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Comment 01 Sep 2016

McMillan closing in on Spielman's single game tackle record...

Comment 31 Aug 2016

I didn't read the article, but I disagree with going to 8 teams.  There are not 8 worthy teams every year.  4 is a decent number, at most, I could maybe somewhat be talked into 6 with top 2 receiving a bye.  But even that is a stretch in my eyes.  I am one of those that believe if you take care of your business, you won't get left out.  When you don't take care of your business, that is when you leave yourself up to debate.  There are never  rarely 8 teams worthy of playing for a National Championship.

Comment 30 Aug 2016

Easy to be Pres when your fam signs the checks

Comment 29 Aug 2016

Just took the Chargers looking like petty spoiled children to compromise.  Shitty part is, that stupid ass tactic of taking it public in the media last week, they probably think that was successful.  I lost all respect for them as an organization when they did that.

Comment 26 Aug 2016

So glad I didn't grow up a Browns fan.  I have never seen more 1st round busts, not just busts, but like high-level complete and utter misses, than the Brown.  And I am a Bengals fan, the late 90's wasn't great.  Is Joe Thomas literally the only guy that was drafted high and panned out for the Browns?

Comment 19 Aug 2016

Bo and Deion get my vote, but LeBron is definitely up there.  Jim Brown is probably a good one, but before my time as is Thorpe etc.  Going from my lifetime era only, think it has to be Bo Jackson.