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Comment 08 Mar 2016

Spring practices are always nerve wracking for me.  It seems like there are always a bunch of injuries; and players I'm certain will be studs seem to fade into a void.  But, like you point out, there will be players who always rise up.

I'm hoping that Evan Lysle and Kyle Trout step up since they have the the experience and more mature physiques for the O-line.  That's the position group that I'm most concerned about, and I think it's just critical that upperclassmen fill the void there.

Comment 08 Mar 2016

DJ, you make a good point about how many lost sight of how injuries to Buckeye receivers hurt the team last season.  It seemed everyone focused so much on QB-geddon it drove me nuts.

Something else though that I thought hurt the team was limiting reps for veteran players.  I know Urbs wanted to limit potential injuries, and to allow the young pups more opportunities to gain experience, but I am convinced it dulled the edge for the team.  Iron sharpens iron.

Comment 18 Jan 2016

Despite his familiarity with nearly every scheme in the OSU playbook, his focus will undoubtedly be on the technique needed to play them correctly, spending valuable practice time every single day on tackling, proper angles, and causing fumbles.

Kyle, I'm glad that you think this.  It was my greatest hope when I heard Coach Schiano was hired for the position.  I remember how impressed I was watching his Rutgers defense because, although they lacked elite talent, their fundamentals were excellent.  And with such a young D-secondary coming into this season, that must be the priority rather than confusing any of them with scheme complications.  This is not at all like what Ash walked into when he arrived and changed the scheme because he had an experienced, though under-performing roster to work with.

Comment 18 Jan 2016

I can't upvote this enough.  Spot-on with every point here Phi.  I'm looking forward to seeing Coach Schiano's in-game adjustments, especially against some of the offenses we'll see early in the season.  But, as you point out, the lack of experienced players in his unit will certainly limit the extent of that.  But I have no doubt that he will have them playing excellent technique in the fundamentals (tackling, maintaining leverage, etc.)  If Burrows gets back to 100%, that will sure make it easier for him too.

Although there is an embarrassment of riches when it comes to the elite level of talent on the roster (both sides of the ball), the vast majority of it is inexperienced and untested.  Opponent OCs and DCs have many tactics and techniques for their less gifted but experienced players to take advantage of that.  Because of that, I'm most concerned about the defensive secondary and the offensive line.  There is tons more experience among the D-linemen because LJ has them rotate so regularly throughout all four quarters of each and every game; something that never happens on the O-line or D-secondary.  And as you mentioned, the lack of depth for the Safety positions will limit them even more.

I just hope that everybody is ready to enjoy the 2016 season for what it truly is, a rebuilding year; rather than agonizing over how their unrealistic expectations for a special season doesn't happen.  I expect to see a young team, full of special, talented Buckeyes who show flashes of incredible potential, with inconsistent outcomes due to their inexperience causing missed assignments, miscommunication, confusion, bad angles, etc.  But they'll do it with a ton of heart, speed, and aggression, no doubt.  I enjoy seeing young teams grow and get excited about the game and how they improve.  This roster will eventually produce a bunch of All Americans, just don't expect many to be at that level this season.  The future really is very bright for the Buckeyes.

Go Bucks!!!

Comment 20 Dec 2015

Well, I haven't made any comments about the BBucks other than how happy I was when the NCAA finally took the leash off of Mickey.  But I will say this:  I had no objective evidence to argue against anyone saying the team sucked prior to today... because to be honest, the team really was sucking (and that's putting it kindly).  The Matta hatred made no sense though other than the lack of development argument; but youngins are always inconsistent and accident prone (e.g. UK today).  But I ignore those just as I do the #firefickell and #firebeck crowd, as well as all of the ungrateful posters who talk down about the incredible job done by Tress.

On comment boards like this, you should just take it for what it is, opinions (although there are some pretty smart insights by a very few on here at times).

Comment 20 Dec 2015

Darn, my mistake (or, rather, the AA awards mistakes).  For some reason I was thinking He and Decker were made first team FWAA.... probably because they should have imo.

Strange that such a dominant player, pre-season Heisman favorite, has one game with few touches and it eliminated him from the legacy he deserves.  I mean, Henry and the others all had at least one bad game even with lots of carries.

Comment 19 Dec 2015

So glad for Pat and the slobs!

His moving to center is not a certainty, however.  Remember, when Billy Price redshirted in 2013 and changed over from DT to OL he practiced as the center, and for 2014 was at center through Spring and much of that Fall Camp as well.

I think either Pat or Billy will be fine at center, regardless.  But having both of them on the OL interior will certainly help the young OT's and OG to mesh with the slob machine

Comment 07 Dec 2015

For me, the hire is easy.  Cornell Ford, former defensive backs coach at Missouri.  He's had fantastic secondaries, he's a rising star, and although he's from Indiana, he cut his teeth in coaching in Ohio (Maumee HS; Marietta College; then University of Toledo before he went to Missouri).  He's had 8 All-SEC DBs, plus he is a strong recruiter as well.   Since Pinkel was just replaced by Odom, I'm guessing Ford would be approachable for the position.

Comment 07 Dec 2015

I don't understand this line of thinking.  Sure, when Beck was announced as the hire for QB/Co-OC I had huge doubts about it (and was severely down-voted here for that, btw).  But everyone knows this:  Beck does not tell Coach Meyer how he will coach or how he will game plan.  Coach Meyer runs the football program in detail.  He hired the assistants.  He sets the game plan together with his assistants.  All of the offensive play-calling goes through him for his blessing or correction.  Like any of us who consider ourselves as experts in our profession, none of us are infallible or perfect, and neither is Coach Meyer. 

Last season, when Coach Herman was in the box, with Coach Warriner on the field, it wasn't a big deal because Coach Warriner was Co-OC only in game planning and prepping the O-line for that role.  This year, Beck and Warriner were supposed to be splitting play-calling duties... how is that doable with one on the field and one in the box?  IMO, Coach Warriner should have been in the box together with Beck for the entire season to collaborate better and we would have seen a vastly superior product on the field; but that's just my opinion.  Regardless, I think it's difficult to lay all of the blame on Beck when Coach Meyer is the one who establishes his duties and is responsible for the game plan and performance of his program.

Comment 06 Dec 2015

Meyer is showing his mastery of massaging the psyche here.  Simultaneously (with his body language and tone) he shows his disappointment with the team's underachieving this year; while at the same time encouraging them towards reaching a desired objective.  By bringing up the opportunity for the seniors to win 50 games he created a mythical quest for the team that they can rally around and be motivated for.  Smart.

On a side note, I don't think that there is a single player on the team who has played in 49 wins to be able to claim that 50th win.  I wonder if that will occur to the players though?

Comment 27 Nov 2015

It would be great if I could have confidence that this tea* could compete well at AA, but I just can't feel it.  All season against a craptastic schedule they struggled.  Now the O-line shows they can't stop a pass rush.  I don't see how JT will be able to throw with defenders in his grill as quick as he gets the snap.  I doubt this game will ever be close.

Comment 27 Nov 2015

I'm feeling the same.  I hope that Decker, Boren, and Farris all improve on their pass blocking so that those quick passes are possible.  If they crap the bed again, I'm afraid that wolverweenie defenders will be on JT like hobos on a baloney sammich

Comment 27 Nov 2015

I don't think it's a lack of confidence in JT's capability to throw.... it's clearly a lack of confidence in his ability to throw.  I can't be the only one to notice that JT was getting hit on every single pass play.  He did a good job just throwing it away (or just as often trying to scramble) because Sparty defenders were in the backfield as quickly as he got the snap.  Before he can throw, the O-line must find their manhood and actually pass block to give him some time.  That was the worst O-line performance that I've seen since 2011, hands down.

Comment 25 Nov 2015

I hate to be the party pooper here, but... The Buckeyes' offense just isn't up to par this season for a lot of reasons we've all repeated on here.  I do not want to back into anything and only hope MSU whoops PSU so the ninny kitties stay humbled.  Sparty was the better team, period last Saturday so I wish them the best in the B1G CCG.  I think that if the Buckeyes can somehow find a way to trip ttun in The Game, they will earn the Rose Bowl over the B1G runner-up, and that's something worthwhile this season.

Comment 24 Nov 2015

I HATE ttun with a passion unknown to *ankind! 

Every since Bo deserted Ohio, contrived the *ichigan *an fable, and then had the audacity to clai* victory and cry that they had the "right" to represent the Big Ten in the '74 Rose Bowl (regardless of the fact that they were both undefeated with the tie... at the big outhouse).  His arrogance was second to none, despite the fact that he never won a single national title; yet ttun fans still worship the creep.  And then the Cooper years happened, which actually forced *e into full-ti*e anger *anage*ent therapy for nearly a decade and a half.  The snide, arrogant, boastful ttun fans that were forged during that dark age continued to talk trash well into the Hoke era, regardless of results on the field.

Despite all of that, Harbaugh cracks me up.  I actually LOL whenever he gives an interview because of how he handles the reporters like they're idiots (which they usually are).  What is bothering, is that I respect his coaching ability over any other ttun coach I've seen (and I've been a Buckeyes fan since long before Bo waltzed into AA in '69).  This iteration of The Ga*e will be the true test of Urban's football progra* and the *easuring stick for the rivalry between the two coaches for years.  So, looking forward to this one like no other since at least 2001.

As Woody used to say, "Go Ohio!!!"   Beat Blue

Comment 22 Nov 2015

Actually, Bullet is correct.  Look at the rosters.  There is no comparison at any position on the field.  The Buckeyes have superior talent recruited at each and every position.  If they were coached up to their potential then this team would be steamrolling every single team all of the way through the NCG.  Dantonio takes lesser talent and coaches them up to elite levels and game-plans to put them in positions to win.  That's not happening with the Buckeyes, whether anyone wants to accept that or not, it's just a fact.