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Comment 4 hours ago

I watched both Barrow and Wallace's games this weekend.

Barrow is an absolute monster.  If he keeps playing like this all year, he will skyrocket.  He really was the best player on the field.

Wallace has a ton of potential, but his entire offense looked out of whack.  He was running for his life many times, then it seemed like either he made some errant throws or the receiver would drop the ball when Wallace put it right in their hands.  I must have seen at least 7 dropped passes that were right on the money.  He put up some good yardage numbers throwing the ball though.

Comment 5 hours ago

For me, it's the opposite.  I have no problem motivating myself to walk down the stairs and pounding out a workout.

Sometimes though I work out of town.  After working all day and going back to the hotel, I DREAD the thought of having to drive to a packed gym and waiting on people to use weights/machines.

Comment 5 hours ago

Same here.  I workout 4 times a week.  I have made it more of a priority in my life and have had to say no to some things recently that I would normally have gone to.  The nice thing with the gym being in my basement, my kids usually come down and do a small workout with me for awhile.  So I get some time with my kids and they get to be more fit.

Comment 9 hours ago

I wasn't a part of the 1st thread, but thought I'd share. After taking 2014 off of working out for a shoulder injury, I started lifting back in January of this year.  In April, I decided to lose some weight.  I've gone from 285 lbs to 248 lbs. since then, bodyfat is at 17%.  I used an app to count my calories and eating high protein.  I measure and weigh almost all of my food, when I can't, I try to estimate the amount and log it.

Right now I've started upping my calories and trying to gain back some muscle and strength.  I'm at 3,000 /day this week.  I'm going to keep raising the calories slowly until I find maintenance level, then try to do a slow, clean bulk for awhile.  Ultimately, my goal is to get around 12% bodyfat at 245 lbs.

Comment 30 Aug 2015
Had some homework fun with my oldest daughter the other night. It sucks putting in 12 hours at work, taking the kids to their activities, then having to try to teach myself her common core math every night.
Comment 28 Aug 2015

I wore this the last 3 games of last season.  Needless to say, I'll be wearing it every gameday until we lose next, hopefully in 2025 or so.