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Born & raised in the Cleveland area, favorite Buckeye player of all time is Tedd Ginn jr.


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Comment 24 Dec 2014
Joey Bosa is my favorite Buckeye, but after seeing how he spelled Mark May completely wrong, I'm guessing he didn't come to play school
Comment 22 Dec 2014
I know from some Instagram browsing that his son is pretty fond of Kentucky
Comment 08 Dec 2014
All I can think of is our very own 2006 Ohio State Buckeyes. We had plenty of talent too. Maybe not quite as deep as Bama, but in my opinion we were close. On defense we had a Nagurski award winner, a Thorpe award winner, a Thorpe Award semi-finalist, a top 10 NFL draft pick at DE & other D-Linemen who made NFL rosters. On offense we had a Heisman Trophy winner, 2 first round WR's, a 2nd round WR and a future solid pro in Brian Hartline. We also had a solid RB in Pittman with a future first rounder in Wells backing him up. And don't forget that Ginn also returned kicks & punts, few at the college level have ever done it better than Ginn. Special teams under Tressel were always solid & obviously the coaching too as we had The Senator. The point is we had a lot of ways to hurt opposing football teams on both sides of the ball. We were ranked the #1 team in the country the entire season & beat the #2 ranked team twice in the regular season plus some other wins against ranked competion. Strength of schedule was pretty good. In my opinion, after taking all of what I just said into account, we sure sounded like a damn superteam if you ask me. But superteam or not, we got destroyed by an underdog led by our very own Urban Meyer. QB may be a slight Issue, but Jones proved he could at least manage the game. Bama has won plenty with game managing QB's. We also happen to have a pretty nasty d-line too just like that 06 Florida squad. Yes Bama has talent, but don't underestimate our own talent, especially after all those bowl practices we get to take advantage of. I believe we have the talent in the trenches required to defeat this team, the battle in the trenches will be key.
Comment 19 Nov 2014
I don't really have anything to add to the recruiting conversation, but I just want to take a moment to thank you & the 11w staff for all the work you guys do bringing us up to date news.
Comment 09 Nov 2014
On the bright side, you'll have so much to talk about after a few nights off.
Comment 07 Nov 2014
The episode where Edgar Allan Poe out-goths the goth kids had me losing it. That and the episode about the red cow, and also the one making fun of whale wars.
Comment 05 Oct 2014

I should have done a better job being specific. I should have said that coming out of college these are problems and strengths I noticed in Justin Gilbert while watching a lot of every snap videos from some of his bigger games in college. These aren't my opinions of his play so far as a rookie, but things I noticed about him as a draft prospect.

Comment 05 Oct 2014

I see Mark Stoops leaving Kentucky. And Michigan being the ones to scoop him up makes a lot of sense to me. Stoops may not be a Michigan guy, but his Ohio roots & ability to recruit in Ohio make him a strong contender for the job. Kentucky is a stepping stone, SEC or not. They're dropping their stadium capacity from 67,000 to 61,000, that's not the sign of a destination program. Hiring SEC guys seems to be the trend at top BIG schools right now, & with Kentucky sitting at 4-1 right now, one could say he's already accomplishing more than Hoke ever did before arriving at Michigan.

Comment 05 Oct 2014

Lousiana is a pretty good recruiting area. On par with or more likely better than Ohio. But Alabama is a big challenge to LSU in-state for Miles.

Comment 21 Sep 2014
I would have stayed at 4 to take Watkins. Justin Gilbert in my opinion has great speed and good size but I'm not a fan of his coverage skills. He gives up a lot of receptions, but he also makes the most of his chances to get INTs. He has talent, but not enough for me. I would have rather waited to get Bridgewater instead of moving up for Manziel. Either that or take a CB. I'm a big Jason Verrett fan. Not as big as Gilbert, but still has good speed and much better coverage skills. Allen Robinson would have been someone to trade up for in the 2nd to me.
Comment 07 Jul 2014
You can't even blame him. He's just a teenager. We've been recruiting LB pretty good, lots of competition now. Florida develops their defensive talent pretty well, & I'll go on record to say that I think their facilities are the 2nd best behind Oregon. At least until Osu makes the inevitable upgrades.
Comment 30 Jun 2014
2 years ago, Eze tweeted about being worthless or something like that. I told him he's a hard worker who earns his way. He said thanks. I was just as excited as this dude is for a minute, I was 18. I haven't tweeted at a recruit since. I don't even follow thwm anymore, I hate having a crowded twitter feed and keep my follows to a minimum. Since then, I've gained some common sense and realized that we're interfering in people's personal lives and that's just odd to me anymore. But I've also learned the value of having my own opinion. Some of you are so quick to call this kid an asshole or tell him how stupid he is just because Ramzy's article. I think his article was more for the purpose of asking people to have some common sense, and wasn't meant to be used as the universal guidlines by wich we judge/criticize people. So have common sense and leave this kid alone. I'm pretty sure he's already figured out it's generally frowned upon to tweet at recruits by this point.
Comment 22 Jun 2014
I enjoyed that. So cheap but so good. This guy is a f***ing stud, give him more upvotes.