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Comment 13 hours ago

There's no excuse for Anybody who purposely lives without AC. What is there even to brag about?? Anyone who does this on purpose must be a lunatic and probably smells like charlie weis' undergarments after an August scrimmage. 

I think most people who rag on cargo shorts actually like cargo shorts, and are only jumping on the anti-cargo shorts bandwagon because they are afraid of appearing uncool. 

F*** Drake

Comment 23 Aug 2016

The campus partners entity is the biggest reason that, as an alum, im starting to loathe my alma mater as an institution (not the sports teams, of course). And it pains me to say that. 

They're as stupid as they are greedy. They can't keep any businesses because they skimp on maintenance and inflate their rent prices while not realizing that, since campus population is only at an optimum 7-8 months out of the year, overinflated rent costs will lead to disaster. The bottom line is this: areas around college campuses do NOT attract enough grown and middle-age adults to maintain a constant stream of revenue year round, even in big cities like Columbus. There are fluctuations and prolonged periods of lost revenue when the student population is gone. You simply can't charge too much in rent or the business won't survive.

The gateway, which is their crown jewel on campus (LO f**king L) is a ghost town compared to six years ago, and they're struggling to fill space. The old kildare's/mcfadden's building has been empty for years and it wouldn't shock me if ugly tuna eventually suffers the same fate.  Mind you, McFadden's and Finish Line are not mom&pop businesses, and even they couldn't survive a tenantship under CP. The fact that even Eddie George, who is a multi multi millionaire with an MBA who owns multiple restaurants that are backed by a team of investors, left for grandview and basically told the campus partners to go f*** themselves, tells you everything you need to know about them and their practices. 

I like gordon gee but ill forever hate the role he played in bringing this monster to life.

When their next high street venture fails (as it is likely to do) i hope that, in a twist of irony, their offices go up in flames, and that everyone working for campus partners is banished to a lifetime of peddling real estate in the most decrepit slums of Brazil. 

Comment 15 Aug 2016

Osu vs Penn state 2003: ben hartsock clearly dropped a pass on third down that was ruled a catch and a first down, eventually leading to the game-winning touchdown. 

The interception against PSU in 2014 was also bad, as was nurenberger's field goal in that game. 

Comment 26 Jul 2016

I like DJ as much as the next guy, but skull sessions were better when they were split among the writers. I always looked forward to DJ's day because I felt that was when he brought his A-game. 

I think having to write skull sessions every day, especially during the offseason in addition to buckshots and other updates, can be exhausting and would leave most writers struggling to be fresh and witty. And too much snark (dj seems to pattern his work after the deadspin staff, mainly drew magary) can leave me fatigued. 

Comment 26 Jul 2016
  • As an alum I utterly loathe the cowards that make up the BOT at this school. Actually, the university as a whole has been falling out of favor with me for a while. Campus Partners has been destroying the university district for years, charging sky high rent to businesses that are eventually forced to relocate, and I hope the CampusParc offices are crushed by a giant Looney Tunes anvil. They won't be getting any donations from me until they change their ways. The school wastes too much money on junk that they don't need and pay crap tenured faculty members way too much. 
  • Quick cals and the 7 Nation Army stink. "Buckeye Swag" is ok but boring as all hell. 
  • My only fault with Urban is that I think he underestimates the HS talent in Ohio and holds recruiting service rankings in higher regard than he should. Recruiting is an inexact science, and while you should always look beyond your state's borders, I think that doing it too often may eventually bite him in the ass, especially if players start going to Michigan. Out-of-staters are sometimes flaky (see the basketball team) and looking to transfer if they don't get early PT. 
  • I don't think Tate Martell will finish his career at OSU. I think he's a wasted scholly. 
  • I hate when people use scUM, meatchicken or cross out the letter M. IMO Either call them Michigan or TTUN. 
  • I think college football message boards are pretty toxic and that most people on these (including myself, unfortunately) get too wound up and nasty to people that we would otherwise have decent discussions and debates with face-to-face. 
  • I'm not a huge fan of Ohio natives that live out of state, root and rep for the state teams but otherwise speak of living in Ohio like it's a prison sentence. If you can't enjoy this state that's your problem. There's Always something to do. 
  • Ticket prices to OSU games are too damn high. 
  • They keep putting the wrong types of barbells on the bench presses and deadlift/power clean/snatch stations in some of the OSU gyms. And they replaced half of the squat racks/boxes at the RPAC with these ridiculous faux smith-machine concoctions that don't really have any benefit and make all of the freeweight squatters cram the 7 remaining free weight squat racks. As a trainer and lifter these things have always been a pet peeve of mine. 
  • Im jealous that the students at osu now have fancier dorms with air conditioning. 
  • every bar on the north fourth street area of campus blows. The patrons at those bars are a bunch of MLS weenies and children that can't hold their liquor. Give me the classic dives (library, mamas, out-r-inn, stube, scholar and VC) any day of the week. 
  • I wish people would lay off the hate for Cincinnati. Divisiveness doesn't help out cause. I say this as a stone cold Cleveland fan. 
Comment 25 Jul 2016

He wouldn't have seen as much action during his first two years but a Butt/Vannett combo at TE this past year would've been stellar. and regardless of the depth chart, Baugh has been a frequent visitor to Urban's dog house since he's come to OSU. there's obviously still time for Baugh to salvage his career but at this point Butt would've been the better option

Comment 25 Jul 2016

I know this isn't popular to say, and thankfully this hasn't come back to hurt us, but: Urban should've recruited him over Baugh. Hindsight, yes. But this is a case where he gave too much credit to the recruiting services and chose the hot shot out-of-stater instead of taking a decent look at the talent in his own back yard that, even despite this anecdote, would probably have come here if offered. Baugh's career thus far has been a series of self-inflicted wounds and, frankly, he's lucky he didn't get kicked off the team several years back. Meanwhile, Butt has gotten better every year and appears destined for a solid career. But again, it hasnt hurt us (yet) so im not too upset about the way things worked out

Comment 19 Jul 2016

I can only speak for myself, but quick cals suck the sweat off of the dead man's balls. The hive was an infinitely better pregame ritual. It gave me goosebumps to hear the slow buildup of "hell's bells" and see the players locked in unity; the student section also locked in arms as the crowd noise grew louder and louder. 

Watching grown adults and drunk students fumble their way through this poor man's haka is embarassing. And nobody following along with this ritual in the crowd can do it with a straight face. It's silly

Comment 16 Jul 2016

I always laugh my ass off when people dismiss Griffin as LeBron's puppet. What he's been able to do with the roster requires accountant-level competency and strategy. Yes, he does run some of his moves by LeBron before he pulls the trigger. But the mathematical gymnastics that he's had to perform to assemble this team are far too complex for any player to comprehend. Also, the transactions to acquire Mozgov, Shumpert, Smith and Frye were Griffin's ideas, not LeBron's.

Regarding Blatt, I doubt LeBron went directly to Griffin and demanded that he be fired. I don't think he needed to. LeBron's body language made it very clear that he wasn't happy with Blatt, and it didn't sound like the other players did much to hide their displeasure with him. I think LeBron gets way too much "blame" (can people even use that term anymore after they won the title with Lue?) for getting Blatt fired when the reality is that Griffin made decision on his own after he saw the vibe with the team

Comment 09 Jun 2016

I was a serial cheater on homework and exams all throughout high school. I often conspired with my other classmates to do so, communicating with them in code during exams and stealing the answer sheets from teachers. As awful as it sounds to say, doing so helped me get into Ohio State when the school was becoming more selective with its applicants.

But I never cheated again once I set foot at OSU. You can get away with it in high school but it seemed damn near impossible to do so at OSU. You can forget about cheating when your taking a test in a crammed auditorium surrounded by TA's. And there is simply too much at risk for me to have ever been tempted to cheat on anything else. Colleges dont play around with that crap. In high school you may just get detention or an F if you're caught. Different story in higher education

Comment 30 May 2016

...they won the play-in game against the yankees. Don't know what movie you were watching.

Comment 18 May 2016

teams that reach the NBA Finals typically only face one or two excellent teams during the conference playoffs. Thats just the nature of how the league is set up. Oftentimes the 8 seed has a losing record. 

The Cavs' postseason schedule hasnt been historically daunting like OKC's but it has still included some solid teams that are no worse than what most top seeds have typically faced in previous years.

And I realize that snark was what you were aiming for in the skull session but it falls flat when the evidence points to the contrary

Comment 04 May 2016

It's very chilling that this article would come on a day when Denzel Ward's father would also die suddenly while being physically active