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Comment 19 Sep 2016

I guess for me it could be ruthlessly harassing my Oklahoma friends with OU crying Jordan memes the entire weekend. That's it for sports related trolling.

Comment 18 Sep 2016

I think you might be right. If Texas beats OU, Charlie Strong might have that job locked down for another year or two. A big requirement for coaching at Oklahoma is being able to recruit Texas, and he's as good as anyone there. If Houston wins out and fails to make the playoff, this might be the way things go down.

Comment 14 Sep 2016

From what I watched, Oklahoma has size on defense, but they struggled with tempo against Houston. I think this should bode well for us. I also think we'll be able to run the ball better than UH. Houston's running back Duke Catalon looked ok against the OU defense to me. But I think Mike Weber accelerates to top speed much quicker & hits the hole much faster than Catalon despite his top end speed being only slightly better. I actually didn't think Houston had great team speed. At some spots they're solid, & at others they're only just functional speed wise. I think our offensive attack should fare better overall against OU despite popular opinion saying we could struggle.

To me, our defense is what will make or break this game. I've told my OU friends that their offense is solid, but struggles against a physical, attacking defense. It's why they were destroyed by Clemson two years in a row, and also why Houston was able to slow them down despite having a somewhat undersized defense. I remember one play specifically where Mayfield attempted to scramble up the middle & got lit up by one of Houston's LB's. I trust our DB's to hold their own against Westbrook & Lewis, and so long as Mayfield can't consistently find Mark Andrews, we should be able to send the house at them & shut them down the same way. My only concern is if Tyquan, Hubbard & Holmes can bring to the edge of our D-line what Ed Oliver brought to the middle of Houston's. If we can shut down the edges, maybe their running game will become predictable no matter how adept they are at running it up the middle. 

Comment 12 Sep 2016
Very true. We need to force them to play from behind early. When Perine and Mixon fail to eat on the ground, they typically fall apart. Big game Bob loses his composure and calls some funky plays in this scenario.
Comment 12 Sep 2016
I've been waiting for this game for 6 years. Dated two girls from Oklahoma, one from Muldrow, one from Sallisaw, both OU fans. Both ended on bad terms, this one's personal.
Comment 11 Sep 2016
I wouldn't be so down on the rain actually. We now have experience playing in it and it generally rains harder in Oklahoma. If it rains there, both teams can kiss the passing game goodbye save for screens and such. If that happens, I know they can run the option with Mayfield and Mixon & Perine are good players. But Mixon and Perine although not the same, are still somewhat similar players. If it rains in Norman, I think we win because we have a more diverse running game and more players capable of taking a screen pass or jet sweep to the house. We also have a secondary who just showed the nation that you clearly don't want to test them in the rain. The Sooner attack becomes predictable on offense and we make them pay for passing it. On defense, they struggle to defend Houston's tempo in non inclement weather. I also don't think they have the pure speed to compete with us on the edges if the game comes down to running it. So in the words of the Temptation's David Ruffin, I wish it would rain.
Comment 03 Sep 2016

Seeing as how every O-line we've fielded under Urban Meyer has turned out great as the season went on, I agree. Recruiting & development win the day.

Comment 02 Sep 2016

I think it helps us more than it hurts us. We get to see what works against them & also what doesn't. Plus I don't think their defense is that great. Not without Charles Tapper, Dominique Alexander, Erik Striker & Zack Sanchez. They've also sucked against Clemson the past 2 years. 

Comment 02 Sep 2016

I don't ever see Mike Weber having the break away speed to get long TD's, but he has outstanding acceleration for sure. He can find the hole in a hurry & hit the second level for consistent gains. I have so much faith in this team it's insane. #11-1

Comment 23 Jul 2016
For me it's James Clark. Braxton Miller only just passed Tedd Ginn as my all time favorite Buckeye. But back in 2012, James Clark was the man to me. He reminded me of Ginn. Thankfully, Clark was my 2nd favorite prospect. My first favorite was Joey Bosa. These days, I'm excited to see what KeAndre Jones can do. I'm just convinced he'll be the best outside LB of the Urban era. I can't help it, I get excited.
Comment 20 Apr 2016

I think if Zeke falls to 8, the Browns should take him. Between Zeke, RG3 & Duke Johnson, we could have a very diverse rushing attack. I've heard before that the best way to stay alive in the NFL without an elite QB is to be very good in at least one aspect of the game. For us, that can be our rushing attack. We still have to do something about that O-line though.. and the WR's.