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Comment 24 Jul 2015

I think this list in incomplete. I would add "M*ch*g@n Night Game" Drunk. I lived in Chicago when they hosted their first night game against ND and saw at least 4 different groups of M*ch*g@n fans passed out and/or puking in the gutter...before the game even started. Amateurs.

Comment 25 Nov 2014

It may. But I think the university is concerned with more than the legality of this jump. I do think the university is concerned with keeping everyone safe. Not only because they care about their students, but public perception would not be kind to the school if someone were to be seriously injured. I don't think the blow back would come from students, alums, and those familar with the tradition, but others outside. Simply pretending its not happening, or not attemptign real controls will not be enough

These solutions would not cover the non-students who choose to jump, which I think is one of the schools biggest concerns, as they have little to no measure of accountability on non-students.

Comment 24 Oct 2014

No, I understand. Your argument is the purpose of hazing is to earn your place within an organization. But why does this need to be done through humilation and enduring physical violence? In the case of an athletic team, why is practising hard, making the team, making plays, and being a good teammate not enough to earn the respect of your peers? What is the purpose of these extra rituals?

Comment 24 Oct 2014

I don't belive you understand the dynamics of hazing. Research shows us that hazing frequency and severity increases over time within organizations, as each subsequent generation/group trys to "out-do" the group before it. So to your point, this situation, in a vacuum, is fairly inocuous. However, young men and women at the high school and college level (who are not as morally developed as some adults) see this and copy it. But over time, each new class wants to show the younger class that they must earn they're way onto the team. And since they were hazed as freshman, they want to up the ante, till eventually the price to be apart of that team is enduring a sexual assualt (NJ) or touture (PA). 

Comment 28 Nov 2013

Scott as a student affairs professional, I completely agree with you and think what is getting lost here is what administration is worried about primarily is student safety, not lawsuits. Echoing what you said, watching students engage in something like this know that it is your job/moral duty to make sure they are safe can be nerve racking, no matter how much the students (and you) enjoy the event. I don't see this as administrations attempt to eliminate the event. I see this precautionary, nothing more.

Comment 26 Nov 2013



I was not indicating that ESPN (or any other outlet for that matter) is saying OSU would be better opponent for Alabama or FSU. What I was saying is ESPN is subtly softening its position that OSU is overrated and emphatically does not belong in the NCG.

And I think you hit the nail on the head with the "Bama vs. ND" hypefest. No one in their right mind really believed Notre Dame was going to knock off Alabama. However, ESPN coverage leading up to the game kept pushing the "Noter Dame has a chance" narrative all the way up to Corso picking them to win. Again, the chance of a competitive game is more intriguing than a blowout.

Lastly, this was not a "OSU should be in the NGC" post. It was commentary on the article and what is occurring at everyone's favorite WWL in preparation for what is now more of a possibility (in the eyes of ESPN) now that several of the other undefeated teams (more "beloved" by ESPN this season) have fell.

Comment 26 Nov 2013

This is occurring over at ESPN, as well. I think it is an example of ESPN hedging their bets. Now that it is looking like more of a possibility that OSU may make it into the NGC, it is more advantageous for ESPN to advance the narrative that OSU is a Top 2 caliber team. From a ratings standpoint, a game that features two teams that are on a equal plain is a more intriguing match-up (to the neutral fan) than a game featuring an "overmatched" opponent. I think this is especially true when one of the potential opponents is Alabama. Neutral fans need a reason to tune in, and watching Alabama "steam roll another overmatched team" is not must see TV like watching "two traditional powers" on an equal field, slugging it out.

Comment 18 Oct 2013

I agree that the report is still credible, however, the way they chose to present it in the example I cited before allows others to dismiss (and ultimately discredit in their own opinions) their reporting.

Comment 31 Jul 2013

I agree with the above comments that this video is inconclusive as to whether Hyde made contact or not. However, the victim appears to stumble backwards a little stunned after Hyde makes his move towards her. Additionally, after Hyde walks away, the girl to the victim's left looks at the victim and appears to cover her mouth with her hands in an "OMG, I cannot believe that just happened" kind of way. Again, these actions are inconclusive, but if I were a betting man, I would put my money on he made contact.

Comment 27 Jun 2013

I'll have to check out Gaslight then. Whole heartedly agree with you about Duffy's (and its counterpart, and Steelers bar, Durkins). Thanks for the info!

Comment 27 Jun 2013

Got it. I am looking to go to the Northwestern game as well. Vaughn's is a usually a good time. There is a dedicated core group that is their for every game. Although, this past year it became the Ohio University official alumni bar, so was very crowded when the teams' games overlapped. The Buckeye fans don't have a problem with the Bobcat fans, but they seem to have a problem with us.

I agree about the bars too. McGee's is a bit undergraduate-ish for me. I know a couple of people who go to O'Donovan's on Irving Park and like it. I think I am going to check that out and Gaslight next year.

Comment 27 Jun 2013

Nice. I'm near Sheffield and Diversey (we go to Vaughn's on Sheffield for all the Buckeye games). Used to live at Broadway and Wellington.

Comment 27 Jun 2013

I've been living in the Lakeview neighborhood of Chicago for 4 years now (originally from Cincy). Love this town.

One "must do" I would add is taking an architecture boat tour along the Chicago River through the Chicago Architecture Foundation. Its extremely interesting and you get to take in the city on the deck of a boat (with a brew, if you so choose). Its always one of my visitors' favorite things they do here.