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Comment 21 minutes ago

The entire thing was blown so far out of proportion.  Look at all that has happened in the NCAA since.  While I agree some punishment was necessary, what happened was ridiculous.

Welcome home TP.

Comment 25 Jul 2016

I bought some tickets and plan on taking my kids.  I did it for them, as I have absolutely zero interest in soccer.  They wanted to see some of the best players in world (who will now not be playing).  The tickets are ridiculously overpriced, especially after they added in all of the unadvertised fees.

Comment 24 Jul 2016
They are guesses, but sometimes informed guesses. Recruits do change their minds throughout the process and the CB's are just a way to attempt to track that.
Comment 23 Jul 2016
Iron Man brought the goods, no doubt. Downey was born for that role, it was a perfect fit. Suicide Squad is actually the one I'm least interested in. Looks weird and kind of cheesy.
Comment 23 Jul 2016
I'm looking forward to them. I thought BvS was great entertainment, especially the extended cut. I also like many of the Marvel movies.
Comment 23 Jul 2016
Might as well. Watching how he and Grimes interact with each other and other osu recruits/players/coaches, they seem to already be family.
Comment 23 Jul 2016

I think Grimes and Lindsey are as close to locks as possible.

Akers I am somewhat confident will be a Buckeye

Okudah somewhat confident will be a Buckeye.

That puts us at 20 for this class.  So 1 more, maybe Tufele.

Possibly a decommit before signing day and a player a bit more surprising replaces him?