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Comment 24 Mar 2017

To win they would probably need to be up 12 or so points after the last 3 rounds of pools today.  OSU only has 5 women who qualified I believe and a lot of the other schools had 6.  12 would give the team a fair cushion but they probably won't be able to build that up.  

Comment 23 Mar 2017

Yea every article I've seen has mentioned LBJ in the running with Westbrook Harden and Leonard.  I have said I'm a Rockets fan before so I think Harden should win it.  His numbers are extremely strong, he is playing point for the team and they'll have 55+ wins

Comment 21 Mar 2017

Or the staff chose Dobbins for OSU's offense, and wasn't willing to part with him for Akers? Not saying that happened, but there were rumors swirling that Dobbins would look around if Akers committed to OSU

Comment 21 Mar 2017

Say guys can take off X number of home games a year, and charge the consumer a lesser amount realizing the stars won't be playing every night at home.  Maybe that number goes up as you've been in the league more?  Away games play if healthy.  

Never will be able to know if a guy has an actual stomach bug or the team just wants to rest him one night 

Comment 20 Mar 2017

The quality of the kids in the program and the depth has gone down in the last 2 years.  Basically booting the kids last yer (rightly or wrongly) obviously was going to hurt the depth.  Add in that we lost the best player on the team and it doesn't look good

Comment 16 Mar 2017

You keep doing this in RB threads and it's annoying saying Dobbins isn't big enough to play RB full time and that Williams isn't any good.

Dalvin Cook weighed in at 214 at the Combine, is he not big enough to be a full time RB?  Justin Jackson for Northwestern has had over 1200 yards the last 3 seasons and weighs in at 190.  Joe Williams is 205 at Utah and ran 210 times for over 1400 yards.  

You have seen 0 real gametime of Williams outside of a spring game where you probably saw he ran upright and that was that. Eddie George ran upright too and he was fine.  D. Henry ran upright for Bama and he ran for 2000 yards 2 years ago.  

The declarations you make as factual are just completely wrong 

Comment 15 Mar 2017

I hope no one is arguing anyone is better than LeBron.  However, I think you can make the argument multiple people are having better 2016-2017 seasons than he is.  Some of that is due to his limiting minutes so he can be rested and healthy for the push, and some of it is due to guys having historically good seasons (Westbrook may average a triple double and Harden is the first player in history to have more than one 50 point triple doubles in a season).

LeBron is the best player, but I think those 2 have him beat for MVP THIS year based on looking in a vacuum this season 

Comment 14 Mar 2017

I would say Hardens team is comparable in talent to Westbrooks. Additionally the comment was primarily in reference to the Lebron should be MVP.  He is the best player in the world but is not having the best NBA season this year 

hardens team is 7 games better than Westbrook's team.  I'm a Rockets fan and obviously biased.  Harden has a better record than the Cavs and just beat them head to head with less talent.  His team is significantly better record wise than Westbrook's this year.  His defense is bad but he runs the offense completely and he does a masterful job too 

Comment 13 Mar 2017

I mean Harden is probably as valuable to his team as anyone, and his team's record is better with a worse supporting cast. 

Harden should win the thing by a large margin 

Comment 08 Mar 2017

I think Washington was recruited at SDE but was a DT in reality the whole time.  i think Sprinkle was a huge DE coming out of HS as well

anyway not unheard of and it has worked out well 

Comment 08 Mar 2017

This guy...

Maybe they intentionally took bigger DEs planning to always move them inside (Like Cornell).  No one is going to argue OSU has missed out on some DTs, but you sure make it seem that we have been run on up the middle against a lot of teams.  That would indicate 'common sense' showing me that our DT's have not played well. 

But alas, the on field results don't indicate that at all.  OSU has recruited great at WR and TE, but those 2 positions have been head scratchers.  Would you rather recruit well and not perform on the field or not recruit as well and have those guys play well in their career?

I'll take the later 

Comment 07 Mar 2017

I guess I get it, but 3 teams have made the playoffs twice or more, and OSU is one of them.  All 3 have won the national title.

OSU isn't putting way more talent into the league than Clemson or Bama.  Clemson will have a very good offensive skill group this year in the draft i would expect.  Bama is very good as we all know 

Comment 05 Mar 2017

Dude, Cardale didn't beat Alabama and Oregon, Zeke did.  I'm not saying Cardale didn't make big plays in those games, but come on.  Barrett has road wins over MSU, Michigan and Oklahoma in his career.  Cardale had no road wins of that caliber in his run.  

People look back on Cardale fondly and I do too, but take 10 minutes and go back to watch his throws.  They weren't that great on the whole.  He had a great throw to Corey Smith against Oregon that got us going, and a few good throws over the middle to Marshall against Bama (although they were high).  His throws to Devin that everyone goes gaga over in all those games were mostly underthrows.  The one against Wisky (think they second one) was perfect but the other 2 he caught weren't that great 

It takes a team to win and a team to lose.  

Comment 03 Mar 2017

Nah I think most just think JT can't throw, which is a large piece of the entire offense for sure, but so are knowing the right reads and keys for each offensive set, and knowing how the defense will react to motions etc and reading things from that.  I just don't see how you can have that unless you have done it against a number of different teams.  That seems to me a developed skill.  Maybe you can get it from practice reps but Meyer always emphasizes game reps 

Comment 02 Mar 2017

Is there someone in this entire website who thinks there is another QB who has a better handle of the offense than Barrett?  I mean that is one of the first things Meyer will look at, and I'm not sure Meyer has ever had a QB who knows the offense better than Barrett (maybe Tebow).  It's not a knock on the others, but Barrett has started like 30 games, and the others combined have 0.

Meyer may well have a QB competition in his head, but I don't think we will know about it

Comment 02 Mar 2017

I agree in principle with you.  However, Brown was never scaring teams over the top like Smith was, so the top was never taken off the defense and teams could easily slide a 2nd guy over to Brown and get him there before ball got there.  With Smith, if you took one instant too long, he was by the corner and the safety had no time to get there.

Your passing efficiency ratings are a bit bias, since if you want to use Passing Efficiency you don't usually use yardage also.  He had a PE over in 3 of his 5 starts, and he had a 123 against ND and had over 200 yards.  His QBR against Michigan was a 96, which is exceptional and against a talented team and on the road.  You chose your parameters very carefully to exclude multiple games where he was really close to both those as well (like he was right at 150 yards vs. Ill. so you said more and over 125 so you could exclude ND as well.)  I get the point, but your numbers are arbitrary and if I said 150 or more and a passing rating over 120, I have 3/5 of his starts in the category without changing almost anything 

Comment 01 Mar 2017

I would think Hill is the starter somewhere.  He really became one of the more reliable guys at year end.  Who knows though 

Comment 28 Feb 2017

But once again, that is not a reasonable shred of evidence.  JT did that when the other teams starters were in the game, and the game still mattered ie. there was pressure both on the defense and on JT.  When burrow came in, the pressure was off of him, as even if he threw 5 ints it didn't matter, and the defense was kind of just going through the motions.  

Comment 28 Feb 2017

It's not interesting logic on my part.  It's facts.  I have facts that tell me how good JT Barrett is as a college QB.  I have no facts for how good of QBs the other 2 are.  Therefore, I cannot make a judgment that the 2 unknowns are better than the 1 known.  

I said they both may be better, but we as outsiders can't "believe" other players are better when there is 0 evidence.  If you find me one real piece of valuable evidence (the spring game where there is no OL cohesiveness doesn't count) for why Burrow and Haskins should be "bet" on over JT I will listen.  The problem is you can't do that because there isn't any evidence to show that to be true.  

All those same players who said Haskins was great said that Prince would be great in the playoff game as well.  They aren't going to say "man he sucks"

Edit: and I am not saying anyone on OSU's roster sucks.  I believe Prince can be a very good tackle in 2016 and Burrow and Haskins can be great players for OSU.  

Comment 28 Feb 2017

If I was your friend I would have blasted you for those comments as well.  You believe we have 2 better QBs on the roster.  What experience do you have in evaluating quarterbacks to make that statement?  Have you been allowed access to OSU practice?  Have you watched Haskins in late night throwing sessions at the Woody?  You watched Burrow in 1 spring game, and heard Haskins was great for bowl prep.

To believe we have 2 better QBs without 1 solid shred of real evidence is asinine.  You can "think" one qb is better, but still when I ask you "why do you think that" you can't have 1 shred of solid evidence again.  

Burrow and Haskins may be better than Barrett, but there is no way anyone on this website (aside from maybe the lurker/posters who are really on the team or recruits or allowed media access) can give a real reason why either of them are better against college competition