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Comment 19 Apr 2014

My sentiments exactly! Wish I could UV you more than once.

Comment 17 Apr 2014

Thanks for posting! Really like seeing two very highly ranked OL-men from Ohio that seem to be early OSU leans. We really need to make sure both join Buckeye Nation.

Comment 16 Apr 2014

Just my 2 cents worth, but I think we need him in any case. Most of the great talent we are looking at seem to be OLBs. Conner would tend to be more of an ILB who would be great against the run. I think we need at least one more LB in that mold.

Comment 16 Apr 2014

Just so. Don't get me wrong, I give MSU a lot of credit for a good B1G championship game. But an OSU defense should never give up 30+ pts. to that offense. Our lack of pass coverage gave them too many easy points. I think we have the speed on both sides of the ball. Once the coverage issue gets fixed, we should be able to extend the time our O is on the field and wear opposing Ds down. Then the culture of speed should really show.

Comment 13 Apr 2014

To me either one would be in trouble in real action, because the O-Line really seems to be a work in progress. I would tend to go with Barrett though, as I feel he is the better all-around QB and has the bigger upside.

Comment 10 Apr 2014

Saban is a fantastic coach and recruiter, but given the choice, I would always prefer our Coach Meyer. Intelligent, charismatic, driven, disciplined and dedicated. Coach Meyer has it all.

Comment 09 Apr 2014

Horrible news. My heart goes out to her and her family. KeithMC is right to say that we should be conscious and appreciative of all we have.

Comment 09 Apr 2014

Damn, that is awful News. Loved this guy when I was a kid growing up.

Comment 08 Apr 2014

That is a pretty good point, too. Still, for this year at least, I think 4 would be justifiable. The LB play has not been up to OSU standards lately imo and with RDS gone (and Curtis Grant soon to be gone), an injury bug could leave us short. Adding Conner would give us another good ILB prospect in the future. It indeed will be interesting to see if we use a 4-3 base or more of a 4-2-5 on D this year. If the latter prevails, I have to agree that it would be hard to argue your point.  

Comment 07 Apr 2014

Those would be the three to watch out for imo as well. Maybe we will be lucky and welcome one (or more) of them to Buckeye Nation soon.

Comment 07 Apr 2014

This is a good point. We must make sure that our LB issues get fixed. Four LBs in this class would not be unreasonable imo. If we take four, I feel that we should try and sign Conner quickly. Also, we should try to bring Sh'mar Kilby-Lane and Jerome Baker (both extremely talented guys) on board as soon as we can. These ships otherwise could sail for other harbors. As so often with 5-star guys, we will have to grind it out for Hilliard and hope for the best.