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Three time graduate of The Ohio State University. Currently, our daughter is in the eminent scholar program at OSU in a pre-med program. Our family lives in the Pinehurst, NC area. I work with the special operations community of the military and federal government. Buckeye fan to the bone and a member of our local OSU alumni association.

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Comment 11 Aug 2013

The Actions of a True Leader speak much louder than words. Roby's recent Actions are Not indicative of Leadership. He let his Team and himself down miserably. I have little doubt of his football talent, but Leadership is not all about the ball.

Comment 02 Jul 2013

Today's CFB player is too simplistic to worry about expectations, past history, or tradition.  Perhaps the coaching staff, alums, or OSU staff has the high expectations, but you give too much credit to the players as far as worrying. They care about the day to day grind, not being put on the losers list, and keeping their position coach from riding their arses. The bottom line is that the B1G senior leadership needs to be damn well worried that the SEC and what they need to do to effectively compete with that league. Right now they aren't doing too hot in that very real battle for the hearts and minds of America's fans. 


Comment 03 Jun 2013

Those who knew Pryor personally saw him as a selfish, self centered prima Donna. He harmed the program terribly and took team mates and a Great Coach down with him.  He has never been the center of negative attention in the national media with Tressel taking heat that deservedly needed to be placed on Pryor. He simply ran, took the NFL $! and needs to stay gone! 

A breech of trust and integrity like that committed by Pryor is grounds for lifetime banishment from the program.

Comment 28 May 2013

Jim Tressel has always been a model of integrity and genuine care for his players. He noted that he saw coaching as his ministry to youth. A man with his exceptional track record of doing things the right way doesn't just forget all that he stands for as a person. It has never been proven that Coach Tressel didn't verbally inform Gene Smith's compliance staff. IMHO the Athletic Director's office blew it and JT was simply a good soldier and took one for the team.

The much larger issue is that NONE of the actual Tat5 perpetrators of misdeeds were punished on a level commensurate with JT. I FIRMLY believe that each should have been mandatorily held out of professional football for the same 5 years that JT is spending in purgatory. THAT type of action will go far in changing the attitude of Primary Donna college players! They messed up, they should equally pay!


Comment 27 May 2013

From one old soldier to his fallen comrades; God Bless You for your sacrifice!

Comment 21 May 2013

It is absurd to place this kind of expectation on the 2013 Buckeyes. A 12-0 Season was a Blessing last year. We have a Great Football Coach in Urban Meyer. We had a Great Coach in Jim Tressel. These are the Best of the Best in CFB. However, the fact is the B1G is not a world beater conference. The SEC misuses the NCAA signing rules to an annual advantage that has proven impossible for any other league to overcome. Until the NCAA FORCES an absolutely uniform system for recruiting and signing athletes to all schools, even Urban Meyer will be hard pressed to beat that abusive system.

My recommendation is for OSU Fans to get darn happy to have a man like Urban as our coach and enjoy it while it lasts! 

Comment 17 May 2013

First and foremost, any great athlete wants to go to a winning program. The old adage that winning cures everything Is absolutely true.

Our head coach and assistant coaches deserve to be paid based on production and they were Perfect last year. Therefore, especially our assistants need to be paid equivalent to their SEC counter parts.

Since OSU has always been recognized as having one of the best and most recognizable uniforms in America, that does NOT need to be changed.

Sadly, the most important aspect of College recruitment should be a quality education. However, demographically the game has become dominated by kids who personally and culturally appear to care very little about that aspect of the COLLEGE experience. Today, the lure of NFL $ totally controls the college game. That totally overlooks the statistical fact that only 5% of College athletes ever get a shot at the pros. That means the other 95% desperately need to be getting a quality education so they can be gainfully employed with or without the NFL.

If the NCAA Truly wants to improve COLLEGE Athletics, thy need to return to a 4 year minimum college experience or diploma BEFORE any athlete can move to the next level. That will compel that all pro leagues be forced to provide developmental alternatives for high schoo athletes who have no interest in college.  Pro baseball has such a program, time foe the NFL and NFL to do likewise. Some say this would dumb down the College athletic experience. I say this would return COLLEGE sports to their basics, an extra curricular part of he college academic experience. In the end academics should always be the key to the process.

Comment 15 May 2013

Admittedly, I am old school. Having put myself through 12 long years of education at OSU, I believe that a free quality education and the connections made through OSU athletics is payment enough for any COLLEGE Student/athlete!

The assistant coaches at OSU earn every dime they are paid and deserve more IMHO!