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Comment 9 hours ago

While the 2007 Illinois lost was nessesary, I'm still pissed about the botched fumble call in the first half on our line 5 yard line. Should have been Buckeye football. Dammit. 

Comment 9 hours ago

I will never love Michigan but I most certainly love Rich Rod! He sucked. 

Comment 08 Mar 2017

The best part? I don't think we've seen the best out of the Buckeyes under Meyer

God I hope not. The question is will the best come in 2017, or stall until Select17 matures? Or both. 

Clemson left a bad taste in my mouth for an otherwise great season. They should hold a CFP in April too so off seasons aren't a thing anymore.  

Comment 04 Jan 2017

As with most issues, it's probably a combination of footwork/motion and coaching... JT is a seasoned veteran. His intangibles will not allow him to be passed, unless he is really really bad. And I think that's the right move. 

Comment 04 Jan 2017

If there is any silver lining it is stated above. In the case that Ohio State lost 31-27 with a defensive touchdown, the offense would just be refined over the off season. In the reality of a 31-0 dumping, the offense is now forced to be reupholstered which is already underway as of yesterday. Urban is still a wizard. Beat Indiana. (On Thursday August 31st in Bloomington. Weird.)

Comment 22 Dec 2016

I vote creepy but not unusual, as someone found Lamont Wade's name in Penn State's database before he committed. Not the first time I've seen this. Boom.

Comment 21 Dec 2016

Michigan state play was certainly clutch but I was still pissed because that game was so assy. MSU was the stupidest game of the year, with northwestern as the runner up. 

Comment 14 Dec 2016

I forgot how bad Dohrmann is. Not reading that NFL piece but it is certainly not getting good reviews.

Comment 11 Dec 2016

 was incredibly excited, incredibly nervous, and ultimately went the equivalent of 6-7 for my first year of teaching

Is that an 6-7 by Ohio State standards or a 6-7 by normal people standards?  

Comment 10 Dec 2016

Hey NavyBuck, this Army-Navy game is cherished, why is that not the case when Army and Navy play Air Force?