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Comment 28 Jul 2014

For some reason that Iowa cover just reminds me of a 1997 Topps card. If not that, I feel like that exact setup could have been used at any time in the past 30 years for Iowa's cover and it would be totally appropriate.

Comment 28 Jul 2014

Although I'm not at all confident in it, I'm really pulling hard for an MSU victory over Oregon in the first game of the season. If that were to happen, Oregon could win the conference and the rest of its games by Nicholls State margins and still be left out so long as the Buckeyes take care of business since that would entail OSU beating MSU, who had already beaten Oregon, albeit at the beginning of the season. Regardless, I agree with your reasoning on Oregon generally, given their history and schedule.

Comment 17 Jul 2014

Though I realize this is true, part of me is optimistic this will go the way of the Nick Bosa/Bill Brasky thread. 

And he was running in work boots!

Comment 17 Jul 2014

I like this kid's style:

1. Commits to OSU, doesn't seek attention.

2. Continues working, gains 23 pounds of muscle in the offseason.

3. ??? [something something TTUN joke]

4. Profit.

Even though we don't hear much about him, that doesn't mean he won't be a scary dude. Looking forward to it.

Comment 15 Jul 2014

Thanks, man. I don't know why I decided now was the time. But that thought of becoming Texas was terrifying to me. As things ramp up toward the season (and I get through the bar exam in a couple weeks) I hope to contribute more. Thanks for this.

Comment 15 Jul 2014

First time commenting, but a long time reader. Hopefully all goes well. Anyway, a couple things from reading this article that struck me:

1) As someone said above, this is the classic Wolverine rhetoric I hear all the time from my friends who went to UM. Buckeyes are classless, cheats, have no other interests or rivalries, etc. Most of them aren't worth the time to rebuke, nor are they really all that insulting to me. 

2) As for the focus on the SEC, that is a bit concerning to me, not because I think we're losing focus as a fanbase, but because I get a sense of alienation from the B1G in general. With the recent success in recruiting, against Michigan, and, until the end of last season, on the field, the B1G matchups often don't really excite me. Sure, we may drop a game to MSU or Wisconsin now and then, and I would and do hate that, but we are consistently picked by nearly all sources to win each of those games. I wonder if that doesn't create unrealistic expectations and remove the joy from winning, even if just a little bit, when we do win those games in the conference schedule. When you consistently win, and, for right or wrong, begin to feel a step above the rest of the conference, it's easy for the fanbase to begin to shift its gaze to other opponents. Right or wrong, my desire to beat the SEC or other top teams (FSU, Stanford, Oregon, OU) is probably on par with my desire to see the Buckeyes curbstomp our old rivals up north. 

I guess my concern is that we may be getting ourselves into a Texas-type situation where, for right or wrong, we see ourselves on a different level, and that eventually comes back to haunt us in the conference and on the field. Just a thought, and hopefully not too offensive. Go Bucks and I look forward to interacting with you guys.

Quick edit: I guess I should also say that a lot of my feelings of ambivalence toward the B1G might go away if some of the teams step up and win their OOC games this year. That would probably make everyone feel better, in general, about our schedule and the matchups it provides during conference.