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Comment 06 Apr 2016

There are several current and past OSU players that are less than perfectly articulate. Are you gonna say that about them?

Comment 05 Apr 2016

Timing in sports as well as athletics

That feels redundant, but ok. 

What I mean is that Mack presents a guy who already has a handle on basic WR fundamentals, who isn't just hype based on athleticism. The WR position is one where if you can play, you will. I don't remember either of those guys taking snaps with the first team and making plays as an early-enrollee, injuries aside. Of course it's not a sure thing; notice that I used the word 'could'.

Comment 05 Apr 2016

I'm guessing that the interior is still dealing with some inconsistencies, which isn't surprising given the loss of basically the first and second strings. Mike Hill looked good at times last season, Munger, Sprinkle and the younger guys should be able to put together a depth chart that is at least good enough to let the edge guys do what they do.

Comment 29 Mar 2016

I think their specialties are in the engineering fields, so a high R&D number makes sense

Same with Akron, specializing in polymer science and engineering fields.

Comment 12 Mar 2016

I don't post much around here anymore, but Hove, my thoughts are with you and your family during this fight. Take care, buddy.

Comment 29 Jan 2016

I don't know why everyone is taking a win against Michigan as something that should happen, even at home; they're ranked in the top 30 on kenpom. I hope to beat them and think that they'll have issues with OSU's big men, but it's far from a high confidence level.

Comment 03 Jan 2016

I agree with analysis about MSU, but Nate Silver did some research with TV markets and fanbases about four or five years back and estimated that Clemson was the biggest fanbase in the ACC, significantly larger than FSU. This was before FSU rose to the top so I'm sure that difference has shrunk since the study was performed, but the two fanbases are at least comparable.

I'd guess the conflict with NYE and the fact that OSU (and other huge fanbases like Texas, ND, Michigan) was out made the majority of the difference.

Comment 29 Dec 2015

For anyone to whom this applies; CampusParc can only act on your ticket if your vehicle is registered with OSU. I never had an OSU parking pass, and CampusParc has no means of enforcement other than politely asking you to pay at the time of ticketing, unless your plates and tags are on record with the school.

Comment 22 Dec 2015

The way I think of it is if the kid wasn't shooting at a high percentage and he wasn't earning himself play time at a high level, and he may be thinking about himself more than how he can benefit the team, then im glad he took himself out of the equation and made room for someone who can contribute.

Comment 30 Nov 2015

Says a lot about where he was on the board at DB; he was recruited hard as a prospect who was ranked lower and committed to another school when almost all of the staff's top offers were still available.

Comment 12 Oct 2015

Yeah why would he want to throw harder and farther, right?

Comment 12 Oct 2015

Yeah MSU has a pretty colorful recent history with possible steroid use

Comment 12 Oct 2015

It doesnt even have to be an OSU shirt, honestly, just wear something black. We all already know that the blue hairs in AA will be oblvious, let's not embarass ourselves through the rest of the stadium.