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Comment 27 Mar 2015

Stevie Nicks may be old as hell but SHE can still sing and is still pretty damn hot

Comment 16 Mar 2015

I'll take it a step further and say that the evolution of the helmet, which essentially turned it into a weapon, is the biggest reason for the head injuries. In the days of Gluefingers Lavelli himself, players were tough but a little more cautious when it came to using their heads on tackles because of the absence of the facemask and sturdy material on their helmet. Otto Graham, Sammy Baugh, Red Grange and countless other old-timers were still sharp into old age. You don't see that with many guys who started playing in the 70s. I think the helmets are a reason why. They provide a false sense of security for the players and they go out bashing their heads on the field

Comment 08 Mar 2015

Today was my first game at the schott in a few years. And holy hell was it bad. Everything from the play on the floor to the hilariously bad video intro on the jumbotron

The Schott CAN get loud when the team plays well. But today it was a morgue

Comment 28 Feb 2015

I know the building that houses Mama's is owned by Terry (former bar owner) so I'm not sure what will happen. But I feel bad for Too's, Bernies and O Patio. The O patio, I bar and Jimmy John's will be flattened for, literally, a square. There will be nothing where those buildings stood. They harp on this whole "bridge the campus and the community" bullshit, but you don't need a "public square" to do that. All you have to do is walk across high street. A square of nothingness isn't going to do anything

Comment 27 Feb 2015

the bars and cane's. Too's has already stated that they're done. More will follow and the campus partners, who have an awful track record as landlords, will likely fail to keep businesses in their properties

Comment 24 Feb 2015

Enough with the Dawg Pound already. The organization has completely neutered the wildness and insanity of the Browns game experience. The term Dawg Pound was synonymous with unruly behavior. The tone deaf imbeciles that run this team have repackaged it into something corny and family friendly. Because nothing screams "intimidating atmosphere" like a well-behaved live dog mascot that leads the team on the field and a zipline outside the stadium. Just retire it already. Theyve killed it

Comment 21 Feb 2015

I don't like ragging on Bollman much, mainly because he's a nice guy and has had a decent amount of success, helped us win a title, etc. I also think he's probably more suited for the NFL than college, where he wouldn't have to recruit and teach basic fundamentals to his players.

with that said, Tressel might have won 3 more titles if Warinner was his o-line coach. He's on Joe Bugel's level as far as coaching linemen. I can only imagine how good Shugarts, Adams, Brewster, Justin Boren and Boone would've been under his coaching. There are plenty of great oline coaches like Greg Studrawa and Dick Trickett but none of them have been nearly as impactful as Warinner.

Comment 17 Feb 2015

I think I speak for every Browns fan when I say F--- Haslam and the know-nothing sacks of dog s--- that run this franchise. We don't need a logo. We need an organization that wins and functions like it isn't totally dysfunctional.

I'm tired of the ownership and front office peddling that "you're the best fans in the NFL" crap when they've given us nothing to cheer for. They say "you're the best fans in the NFL" while they raise season ticket prices by 30%. They say "you're the best fans in the NFL" while they strangle the life out of tailgating and partying around the stadium, which is about the only enjoyable part of a Browns gameday. They use corny slogans like "100% Dawg Pound" and "We Bark Together" while employing an overzealous security staff that ejects people simply for standing.

This organization couldn't be any more detestable and detached from its fanbase. I often ask myself why I still root for this team. Part of it is because I love Cleveland and Ohio. But I think another part of that is because the Browns of my father and grandfather were successful, and I don't want to leave this earth without experiencing that joy. And though I really want to give this team the finger for their misgivings, I and countless other Browns fans just keep carrying on. I think it's an Ohio thing; some sort of anthropological trait with sports fans here. A masochistic love of our teams. It's something Haslam, Alec Scheiner and Kevin Griffin will profit from but never understand.

Comment 17 Feb 2015

They already had to shut this Super 8 down this past year for rampant crime and filth and the owners are under serious pressure from Franklin County to keep the hotel up to decent standards, which means that they can't just let anybody stay there, especially when they don't have ID, even if the room was paid for. It's unfortunate but it's also not the hotel's responsibility to keep these people warm. Imagine if the hotel let two people without ID stay there and those two people caused trouble or spread bed bugs (they're homeless, so it could very damn well happen). The people running that place would get sued into the stone ages. Frankly, if I'm paying money to stay in a hotel I'd prefer not to have homeless people in the next room. It's not a homeless shelter.

Comment 28 Jan 2015

I was there. A good 45,000 in Attendance and i can confirm that there was not one single f--- given for the political hacks on stage

Comment 26 Jan 2015

*Stradley and Siebert. 

Sorry I couldnt resist. I dont care if park and stradley are combined. Stradley will always be a separate and unique institution among the dorms

Comment 24 Jan 2015

What a sad fanbase. They're so upset and in denial about the one title that they let slip out of their hands that they can't even enjoy the other five that they won.

I'm eternally grateful that I'm not associated with a university and a city like Miami. I'm grateful that our fans and alumni give this team and school the support and funding that they need to be elite. I'm grateful that we have a determined and charismatic head coach and staff, unlike what Miami has with Al Golden, who, apart from looking constantly overwhelmed and terrible in dress clothes, is a pretty bad coach.

Plenty of people in Miami struggled and worked hard for what they have, especially the Cubans who escaped the oppression of their own country. But a great number of people in Miami also went down there because they fled from whatever challenges they experienced in their own states. They saw the warm weather and glamorous exterior of the city and thought their lives would be easier and that they wouldn't have to work hard. Miami is a city filled with a lot of entitled, fair weather people. They lack grit and fortitude. It's why they think the 2002 title should have been handed to them and, ultimately, it's why that still haunts them today.

Comment 17 Jan 2015

What a waste of government money. As if people like Greg Anthony are making this a scary world. Complete nonsense. We have so many problems in this country yet the authorities are worried about a man who wants to pay to have his butthole licked. Stupid stupid stupid

Comment 15 Jan 2015

These are some solid points. And it s encouraging to see him involve himself with school children.

it s not that i dont think cardale can handle himself now that hes a star. I dont know him and i dont know how he will handle this. What im saying is that there are many people who cannot handle what he has earned and that there will be new challenges that come with success, and some will come on a personal level