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Comment 16 Jul 2013

I'm looking forward to the development of these players. Things are looking good for the future!

Ugg... stop saying that!? Why does everyone say that!? He isn't even the youngest winner... nor is he the first second year player to win it, he's the fourth.

I think everyone understands what "redshirt freshman" means. It means Manziel is the only winner who won after their first season of actually being on a gameday field, which is far different from serving on the practice team. I also understand that he wasn't even considered the starter until sometime in Aug. Tebow, Ingram, and Bradford played at least some games during their true freshman years and in some cases, even played in bowl games. Manziel was on the sidelines his entire first season. That's why he's listed as the first redshirt freshman to win the award. You can't even call him a "second year player" if you are being honest about playing for their respective teams during a season. ;) A second-year team member, but not a "player". Thus the redshirt clarification.

You are right, though. Manziel was older than Ingram by 11 days, which is pretty close.


Just curious: why does it bother you so much to see him referred to as the first redshirt freshman? It's factual, so I don't get why it matters.