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  • SPORTS MOMENT: The Holy Buckeye play at Purdont. I took my parents to that game and, like the entire season, we were on the verge of heart failure hoping that the Bucks would make that 3 yards for the first down. When Krenzel play actioned and scrambled around to pass I thought I nearly lost consciousness -- really! I had to struggle to stay on my feet during the eternal 2.5 seconds that ball was in the air. To this day, I credit Michael Jenkins with saving my life.
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Comment 24 Oct 2016

I've been saying this same thing. Stop with the run-option every 1st down and pass instead, and it doesn't have to be a play-action pass either.  Heck, use RPOs religiously on 1st down and they'll do better.  And yes, that means pass it deeper than the 90% of passes that are within 5 yards of scrimmage.  They were able to do it earlier in the season

Comment 24 Oct 2016

I feel the same way. And I also think that they can right the ship, at least to a large degree.  What I still can't figure out though is why the passing game is great during practices, and was early in the first 4 games, and then fizzled out.  So I'm not sure how that gets fixed for game time

Comment 24 Oct 2016

Allinosu is 100% correct.

Also, I'm throwing the bullshit flag on you Eric.  Your repeatedly saying that JT was (is) all-everything and the WRs are hot garbage is just nonsense, and no matter how often you beat that drum it will not ring true.  Rewatch that game, and I dare you to actually count: 1) The number of dropped passes by WRs; 2) How many passes beyond 5 yards were off-target; 3) The number of times receivers were caught by DBs after having to slow down to try to make a catch.

I'm not saying JT is entirely at fault for the bad passing game downfield; but I am saying that he is just as much the problem as the WRs.  Until he can accurately deliver passes to WRs downfield so that they can catch it in-stride, the Buckeyes will face the same defensive pressure they saw against Wiscy and PSU.

Comment 24 Oct 2016

As far as designed run plays, I prefer Weber (although against the stacked box PSU used, with the weak showing of the O-line I don't think either had a chance between the tackles tbh).  I know Samuel would have had more touches in the passing game if JT were able to (again, the O-line made sure he spent his time scrambling instead).

I like Weber with or without the football; but most like to see him running power with an O-line doing some work.  As stated in this article:

"It's refreshing to see Weber attended the Ezekiel Elliott School of Hurting People Without the Ball. He also impressed with his hands. He led the team with eight catches Saturday night (which is a problem, actually, but not his problem)."

Weber makes a good pass option when protection breaks down, and that was obvious in that game.  But man, I sure wish Samuel got more opportunities for receptions.

Comment 24 Oct 2016

Well put Jason.  But I also believe there is something else people aren't thinking about in regards to the 3-way-tie scenario is this:

The rankings are done by the CFP Committee, not by the traditional AP/Coaches.  They could very well keep ttun ranked higher in their final rankings if they lost a close battle at OSU.  Think of this: The Buckeyes have tough games remaining against Northwestern and Nebraska; if those games are close or not spectacular, while ttun dominates everybody like they have been, I could see the committee keeping them ranked ahead.  They've done it before (remember Baylor ~ TCU, where the head-to-head winner ended up ranked lower?)

Comment 24 Oct 2016

Needed some of Tressel's mentality to win the game.  As this shows, winning (dominating) the stats sheet doesn't win it unless you win on Special Teams and have fewer (and less ill-timed) penalties.  Those are what blew that 21-7 lead after the start of the 4th quarter.

Comment 24 Oct 2016

I do, I think the Huskers are a better overall team with a much better offense.  Wiscy's best game of the season was against the Buckeyes, whose shortcomings made it closer than it should have been.  Did you see Wiscy at Iowa?  Their offense and defense were back to being who they were before the Buckeyes made them look better.

The Buckeyes will have a darned tough time if they want to beat Northwestern and Nebraska.  I'm praying for the best, but seeing the team at this point in the season, I'm guessing we drop one of those.

Comment 24 Oct 2016

I agree with you Topgun67 on every point.

PSU and ttun have much better chances to win out than the Buckeyes do.  First of all, the schedule is exponentially more difficult since having Northwestern, Nebraska, and ttun are much tougher than anything PSU or ttun face (both of whom really only have a challenge against Iowa).  Combine the difficult schedule with young Buckeyes mistakes and JT's passing problems, and I don't see how anybody could believe they will win-out through the regular season.

I'm sticking with my original prediction for the season: 9-3 with a good bowl showing.  If I'm wrong, and this team surprises me with a B1G championship and a playoff win, I'll happily eat those words.  I just doubt that's at all likely to happen

Comment 23 Oct 2016

I've went to every home game this season, and I pay special attention to the WRs because of the issues we've had the last two seasons with the passing game.  I'm telling you all, the WRs are not the problem.  They DO get separation and run sharp routes.  The problem is that JT is not passing the ball early enough and then the WRs slow for the ball.  That last pass where Campbell was interfered with (the no-call), if you notice he had his man beat and then had to slow for the catch which is when the DB grabbed his arm and fell into him.  It's difficult to see the routes and early separation on tv since you aren't seeing the whole field like you do at the game.  I wasn't at Happy Valley, but this time the passes were mostly over-thrown, so I'm guessing that was JT throwing harder to try to make up for the late timing (but there were a few notable under-thrown balls too).  If you all notice, JT has a good pass efficiency rating and good completion percentage because the vast majority of his passes are quick, short throws either behind the line of scrimmage or within 2 or 3 yards of it (which explains the 5 ypc stat vs PSU).  He is way off the mark or off-time if he has to throw it further.  The receivers are frustrated, and they show it on the sidelines.

Comment 19 Oct 2016

Yep, agree on all points.  I've seen it getting worse and worse for years since the site started.  My belief is that most of these comments are from young guys who don't realize how much they lack perspective.  Heck, I've learned over the past few years to just ignore the comment section for the most part.  The writers here at 11W are what makes this site so worthwhile afterall.  We do have some here who are actually critical thinkers as well as mature and good sports.  Myself, I usually don't comment anymore because of the others you refer to here.  This particular topic did draw me in.  Right when I heard Robert make his power rankings on BTN, I spit out my beer and laughed wondering (but knowing) how that was going to playout here. 

Comment 19 Oct 2016

I think you're right.  The championship committee gives the heaviest weight to Power 5 conference champs.  What makes it even tougher for both OSU and ttun to get in would also be the fact that the loser of The Game wont even have won their division. I mean, at the end of last season, the Buckeyes were playing as good or better than anyone and had only the one loss but were never considered as an option.  And I don't think that they would have been given the nod over 2-loss conference champs either.

Interesting point on this though.  Has anyone read the ESPN story comparing the better "option" of two teams from the same conference?  Comparing Bama and Aggies with the B1G's OSU and ttun?  They smell blood in the water after seeing the PAC 12, Big XII, and ACC where it's entirely likely they may all have champs with two or more losses.  They're lobbying early for the SEC.  I mean, c'mon, The Game is played on the final week of the regular season (the latest loss) while the Bama - Aggies game is much earlier in the season and easier to recover from if they win out after that.  blah blah blah

Comment 19 Oct 2016

Yes.  This.  1000 times, this.  I'm hoping the Buckeyes fall behind ttun in the rankings and Bama loses a game so we can see a matchup of #1 ttun @ #2 OSU.  Can you imagine how insane and rabid that Buckeyes team would be for that?  Coach Meyer would have them frothing at the mouth.  The atmosphere at the 'Shoe would be epic.  I was at the #1 vs #2 game in 2006, and hope to see it again, this year

Comment 19 Oct 2016

I don't think it's a WR problem as much as the QB.  The only passes I'm seeing dropped are frozen ropes to Baugh.  The other incompletions are underthrown or overthrown or nowhere near a receiver.  Sure, maybe a few of those a WR didn't get the correct depth on a route, but seeing JT throwing off of his back foot or across his body or with slow releases is most probably the issue.

As for Robert's thinking about ttun, I do think he's shell-shocked from his time playing against them.  Seeing them return to a successful season gives him flashbacks.  I think ttun is a good team now, but not at the elite level they're being sold as

Comment 19 Oct 2016

Purdue's only hope is to find a good FCS coach who knows how to run a niche system, like Joe Tiller did.  It has to be something that's an oddity, innovative schemes like basketball-on-grass, triple option, or quadrupal option RPOs.  Why?  It's just darn tough for teams to prepare for, especially against a team with such a deficit in player quality.  But as we saw against Navy, that unfamiliarity against a determined and well coached team can become a real dog fight in a phone booth.

Comment 19 Oct 2016

Agree. Coach Hazell showed he's a good coach who motivated and developed players while he was with the Buckeyes from 2004-2010.  He was one of our best recruiters and most successful assistant coaches.  Coach Ginn brags about him.  Anthony Gozalez, Teddy Ginn, Brian Robiski, and many others developed into the players they became because of Coach Hazell.  And don't forget that at Kent State he took a 5-7 team and made them into an 11-3 team in his second season, winning the MAC East Division and taking them to a bowl game for the first time since 1972, and only the third time in that program's history.  If he could do that as a head coach, he should be able to succeed anywhere if the athletic department would have supported him.