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Comment 6 hours ago

I don't know if it's a factor in this case, but in general, our society has these kids (in all sports) playing and training too much.  Their bodies never get time to heal properly, especially since they are also still growing.  I could tell you crazy stories just with my nieces' soccer teams, sometimes they are on 2 soccer teams at the same time, play multiple games throughout the week, practices, outside of team training, then tournaments on weekends.  It's out of control.

Comment 20 Oct 2016

Thank you for your service and sorry to hear about your shoulder.

If I am reading your OP right, you currently have a tear(s)?  If so, if surgery is an option, I would do that then try to go without any major or addictive pain killers.  If they have to physically repair tears, I wouldn't think that any amount of rest or homeopathic solutions will ever do anything to fix it properly.

I played football for many years and the last time I went to a specialist for my shoulder, they recommended cortisone shots.  I was HOPING they would just do a surgery to fix my issues, but they said they could not.  I never went back.  The only thing that has allowed me to keep lifting weights is a spice called turmeric.  I posted a thread on here about it awhile back.  It is something to look into, it may or may not help your specific situation, but it is safe and cheap and can be bought at the grocery store. Take it with ground black pepper and coconut oil.  It's a natural anti-inflammatory.

Others things you may want to try are to look into other natural recipes and foods, kombucha tea, physical therapy, etc.  Again, if your tears need surgery to repair, there is nothing you can just take to properly repair them.  These are just suggestions to do post-surgery.

Comment 19 Oct 2016

Between that and the MSU kicker doing some goofy celebration last year, I bet Urban has nightmares about windmills.

Comment 19 Oct 2016

I agree to a point.  By the time the end of the season hits, you have a decent sampling of teams that have played each other, especially within a conference.  I'm not saying it should be impossible for 2 teams from the same conference to be in a 4 team playoff, I'm just saying that it should be rare, difficult, and require some off-the-wall circumstances.  At this point, so many things could still happen, it's not really worth discussing all of the what-if's.

Comment 17 Oct 2016

I read the book early last week, made study notes and wrote down ways to apply and practice it in my family as I went through it, and created a workbook for my family.

Early last week, our entire family sat down to read the Prologue together, discuss it, and talk about why our family wants and needs to use the system outlined in the book.  A few days later we read Chapter 1 together.  Since then, we have been practicing "No BCD" and "Intentional, On Purpose, and Skillful" behavior (Above The Line) and holding each other accountable to it.  Next we'll read Chapter 2 together and apply/practice those principles in daily life and hold each other accountable.  We'll continue to read together, discuss, and practically apply each chapter to our lives as we go.

One of the things I did with my youngest was to have her do a small workout with me on Saturday.  I created an adverse situation during the workout and watched her fight through it.  She did great and I gave her plenty of positive feedback.  I plan to do things like that, creating adversity and helping them through it.  Also, life itself creates plenty of opportunities to fight through adversity.

So far, the biggest change is in my own thinking.  I find myself thinking in a much more positive way, and catching myself when my thoughts start to turn negative and then turning them into more positive/productive thoughts.

Also, my oldest is 13, I saw a huge change in her attitude over the weekend.  A soccer game Saturday morning provided her first true test and she passed with flying colors.

Comment 17 Oct 2016

If you haven't read it yet, read Urban's book Above The Line.  It will make perfect sense why his teams have such a record.

Comment 16 Oct 2016
What these guys said above is true. It won't mean anything come the day of The Game. That said. Sometimes a bye week helps, sometimes it hurts. I truly believe Wisconsin made the most of their bye week, which speaks well of their staff and team. Their defense is great, we knew that coming in and they lived up to it. They were prepared, executed well, and flew around. Their offense was average so far this season, but they went against tendencies and added brand new wrinkles for us that they hadn't done all year. They had a brilliant game plan, executed at a very high level, and played with speed and physicality. Our halftime adjustments and our culture made the difference in the end. And our players made the plays when absolutely needed. Go Bucks!