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Comment 27 Sep 2016

Barry Switzer and Troy Aikman are two football legends that were once both Sooners. Aikman realized that the veer offense Switzer used wasn't for him, and left for a less prestigious program but one that allowed him to play a style that would help him flourish at the next level. 

As great as OSU has looked during the last 5 games, it's clear that this offense (at least under Beck) is more likely to thrive under a non-traditional QB that is quick and elusive as opposed to a more traditional qb. 

I think he would be wise to stay of herman was still here, but it's probably best for him to explore his options under the current staff. i hope he doesnt jump to kentucky without exploring others. Maybe Pitt or another program on the rise 

Comment 27 Sep 2016

It's pretty vile. A bunch of losers and nincompoops saying things like "we only do 4 and 5 stars" and "bye felicia." 

Every fanbase has those types of people but it still grinds my gears when i see one that claims to be a buckeye fan. Social media really does bring out the worst in people

Comment 25 Sep 2016

Funny thing is that, under his hiring practice of choosing coaches based on the looks of their wives, Joe Paterno, Bear Bryant, Vince Lombardi and a host of other legends probably would never have been hired to his staff simply because their wives were not exceptionally attractive.

Comment 16 Sep 2016

I wish I couldve been more positive, since there is a lot about the nfl i love (nfl films, the draft, the playoffs, snow games). But the NFL has been alienating its core fans since Goodell has taken over. There are some things about college ball that the nfl will never be able to replicate no matter who is in charge, but many of their problems (abundance of tacky penalties, the perpetual controversies, the sterile in-game atmospheres) are self-inflicted. 

Comment 16 Sep 2016

CFB>NFL because:

  • every nfl stadium looks the same
  • the nfl and its fans seem to care more about fantasy football than the games themselves
  • roger goodell
  • too many flags in the defensive backfield
  • college football is more of an anthropological and cultural experience-Fanbases are all different from eachother and practice their own customs. Additionally, the teams themselves are a bi-product of their regions (ie-as stated earlier, LSU has players with french surnames, while many players from B1G schools have those scrabble-like eastern european surnames)
  • college football has great marching bands while nfl teams have a bunch of awkward honks playing on drumlines
  • the nfl game experience flat out blows for most of the stadiums. If you don't believe me, go to FedEx field
  • the pink jerseys and the self-fellating faux philanthropy that gushes from the nfl
  • college fight songs are catchy and fun. The nfl has "fly eagles fly." Yuck
  • my favorite pro team blows while my alma mater is a powerhouse
Comment 13 Sep 2016

Strong words from a guy that didn't play college ball. I'll never understand how guys like him, todd haley and charlie weis, who didn't play the game, can get away with acting like hard asses around their players. 

Comment 12 Sep 2016

I don't think I would have felt differently if they had won yesterday only because the Eagles are also in a transition. 

RG3 was also a captain at one point in washington before he was stripped of his title. I often wonder about how legit being a captain in pro sports really is. Keep in mind also that a big chunk of the teammates that voted on the captains are rookies and guys under 25. 

even though the browns always get tons of players i dont want, i still support them when they put on the uniform and hope i get proven wrong

Comment 12 Sep 2016

With all due respect, i will not get over that. Im tired of hearing how smart these guys are because they went to Harvard (as if their SAT scores and grades from their high school years, which is what got them into Harvard, are worth two shits in the NFL). 

And Paul DePodesta works out of california, so hes not even around the team on a first-hand basis. In a sport like football, where the success of a team is so greatly impacted by intangible human factors like locker room chemistry and player-coach interaction, i think it's lunacy to have one of your most powerful personnel men working 2300 miles away. 

Going back to rg3, did these guys in the front office watch any of his games during the last three years? Did they talk to guys in washington like chris cooley or darrell green who have been around him and have gone at length to detail his toxic personality? Did they bother to look at any stat regarding the number of hits/sacks/pressures he would typically absorb each game? 

IMO signing him reeked either of negligence or was a clear indicator that they had no intentions of being competitive this year

Comment 12 Sep 2016

Looks like the ivy league education and "analytics" data wasn't enough for the front office to recognize that rg3 is fragile and often wreckless with his body. And that, even without injuries, she smply isn't very good

Comment 31 Aug 2016

I was referring to the east and west coast states, not the southern coastal states (alabama, Louisiana, mississippi, etc). Georgia and south carolina obviously care about college ball, and florida has great players, but aside from that the states on the west coast and most of I-95 couldnt care less about college ball

Comment 31 Aug 2016

As someone who spent most of their upbringing on the east coast (mainly NC and DC) I can attest that college football truly is a game for the flyover states. People in the coastal states simply don't care about it that much, which is sad because they don't know what they're missing. Even when it's mired in controversy and corruption, nothing in american sports comes close to the passion and pageantry of college football. 

Comment 27 Aug 2016

yeah, let's not draft any players from a major football factory that is two hours away that includes many players who grew up rooting for the Browns. We'll just stick with taking players from Oklahoma State, or guys from Baylor that can never get on the field. They've all been so reliable in the NFL

Comment 26 Aug 2016

I attended the draft in radio city music hall when mingo was selected by the browns. It was probably the least talented draft since 1988.

I remember being unhappy with the selection, swearing out loud and shaking my head in disapproval as I sat in my seat. A few seconds after the pick a fan with wild orange hair who had traveled from Denmark, of all places, came up to me, and said "im sorry you guys took mingo." 

I think that was appropriate foreshadowing of his career

Comment 26 Aug 2016


I was hoping they would make a move for him when word leaked that the pats would cut ties with stork. Instead, we traded him for a fifth round pick, which will likely be wasted on another player from Baylor or OK State.

Comment 24 Aug 2016

There's no excuse for Anybody who purposely lives without AC. What is there even to brag about?? Anyone who does this on purpose must be a lunatic and probably smells like charlie weis' undergarments after an August scrimmage. 

I think most people who rag on cargo shorts actually like cargo shorts, and are only jumping on the anti-cargo shorts bandwagon because they are afraid of appearing uncool. 

F*** Drake

Comment 23 Aug 2016

The campus partners entity is the biggest reason that, as an alum, im starting to loathe my alma mater as an institution (not the sports teams, of course). And it pains me to say that. 

They're as stupid as they are greedy. They can't keep any businesses because they skimp on maintenance and inflate their rent prices while not realizing that, since campus population is only at an optimum 7-8 months out of the year, overinflated rent costs will lead to disaster. The bottom line is this: areas around college campuses do NOT attract enough grown and middle-age adults to maintain a constant stream of revenue year round, even in big cities like Columbus. There are fluctuations and prolonged periods of lost revenue when the student population is gone. You simply can't charge too much in rent or the business won't survive.

The gateway, which is their crown jewel on campus (LO f**king L) is a ghost town compared to six years ago, and they're struggling to fill space. The old kildare's/mcfadden's building has been empty for years and it wouldn't shock me if ugly tuna eventually suffers the same fate.  Mind you, McFadden's and Finish Line are not mom&pop businesses, and even they couldn't survive a tenantship under CP. The fact that even Eddie George, who is a multi multi millionaire with an MBA who owns multiple restaurants that are backed by a team of investors, left for grandview and basically told the campus partners to go f*** themselves, tells you everything you need to know about them and their practices. 

I like gordon gee but ill forever hate the role he played in bringing this monster to life.

When their next high street venture fails (as it is likely to do) i hope that, in a twist of irony, their offices go up in flames, and that everyone working for campus partners is banished to a lifetime of peddling real estate in the most decrepit slums of Brazil. 

Comment 15 Aug 2016

Osu vs Penn state 2003: ben hartsock clearly dropped a pass on third down that was ruled a catch and a first down, eventually leading to the game-winning touchdown. 

The interception against PSU in 2014 was also bad, as was nurenberger's field goal in that game. 

Comment 26 Jul 2016

I like DJ as much as the next guy, but skull sessions were better when they were split among the writers. I always looked forward to DJ's day because I felt that was when he brought his A-game. 

I think having to write skull sessions every day, especially during the offseason in addition to buckshots and other updates, can be exhausting and would leave most writers struggling to be fresh and witty. And too much snark (dj seems to pattern his work after the deadspin staff, mainly drew magary) can leave me fatigued.