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Comment 24 Jan 2016

I agree. I have watched 5 episodes so far and I don't see how Steve could have done it. I see how the cops could have framed him though.

Comment 09 Nov 2015

I once knew a guy from champaign.

whose team loved to play in the rain.

when the buck's came to town.

they knew they'd be let down.

when zeke ran them over like a train.

Comment 17 May 2015

I have been there a few times in my life. Most recently in 2012. It's a nice town has it's good and bad parts. Both Cheap Trick and Porn Star Ginger Lynn are from there lol 

Comment 09 Apr 2015

Sorry for your loss, my prayers go out to you and yours.

Comment 05 Apr 2015

So Corny Greene would be The Man next to THE MAN then. GO Bucks

Comment 22 Mar 2015

Well to be honest if you are going to write a new blog mentioning that you met a UM player and you go on and on about how the evening went and then you don't want to say who it was, to me that's like telling a joke in front of millions of people and then walk away when you get to the punch line.

Comment 12 Feb 2015

" Hey Lou would you like to Manage the Indians this year? I got a guy on the other line for a set of white walls, can I call you back? "

Comment 06 Feb 2015

Giving a recruit solid advise should never be a violation, no matter who the person is or what school he did or did not attend.