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Comment 22 Aug 2016

Oh I hate them all right. Maybe 'aware' would be a better word.

Comment 17 Aug 2016

I really believe that adversity lights a fire under a team, especially when said team is uber talented to begin with... I hope Houston doesn't take down the Sooners week 1. A pissed off Oklahoma team sounds like no fun to deal with

Comment 15 Aug 2016

That was my first Ohio State game! I was a wee lad. Wait, this was the game where it was like 100 degrees and it went into three overtimes, right?

Edit: After further review of the comments beneath, it was.

Comment 09 Aug 2016

The message was pretty sensible. I guess it was just more of his mannerisms. I laughed when he said he could play a series again... But maybe if Urban said that I would be ready for him to strap on up. And he said he brought cleats to Wrigley field because Gregg Maddux said the mound was slippery. I thought that just added to the bizzarity (sp). He's asked a question and he looks at gene like he didn't understand or he thinks its a weird question. Again maybe I'm the crazy one

Comment 09 Aug 2016

"Smell the grass, I can hear the cleats walking on the cement as you're coming out of the tunnel. Did I say you can smell the grass?"

Ugh he said he thought he could still play a series of college football. His eyes are weird! Play football for as long as you can Coach And then die. Maybe I'm the crazy one. I just thought the interview was bizarre and made for great television.

Comment 08 Aug 2016

If the US were to lose to Venezuala, or anyone in this tournament come to think of it, would it become the biggest upset in Olympic history? Passing Miracle on Ice?

Comment 03 Aug 2016

Urban is the man. Nooo doubt about it. Would not trade Urban for the world. But mann 5 titles is good. Also, when I hear "5 national titles" I think Alabama before I think Saban. Not that I don't care about Urban's two titles at Florida, but I wish they were here. Basically I'm just a spoiled rotten greedy Ohio State fan and I want more trophies and to be at the very top of the college football world

Comment 02 Aug 2016

I'm on the hunt for many tickets for Penn State this year if anyone has the plug. I'm not really worried about it quite yet cause were still > two months away from that game but its never too early to start looking. My ass will most definitely be in that stadium, and I certainly won't be wearing anything white