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Comment 02 Nov 2013

I think College Basketball games are about to get unbelievably long. Better keep the boys on the stripe after practices for some free throw shooting Thad. We are gonna need it!!

Comment 06 Oct 2013

At first I questioned Urban's decision to fake the punt, but after the defense continued to fail to stop Northwestern, I can't say that I blame him for trying it. Face it, the "D" sucked last night and it showed from the call of the fake try. It was there, punter just made a bad read and didn't take the middle. Big effort coming back "Bucks", showed me something!

Comment 10 Aug 2012

I like what I'm hearing but, if I hear or read the name Percy Harvin used one more time I'm gonna scream!!! Let it go people!! Someone will step up and be found, believe me. There is too much talent there for that not to happen. We know what Urban is looking for and we don't need to have his name used for the discription EVERY TIME!  My choice for freshman to watch for under the radar, Jamaal Marcus!! The next up and coming Ryan Shazier! Hit, stick & drive on the tackle! If you get a chance watch his high school video. Very fundamentally sound! GO BUCKS!!