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Comment 03 Apr 2011

So Yukon Huskies made it.  So maybe a Canadian province wins the NCAA basketball tournament. ??? 


Comment 03 Apr 2011

Just a regret that the U of Conn is so ashamed to use its American name and resorts to absconding a Canadian province.  Go Yukon.  


Comment 02 Apr 2011

Hope the Yukon Huskies represent well.  Their women's team is pretty good, too.  Still, it's a shame that they feel the need to take the name of an entity in Canada.  




Comment 30 Mar 2011

tOSU has patrolled its $500 handshakes and envelopes... Does anyone remember Troy Smith's $500? Wasn't that uncovered and self-reported?  

By the way, there is a rule allowing the banning of so-called rogue boosters from any contact with an athletic program, but perhaps the NCAA needs some rules to ban rogue females from contact with athletic programs. LOL 


Comment 19 Feb 2011

I have some different observations.  

Diebler is evidently being coached to NOT shoot the three, especially early on the shot clock.  Replay the Wisky game, and you'll see plenty of times where an open shot was passed up.  Even after 6 passes around the horn, Diebler will pass to Buford or someone else, to take the 3-pt shot.  Evidently the coaches want anyone-with-a worse-shooting%-than-Diebler to take the 3-point shot.  Earlier in the season, Diebler hit 9 in a row... however, with only 3 attempts vs Wisky, it would take how many GAMES before he would have even 9 ATTEMPTS?  

The failure to take and hit (at almost 50%) an early three (re the shot clock)  has another "benefit" namely, that Sullinger gets to experience a full 30 seconds of mugging by multiple thugs on almost every offensive possession.  Does anyone wonder why the freshman is not doing so well?  Can the coaches figure out a way for Sullinger to be mugged even more?  

Lastly, Wisky had only 2 guys with 10+ ppg and some coach (?) decided to play a D that let Wisky's top scorer to be left open to hit 27 or however many points he would like to have.  The Ohio State guards were busy whirling around to double-team every 6 ppg bum, leaving Wisky's top scorer "yeah, let's see whether you can score 30 or 40 or 50 points."  

If this continues there will be early exits in both the B1G and NCAA tourneys.