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Comment 22 Nov 2010

You might be right, there might not be much more to it than that. But it might be worth looking at why procedure errors were made, and why people were out of position to get penalties.

Comment 22 Nov 2010

There's an interesting debate to be had here about Tressel's responsibility as a coach. Most fans argue his first responsibility is to win football games, and therefore he should tailor the offense to Pryor's skills.

However, it Tressel promised Pryor (and one reason he committed) that he would help develop him into a QB for the next level. He does this for all players. He teaches them to be better players and better people.

The job of a college is to prepare students for their careers. By running so many different looks in the offense, he's putting Pryor in a position to try playing QB at the next level. One of the reason he gets top recruits is because Tressel knows how to put players in the NFL.

Could we run Pryor more? Absolutely. It would be easy to do. But this is one of the reasons Pryor came here, and there's no reason to betray that promise now.

I also think it gives the potential to unlock the natural gifts which he has in the passing game. Already we're seeing Pryor show improvement in accuracy and decision making. Consider what he could do next year if he continues to improve in those areas. A top level passer, top level running, and top level athlete. In the long run, Pryor has rarely lost as it is, so it’s not as if this offensive style has been costly in the loss column.

Comment 19 Nov 2010

I think this is a bit of an oversimplification.

You say: "If a team stuff's the run and blitzes outside in  on third down....."its curtains batman"

Yet he's only lost five games as a starter is ranked top 15 in every major statistical category in college football. If it were this simple to stop him wouldn't more teams be doing it? Perhaps he would win a title and Heisman elsewhere, in a more gimmicky offense tailored to his skills. However OSU's offense gives multiple looks (I form, single back, gun, pistol, etc), and will prepare him better if he hopes to be a QB on the next level.

Comment 17 Nov 2010

That's fair. For you, he just doesn't pass the eyeball test. Understandable. I guess I was just pointing out he's so over-criticized throughout the local fan base and media...and he's playing great football. Even as a big supporter of Pryor, I never would have guessed his numbers looked like this (until somebody pointed it out to me on Twitter).

Comment 16 Nov 2010

Totally agree. I'd love to see what Pryor would do with those weapons, and Smith's offensive line.

Comment 16 Nov 2010

I'd argue if you look at his numbers, he's shown consistent development and consistency to this year, where he's arguable a top 10 QB in the nation.

Comment 16 Nov 2010

That's an interesting point. Outside of Wisconsin his freshman year, we don't really see him bring the team back much. Even that drive was fairly lucky, a fumble that OSU recovered saved that game.

I would argue he hasn't had the chance very often. He would have got a ton of credit for the Texas Fiesta Bowl had the defense not let Colt McCoy lead them back. One thing Pryor often does, and doesn't get credit for, is dominate a team wire-to-wire like Oregon or Penn State last year. Obviously, credit the OSU defense for stopping ORegon last year. But also credit Pryor for out-gaining Oregon in total yards by himself.

I guess my answer would be this - when he has floundered at the opportunity? USC last year comes to mind, but it's a rare situation to be in. Again, let's not forget how he played against Texas when the game was on the line.

It seems when OSU has an all-systems-failure, he takes the fall. As the quarterback, this happens, but it's not always right.