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Buckeye fan born and raised in the South with Midwestern cooking and values! Despite attending a southern university (tOSU just too expensive out of state), I will ALWAYS be faithful to the Scarlet and Gray of THE Ohio State University!


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Yelling for Zeke to run faster during his 85 yard sprint through the Heart of the South and the ensuing confetti
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Braxton Miller, Joey Bosa
  • NFL TEAM: The team with the most Buckeyes
  • NBA TEAM: Lebron James
  • MLB TEAM: Ha, baseball. Good one...
  • SOCCER TEAM: Both United States National Teams

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Comment 18 Jan 2016

To be fair, don't be any of those guys. Just feeding the flames.


Comment 06 Sep 2015

Just like the announcers when Auburn nearly lost to Louisville, if they go and beat LSU in a couple weeks, everyone will forget about their struggles. It's the first week. While I agree partially with your assessment (especially of Penn State and Nebraska), if last year taught us anything, a lot can change between now and December. 

Comment 06 Sep 2015

The better question is why are you watching a show with Mark May in it?

Comment 31 Aug 2015

To be fair, they are the consensus #1 as well as the unanimous #1. But who's counting anyways?

Comment 31 Jul 2015

Take the ensuing batter with a grain of salt, my man. We all love each other, though things can get a little hostile when gents are late to the party. Keep your chin up and better luck next time!

Comment 17 May 2015

According to that above article and their website, he didn't show the "elite" talent they had come to expect of him at a camp, so they dropped him 96 spots. This is why these "rankings" can be such bologna at times.

Comment 11 Apr 2015

Hopefully the development of some of the other guys, like Schutt and Lewis/Holmes, will make this a rarer occasion this year or at least make teams choose their poison. Definitely, though, him and guys like Bennett last year can't have their effect measured by tackles. If you're linebackers are raking in tackles, it's because your DLine is doing their job.

Comment 11 Apr 2015

Though it is hard to argue not to have a safety like Bell in the top three, I think this is the year with all three linebackers up there. Between Perry, Lee, and McMillan, and having the (hopeful) growth of another dominant defensive line to free them up, I do think it'll be hard for anybody to break through that second level. 

Perry -> Lee -> McMillan -> Bell -> Powell

Comment 18 Mar 2015

As a fellow Fraternity member (Phi Gamma Delta/FIJI), I completely agree. It's always sad to see the actions of a few ruin the experience for the greater population. Just the other year down at UCF all Greek Life was suspended due to one Fraternity's stupidity. Such a shame to see the greater good of Greek Life marred by the idiocy of a few.

Comment 16 Mar 2015

I've only worn it once around my college down here in FL (sadly, it isn't a large state school where people would truly appreciate it). What I can say is that when I first got it, my roommate, who is an LSU fan and SEC homer, saw it and didn't connect the dots about the exact play, but when he read what it said, he let out a very disgruntled, "well, I'm ASSSUMING it has something to do with y'all beating 'Bama..."  He wasn't the biggest fan from what I could tell, which made it all the sweeter for me :)

Comment 02 Mar 2015

*EDIT: Looks like I should have refreshed before commenting, beat by half an hour :(

Also, it might be moreso a case of him wanting to get back out there. There is the option of look, if you continue playing football for the next couple years, you could do some serious harm to yourself. However, you have this one chance before you hang up your cleats to go out there for a few games and win a national championship with your brothers. I would jump at that opportunity if I knew that this would most likely be my last season and it wasn't a case of immediate, one more hit and you're done type of scenario.

Comment 27 Feb 2015

Having experience as a patient and from my sister as a Physical Therapist, everything I've heard is certain workouts, such as running, are truly terrible for your body and can really degrade different body parts. That said, this could definitely be huge and could lead to future applications to limit as much arthritis in the body as possible!

Comment 06 Feb 2015

I believe the gold and black were to further and obnoxiously advertise the playoffs (whose official colors are gold and black). Also, doesn't hurt in terms of them trying to squeeze out every possible dime and not having to have two sets of confetti.