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Graduated in '08. Moved to Kentucky. Now living in Colorado. I really miss the midwest and Ohio.


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Comment 21 Sep 2015
I will admit I have watched it more than what is normal for a 29 year old male. My wife was on bed rest during her pregnancy this year and I swear she watched the movie at least once a day. I will admit I like the movie though. Is 11w a carb?
Comment 17 Sep 2015

I am going to say Wilson finally breaks one for a TD. I know he didn't get the ball or looked at last week, but I feel like they will get him the ball at some point.

McMillan goes wild.

Comment 16 Sep 2015
Against one of the better teams, I ran a successful no huddle 2 minute drill to score before halftime to go up 14-7. We passed maybe 7 times a game, so doing this gave me hope the coaches would let us pass more/open it up. Nope, they stuck to running the ball and we lost. This was right when spread offense started to make an impact. We looked like Alabama and lined up I formation most of the time. So, I was really happy to run shotgun no huddle for a touchdown.
Comment 14 Sep 2015
The big trap game to me is Illinois. I said it at the beginning of the season even before mister player safety was fired. Sandwiched between Minnesota and Michigan State and it being away. I could see a sloppy game.
Comment 05 Sep 2015
Building an island cabinet, drinking a few brews, family time on Monday, and initiating my new son to Buckeye football! My son was technically at the B1G championship game (wife was 2 months prego).
Comment 05 Sep 2015
I'm pretty sure I saw Tennessee vs BG under the wnba ticker. In ESPN's defense it was Friday.