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  • SPORTS MOMENT: The Holy Buckeye play at Purdont. I took my parents to that game and, like the entire season, we were on the verge of heart failure hoping that the Bucks would make that 3 yards for the first down. When Krenzel play actioned and scrambled around to pass I thought I nearly lost consciousness -- really! I had to struggle to stay on my feet during the eternal 2.5 seconds that ball was in the air. To this day, I credit Michael Jenkins with saving my life.
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Comment 11 Jun 2014

When Smith was made a Buckeye, I was soooo stoked!  He could have been our next Beanie Wells.  But then, after the fumble problems, he showed that he just lacked the ability to be a student-athlete.  He still fails to take being a student seriously.  Sorry, but that should be the first priority for every Buckeye athlete.  Sorry, but this article was a mistake because he cannot be considered a leader for the Buckeyes.  Yes, he is an example of what happens if a player fails to dedicate himself; but his team mates see that without needing him to say it.  He says that he "wants" to be on the field, but there is a big difference between "want" and "desire".  And although he did "put in his time", it is more about what he didn't do during that time.  So sad he had to throw away such a fantastic opportunity.  It is time for the young talent to fill the shoes he couldn't (or wouldn't) lace up.

Comment 28 Nov 2013

Michael, you have picked at a huge scab on my heart. Oh how I despise everything about the skunk weasels! 

November 22, 1969. A day that will live in infamy.  I was crushed. I will never forget it and never forgive it because of the former Ohio turncoats who took so much pleasure from it.

Hate is a trite word that can never encompass how I feel about the skunk weasels. It is an abject loathing, incessant malice, and nauseating detestation that pervades my very being from the root of my DNA to the darkest shadow of my soul.


Comment 25 Nov 2013

See, there you go, thinking like a non-SEC fan.

Oh, I guess I really didn't need to reemphasize that you are a "non-SEC fan" after already stating that you are "thinking". Too many labels.

Anyway, "quality losses" matter to the SEC and their corporate media mouthpieces. I mean, you can't expect teams to make it through the meatgrinder that is the SEC unscathed. If a team was to actually accomplish that, then there would be no need to even have a BCS title game.

Conversely, losses by Wisconsin and Michigan State show how weak the top of the B1G really is. And the ease with which the Buckeyes have dispatched B1G teams only emphasizes how weak their conference is compared with the SEC. I mean, that 30-6 win by Alabama over an outstanding Mississippi State team is much more meaningful. And the head-to-head comparison of Mizzou and tOSU against the Hoosiers means nothing since Mizzou spanked them prior to being forged into greatness in an SEC crucible of greatness! Learn to go along to get along, will ya?  Sheesh

Comment 25 Nov 2013

Reece: So Jesse, who do you think has the most compelling argument to compete for a national championship, Ohio State or Auburn?

Jesse: Without a doubt, it has to be Auburn. Just look at their resume. No question.

Reece: Really Jesse? Do you really believe that? Afterall, some might say that you're just bitter about Urban Meyer leaving your Gaytards to go coach for The Ohio State University. Especially just a day following the historic butt whooping your Gaytards suffered at the hands of the FCS Georgia Southern Eagles.

Jesse: I'm not bitter at all! Meyer ruined the Gaytards, I mean Gators!!! His terrible recruiting left the cupboard bare. Anyways, Georgia Southern is a great Southern Conference football program. They play against and win as many games against the same schools as any other SEC team. They beat Chat just like Bama did, and Appy State just like Georgia, and...

Reece: Jesse, calm down, take a breath and let's get back on topic shall we? So, what exactly is on Auburn's resume that you feel would trump the Buckeyes 23-0 win streak and a win against #13 Wisconsin?

Jesse: SEC! SEC! SEC!

Reece: Security! Can we get security in here please? Jesse has lost his mind again. Didn't the Directors promise us that he would stay on his meds this time around?

Comment 22 Nov 2013

Agree with all three points here. I know most think Shazier is a foregone conclusion to go, but like you point out his size doesn't match the NFL LB criteria yet. However, he has tremendous upside for his physical growth potential. Another season under Mariota and he will be a 1st rounder in '15.

Comment 22 Nov 2013

Miller knows that this season was an Incomplete, and so he is behind a large class of QBs in the '14 draft projections (best I've seen for Miller is 6th to 7th round). Krenzel is right, Miller needs to show more to NFL GMs with an uninjured season at his highest level of skill. Besides  that, he has stated that he really wants to compete for the Heisman Trophy. No chance for that in this season. Next year, with a rookie O-line, new starting running back, and new go-to WR, all of the focus will be Miller Time, all of the time!

I predict that Brax returns in '14, has a magical season, wins the Heisman in a landslide, and garners headlines making a case for him as the greatest college QB of all time.

Comment 22 Nov 2013

"The biggest thing that would benefit Braxton coming back would be 12 more games proving that this isn't just, 'Hey, the Big Ten is bad and I played well for the last five or six games.' Scouts, (general managers), coaches -- they would all have a chance to see a season and a half of Braxton's work at the level he is at now."

And here is where Mr. Krenzel shows his intellect. Very well stated.

Add these points together with the fact that there is a huge number of high level draft strock QBs going into the draft ahead of Miller, and it makes it clear that the risk-benefit equation favors a return to the Buckeyes for him in '14.

With the rookie O-line and new starting running back, Miller will showcase all of his skills next season as he wrecks the record books despite the challenges. I never bought into the previous Hypesman talk, but in '14 Miller is set-up for a magical finish to his career as a Buckeye.

Comment 22 Nov 2013

I am certain that the Buckeyes will win big, and probably will enjoy their largest score total for the season (yes, even more than against FAMU).

However, Wiscy was lucky to play the Hoosiers in a monsoon. No way that this Buckeyes defense can hold the Hoosier passing game lower than their average. Yes, Spence, Bosa, Bennet and Shazier will have some great plays; but the secondary will give up some huge explosive plays. They just are what they are. Fortunately, it wont matter so much in the big picture as I can see the score being 31-84.

Comment 22 Nov 2013

In my opinion, this is the best offensive line I have seen at Ohio State since the 1970s. I'm going to miss seeing them at the 'Shoe and hope that they all have fantastic NFL careers. I am certain that all four of them will make it at the next level.

Sadly, I just don't see their shoes being filled in the next four or five seasons. The roster just doesn't have this level of stock on it right now. I'm sure their replacements will be well coached and do their best, but these guys are truly a special group that wont be equaled for quite some time.

Comment 21 Nov 2013

My guess is Barrett.

Jones is a stud physically, but from what I've heard he hasn't "taken care of his business", which, as we've seen from Meyer already, would move him to the back of the que. I thought he overcame that at Fork Union, but then his attitude about academics was revealed poorly in his publicized comments earlier this year. So hearing anything other than about "amazing progress" makes me doubt he can be considered for next season.

Comment 21 Nov 2013

Senior game day is always bitter sweet; some are more so. We will miss this class. Not only because of the streak; but because of the character of these guys. They will live on in pages of future books that will be published in the future. And I'll predict it now: Kenny G will become a Legacy Coaching Legend someday, and his exploits as a star back-up QB and team Captain will be talked about in the distant future.

Roby was a foregone conclussion. Good luck Bradley.

IMO, Brax and Ryan should remain for another year. They will both improve more with another year at school. I don't think Brax projects any better than 6th or 7th round. The projections I've seen just has way too many other QBs considered ahead of him.

Shazier should go in the first two rounds. But, since he still has tremendous upside with a lot of physical growth potential, as well as a tough / durable constitution, I think he can safely avoid injury risk. If his family is in dire straights financially, no question he should go now; but, I think he has more to gain by staying if it isn't critical for him to go early.

Comment 21 Nov 2013

I don't think that the BTN should "rah rah" for the Buckeyes. Instead, I think that they should give visibility to the misinformation campaign that is being waged in favor of the SEC, ACC, Nike, etc, while denigrating their market competition (B1G); even going so far as to claim the laughable assertion that Baylor is better than this 22-0 Buckeyes program.  It is incredibly easy to show the financial interests for eSECpn, CBS, Sports Illustrated, NBC and Fox to artificially inflate the value of their brands (SEC, ACC, etc.) while actively campaigning against their only media market competition, BTN.  It is incredible to me that the BTN lack the savvy or intelligence to expose how these networks are corrupting public perception, and thus manufacturing favorable poll voting for profit.

As for me, I refuse to contribute to the misinformation campaign. I do not watch anything on ESPN or the other sports networks. I cancelled my SI subscription three years ago during their witch hunt against Coach Tressel. And I encourage all of you in Buckeye Nation as well as all B1G fans to do the same. The fan base of the B1G forms a huge percentage of the college sports market. If the BTN were smart, they would mount a counter-offensive against the aggressors, make their case clearly and often on their own programming and in the print media as well; and finally, encourage B1G fans to refuse to support those biased networks who are manipulating the system for profit at our expense.

OK, off the soap box now. Go Bucks!  Just win baby!

Comment 21 Nov 2013

Painful to watch. But, like I posted before the season started, Buckeye Nation needs to have patience this season. This is a major job for Matta to use a full roster rotation in a fast tempo scheme. It will be ugly (a hint of that here, but we will see worse), and the team will be inconsistent. That's just the way it has to be for a long while. My hope is that the players progress so that they become a top ten level team before the conference tourney

Comment 21 Nov 2013

I remember the seasons of the Super Sophs so well. A really magical time for The Ohio State University (until that turncoat went to the skunk weasels and somehow got the biggest upset in modern football history).

Woody was an idol to me; so I would get incredibly mad when hearing "fans" bad-mouth him.

Anyway, it was much easier to go undefeated back then; as proved by how many teams had undefeated seasons then compared to the past 40 years. So I do think that it isn't as likely as many believe that this team can finish undefeated for a consecutive season this year. But if they do manage to do it, that will be the greatest accomplishment in the modern / BCS football era.

Comment 19 Nov 2013

I hate this crap. Have a uniform and wear it proudly! This specialty uni garbage makes no sense and detracts from our proud tradition. If these uni's are so darned fantastic, then adopt them as The Uniform; otherwise, show pride in our uniform we have.

Comment 14 Nov 2013

I am praying that Meyer has ordered Fick and Withers to attack on defense and not use the dime unless they plan on using consistent corner and safety blitzes. Meyer said today that the defense needs to get after the QB, not just to hurry him, but to hit him -- a lot. I know that the LBs aren't good enough against the pass, but with as poorly as the Illini rush, this defense should be able to attack from the nickel and dime instead of sitting back in soft underneath coverage with just three and four rushing.

Comment 14 Nov 2013

I have to disagree with most of you here. I like the rules. It is the way basketball was ALWAYS supposed to be played. It is a no touch sport, as I learned to play it in the 60s. My Gramps was a fantastic coach, and as the years rolled on basketball became a mockery of the real game for him. Coach K is right. It is time that the players learn to play the game the way that they are supposed to play it.

Heck, as much contact as the game was having, you could never tell what was or wasn't a foul, block or charge. They were called so randomly. Now it is simple:

If a defender is not already planted in position prior to a shooter leaving the floor on a drive to the basket, then the defender must yield or take the blocking foul.

If a defender is planted in position, a shooter must try to move around or shoot over the defender, he can not jump through him to the basket. If he does, that is a charge.

When on defense, defenders must learn to move without reaching out to touch ball handlers.

Those are the rules I learned by, and the refs should never have stopped calling it this way. It sure makes games more fun and the great players really show it in how they can maneuver on the court in defense as well as in offense.

Comment 14 Nov 2013

As a history teacher, this post may be too long for many of you. But if you read it, you'll come away with something worthwhile.

I believe that the hex on the Buckeyes versus the Illini is real. Not only the fact that the Buckeyes have problems scoring in Champaign since 1979; but also during that same span the Buckeyes are just 9-7 versus the Illini in Columbus.

I believe that this hex is a result of a lack of respect for this rivalry match-up. Remember, the Illini are the Buckeyes' original and oldest rivalry (which began with a 0-0 tie in 1902). They were the final game of the season during the early days in the conference, until after 1933 (and the Illini led in wins in the series at that time 11-9-2). It was a competitive series until after Woody's 3rd season (from 1954 through 1982 the Illini only won three games).

I remember in the 60s when my Gramps and Pop would talk about how happy they were that the Buckeyes finally seemed to have gotten over the Illini hump (but they won back to back just prior to Woody's boys dominating since 1968, winning 15 straight). But then the Illini became competitive again (going 8-4 vs the Buckeyes from 1983-1994). Since then, the rivalry has slacked off as the Illini have only had 3 wins (but, consider also, that team up north has only managed 7 wins during the same span). Their 2007 win nearly cost the Buckeyes a chance to play in the national title game.

That brings us upto now. Most Buckeyes fans disrespect the history of this match-up. The school's junior honor societies no longer smoke the peace pipe during half-time ceremonies. Heck, I doubt that most Buckeyes fans even know who the Bucket and Dipper Society is. And there's also the fact that the two teams didn't even meet in 2003 and 2004 (the only break in the series since 1913). For all of this, it is why I think the hex is happening. Call it whatever you wish, a hex, bad karma, whatever, but it is real. Sure, in the wins column the Buckeyes have dominated; but they have rarely ever dominate on the field or the scoreboard. Maybe ole Chief Illiniwek is haunting the rivalry games?

Comment 11 Nov 2013

What worries me, really, is that Matta will try to use a full roster rotation and an up-tempo offense (according to what I'm hearing). That is very difficult to manage while trying to maintain positive ball control / minimizing turn-overs. Matta's teams have excelled most with ball control as priority number one, and defense, with offense and the boards being a distant third priority. For as long as I've seen Matta's teams play, I've never seen him have an up-tempo full roster rotation type of team. Does anyone remember a season where he did? I don't remember him doing it with his Butler or Xavier teams.

Comment 11 Nov 2013

Love these updates, great work Jordan. I had some fun this weekend browsing through the tweets of coaches and players, and guessing what they alluded to. The flag planting tweets make me chuckle since I'm sure most of us have strong ideas about who they're visiting there; but at the same time, it always makes me wonder if there's a hidden gem at one of those who will jump out to surprise us at the end. Urban and his staff never cease to amaze

Comment 16 Oct 2013

Yeah, I enjoyed that game. Hawks fans were so full of themselves. I look back fondly on the memories of their crushed egos.

The last time they came to the 'Shoe I took my Pops to the game, expecting to watch a whooping, but was surprised they took us to overtime.

This year I'm taking my daughter's roomie with me. Hopefully we get to see a shellacking this time around.


Comment 16 Oct 2013

Great Situational, Ramzy (as always).  So glad to see you also appreciate Johnny Drum! I'd also highly recommend you try Blanton's Single Barrel (lightly rocked as well). However, I am a single malt lover too. Nothing beats the Macallan 25 year sherry oak to relax with in front of a fire on a cold night.

The mashup was a blast. Well made and kind of funny. But the mashup I can never get enough of is the Dead Schembechlers mix:


Comment 06 Sep 2013

"Johnny: Miller and Roby. Dude's good, and I think they take some of the self-imposed shackles off Miller this week."

Agreed, and I heartily look forward to it too.  Meyer said that he wants to see more designed runs for Miller and more pressing by the CBs, so I'm sure we get our wish this week.