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Comment 04 Dec 2016

Vilma and those other Miami players still cry about ONE PENALTY all these years later. As Jimmy Johnson once said after Miami lost to Notre Dame, "Never put yourself in a position where the refs decide the outcome." Miami had plenty of chances to change the outcome without the need for a penalty flag and they never could. They could have:

  • not turned the ball over five times
  • blocked will allen before he barrelled into McGahee's leg
  • taken a knee in the end zone instead of running out with an INT and having it stripped
  • gone for the win on the final possession of regulation instead of settling for a FG
  • stopped OSU on FOURTH AND FOURTEEN in overtime
  • gotten two flippin' yards on first and goal from the two yard line in the second overtime

Wish all those Miami whiners would just shut the f--- up already

Comment 30 Nov 2016

Plenty of truth in this. Being an offensive lineman is as much about tenacity and effort as it is about talent. 3 star guys play with a big chip on their shoulders, whereas someone like Prince was always told that he would be great.

And perhaps I'm being biased here by bringing this up, but the O-lines during Meyer's second and third years, which were without question THE best lines Ohio State has had this century, were all Ohio kids, some of whom were not highly rated by the scouts. There was no entitlement from them and you had guys like Boren, Baldwin and Linsley play beyond what many thought was their potential and blow defenders off the line of scrimmage. I just don't see the same tenacity and discipline from this group, which starts only two Ohioans. 

Comment 30 Nov 2016

Easily the biggest act that festival has ever booked. The overall lineup of the show isn't as stellar as in years past. I'll no doubt be buying tickets only for the day Metallica plays, and will skip probably everything before Metallica's set. 

Comment 20 Nov 2016

this all day. In addition to Buckeyes coming from what may be the most elite training program in all of college football and dominating the sport, you would think that they would want to add more buckeyes to the team, at the very least, to drum up some interest from the locals and move some jerseys and merchandise. But no. They just keep adding more players from Baylor, OK State and the Pac-12 to play in the coldest division in football. Draft five wide receivers not named Michael Thomas (56 catches 681 yards and 5 TDs) and use a first round pick on 5'10" Corey Coleman and his limited route tree. 

Prediction: Paul DePodesta will quit football and go back to baseball within two years. Sashi Brown will be gone by 2018 and probably out of football as well.

Comment 04 Nov 2016

After watching the video and reading the tmz article, my reaction to this is "meh." The indians fan would have been better to restrain himself, but after reading about how the cubs fan threatened to beat a girl with brass knuckles, im glad this piece of human waste got his face caved in

Comment 04 Nov 2016

not sure if MLB permits it, but if the Team can limit a certain number of ticket sales exclusively for Ohio residents then they should absolutely do it next time around. 

Comment 04 Nov 2016

Even with millions of dollars to their name, the players notice when they are being neglected. The support that Cleveland gave to the Cavs was inspiring, as it was for Stipe during UFC 203 and even the Monsters for their Calder Cup victory. No doubt that some of the players feel wistful when they don't receive the same support. 

Perhaps there was still a hangover from the euphoria of the Cavs championship, with fans too satiated and grateful to conjure up the bloodlust that has always marked their reputation. I also think that the Tribe's ascension was so sudden and unexpected that nobody was ready for it or believed that a title was possible. The reality is that it's probably going to take some time before fans trust this organization again after the constant fire sales and trade busts that were orchestrated by Mark Shapiro and Larry Dolan throughout the past 15 years. But the pieces are in place for this club to contend for the next few years and the prices at the park are low enough that people can throw their support at this team without blowing all their money. Fans just need to buy in.

Comment 04 Nov 2016

Doubtful. Many Michigan fans are afraid of coming to the Shoe. And OSU donors who are eligible for season tickets are doing well enough financially that they don't need to sell them. 

Comment 04 Nov 2016

As a die-hard fan of everything Cleveland that attends multiple games at the Jake each season, I was disappointed with my fellow Indians fans this year. I've never been one to criticize other fans for not packing the Jake like we did in the 90s, mainly because I understand the animus that most Clevelanders have toward Larry Dolan and former President Mark Shapiro. But it was embarrassing to see so many Blue Jays fans and Cubs fans invade the ballpark during the postseason. 

Tribe fans need to start getting it through their heads that Shapiro is gone and that Larry Dolan is little more than a figurehead around the organization anymore. Chris Antonetti did a great job assembling the roster and Paul Dolan has shown a determination to contend that was lacking from his father. I hope that next year fans can start getting behind this young club and give them the support that they deserve. And, for god's sake, stop handing money to those scumbag, criminal, loser, know-nothing, cheapskate, condescending, inhospitable, treat-the-fans-like-they-are-mentally-handicapped sons of bitches that play football (poorly) next to the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame.

I absolutely believe that the mass of Cubs fans at the Jake helped inspire the visitors during the three games that they won. Cubs fans simply wanted it more than we did and deserved the championship they got. I hope that if the Tribe is fortunate enough to be playing next October that they will get better support than they received this past month. 

Comment 03 Nov 2016

-tough one. It sounds cliche but the future looks good for these guys. 

-hard to be spiteful losing to a team that went 108 years without a title. 

-the series brought some magic back to baseball that had been lacking since the lid was blown off the sport from PEDs. 

-fans really need to get out to the Jake next year. I dont like to tell people how to use their money, but people in NE Ohio would be wise to spend their entertainment $ watching this club than that disgrace of a football team. 

-Paul Dolan runs the show now, not his penny-pinching dad. And Mark Shapiro is gone. Any ill-will towards this ownership and front office should be put to rest. 

-Joe Buck sucks

Comment 02 Nov 2016

I just wanted to say, f*** everybody in Cleveland that bought a ticket for anyof the   games at Jacobs Field and sold them to a Cubs fan. Don't ever come back to the Jake (and judging by this team's attendance, you wont). Turn in your jerseys

Comment 29 Oct 2016

Before they cut to commercial they showed what appeared to be a second, white version of buck-i-guy. Buck-i-guy now has a fanboy. I got the douche chills