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Comment 22 Jul 2012

I hate Michigan as much as the next guy but I think they will be the BIG favorite this year. I don't think they will have enough firepower to last through a brutal schedule which most is on the road but they are the favorite until they lose and are out of contention. Starting off with Bama in Texas and the 4th game of the year is at Notre Dame in a night game. Notre Dame has blown that game against Michigan the last 2 or 3 years. It's time they get payback and I honestly think they will. Michigan may start off 2-2 this season. If they lose to Sparty (I don't think they will) and lose one more in the BIG (Nebraska or Iowa) they will have the life sucked out of them before playing tOSU. If Michigan isn't as hungry for a win come the last Saturday in Novemeber as The Bucks are then tOSU will eat them alive.