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Comment 17 Oct 2014
Yeah the fight involved his brother knocking a frat guy out. Robert took his brother away from the scene when the police were called.
Comment 17 Oct 2014
That's not him. He is nowhere near that fat. Dude is a beast. I thought is was standing next to a brick wall when I ran into him.
Comment 02 Oct 2014
I guess I should clarify, due to my screen name. I'm not black, that's my last name.
Comment 02 Oct 2014
As a Mississippi resident, and frequenter to the Grove, Ole Miss fans are not as racist as you'd think. I ran into just as much racism at Ohio State in undergrad. Alabama though, they are racist. They just allowed black coeds into sororities this year or last year.
Comment 18 Sep 2013

This is the first game I can think of, that I'm not too terribly upset to record and watch after work.

Comment 11 Sep 2013
Hopefully you don't receive the comments I did when I brought this up last Saturday.
Comment 07 Sep 2013

No I heard every bit of it, and I've sprained my MCL and PCL at different times, granted they felt better in a few days after rest and NSAIDs, but I also continued to compete afterwards.  I see the down votes, and I'm not a negative fan.  I just think he could be a little tougher.

Comment 07 Sep 2013

Glad Kenny G could manage, but he has obvious flaws with intermediate to deep throws. Braxton needs to man up!  He has the pain tolerance of an elementary school kid.  The knee has four major ligaments.  The ACL, PCL, MCL, and LCL. Pryor tore his PCL and still played like a boss.  Braxton sprained his MCL and looked like he was about to die on the sideline.  I love the kid, but I question his toughness in the moments that will count.  Say we play "x" SEC team and a linebacker creams him, is he going to bounce up like nothing happened, or lay there and whine?  I hope nothing but the best for him, but at some point he needs to man up and say I'm out here to dominate.

Comment 25 Aug 2013

NCAA 14 loves Armani Reeves.  He was a beast in my season, too.  You may have to reduce the time of the quarters as the numbers get embellished.  There just won't be a game where 126 offensive plays are run.

Comment 13 May 2013

Man, I was thinking the exact same person when I read through this.

Comment 26 Mar 2013

My grandpa was on his death bed during this game.  My entire dad's side of the family, minus my brother, was hovering around him in the hospital.  We were watching the game, waiting for my brother to get there so he could say his goodbyes.  He showed up and talked to my grandpa, and he literally passed away a minute later.  He was one of the biggest, staunch, and stubborn Buckeye fans I've ever met and one of the reasons I am such a huge one.  After he passed the Oden foul occurred. We were all completely dejected.  Then Lewis hit the shot and and we all screamed, my grandma was sobbing by the bed, and she yelled out, "What!? What the hell?"  One of the most amazing/awkward moments.  I give that shot to my grandpa giving God a hard time about the Bucks not winning.

Comment 13 Mar 2013

Wow, you always hear stories from the opposition about "douchiness" from him, but when is he going to learn to let things be.



Comment 20 Feb 2013

I had Brian Williams at mine.  I don't watch the news very often but he was great.  He cracked scUM jokes like he had been doing it for years.

Comment 18 Nov 2012

Florida State just rejoiced too.  Their only shot is if UGA loses to Ga. Tech then beats Bama in the SECCG. All that is contingent on FSU beating UF.  Either way I hope Ga. Tech and FSU win next week.

Comment 18 Nov 2012

I noticed that too, hopefully that gets addressed in practice.

Comment 11 Nov 2012

More SEC love.  Two one loss teams in front of them.  Georgia didn't even compete in their loss and Bama loses at home and is still sitting pretty for the national title.