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Comment 27 Sep 2014
I see the PSU scandal in a different light. To me, it was so heinous that it was above the NCAA's head. IMHO, everyone involved should have been prosecuted and imprisoned to the full extent of the law. The NCAA should stick to keeping teams from paying recruits and trying to keep the "student" in student-athlete, at which they are failing miserably.
Comment 27 Sep 2014
Why can't they just let the season play out? If two of the top four teams look to be from the SEC, fine. But there is a TON of football to be played this season.
Comment 17 Sep 2014
Too tough to pick one. I'll go, in no order: Doss: great on and off the field Krenzel: Unreal clutch qb won a NCG. Ginn: The speed MoC: I wouldn't have picked this years ago, but the guy seems to have genuinely turned his life around and he was so great as a frosh. I love that he's trying to help people turn from a negative path.
Comment 16 Sep 2014

"What are the odds Ohio State lands Torrance Gibson or Damien Harris or both? - Silver Bullet 10

...I'd say the chances the Buckeyes land one of those two are pretty darn good. The chances they'd land them both? Also pretty good."

I'm surprised and very happy to see this!

Comment 16 Sep 2014

Seatgeek is a great idea, but very poorly executed.  I've seen C deck nose bleed tickets in the end zone priced higher than AA deck tickets on the OSU sideline receive a higher Seatgeek rating than the cheaper AA deck tickets.  It's a joke.  Search all sites on your own and choose the best deal for you.

Comment 16 Sep 2014

Watch the higher ranked teams and pray for some underdogs to pull off an upset.

Comment 16 Sep 2014
Comment 13 Sep 2014
We have Johnnie Dixon. Our Dixon, their Butt.
Comment 13 Sep 2014
On a related note, as I sit here watching the TTUN game, it occurs to me that we have the opportunity to make glorious signs for the OSU vs. TTUN game ala when Oregon played USC a few years back. Oregon's signs read "Our Dixon, Your Booty" when Dennis Dixon and John David Booty were the two QBs. We have Johnnie Dixon, TTUN has Jake Butt. Our signs should read "Our Dixon, Your Butt". Next year when we play in TSUN, they can read "Our Dixon, Ann Arbor"