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Comment 16 May 2017
Wow, and I thought I was a young Buckeye fan. Somebody who doesn't even remember anything before Meyer? That's just weird. I started in 2006 with the Michigan game personally, when I was 14. Doesn't matter if they win or lose now, 2011 was even memorable for me. My Ohio State fandom means more to me than any other because nobody ever pushed it on me, it wasn't inherited, I kinda discovered it on my own.
Comment 29 Apr 2017

It's hard to give up on the Browns, but I have a difficult time watching them at all. I might've caught two games all of last season. I love the David Njoku pick & I can't be mad at Myles Garrett. But passing Malik for Peppers? And the rest of the draft man. At this point, I'm still with the Browns from a distance, but also pulling for the Cowboys thanks to Zeke. 

Comment 19 Apr 2017
I've been binge watching JT's Youtube vs videos the past few days. I think there's been a lot of growth in his game over the past few seasons, just not enough growth in the offense around him. Our O-line = downgraded from 2013-2014. Our receivers = downgraded from 2014. Our playcalling = downgrade since 2014. I watch the game from this year vs Wisconsin, and it appears to me JT actually goes through his reads quite often. I see some growth in his game.
Comment 15 Apr 2017
I have to agree with Down East here. Boyd & Watson are both names a lot of big time programs (including us) were after during recruiting. I see nobody on their current roster that strikes me as an immediate threat to pick up where Watson left off. Clemson can still coach the hell out of receivers and D-linemen, but their ability to remain elite may be even more QB dependent than most teams.
Comment 31 Jan 2017

I heard about this earlier. I watched the games he started on Youtube, he doesn't look bad to me. But we'd be giving up a first round pick, so I would rather avoid it.

Comment 24 Jan 2017

I'm not saying he isn't an outstanding athlete, but he did have the deepest receiving corps in the nation & a decent running game to fall back on. Mike Williams looks like a can't miss WR prospect, and Jordan Leggett doesn't get enough credit for his receiving ability. That may have bolstered his stats & effectiveness considerably. 

Comment 24 Jan 2017

I love this guy. He reminds me so much of Saquon Barkley: very speedy, makes guys miss in small spaces, can go north/south or out to the edge, has some power. They're the same player, I swear. I honestly don't know why we pursued any other RB, this guy is a big play waiting to happen.

Comment 23 Jan 2017

I think Mitch Trubisky is the best QB in this draft. I think Deshaun Watson turns into a monster for the right team, but we aren't that team in my opinion. I think he's very mistake prone at thispoint in his career. We dodon't have the peices or the coaches to get the most out of him. Trubisky is pretty impressive with his decision making on the other hand, also has great size and a nice arm, good accuracy, navigates the pocket near flawlessly. Best part is he's from here and actually wants to play for us. 

Comment 08 Jan 2017

I was surprised at first, but maybe it's not so crazy. Big, strong guy with functional speed, proved against OU he can make some contested catches. There's a lot to work with there if the right team takes him. Plus I think he's a pretty good blocker. I don't see him going in the top 2 rounds, but 3rd round & later he could be a steal as a #2 receiver. I really hope he ends up in New England.

Comment 04 Jan 2017

JT Barrett isn't the best passer, but I always thought he was a great fit for our offense. Our O-line regressed, the majority of our receivers failed to step up, the running game wasn't on the same level as the past 4 years, and the play calling was at times very predictable. If the rest of our offense can get it's shit together, JT Barrett can be a major asset to this team next year. He give's us more options running the ball & he can really extend some plays, just give the man some play-makers. I trust we'll be A-OK, Kevin Wilson was arguably the greatest offensive coordinator of all time late in his stint with Oklahoma. 

Comment 03 Jan 2017

Don't forget about our historic showings in the NFL draft prior to each year..

Comment 06 Dec 2016

I'll never understand how that happened either. Vonn Bell is also doing fairly well for a backup safety last time I checked. I think it's just proof that Ohio State can only beat itself in the Meyer era.