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Graduated in '08. Moved to Kentucky. Now living in Colorado. I really miss the midwest and Ohio.


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Comment 25 Oct 2014
Happy birthday! I will drink a cold one in celebration.
Comment 20 Oct 2014

I love the write up. Sports in general kick butt, because of moments like these! I am amped up just reading this!

I still remember 2 things vividly in my senior year (long time ago). My 4th game of season as the starting QB. That was the moment everything clicked - play slowed down, I was able to make my reads, feel pressure, etc. Similar to you, my team sucked and we were playing the best team in the conference. We played out of our minds, but still sadly lost. Just the feeling of the game slowing down was amazing.

2nd thing - not football related, was hitting 2 homeruns my last game of baseball ever. I have never hit a homerun before, so it was glorious!

Comment 16 Oct 2014

Nice Work! It is hard to get back it. To be honest, I am not keen on paleo or the wheat kick like most people. I love to drink milk and eat cheese too much and I love me a sandwhich. Being the endurance type athlete, no carbs meant no energy, so paleo was out. But, I really think it depend on the person and how there body responds to different foods. Everyone is different. I know a few people who cut back on gluten and it has helped with various ailments. I will admit I have a high metabolism, so I can get away with eating crap at times.

Try giving swimming a try to help your knee out a bit. Be careful with doing the butterfly, it can hurt your knee too. Swimming or biking maybe a good cardio thing to try for your knee as it gets back in shape.

They say it takes something like a month just to create a habit/routine. You can do it! Keep it up!!!

Comment 16 Oct 2014

It all depends on your body and how it responds. I can do fasting. I have too high of a metabolism to not eat every few hours.

I did a competition a few months ago to support my sister trying to lose weight and I also did a sprint triathlon at the same time. It was a 6 week, transformation challenge. I signed up to help my sister lose weight. I entered the competition training for the tri, so I was already in decent shape. I am already a smaller guy, but I added muscle and dropped to about 6% body fat at the end of the competition. Which was judge on before and afters.

Anyways, long story short, I learned that swimming with no body fat sucks and you need to listen to your body. I did cardio in the mornings and lifting at night. I consumed on average 4200 calories. I ate as much as my body could handle. A lot of meat, veggies, fruits, and beans. I basically cut out bread and cheese. Still drank milk like a champ. I limited my carbs and fats going into the last week and a half, and it was horrible. I could barely get through each workout. I had no strength or energy.

I don't believe in diets, just clean/healthier eating. I would advise to make sure to get your carbs, fats, and protein at every meal. Just my 2 cents.

Comment 08 Oct 2014
I maybe one of the few here, but I like my old country music. I liked it up until about 10 years ago. Any country nowadays is garbage. Actually I think most popular and main street music has went down hill lately. The poor kids these days and there crappy music.
Comment 06 Oct 2014

I have a feeling Danny Kanell is going to be fired this afternoon. He went against ESPN this morning on Mike and Mike. I listen to it on my way to work, even though I can't stand them.

Anyways Greeny was trying to talk about ESPN's football power index and how Miss. State is up there and SEC, blah blah blah, they beat a #whatever team, blah blah. Danny sounded annoyed and mentioned how he doesn't agree. Stated that the rankings are stupid. Went on to mention that A&M beating a then ranked South Caroline means nothing, because they shouldn't have been ranked anyways. Talked about the same thing with Miss. State, that beating a #8 LSU is a moot point, seeing how LSU isn't world beaters.

It was refreshing. I wasn't able to listen to the rest because of work. Just thought I would pass this along to everyone.

Comment 30 Sep 2014
Not sure how to do videos from my phone, but it is from an old South Park episode that makes fun of the movie day after tomorrow. Here is a link to a short snippet of where the line came from... http://southpark.cc.com/clips/155004/randys-theory