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  • SPORTS MOMENT: January 1st, 2015. (Beating Alabama)/June 19, 2016 (Cavs won NBA Championship)
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: 2011: Braxton Miller/Tyraan Mathieu, 2012: Bradley Roby, 2013-15: Joey Bosa, 2016: JT Barrett
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Comment 23 Jul 2016
For me it's James Clark. Braxton Miller only just passed Tedd Ginn as my all time favorite Buckeye. But back in 2012, James Clark was the man to me. He reminded me of Ginn. Thankfully, Clark was my 2nd favorite prospect. My first favorite was Joey Bosa. These days, I'm excited to see what KeAndre Jones can do. I'm just convinced he'll be the best outside LB of the Urban era. I can't help it, I get excited.
Comment 20 Apr 2016

I think if Zeke falls to 8, the Browns should take him. Between Zeke, RG3 & Duke Johnson, we could have a very diverse rushing attack. I've heard before that the best way to stay alive in the NFL without an elite QB is to be very good in at least one aspect of the game. For us, that can be our rushing attack. We still have to do something about that O-line though.. and the WR's. 

Comment 18 Mar 2016
I drafted with the Browns ended up with Jaylon Smith, Michael Thomas, Vonn Bell, Cody Kessler, Jack Allen, Roberto Aguayo, Tyler Matakevitch, Spencer Drango, Aaron Burbridge, & Denver Kirkland. I probably took too many O-linemen, but I saw no D-linemen or CB's that I liked.
Comment 09 Mar 2016
Oklahoma loses some important guys too. Sterling Shepard was their best receiver, Eric Striker & Charles Tapper are two big defensive contributors not coming back. I'm not sure, but I think they also lost their starting CB opposite Zack Sanchez. And people can talk about Baker Mayfield all they want, but I still think they should be giving as much attention to JT Barrett.
Comment 13 Feb 2016
To be fair, we're probably in the top 5 worst fan bases. But almost everyone here joined 11W to avoid that crowd & coversate with people who have more to say than "Go Bucks!" & "FUCK MICHIGAN!".
Comment 13 Feb 2016
We do have our 1%'ers, nobody is denying that. But with how often I see loud mouthed, obnoxious, unintelligent Bama fans, I have to assume their 1% is more like 10%. Seriously, compare them to other fan bases.
Comment 06 Feb 2016
Freschetta pepperoni pizza is pretty great to me. When I was getting baked I was cool with those $1.25 Totinos pizzas from Walmart. Lol
Comment 06 Feb 2016
As a Browns fan, the only AFC North team I hope he doesn't go to is us. Every other team in our division has a decent track record and will give him a good chance to be successful. Plus I'll get to watch him twice a year for sure, and he'll have huge games against our inept Browns. It'll be fun to watch him do well. Buckeye before Brown any day in my case.
Comment 05 Feb 2016
The Cleveland Browns asking the taxpayers for 5 million dollars is akin to a teenager who brings home straight F's on their report card every semester asking their parents for money to go to the movies. This being after said teenager already robbed the corner store and can afford to go to the movies without asking for money. My point is: the Browns are that whiney, teenage girl who ends up on teen mom. But maybe just a little bit worse.
Comment 31 Jan 2016
It's fun to see where the program is now, but Tressel's teams were the ones that introduced me to Buckeye football when I was little. I love coach Tressel for that. But I don't blame those guys for bringing him down as much as I used to. After witnessing the NCAA's handing out lesser punishments for far greater infractions in the following years, it was hard not to blame them for what happened to Tressel in my opinion.
Comment 30 Jan 2016
Based on his coaching history with LB's, I think he's one of if not the best LB's coaches in the country.
Comment 30 Jan 2016
I know it's not about winning. When I say "our playmakers", I'm referring to Vanett & Miller. He may have hit Vannett on one play, but he just looked bad out there. I could have swore he came out for the first drive of the first qtr.
Comment 30 Jan 2016
I didn't realize the north squad had Cody Kessler. We need to be playing him, he's my favorite QB in this class. Wentz clearly can't move the ball up the field & it's making our playmakers look bad.
Comment 15 Jan 2016

I saw a guy walking around in a block O t-shirt in SOHO back in August, maybe it was you. lol. We'll never know. 

Comment 14 Jan 2016

I agree. Usually I'm afraid of the Browns taking Ohio State players for fear that they'll ruin them, but Bosa is different. He's just so damn good, I really doubt he could go anywhere & not develop into a pro-bowler.