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Comment 08 Jun 2014

Now, that's where I disagree too, but for the opposite reason. The conditional of the argument isn't how good he is at football, it's whether his skill makes him worthy of an offer at this point. If he gets offered, it will likely be because we missed out on other targets. The condition deals with the other prospects, not Connor. He is a passive participant as far as we're concerned here.

In the case of Green, there isn't a level playing field. While the LB situation is clear, the S situation isn't. There are not a clear, elite top few that are likely joining the class. Thus, Connor may be good enough for an offer in a vacuum, but not if it means he's taking a spot reserved for one of those top guys. 

Agree to disagree, though. I respect your opinion on the issue, and I always want to see Ohio guys end up at OSU. 

Comment 08 Jun 2014

Well the point was that he isn't good enough to get an immediate offer on the sole contingency that one of our other targets committed elsewhere. If he comes into camp and shows that he is good enough and changes the coaches' perceptions at that time, maybe he gets one, but at the moment, he is not good enough to be offered, as evidenced by the fact that he doesn't have an offer.

Comment 08 Jun 2014

He said before that if OSU offered he would commit. No rash decision here, he was waiting for the offer.

Comment 08 Jun 2014

So there's a handful of guys that got offers without camping, and a handful that could get offers at camp? I'm not math major but the way I see it Instant committable offer > Conditional offer based on potential camp performance. 

Comment 08 Jun 2014

When those guys have an offer and he doesn't, yeah, that basically means if those guys are still on the board he isn't good enough "for an offer", which is what OP said.

Comment 08 Jun 2014

Does anyone know if the OSU camp times are hand-timed or not? I think he laser timed a 4.5 at a combine in the past year. Either way, that's plenty fast if he has the technique.

Comment 08 Jun 2014

Because the staff have seen him play, and don't think he's worthy of an offer yet...? They aren't just going to offer people just to put offers out there. 

Comment 08 Jun 2014

And he's really lean. Good frame to put on muscle without losing speed.

Comment 02 Jun 2014

So this event is on the Lincoln Turf fields, rather than the West campus athletic complex. What are the odds that the OSU staff is up in the towers with binoculars this afternoon?

Comment 31 May 2014

Bosa is better at getting to QB, and making big plays in that regard. But Bennett eats blocks, stuffs runs, and pressures the QB on practically every down that he plays. It's really apples and oranges comparing the two, which is not to say that they aren't both very talented individually. 

Comment 31 May 2014

Every other person in the country has a "my (arbitrary relation) knows someone named Shithead" story. Surely there aren't thousands of people named Shithead on the planet.

Comment 31 May 2014

How much of that of that comes from playing a generally weak field of competition? I'd imagine guys that are that large have it pretty easy when it comes to pushing people around at the Utah HS level. In tougher competition fields, like in Ohio, I'd say it takes more than just being large.

For example, I went to HS with Tommy Brown, and he was huge in comparison to most high school football players, but when it came to playing teams like Massillon Washington and St. Eds, he got pushed around a lot. I'd imagine that's something that doesn't happen in Utah so much. 

Comment 27 May 2014

Yeah but I think we're talking about players that are actually allowed off the bench