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Comment 10 Oct 2010

exactly! even if bama didnt lose i thought we were in if we won out, now it is a guarantee. lets just win our games, get to the national title, and win that too. mark may can say whatever he wants. all the other schmucks can too.

Comment 08 Oct 2010

with three legitimate WR threats for IU I could see Williams and Cam dropping back into coverage from time to time like they did against the canes. guys who are that good at rushing the passer and can make decent reads in coverage of the short passing game are tough for any QB to gameplan.

Comment 29 Sep 2010

we should have started taking a knee about half way through the 2nd quarter.

Comment 25 Sep 2010

urban meyer would have downed it for a 1 yard loss, then threw it deep for 99!

Comment 25 Sep 2010

wasn't someone from tennessee talking shit ion here the other day? getting ready for 2OT against UAB!

Comment 24 Sep 2010

obviously no one knows how it will play out, but unless i read that wrong, I think your crazy. If we stay undefeated BSU has exactly 0% of ever jumping us. especially not in the coaches poll. musberger sort of hit it on the head when he said how the media thinks compared to how the coaches think. the coaches will NEVER put Boise ahead of an undefeated BCS school when it comes to the top 2 spots. i think it was herbie who also said something like that a few weeks back during gameday, that if Ohio State and Alabama both lose, they would put the next 2 undefeated BCS school above Boise.

Comment 22 Sep 2010

i dont think Pryor for Heisman goes into his actual game planning. he is going to game plan to win games ("you play to win the game"). But during these cupcake games he wont pull Pryor to early, not before he gets his 250 2-3 TDs and 50 or so rushing yards.

Comment 22 Sep 2010

I agree that JT wants Pryor to not only keep his name in the race for the Heisman, but he wants him to win it bad. Even he couldn't deny how sweet that would be after all the judgement that has been given on how he has handled him.

Comment 22 Sep 2010

I think Pryor will be in there atleast through the 3rd against EMU, which should be plenty of time to get 200. Even if they are emphasizing the run, Then once Big Ten play starts I think he will be out there the entire game, even against Indiana and Illinois. And, as they say above, since they are leaning more towards the pass in big situations, I think he is capable of 200 yards games each week this season. He probably had the ability to do it last year too, he just wasn't given as much freedom. I say he breaks the record!

Comment 20 Sep 2010

this one would have to be voted on by the football gods. good question though. i would say the college jerseys are ok to wear around, but not to a game. picture a section of saints fans in black and gold then the one guy wearing scarlet and gray.

Comment 20 Sep 2010

wow. you got me by about 1.3 secs on posting that link! weird!

Comment 20 Sep 2010

i agree that it should be Guiton over Bauserman. Manly because he can come in and the offense can be ran the same way. Also, if Braxton Miller is the future, it makes more sense to transition from Pryor to him with Guiton for a year to keep the mobility at QB instead of going from Pryor to a pocket passer to Miller

Comment 17 Sep 2010

I am still pulling for an Iowa win, but I am trying to make myself into a minor Arizona fan this year. I will be out that way for a few months for some arrrrrrrrrrrmy training and went ahead and got some tickets to the Arizona vs. USC game on Nov 13th. I would LOVE to go and see the Wildcats kick Lane Kiffins ass.

And, not knowing who would be in this class with me and assuming there would be a few football fans, I went ahead and got 4 tickets. So if anyone lives out that way and wants to go to that game, let me know.

Comment 17 Sep 2010

speaking of Pryor checking down to the backs, what happened to all these passes to Boren I was hoping to see? Out of the FB position, Homan has 1 catch for 7 yards. I was pretty excited about getting Boren involved in the offense a little. Did something happen that I don't know about? Or is it play calling/not getting open?