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Comment 08 Jan 2017

I was surprised at first, but maybe it's not so crazy. Big, strong guy with functional speed, proved against OU he can make some contested catches. There's a lot to work with there if the right team takes him. Plus I think he's a pretty good blocker. I don't see him going in the top 2 rounds, but 3rd round & later he could be a steal as a #2 receiver. I really hope he ends up in New England.

Comment 04 Jan 2017

JT Barrett isn't the best passer, but I always thought he was a great fit for our offense. Our O-line regressed, the majority of our receivers failed to step up, the running game wasn't on the same level as the past 4 years, and the play calling was at times very predictable. If the rest of our offense can get it's shit together, JT Barrett can be a major asset to this team next year. He give's us more options running the ball & he can really extend some plays, just give the man some play-makers. I trust we'll be A-OK, Kevin Wilson was arguably the greatest offensive coordinator of all time late in his stint with Oklahoma. 

Comment 03 Jan 2017

Don't forget about our historic showings in the NFL draft prior to each year..

Comment 06 Dec 2016

I'll never understand how that happened either. Vonn Bell is also doing fairly well for a backup safety last time I checked. I think it's just proof that Ohio State can only beat itself in the Meyer era.

Comment 06 Dec 2016

I came here to point out this exact same thing. It's like comparing Michael Jordan to Larry Bird/Magic Johnson. Michael Jordan was always great, but came to be considered the g.o.a.t after those two had retired & he surpassed their accomplishments. Saban has just been at this a bit longer, but ultimately I think Urban finishes with the better career. The bowl record in my opinion is already tipped in Meyer's favor. And if the 2017 class is any indication, Urban's recruiting is about to hit the next level of legendary. Lets also not forget a saying that's often seen everywhere: don't try to out Bama Bama. Well I'm not saying they run the same offense at all, but they took notes from us. They've switched their approach to recruiting dual threat QB's, and they run more option plays these days. Some might say they're trying to out Ohio State Ohio State on offense while still running that classic Bama defense. It's only a matter of time..

Comment 06 Nov 2016
It was my first game. I thought it was great. I clapped a lot, screaming too much makes my head hurt. Lol. But like any normal human being, I made noise when good stuff happened, cussed at the penalty flags, etc. The people behind us sat the whole game and made 0 noise. They were the only ones, but I was happy to stand up and block the view. When script Ohio makes you feel some type of way, you can't sit down, it's unacceptable. Shout out to the small section of students on the north side of the stadium, they didn't quit the whole game & even got acknowledged by Urban.
Comment 06 Nov 2016
We all love Zeke, but he belongs in the NFL. Another year and he may have missed his chance to be where he is now, doing what he is now, and also a shot to break records now & in the future. I feel like Mike Weber is basically Zeke without the break away speed and the hurdle.
Comment 30 Oct 2016
Yeah I was really surprised to not see Erik Smith in the mix earlier this year. I always thought he had a promising freshmen year, and he's since fell off the face of the earth.
Comment 23 Oct 2016
This just reminds me so much of what some analysts were saying about Vonn Miller before he was drafted. If my memory serves me right, a common narrative was to point out he "wouldn't be the next Ray Lewis". And he's not, but it sure as hell doesn't matter. The JJ Watt comparison plagued Joey Bosa, analysts criticised his game. But what got lost in the shuffle here is it's not every day a 6'6'', 275lb guy who can do back flips comes into this league with the exceptional hand usage Bosa has.
Comment 25 Sep 2016

This guy is basically me as a Browns fan, except I don't have time to watch them get their asses kicked every Sunday. I'm only watching today because I liked Cody Kessler at USC & I want to see if he flashes some NFL potential. 

Comment 19 Sep 2016

I guess for me it could be ruthlessly harassing my Oklahoma friends with OU crying Jordan memes the entire weekend. That's it for sports related trolling.

Comment 18 Sep 2016

I think you might be right. If Texas beats OU, Charlie Strong might have that job locked down for another year or two. A big requirement for coaching at Oklahoma is being able to recruit Texas, and he's as good as anyone there. If Houston wins out and fails to make the playoff, this might be the way things go down.