favorite in their head and stick to that guy forever.  Multiple people said it was obvious he was better than Webb last year, yet Webb played.  they will bring up the Bell situation in 2013 as Meyer being wrong and he was wrong here, but Meyer has often pushed the right buttons. 

Fuller and Smith could be the opening day safeties, but it's more likely Webb/Fuller.  Maybe Smith gets his shot like Baker did last year and never gives up the spot 

Comment 23 Feb 2017

I mean that's true for a majority of the guys, but they certainly have taken some fliers in the past.  Malik Hooker was a no one when they started looking at him, and Darron Lee didn't have a position at all when he got onto campus.  Sam Hubbard was 6'6'' 225 and was certainly a project.  

Last year we took Gardner full well knowing he was a project, as Meyer said it himself.  

“That’s another late developer and that’s a guy that after I really studied him and our staff really studied him and got to meet him and spend time with him, look what he’s going to be like,” Meyer said. “That’s a project type body, but big and fast. Kind of if you ‘miss’ on a player, make sure you miss fast and miss big, and they usually turn into something. But once you get to know him and his family and find out he’s a tough guy, (I was) very impressed with him.”

Says he is a project body.  Of course Meyer wants to bring in 5*s everywhere and have them ready day 1, but the staff likely takes 2-3 projects on an annual basis, and some would say taking a chance on a big bodied DT is more necessary than taking a chance on the 3rd 6'4'' plus WR in one class.  I am not saying that Gardner will not be a stud here, because I sure believe he could be based on that "project body"

Anyway, I get the sentiment but there are some facts going the other way 

Comment 22 Feb 2017

Maybe he is doing his diligence and seeing if his initial love for OSU wore off, or he got caught up in the UGA hype, or a combo of both.

We always say there is no reason to rush into things, and this kid is legit 2 years away from having to sign on a dotted line (if he doesn't enroll early)

Comment 22 Feb 2017

Yea I forgot about Munger (blood clots right?).  I was going through names in my head and meant Landers.  Hamilton was an etc but not on purpose as he played extremely well.

Anyway, the 'project' would have been a guy who is 6'2'' 330 lbs, who has some bad fat and can drop 20 lbs, I think.  Not a guy who is 6'3'' 275

Anyway, thanks for the correction 

Comment 22 Feb 2017

I actually brought this up at the end of last cycle.  OSU took a 3rd WR and an OT in the last week last cycle.  I figured the 2017 class was a perfect opportunity to bring in a project DT.  There is no chance he will be needed in 2017, with Hill Munger Sprinkle Jones etc. etc. etc. already at DT (not including Holmes Bosa on passing downs), so he would have a chance to RS without problem.  I guess the same proposition applies in 2018, although there will be much less proven bodies on the DL likely in 2018 (assuming Lewis, Hubbard, Holmes Sprinkle and Hill are all gone)

Comment 22 Feb 2017

No one talks about the officiating because the losing team always bitches about it.  

This is an Ohio board and I get it, but Lebron took the series to 6 games in 2015 primarily due to the Warriors playing like crap.  Of course some of that is due to the Cavs playing well, but that was the series where people said "Delly" was the way to stop Curry, and now 2 years later people realize that was just Curry missing shots, not Delly 'shutting him down'. 

Last year I think the Cavs won because Curry was injured.  I do not think they were the better team.  I am a Rockets fan and dislike the Warriors more than most, so that is my non-bias opinion on the situations

Comment 16 Feb 2017


Thomas will visit Cincinnati this coming Saturday and then head to Ohio State on Sunday. He has a trip scheduled with Pittsburgh for Feb. 25.

Looks like he will be on Campus this weekend.  May leave with an offer

Comment 16 Feb 2017

I'm not sure how that feeds into his low shooting percentage. Lebron is historically a good FG% guy, and was not in that series. He plays 40+ minutes a game in every big playoff game.  

Lebron wouldn't have gotten all those great numbers if he had the other guys on the floor.  It's kind of a circular argument.  The fact is he show below 40% from the field, well below his normal %s

Comment 16 Feb 2017

LBJ shot pretty badly from the field in the 2015 Finals.  His numbers were very good, but he was not shooting well. Didn't shoot 40% for the series and only shot 69% from the line.  

I will take Jordan because although this is one of those "soft" metrics, he just wanted it more.  And I don't say that lightly, it is just that others who talk about him, who are top 50 players themselves, admit they didn't want it as much.  

Comment 15 Feb 2017

More likely they are penalizing him for moving teams to win.  I think Lebron helped his legacy a TON by winning one after coming back to Cleveland.  If he had stayed with the Heat, and he won another one, and had 3, it has less impact since he did it with Wade/Bosh following 'the decision'

I would never pick against Jordan in anything having to do with basketball after watching a special on the 1992 Dream Team.  Other Superstars of the game said they couldn't understand how Jordan was never tired in Monte Carlo.  Jordan and the boys would go out til 3 am, then Jordan would play 18-36 holes with Daly in the morning then be ready to go for practice when other guys were complaining about being tired.  I think it was Robinson who said he was like a Terminator and never ran out of energy.  

Comment 15 Feb 2017

Not really arguing that myself.  I just think the players today are as good as they are because of those before them.  It's the same in football.

Lebron saw what Jordan did was in awe of it when he was young, and surely saw himself being able to do that himself.  Having heros in sports is what makes later players so good.  

Not sure if it was Dr. J or someone else who helped influence Jordan's game, but he absolutely took his game and modeled it at least somewhat on earlier greats.  

Lebron went to Hakeem one year to work on his post game.  that is how LBJ got to where he is, just like every other great player 

Comment 14 Feb 2017

Agreed, 5'9'' 195 is small for a full time RB.  However, Dobbins is already 200, and also is there for spring lifting, so will probably be 205-210 or so be the end of summer workouts.  No matter what he isn't getting 20 carries a game this year, and I could see him being 215 in a year which is fine for his height.

Barry Sanders was 200 (and yes I realize that was the 90s and he had moves that would make Michael Jackson jealous)

Comment 13 Feb 2017

Dude, you obviously missed the entire point of the thread.  You really think i believed these kids were going to end up at Kansas?  The point was to create chat on a message board.  

I took personal offense to your personal attacks, and I still will do such.  You don't know me at all, and you called me "stupid" or "idiotic" on more than one occasion.  

I mentioned something that was picked up across the country as a story, including on this website, and mentioned how it was crazy.  You said "it's not crazy because it's a year away from signing day."  The rest of the world who follows recruiting thought it was crazy though, but Shawn Kemps Kids didn't so it's a non-story.  It was one of the biggest stories of the 2018 class so far, plain and simple.  Sorry you disagree with USA today, 247 sports etc.

Comment 13 Feb 2017

I just don't like to discourage kids before they get on campus and "pigeon hole" them.

His comment on Williams is unwarranted as well.  Williams was rated the #7 back in the country 2 years ago, and just because people thought he ran too high in the spring game his early enrollee season he won't amount to anything.  Sometimes the light turns on for people later.  Some great backs have run high, while others struggle.  He's only 5'10'' so he can't run that high  

Comment 13 Feb 2017

Dobbins is like McCall, small

I stopped reading here when I realized you had no idea what you were talking about

Dobbins is a solid 200 lbs before stepping foot into the weight room.  He will be 210 before stepping foot on the field, the same size as Dalvin Cook was at FSU as a Junior.  

McCall was listed at 174 out of high school (and started in the fall so didn't do spring lifting), JK Dobbins was listed at 200 

Comment 11 Feb 2017

Let me lend my limited knowledge.  I took the LSAT in  winter 2008 when I was working in NYC.  What I would do is do a bit of studying on your own to see where your strengths/weaknesses are.  I was scoring in the low to mid 160s before really getting down to it myself.  The problem is there isn't too much further up to go if you catch my drift.

i did a weekend power score class which was so helpful for the logic games which was one of the areas I wasn't attacking correctly.  

When I took the test I got a perfect score on the games (had never done that on practice tests) but surprisingly did poorly on reading comp (had never missed more than 4 on a practice section and missed 10 on one on test day due to one bad passage for me where it sapped time my mental energy and my score.  The section was on an Asian women who turned poems into plays or something.  

Powerscore has great books and phenom teachers at their courses.  The weekend one may be all you need as if you add 5 points or so you're golden 

Comment 09 Feb 2017

Once again missing the point.  I enjoyed the banter, but certainly never got riled up enough for a tantrum.  A difference of opinions is not a tantrum.  Name calling is usually a hallmark of one though

The point of the attorney comment is you lacked the evidence to prove a point, so you just moved to other ones.  I provided multiple sources for why it was a story and people were talking about it when you argued to the contrary.  

I shouldn't have put my last line in because now I don't get more responses :(

Comment 09 Feb 2017


definition - an uncontrolled outburst of anger and frustration, typically in a young child.

Only one of us cursed and called the other one stupid on multiple occasions

I brought this point up before any of the national websites caught news of it, and then it was covered in either a Hurry up or Skull Session on this website, so obviously people think it was a big enough deal to report on it.  Sorry again you don't understand that

I never said relationships mean nothing, so please point that out to me in where you are psycho analyzing me.  I said hypothetically that a coach from Ohio who would go to a perennial losing program as an assistant would never pull 2 of the top guys in the state with him, no matter when in the process.  That is true, as I cannot recall a time where that ever happened (the closest would probably be Kentucky getting some good kids in Ohio the last few years, but once again they haven't gotten guys who really had interest from OSU, which isn't the case here).  

I have really only responded the last couple times to watch you blow up.  It is entertaining to me on a semi-slow week, so feel free to keep this banter going.  You probably wouldn't make a good attorney 

Comment 08 Feb 2017

Once again, you are making my points for me without trying.  All those reasons are why it is a big deal.  Kansas doesn't ever get top 150 recruits, much less 2 in the same week.  You said it was 'hyperbole' to say it was one of the crazier things you will see in 2018 recruiting, that to you means not really a story.  

And again, because Kansas isn't going to finish in the top 10 makes it all the more fun to look at it today, when they are.  This flying over your head is hilarious, and you resorting to name calling like a 10 year old is moreso.  I wonder which of Kemps kids this is...hopefully it has been a group of them because if it was just 1 that would spell trouble for the future 

Comment 08 Feb 2017

You said it wasn't a story, then I pointed you to 2 national websites, one that focuses on recruiting and one that doesn't, that clearly point to it being a significant enough story to report on.

Your argument keeps changing daily as you lose them one by one.  First it wasn't a big deal because HALF didn't have LSU offers, although that would mean HALF did.  Then, it's not a story because it's a year from signing day.  That's the entire reason it is a story; Kansas has a top recruiting class at any point is a story in football.  Next it won't be a story because Kansas is in the B1G 12

As I said a few posts ago, stop digging