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Comment 14 hours ago

Dennis Dodd was already a jack-in-the-box before his latest fecal expulsion/article

Comment 15 Dec 2014

Finding good quarterbacks in this league is an extremely difficult, inexact science. The fastest way to build a strong offense is to address the line first, then get some solid receivers and then try to find qbs and rbs.

Going into the draft the browns had two stellar lineman, an all pro tight end with a history of concussions and a star wide receiver with baggage who they knew would be suspended. They added a key guard in bitonio and drafted two unheralded but capable backs late. But aside from that they neglected the awful right side of the line and didnt add quality receivers. Hoyer, as bad as he was at the end, covered many of the holes with this offense most of the season. 

Most quarterbacks are only as good as the offense around them. Im hoping this offseason the browns focus their priorities on finding more receivers and help on the line.

Comment 14 Dec 2014

Bitonio, Kirksey, Crowell, West and Gabriel and even Miles Austin were solid pickups by the front office. But there were no risks with any of those picks and, In my opinion, they blew it with the major decisions. Gilbert may turn out ok and he's getting better, but this last draft was rich in cornerbacks and I think we could've gotten an elite receiving threat AND a strong, every down cornerback without needing to trade.

Evans and Wakins, coupled with Gordon, would have prevented defenses from doubling up on receivers. Losing Mack was huge but, as I said before, there was depth (LINSLEY!!!!) to be had for a bargain and they didn't do it.

Comment 14 Dec 2014

After Hoyer was announced as the starter last week Joe Thomas said that if he had been benched it would have felt like the team was "playing for next season."

That's exactly what it looked like today. The fans were jacked up for the game but the team played like it had totally given up. Shannahan couldn't open up the playbook for Manziel because he was too busy doing coke, hanging with bieber, floating around drunk on inflatable toys and going to Cavs games to bother learning it.

Hoyer doesn't have an elite skill set. But as far as I'm concerned he proved that he could keep the team focused and compete with limited resources. Im a Browns fan so I don't want Manziel to fail either. But he looks like an albatross right now and nothing about his play today gives me confidence going forward

Comment 14 Dec 2014

Browns should have drafted mike evans or watkins with their original top 10 pick, kept their spot at 26 and taken someone on defense. They knew Gordon was in trouble and did nothing to remedy the problem. They could've also picked Cory Linsley for some depth at a bargain rate. Cundiff has been a garbage kicker for his whole career and they hung onto him. Lanning is a horrible punter who frequently gave the opposing offenses a short field. Manziel looks out of his league and Gilbert is a top ten pick playing behind Buster Skrine.

Today's game is the result of an offseason's worth of bungling by the front office. It's amazing that Hoyer went 7-6 in the toughest division in football with no depth at O-line, no legit receiving threat until week 11, a defense that, until today, had taken several games to get its bearings and awful special teams play. Oh and by the way, he had to keep looking over his shoulder whenever he threw a pick or an incompletion.

Hoyer may not be a pro bowl caliber QB but the front office gave him no help and he still kept the team from a total meltdown. If they had spent the offseason building around him I'm convinced they would've won the division.

Comment 07 Dec 2014

Seriously just look at travis' hair. It's ridiculous. Thats all you need to know about the guy

Comment 05 Dec 2014

Toledo CC was blitzing like crazy this game and he was still completing off-balance throws and moving well in the pocket. One of the most exciting games I've seen at any level in years. When all is said and done his performance will likely overshadow the rest of the state championship games this weekend.

Comment 24 Nov 2014

These are fun so I have a few more. I also attended this game. One of the coldest ive been to. 

-xbox had not yet been created. And if u wanted to play someone on a video game they had to be in the same room with you

-tickets to the game were less than $40 and were ripped upon entry, not scanned. Student tickets were marked with a hole puncher

-under armour was not yet a nationally-known brand

-Enron was still thought of as a legitimate business

-ohio stadium had its old pressbox

-text messaging was not yet available to the masses

-nintendo 64 was still making games

-a $5 beer at a sporting event was seen as astronomically expensive

-kobe bryant and shaq had one nba title

-dante booker's dad was playing college football

Comment 24 Nov 2014

-Mark zuckerberg was still in high school

-brady hoke was an assistant coach at ttun

-the votes from the 2000 presidential election were being recounted

-dial-up AOL internet was the go-to internet service

-the simpsons was still watchable

-area codes were not typically dialed on a phone unless you were making a distance call

-the RPAC was two years from even being DESIGNED

Comment 23 Nov 2014

Can we just hire the guy who does all the music at Pittsburgh professional sporting events? That guy is a boss. He plays all the deep tracks from Metallica, Black Sabbath, Megadeth, Judas Priest, A7x, etc. That stuff is timeless. Every other PA guy is an amateur compared to him

Comment 22 Nov 2014

Pray to God it's our usual scarlet jerseys. Personally I think the alternate uniforms have run their course. Unless they wanna wear the "throwback" home uniforms from 1998. I still miss those