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Comment 5 hours ago
Your mistakes are trying building your time machine/stargate at only 30' deep and with an enclosure made of 2'x2' panels? There are much better ways to construct this.
Comment 21 May 2017
Thank you for going back to the early 2000's and setting us back on the proper timeline vs TTUN.
Comment 20 May 2017
Before the 4hours even starts here.
Comment 20 May 2017
Good stuff Andrew, thank you. The last sentence means the most to me and now has me cautiously optimistic that he'll be a Buckeye. "One thing I DO know is that the Ohio State commits think Teradja Mitchell is going to commit to OSU."
Comment 19 May 2017
I know exactly what happened from someone close to both people involved. Nope, it's not my place to say anymore and I will not. Both were a bit in the wrong, but the punishment did not fit the "crime". Think how osu was treated in the media and by the ncaa for a discount on tats and kids selling their own possessions. That punishment did not fit the "crime" either.
Comment 18 May 2017

I'm a big fan of the Oklahoma and Texas programs and fanbases, they would be a welcome addition IMHO.  However, I can't help but wonder if adding more strong programs to the BIG would really help or hurt us and the conference in future playoffs.

Comment 17 May 2017
Yeah, ESPN is a mess and turning into another political network. Not interested in anything but their college football broadcasts anymore.
Comment 17 May 2017
I usually only catch the station during commuting hours. Not a big fan of Mike and Mike (ESPN) in the mornings. They almost never talk college football and are almost exclusively boring NFL in the fall. I enjoy Common Man and T Bone most of the time during the evening commute, especially when on the college football talk. I've caught Beanie and the occasional Speilman appearance, I enjoy them.