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  • SPORTS MOMENT: The Holy Buckeye play at Purdont. I took my parents to that game and, like the entire season, we were on the verge of heart failure hoping that the Bucks would make that 3 yards for the first down. When Krenzel play actioned and scrambled around to pass I thought I nearly lost consciousness -- really! I had to struggle to stay on my feet during the eternal 2.5 seconds that ball was in the air. To this day, I credit Michael Jenkins with saving my life.
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Comment 18 Jan 2015

I like the way you think.

I really wish things went differently for Brax, but his situation is what it is.  His torn labrum will not be healed until fall camp, and will never be at full strength; so I doubt he could ever play QB again.  But his freakish athleticism should get him on the field eventually in another capacity.  JT will be healed for Spring ball, but not at full go until Summer; so, yes, 12 Gauge will get more snaps in Spring.  But I tend to believe that JT will earn the start in Fall camp.

Comment 14 Jan 2015

This hire has me worried.  I know that he is a Youngstown boy, and has been successful managing offense as an OC; but, he has never been a successful QB coach (all three years at that position in Nebraska he failed to develop the talent to meet their potential, and set records in turn-overs instead).  Additionally, he has never been an innovator of this type of spread offense.  The fact of the matter is that he got the position through network connections rather than by his resume.  There are many young innovative spread coaches out there who I expected to see get this position.  I'm baffled.

With all of that said, I do welcome Coach Beck back to the Great State of Ohio and wish him nothing but the best.  I'm sure that Coach Meyer and Coach Warinner will guide and direct him into the system already established.  And, of course, I'm even more certain that the players and fans will embrace him as a Buckeye.  Here's to the future!

Comment 13 Jan 2015

Glad it's not just me.  During that final possession, as it dawned on me that the victory was actually happening, I started to get a lump in my throat.  And then during the celebration I actually welled up with tears.  Pride for this team is indescribable.  Perseverance in the dictionary will have an image of these boys with it.

Comment 13 Jan 2015

In my experience, there is a very real difference between the game fans and the internet "fans".  I was a Drill Sergeant for four years in Alabama in the mid-1980s and they were always respectful of the football program and traditions of The Ohio State Buckeyes.  I think most of the trash talkers online are just immature internet twits.

Comment 13 Jan 2015

I'm with ya.  I've been a born-n-bred Buckeye for life.  In 1968 I got to go to 4 home games (SMU, #1 Purdue, ranked MSU, and #4 scUM), and then to the Rose Bowl win over #2 USC (the first #1 versus #2 victory for our Buckeyes).  I thought that I would never experience anything like that season, until now.  Although this season I was never blinded by homerism so that I didn't see the weaknesses that this team had to overcome.  They were never the indomitable and clear-cut cream of the crop as that '68 team was.  But they were never the consistent underdog, cardiac wrecking team that the 2002 team was either.  This team just continued to develop and got better and better to peak at the post-season.  What an amazing and triumphant finish to such a challenging season. 

At this point in my life, I doubt I will live long enough to experience the equivalent of those two experiences as a Buckeyes fan.  You young guys:  Breath it in.  Appreciate what this accomplishment really is as you embrace the moment.  There is sure to be heartbreak in the future, as well as triumphs.  But, this sort of complete and total satisfaction only comes along a few times in life.

Comment 12 Jan 2015

Wish I could share your confidence in that.  I keep thinking about how the Buckeyes folded like a lawnchair in the final 2 minutes against Bama.   The Ducks can get two scores in very short order if the Buckeyes have a let up like that.

(crossing my fingers and toes and rubbing nuts for luck)

btw, Just Feed the BEAST