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Comment 03 Aug 2015

Congrats sir. I used to live right outside DC as well. I live in Columbus now and you couldnt pay me enough money to go back to the DMV. Obviously there are worse places to live, but it's just so damn boring there, especially if you're in your 20s and 30s and dont have kids. And spending a minimum of about 8-10 hours a week in traffic, while only traveling about 10-15 miles each day is emotionally taxing. Everybody who lives there is from another place so there's no real civic pride or tradition to speak of. 

The sports scene in general is pretty odd. College sports enthusiasm is tepid. Support for the nats, wiz and caps is fleeting. Redskins fans are a loyal bunch but, holy hell, a lot of them are morons about football. 

You have much to be excited about

Comment 22 Jul 2015

against Michigan in 2000. John Cooper's last game at The Horseshoe. I was 12 and wearing a huge cast after breaking my wrist at a Vans skatepark. I bought my first OSU hat at the Schott that day on the walk from our parking spot in the west campus lot. The stadium renovation was half complete. The old pressbox was still there and only the east end of C-Deck was expanded. Freezing cold day, especially since I was coming up from DC and was not used to that kind of chill in November. I was kept warm by my grandpa's long john's and an Ohio State scarf that my grandmother let me wear. We sat in section 12c and the wind was howling.

The Bucks stormed out to an early lead before falling behind on a big screen pass to Anthony Thomas and a bomb from Drew Henson. Bellisari had some bad turnovers, and I remember the home crowd could always sense when he was about to throw an interception. Michigan bolted ahead to a huge lead before the Bucks cut the game to one possession in the fourth quarter. There were two 4th and 1 possessions for the Bucks; on the opening drive and on their second to last possession while the game was still in reach. They gave it to Jonathan Wells the first time and he pounded into the endzone. They ran the exact same play on the other fourth down and Larry Foote stuffed Wells and sealed the game for the Wolverines.

OSU entered that game 8-2 with an outside chance of winning the B1G. But everybody who walked out of the stadium that day knew that Cooper was finished.

I had always been a big OSU fan on account that my dad was an Alum and that his whole family was from Ohio. And even though they lost that day I knew, right then and there, that this was the place where I wanted to go after high school.

Comment 22 Jul 2015

I was at that game as well.

Most amusing story I have from that day: I was with my dad in C-Deck above one of the entrances. When OSU had sealed the outcome, a then-Fox News anchor by the name of John Kasich strolled through the tunnel with his wife on their way out of the stadium. My dad, who is a big political buff, shouted at him "Hey John, you ever think about running for Governor here?" Kasich smiled and said "That would be nice but I don't think anybody would vote for me." Funny how things turned out

Comment 21 Jul 2015

Drew Magary always does solid work with these. He always begins each summer's wyts with teams from the afc/nfc south, mostly because fans of those teams are more scarce and their email responses are lackluster compared to the fans of more established franchises. Browns, Bills, Packers, Eagles and Redskins fans produce comedic gold with their email submissions. Tampa/jaguars/panthers fans, etc...not so much

Comment 20 Jun 2015

Not surprising. We're a society, especially those of us under the age of 30, of people on pharmaceutical drugs like ritalin, adderall and prozac. We have the attention spans of goldfish and have trouble staying focused on anything for more than a few minutes at a time. When other people talk we fiddle with our smartphones and interrupt them before they complete a sentence. This effect, of people leaving stadiums early or being disengaged, is collateral damage

Comment 20 Jun 2015

If the Cavs suck then why did it take six games to defeat a seven man rotation playing with only 3/5 of their starting lineup?

Comment 20 Jun 2015

Really hope the best for him. Hope he gets a degree and has a nice career in the NFL.

With that said, I can't help but question somebody who leaves a national champion to be among teammates who don't even stick up for their QB after he gets blindsided in street clothes. Meyer's program isn't for everyone, but I hope he can find a place where he can get the attention of NFL scouts

Comment 10 Jun 2015

sorry for your loss. thanks for taking care of Sloopy

Comment 08 Jun 2015

Whenever someone uses the term "Urban Liar" I deeply root for an anvil to come crashing down on them from the sky

Comment 08 Jun 2015

Irving and Love are also sons of professional players. I'm a huge Cavs fan but this sounds like one of those awful Bill Simmons fake psychologist diatribes

Comment 07 Jun 2015

I'm not sure this Cavs team will be able to upset GS after the devastating loss of Irving. What I am fairly certain about, however, is that if, and when, a Cleveland team finally does win a title, it will happen when we least expect it. The first Cleveland team to win a title will not roll through their sports' respective playoffs like a juggernaut. Like the Red Sox of 04, the Pats of 01, Buckeyes of 02 and 14, there will come a time during the postseason when all hope will seem lost, whether it be a major injury or a seemingly insurmountable deficit. I have no doubt that whosoever breaks the curse will do so in the face of tremendous adversity

Comment 28 May 2015

When I moved to Ohio from the DC area several years ago one of the things that I noticed was how big the people are here. Not necessarily fatter, just larger. Definitely taller and certainly a lot more burly people than i was accustomed to seeing. It s easy to see why so many great athletes come from Ohio

Regardless, Like the OP said, bmi is a poor method of measurement