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Comment 6 hours ago
Florida is awful. That's what gives ne hope should we play Bama, they really haven't played anyone all season. USC game 1 is by far their best win.
Comment 8 hours ago
You guys are heartless. I for one feel good that there will always be a directional school in that state up north that will hire TTUN players that leave and never beat The Buckeyes.
Comment 14 hours ago
That's my biggest beef with the NCAA, they tend to come in and carpet bomb or nuke a program instead of punishing the person or people responsible for a violation. Well, that and their inconsistency about EVERYTHING.
Comment 02 Dec 2016

I don't think it's whining.  I don't see anyone wanting us to change the rules right now and be in CCG this year over PSU.  It's never a bad thing to step back and see if something can be improved.  The questions are: Does the BIG as a whole want the best 2 teams in the CCG as many years as possible?  Do we want the best team to represent us in the playoffs as many years as possible?  If yes to those questions, how can we make the current system better moving forward?

Comment 02 Dec 2016

I'm confused.  Was this hand motion by Jimmy saying that he thought JT was that short of the line of gain on the 4th down or how many inches his schematically superior offense gained in the 4th quarter?

Comment 02 Dec 2016

I like Dobbins A LOT though, he reminds me of Zeke in the way that he runs..  Dobbins is about 2" shorter than Zeke and weighs around 200 lbs at the moment.  While he wouldn't quite have Zeke's size, he is 2 tenths faster in the 100 meter.  This kid is legit.

Comment 02 Dec 2016

I'm cool with this as long as Wash is the PAC Champ and Clemson wins in your scenario.  Everyone in the top 4 would have 1 loss or be undefeated, everyone 5 and below has 2 or more losses.  I'd have a problem putting Colorado in over Michigan or the BIG Champ though.  They would all be 2 loss teams and Michigan or BIG Champ would have a much better resume than Colorado.  And if they end up both 2 loss teams, Michigan beat Colorado.