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I love Ohio State. The tradition, the school, the sports. All my input is for the betterment of our great University and Athletic Program. I put no 1 man above the success and betterment of The Ohio State University.


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Comment 04 Feb 2016

I don't have the ambition to compare the two via Google, but your comment after is spot on. Thad is protected by his squeaky clean reputation, charming demeanor, above average results over all, and most of all the notion that "Ohio St is a Football first, second, and third school." So long as our football team is dominant (and his Bball program stays violation free), Thad and the BasketBucks will always get something of pass from Buckeye Nation. "Ehhhhh we can't have it all guys, let's just be happy we're not IU or Illinois. Oh, and only X days til the Spring Game!"

And therefore he could probably retire a buckeye if he wants, when he wants.

Comment 04 Feb 2016

I have zero qualms with moving on from Thad if the right candidate exists. Thas's had a really good career for us. Not great or elite by some standards (even just 1 national title I would say he's been great). He's had great recruiting classes that have turned out some pretty good results. I would support Thad more had I been able to say pretty good recruits turning out some great results, but that's just not true. Thad is an amazing ambassador for the game and I have a ton of respect for him. But I also have no problem bringing in the next young gun, Brad Stevens type cat, who wants to rejuvenate our decade long "B+ average" program. 

Fact stands that we can't even get the top talent in Ohio to stay here and play for us anymore. Maybe it's ok to say something needs to change. Maybe it's ok for Thad to take some blame. It's honestly disturbing to see this impenetrable shield some of you have built around him as if he is absolved of any and all responsibility.

Those of you Thad faithful ridiculing those who aren't, there's nothing wrong with you being in love with perennial high hopes and receiving moderate to above average results. But there's others who just seem to just have a higher standard for success than you do. And that's ok too. 

Comment 12 Jan 2016

Dude it's time to set the record straight!

It was 4 TDs and a 2pt conversion and it was against Ottowa Glandorf. will you stop overselling yourself already... I mean it was fuckin 25 years ago man. Ps you still owe $25 for the class reunion and Frankie down at BB Tool n Die said to tell you that you didn't get the job.


Comment 12 Jan 2016


"...Quinn.. Hey Quinn... pssst."

"What Jim?"

"You awake?"

"...uh yeah man, whats up?"

"Do you have any snacks?"

"I don't know, go ask my mom..."

"...can you go ask her?"

Comment 05 Jan 2016

I was actually fortunate enough to see him play QB at the HS level and PG at both levels. I'm still maybe his biggest fan. Always thought he should pull a Paulus and give someone his 5th year under center. For no other reason than he absolutely could have, at a high level, if he darn well wanted to. 

Comment 05 Jan 2016

You're clearly just trolling for negative attention with 25% of that. But I'm not biting... sort of...

Comment 04 Jan 2016

I agree with you on the expectation of a return for TD. Heck, I had expected 3 punt return TD's at minimum, to be honest. With as many punt opportunities as he was bound to get coming in to the season. He was less shaky this season compared to last, I also agree. But he didn't really do anything all that dynamic this season at PR for a pro scout to look at first and foremost, I guess is what I'm saying. Versus his ability to go up and make tough catch one on one and ability to find separation in slot route running. Those I think are his bread and butter skill set. Remember that first big catch he had against Bama down the side line up and over that dudes back? And then the 3rd down separation he found over the middle to help convert and keep the chains moving in the first half. That's our boy, Jalin.

Comment 04 Jan 2016

I will agree to disagree with you. His decision making as a punt returner has really never been all that sound, solid or fundamental... in addition to his ball security issues. From watching every punt return of his career, if I were him, I would be hoping that NFL scouts looked at that last in regards to everywhere that he has contributed offensively. He regressed statistically in 2015 as stated. Calling him a 3rd rounder, most likely, is very generous. He needs one helluva combine to be anywhere near the 3rd round.

Had he returned next year, without Braxton taking away his touches, he could've been 2nd round or better pick for sure. I wish him the best and hope he proves me wrong, but my gut feeling and fear is this may have been a tragic mistake for his career. Hope to see all of our boys kill it at the combine. And I'm excited to see how Curtis Samuel thrives next season with JT, now that Jalin and Braxton will be moving on. I think they'll be a speedy and powerful duo.