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Comment 22 Sep 2016
I have some friends that love to cycle for both exercise and to get to work. I think it's great in the right situations. Bike paths are great. Roads with bike lanes are great. Roads with speed limits of 35 mph or less are fine. 55 mph roads with absolutely no birm = maybe legal, but STUPID decision, especially just for exercise. You are on a bike going 20 mph and don't leave a motorist going 55 mph anyplace to go sometimes. That's a 35 mph speed difference. I wouldn't setup my squat rack and bench in the middle of a 35 mph road and expect traffic to find a way around me while I workout.
Comment 19 Sep 2016

I had them off of mute for a few minutes on Saturday, I thought Gary Danielson was going to cry talking about Alabama.  I honestly wouldn't be surprised if he shed a tear.