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Graduated in '08. Moved to Kentucky. Now living in Colorado. I really miss the midwest and Ohio.


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Comment 11 Mar 2015

In that one slow motion highlight of Zeke's run you can obviously tell Braxton Miller is going to transfer, by his non-reaction on the sideline.

Comment 06 Mar 2015
Yea I know. I feel awesome that DJ put this in his skull session, even though he found it somewhere else.
Comment 03 Mar 2015

#7 and #11 are my favorite numbers.

#11 in baseball because that was my grandpa's favorite number.

#7 is my favorite number because of Boomer Easison, but unfortunately I had to wear #3 in high school as a QB because of a senior had #7. Therefore #3 was my go to number for the rest of my high school football years.

Also, I had to wear #3 in basketball because I #11 was too big.

Comment 28 Feb 2015
Wow. Like the OP I haven't been on here for awhile because of a trip. After reading Oh-10 post, I did some research to see what happened. Just wow! This is truly a great community! And big props to you Oh-10 and to the 11w community. You guys are all amazing!
Comment 24 Feb 2015
As much time as I spend in here during work, you would think I work for 11w. During my breaks from 11w I do some estimating for a construction company.
Comment 11 Feb 2015

Congrats on yours!

He isn't a middle aged man yet, so no he can't play and beat me in slow pitch yet.

Comment 31 Jan 2015
If anyone stops by Fort Collins, CO make sure to stop at a place called The Mayor. They have buckeyes as the only dessert. I was suspicious that the owner might be a buckeye fan when I heard he kicked out the m*ch*gan alumni club. Now after seeing Buckeyes on the menu, I am pretty confident they are. Regardless, still stop by and try one of there 100 beers on tap.
Comment 23 Jan 2015

The best there is.

The best there was.

And the best there ever will be!

Comment 20 Jan 2015

Living here in Colorado (Fort Collins) and no one cares about college football......it really sucks. Most people at work were surprised I scheduled work off at 2 in the afternoon. They all think I am crazy about home much I love college football. Most people I work with have no clue about college football. It took until the last few games of the year for CSU to even sell out there stadium. It is sad. They only care about the Broncos. I got in many debates with coworkers, claiming they would win it all this year, which my reply was always "no". I have created a hatred for the Broncos, based on the fans I deal with at work.

Off my soapbox on the Broncos.....but I do have a trade partner that is a painter and is a Bama fan. Him and I spoke about the game and how it would be close. Naturally we both supported our teams. After we won, he said there was no way Oregon would beat Ohio State. He mentioned his brother in-law went to the game and said they have never seen an opposing team just as big, strong, and fast as Bama. Sadly not many people I work with watched much of the game or even wanted to discuss it.  Thank God I have a wife that still loves to watch the championship game and talk about it every night.