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Born & raised in the Cleveland area, favorite Buckeye player of all time is Tedd Ginn jr.


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Comment 05 Oct 2014

I should have done a better job being specific. I should have said that coming out of college these are problems and strengths I noticed in Justin Gilbert while watching a lot of every snap videos from some of his bigger games in college. These aren't my opinions of his play so far as a rookie, but things I noticed about him as a draft prospect.

Comment 05 Oct 2014

I see Mark Stoops leaving Kentucky. And Michigan being the ones to scoop him up makes a lot of sense to me. Stoops may not be a Michigan guy, but his Ohio roots & ability to recruit in Ohio make him a strong contender for the job. Kentucky is a stepping stone, SEC or not. They're dropping their stadium capacity from 67,000 to 61,000, that's not the sign of a destination program. Hiring SEC guys seems to be the trend at top BIG schools right now, & with Kentucky sitting at 4-1 right now, one could say he's already accomplishing more than Hoke ever did before arriving at Michigan.

Comment 05 Oct 2014

Lousiana is a pretty good recruiting area. On par with or more likely better than Ohio. But Alabama is a big challenge to LSU in-state for Miles.

Comment 21 Sep 2014
I would have stayed at 4 to take Watkins. Justin Gilbert in my opinion has great speed and good size but I'm not a fan of his coverage skills. He gives up a lot of receptions, but he also makes the most of his chances to get INTs. He has talent, but not enough for me. I would have rather waited to get Bridgewater instead of moving up for Manziel. Either that or take a CB. I'm a big Jason Verrett fan. Not as big as Gilbert, but still has good speed and much better coverage skills. Allen Robinson would have been someone to trade up for in the 2nd to me.
Comment 07 Jul 2014
You can't even blame him. He's just a teenager. We've been recruiting LB pretty good, lots of competition now. Florida develops their defensive talent pretty well, & I'll go on record to say that I think their facilities are the 2nd best behind Oregon. At least until Osu makes the inevitable upgrades.
Comment 30 Jun 2014
2 years ago, Eze tweeted about being worthless or something like that. I told him he's a hard worker who earns his way. He said thanks. I was just as excited as this dude is for a minute, I was 18. I haven't tweeted at a recruit since. I don't even follow thwm anymore, I hate having a crowded twitter feed and keep my follows to a minimum. Since then, I've gained some common sense and realized that we're interfering in people's personal lives and that's just odd to me anymore. But I've also learned the value of having my own opinion. Some of you are so quick to call this kid an asshole or tell him how stupid he is just because Ramzy's article. I think his article was more for the purpose of asking people to have some common sense, and wasn't meant to be used as the universal guidlines by wich we judge/criticize people. So have common sense and leave this kid alone. I'm pretty sure he's already figured out it's generally frowned upon to tweet at recruits by this point.
Comment 22 Jun 2014
I enjoyed that. So cheap but so good. This guy is a f***ing stud, give him more upvotes.
Comment 19 Jun 2014
I was born at a hospital in University Circle. Growing up I lived in a few houses around St. Clair- E.55th. I was lucky to move out to the suburbs, and even luckier to spend a lot of summers in Tuscarawas county. I can say that I love the Cavs, I love the Browns, & I don't care much for the Indians unless they're winning. I love Michael Symon's burger joint B-spot, they make the best burgers around. The best Chinese food is at China House on St. Clair. I get cravings for Slymans all the time. The library in downtown is a great place. Overall, there's a lot to enjoy here if you know where to go, but it takes a lot of time & patience to discover those things. I can name a lot of reasons why Cleveland is ok, i'm from here. But I can name way more reasons why it sucks. The roads are filled with potholes. With the exception of University Circle, Tremont, Little Italy & most of downtown, the whole city is a ghetto or just really run down/close to ghetto. And as mentioned before, I love our sports teams, but hate our fans. Browns fans are mostly idiotic. I do not believe Manziel is a better fundamental QB than Bridgewater, but tell that to Browns fans who for the most part, payed no attention to either one in college. I don't believe in embracing a losing culture or mediocrity. Cavs fans are better now that LeBron is gone, but they need to chill out and realize it would be great for the team & the city if he came back. Getting away from sports for a second, I'll say that I do my best to convince any remaining family of mine who live in Cleveland to move out. It's nothing but drugs, alcoholics & ignorance. Atleast that's all there is to the Cleveland I know. Columbus is so much better. After I visited Columbus the first time, I really disliked Cleveland. At the end of the day, the pro-Cleveland crowd can MOSTLY but not ENTIRELY be broken down into 2 groups: Young ghetto douche bags who refuse to admit the world outside their hood holds anything of value, & people from the suburbs who don't really know what Cleveland is all about. I feel bad for the older generation, the people who could go on for days about what a great place Cleveland used to be.
Comment 18 Jun 2014

Bo Schembechler is tied as my favorite college football coach ever even though I spent a lot of my childhood in Newcomerstown, Ohio, where Woody Hayes & Cy Young are a huge deal.

I respect Notre Dame's tradition & would be thrilled to see them join the Big 10.

I want to see Michigan make a big coaching hire after Hoke is gone, I do believe he'll be fired. And I say Michigan, it's not a big deal to me I guess.

I know a girl in Oklahoma, she's a Sooner fan. My desire to beat Oklahoma when we play them is more important to me than maybe even beating Michigan, & only second to us winning a national title. It's a personal thing..

I would like the Ohio State logo to just be a red block O, with some gray worked into it. Maybe as an outline of sorts.

I don't think college athlete's should be paid. Being that age myself, I would personally appreciate a free scholarship, a world class strength & conditioning program, & the idea that I can make the NFL or NBA if I work for it & stay coachable.


I love squirrels.


Comment 12 Jun 2014

I think that we need to get him up here for an official visit. Are those payed for by the athletic department? I'm under the impression that they are. If so, see if we can get him up here for the Michigan game instead of going to the iron bowl, where he'll probably choose to be that weekend. You show him how great Columbus is ( I was angry about living in Cleveland after visiting Columbus the 1st time), & you see if you can get a few former Buckeyes to greet him at the woody. Just bring him into the woody, have Troy Smith, Eddie George, Archie Griffin & maybe Braxton Miller waiting for him in their Buckeye jerseys. Then have Braxton hand him his very own #6 Ohio State jersey, say some corny line like "Someone's gotta pick up where I left off", & then he can take a picture with all the legends wearing his #6 jersey. That would be the recruiting picture to end all recruiting pictures, it would probably mean a lot to him. Then, we beat Michigan down with him in attendance. Also, there's a reason Cam Newton chose Florida before he messed up & got kicked out. Someone should bring that up. Right now, Cam Newton is what Auburn has going for them in my opinion. Then to seal the deal: INTRODUCE HIM TO AN ARMY OF OSU BAGMEN AT THE NEAREST WAFFLE HOUSE. #BOOM #TheGameJustChanged

I'm a pretty young guy myself, & this would probably blow my mind if I were a recruit.

Comment 08 May 2014

My only consolation in the whole utter failure that was our drafting of Brandon Weeden, is knowing that is was, indeed, a complete failure. I remember being so happy for Trent Richardson, & then getting alittle too angry when we passed on David DeCastro to take Weeden. DeCastro might not being blowing the world up for the Steelers, but his potential is vast. Pittsburgh for the most part seems like a place where all O-linemen's careers cant ascend to anything more than decent/mediocre, with the exception of Pouncey. I don't care if we go Robinson, Watkins or Evans at 4. If Bridgewater falls to us with our 2nd pick & we pass him, I just might give up unless Manziel is there at that point by some miracle, then I'll give us a chance. But in the 2nd round, Hyde would make a good combo with Tate. Unless we don't take Watkins or Evans, then we might wanna consider Allen Robinson if he's still there. I'm excited for draft day if you can't tell, s**t will be f***ed up tonight son.

Comment 06 May 2014

I'll admit I didn't read everything, the first few paragraphs then bits & pieces after that. But I remember wanting Trent more than RG3, I was probably the only one. But with our 2nd pick, I really wanted David DeCastro. And I was a big fan of Cordy Glenn in the 2nd round. Last year, I was a huge Chance Warmack fan, I wanted him pretty bad. I'm a big fan of O-Line play. You're right, we need to fix things up front. Oneil Couisins used to have me shutting off the damn tv.

Comment 06 May 2014

Can't say we didn't expect it though. It's a disappointment, but I still think we'll do ok. If there's a bright side to all this, our coaching staff can develop players. Guys like Darron Lee are stepping up, so it's not all about the 5 stars. But it sucks that a great coach like Ed Warriner doesn't get a chance to coach him.

Comment 03 May 2014

42 passes, 31 runs. Sorta hard to see a few plays, but for awhile there it looked like he ran more than he passed. It's like they saved most of his passing for the end of the video. I would say he's a better runner than Gibson & Wimbush, but only slightly better than Wimbush in that regard. Gibson & Wimbush are both better passers.

WIMBUSH: A- Passer, A- Runner

GIBSON: B Passer, B+ Runner

STEVENS: B-/C+ Passer, A Runner

Comment 03 May 2014

Wimbush looks like a much more polished passer to me, & with a QB, that always comes first. His pocket presence is better than Gibson, his accuracy is better than Gibson, & he can extend a play just as well. Wimbush is faster from what I can see, & he can juke people right out of their shoes. I would have to agree with the assessment that Wimbush is like a slower Braxton Miller, but that doesn't make him slow by any means. The only area Gibson wins out for me is size & raw potential. I want to have a top 5 class, hopefully the #1 class. Signing Gibson better helps that cause considering he's higher rated & would probably come with Damien Harris. But I'm taking Wimbush over Gibson. He's still highly rated, he's a great player, & he probably won't wait forever to commit, things like that are only hurting our recruiting class right now. I just think he's the better QB, that's what I care about at the end of the day.

Comment 26 Apr 2014

I actually think Louisiana is a great football state, & that they've produced a bit more talent than us lately. In my personal top 10 of high school talent states, we're at #6. But considering that New Jersey is the only other northern state I would put in the top 10 (#10), it says a lot about the quality of football players we produce. I believe spring football would have us at #4 in a few years. And call me crazy but Carlos Hyde reminds me of Jerome Bettis. Both big, physical running backs with under-rated speed & around the 240-250 pound range. I'm glad you've been a Hyde fan since day 1. I haven't always been the biggest believer in his potential until recently, so I give big props to you on that. It's nice to see someone stick by a player from day 1. Joey Bosa was my favorite guy in the 2012 class, but since he's already going off, I would like to come out & say that I think James Clark will make a big impact.

Comment 19 Apr 2014

I hope that never happens, you can see our history every time you look around the shoe. If it ever has to go, just build a new stadium that looks just like it, maybe with a little more capacity. #DoubleDeckSouthStands

Comment 03 Mar 2014

It really does get cloudy once you get too close to Cleveland.  Painesville in my opinion is the soul sucking devil of all places. But the rest of our state is the overall best in the union, I agree. And as I said recently, Parma is the only place where people stay stopped at a green light long enough for it to turn red again, I can report being angry daily.