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Born & raised in the Cleveland area, favorite Buckeye player of all time is Tedd Ginn jr.


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Comment 03 Mar 2014

It really does get cloudy once you get too close to Cleveland.  Painesville in my opinion is the soul sucking devil of all places. But the rest of our state is the overall best in the union, I agree. And as I said recently, Parma is the only place where people stay stopped at a green light long enough for it to turn red again, I can report being angry daily.

Comment 22 Feb 2014

Bold statement here, but I'm gonna compare him to Jerome Bettis. I wasn't always high on Hyde's next level potential, but some of his bigger runs this year shored up my concerns about his speed and explosive ability. Hyde and Jason Verrett are my favorite players in this draft. Sadly, Roby had an off year. Before that, he was as good as Jason Verrett to me, but better in run support than Verrett. I would love to see the Browns get Bridgewater if he falls to us by some miracle. Then get Hyde. Maybe pickup Seastrunk or De'Anthony Thomas later on as change of pace kind of guys, depending on their projected draft position. Idk


Comment 17 Feb 2014

Champs at the Canton mall has had those Buckeye shoes for awhile.  They stuck out to me, but they could have done better.

Comment 30 Dec 2013

Lloyd: I like your hair, but squirrels scare me. Do you wanna go see my favorite pop machine?

Orlando: Nah I'm good bro. Thanks though. 

Comment 11 Dec 2013

CBs are still not meeting expectations

Comment 11 Dec 2013

I'm yet another in agreement about the d-line being the strength of this defense. I've heard Bennett could sneak into the 1st round if a team likes him enough. Bosa is playing like a stud as everyone expected, and although I can't find stats on this tablet to save my life, I think Spence leads the team in sacks. I've been very optimistic about the play of our d-line. The corners have to be the second best unit on defense in my opinion. I think Roby suffers from Clowney syndrome, because he would be the best DB prospect in the draft if he played up to the same level as last year. But as for Linebackers, only Shazier avoids scrutiny. And safety's are a concern. I'll join many others in saying we should end the co-defensive coordinator thing and hand Heacock a blank check. Meyer wants the defense to perform at a Ohio State level, hire the guy who set the standard. My opinion.

Comment 04 Nov 2013

AssEC: Best name so far. Thank you sir. And the biggest johnson award goes to 45HAS2

Comment 05 Oct 2013


Comment 19 Sep 2013

And I know that some of you may be thinking that Florida has passed Texas as the best high school football state, but I disagree. Robert Griffin, Johnny Manziel, Andrew Luck, & a whole lot of great players come from there. Oklahoma, Nebraska, TCU, Texas, Texas A&M, & other Big 12 Schools stay afloat on Texas talent. And who doesn't love Dontre Wilson & Kenny G?

Comment 19 Sep 2013

I keep reading here that nobody seems to think Texas would give Nick Saban complete control, I disagree with that. I honestly believe that if there was a way to do so, they would give him even more control than Bama. He's won 4 National Titles, keep in mind that Texas has 4 recognized National Titles in their entire history. (They've claimed 9, but we all know who won in 2008) At this point, just about any program in the country would jump at the chance to hire him with the exception of us, LSU, Oregon, Oklahoma & maybe a few others. And Texas has so many reasons to make this move as well. Mack Brown has fallen off, & they keep getting beaten by Oklahoma.. consistently. And could they really handle the idea of Texas A&M becoming the premier football program in the state? Because based on the plan to expand Kyle Field, I think that's what A&M has in mind. One could also argue that Saban coaches the historically preferred Texas Longhorns brand of football: Strong defense, and a great, power running game. And on Saban's part, yes Texas does have more money to offer him & his chosen staff. And Texas is still the only state with better high school football talent than the state of Florida. His recruiting base would be the biggest football hotbed in the country, & Austin Texas has more national appeal than Tuscaloosa. (They're pretty much the southern Columbus). Keeping in mind that a meeting between representatives from both sides actually took place, & that Nick Saban has previously bailed on the Dolphins, LSU, Michigan State, & Toledo, I do think that there is legitimate interest on both sides. He might not leave, but expect Texas to make a move. They have all the resources & reasons to do so.

Sorry for the long post

Comment 03 Sep 2013

If they keep Bill, I'm sure of it. Based on what we saw in New England, I have a feeling that the hackenburg to brenneman connection will cause problems in the future.

Comment 01 Sep 2013

Todd Gurley Is my favorite RB. He reminds me a lot of Trent Richardson. And although I feel they can be much over-hyped, I'm not exactly an SEC hater, so I loved Trent even before the Browns got him.

Comment 13 Jul 2013

I don't think that's too bold. Hyde almost broke 1,000 yards, but he missed 2 games & the coaches weren't sure of his ability in the beginning. He still scored 16 touchdowns. Now the coaches know what they have, he has another year in the system with Braxton who should draw more attention off him this year, and he'll most likely be a touchdown machine on what could be an undefeated team. I can see him getting in the conversation.

Comment 13 Jul 2013

I'm only 20, but I know that the record is 1-1 with the Sooners. I know some Oklahoma fans & those 2 games are the ones I'm looking forward to the most. I'm following their recruiting very closely, it looks very good for us right now. But at the same time, Bob Stoops runs a good offense. Refer to 2008 National Championship game, it won't be easy for us. Our recent recruiting class will all be seniors by then, and this years recruits will be juniors. If we keep getting explosive offensive weapons, the game should be ours. I don't like OU's defensive recruiting, I'm not sure they'll be ready to stop us. Us on the other hand, we'll have plenty on that side of the ball. Worst case scenario I think we split the series with them. I'll be at that game in Columbus, that's a promise.

Comment 13 Jul 2013

I do think about the potential of the Big 10 conference if Penn State were at full strength. Bill O'Brien I think obviously has the potential to be a top 5 (Ceiling) to top 10 (Floor) coach in the college game. Hackenburg throwing to Breneman also sounds pretty dangerous, considering what O'Brien accomplished with Matt McGloin last year & the tight ends in New England. I think that some form of punishment was warranted, but not to the extent that it's crippling the team, and especially that community. Obviously, the city of Columbus is a growing American metropolis & just a happening place in general these days. But can we imagine the economic effect on the areas around the horseshoe if our program was sanctioned to such an extreme degree? To see them back would be good for our conference. The potential 3 headed monster of Ohio State, Michigan, & Penn State is intriguing. Add in a competitive Northwestern, a competitive Nebraska, & a pretty good Wisconsin, & I think the Big 10 would be quite the respectable conference. Also the fact that Michigan State's defense is always up to par can't hurt. Put the people responsible in jail for a long time, drive out those who allowed it to happen & hold them accountable, make the school give a fair amount of financial compensation to the families involved, offer good counseling, & make sure it never happens again anywhere. But to derail an economic freight train just to look good in the public eye is uncalled for. Some scholarship losses and a bowl ban or two make sense, but it really wasn't the football program that hurt those boys. That's my opinion.

Comment 04 May 2013
Nebraska is my 2nd favorite college football team. I respect their tradition, their fans, and lots of their former players. I love their stadium a lot, I think its very neat and I've payed close attention to their expansion process. I guess that area of the country just appeals to me, something about it feels very real and simple. If I was ever an elite college football recruit, I would be waiting for an Ohio State and Nebraska offer. Then I would choose Ohio State over Nebraska in the UA game. Haha. But I think they need to get a better coach, Pelini doesn't have them were I want to see them. I root for them until they play my home team, then I wanna see us put 70 on em.
Comment 22 Feb 2013

If I'm the OSU coaching staff, I'm making Marshon Lattimore my top priority. I am a bit biased because Tedd Ginn is my favorite, & this guy seems reminiscent of him in many ways (except Olympic speed). But you can't let the top guy in your state at your schools main pipeline for talent end up at Alabama, or anywhere but OSU. But especially Bama. Raekwon is cool & all these other guys should be top 5 priorities, but if we don't lock down Lattimore we could lose Jones & Smith & Alabama will have established a presence in Glenville. We can't lose that type of momentum moving forward, it reflects badly on our focus at home.

Comment 16 Feb 2013

All Chip Kelly did was take Urban Meyers offense & make it a no huddle, up tempo offense. I notice Chip had his best years after Urban retired. Between Chris Rainy, Jeff Demps, & Percy Harvin, Florida was the fastest team in college football. The way I see it, Urban got all he needed from Chip the day that he sat down with him at Oregon to watch film. Oregon fans were pissed about that too. Some of them actually seem to think Urban copies Chip Kelly, sad really. But I guess we can let them slip since they weren't relevant until a few years ago, I don't expect them to know their history.