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Comment 25 Mar 2015

Rumor has it that Hairball prefers the Tug Toner over the shake weight...

Comment 25 Mar 2015

I love that Hairball is punishing his best players for success in practice.  Smells like, Victory.

"...the hottest psychological take since Freud denied the phallic nature of his cigar. "

Comment 25 Mar 2015

I doubt it.  Remember, wolverweenies were initially declaring how they were back to national title contention immediately after hiring Dick Rod, and then again with Choke.  When it didn't happen, then they were all about needing three years to get "their guys" developed and to fill the roster since the roster was so poorly recruited previously.  It wasn't until reality smacked them in the face after years of ineptitude that they turned against them.  Now, with Hairball being their savior, my guess is that he could lead them to .500 records from now until the end of his seven year contract and wolverweenies will continue to believe he will rescue them from the destruction unleashed by Dick Rod and Choke.

Comment 20 Mar 2015

How in the ^%$^& did VCU get away with all of the dirty play in that game?  Watching Matta, I thought his head was about to explode.

Comment 28 Feb 2015

It's all just a guessing game without being at workouts and practices to watch the whole squad of receivers.  Brown has the size and the hands to compete for the X spot; but what we haven't seen is whether or not he has the desire and heart to be a hitter.  Most receivers just are not very good blockers whether due to hesitancy, poor timing, or poor technique because it just isn't practiced enough on most teams.  From what I saw last season, Smith and Meyer must have made WR blocking one of their priorities in practices because there was a huge improvement in it; most notably by Spencer of course.  But I really do not remember any by Brown.  I'll have to look back through games during the off-season with an eye for that.

Comment 20 Feb 2015

Sad to say, but most commenters here just do not seem to understand the story whatsoever.  11W needs to present this issue in the correct context with pros and cons to allow for reasonable debate.  Right now, this is simply becoming another example of group speak and nonsense.  For example, most seem to think that this is something that the B1G is considering to do unilaterally.  Also, many think that most of this year's team consisted of freshmen. (Pop Quiz: how many true freshmen starters were on this team?)

This story just has it all wrong.  Freshman ineligibility is not a bad idea, but a good one... IF you are more interested in the college part of "college sports". To be honest, I have hoped for this for a very long time.  There is a very real difference between student athletes and the sort of minor league players that we see in college sports today.  As an educator, I agree with our academicians that our sports programs should consist of our students playing sports rather than athletes pretending to be students.  A return to Freshman ineligibility does not accomplish that in and of itself, but it does move in the right direction.  Increasing academic standards for enrollment and then increasing that standard throughout the students' academic career will help even more.  Let the non-student athletes go to play sports in the semi-pros instead of playing school.

Comment 20 Feb 2015

Very well put.  I don't think that this aspect of the situation has been given any real thought up to this point.  The pressure will ratchet up a notch for these guys every time they have an incompletion or busted play, and ten times that when they have a brain-fart mistake.  The best thing for them to do is to look at their position group no differently than the other groups do: you just go out and contribute as a part of the team on the plays that you can get on the field.  Try to do your best and learn to get better each day.

Comment 20 Feb 2015

No disrespect intended, but I don't think you're reading the same article as the rest of us; or, for that matter, watched the same past two seasons either.  The article doesn't address anything about Brax changing positions.  It simply relates how he went from the phenom starting QB to disabled list.  Readers are simply stating the obvious that Brax's future in the NFL is not at QB and so they hope he changes position to prepare for the next level.  IMO, Brax will only want to play QB for the Buckeyes, but I doubt his labrum will ever allow that again.  Let's hope for the best for his sake.

As for the rest of your response here, I'm more than a little confused by it.  It seems that you are saying that Brax is the best distributor as the QB, but that he had no targets.  That is just wrong.  JT is clearly the best distributor of the football, which is why the talent around him was finally able to shine.  When Brax played, he didn't use those targets most of the time.  It was the Brax and El Guapo show.  Devin Smith was there, but not used like he was this season.  Same for the other athletes.  These guys didn't just suddenly appear on the Buckeyes' roster for the 2014 season; they were there all along, and every bit as talented as they were finally able to display.

Comment 20 Feb 2015

Doodah: "On the even brighter hazier side, we are presented with three QBs who will be healthy before spring one healthy QB this Spring (Cardale), another who will be healthy this Summer (JT), and a third who may be healthy by Fall camp (Brax)."

I wish Brax were fully healthy, but a second labrum surgery recovery is most likely not conducive to being a passer in the future.  Even though Brax was never a complete passer, his other skills made him a winner for our Buckeyes and I really want to see him play like that again.  I forsee JT as the starting QB with Brax and Cardale getting time according to game situations.

Comment 16 Feb 2015

I'm right there with ya Turd_Bucket.  In the 70's, my friends and I would make sure to get somewhere with a TV when we were out on Saturday nights to catch SNL.  That, and the Midnight Special on Friday nights were both required viewing.

For me, I always loved the fake TV commercials that they used to do.  (Shimmer... it's a dessert topping, no, it's a floor wax, NO, IT"S A DESSERT TOPPING YOU COW!!!)  Oh, and Eddie Murphy's Buh Wheet Sings album commercial was hilarious too.

But I especially remember this skit with Eddie and the Man in Black.  Loved it.

Comment 13 Feb 2015

This is my belief.  MINE.  So I'll tell you all right now that if you don't respect the rights of fans and alumni to voice their own opinions and expect only kumbaya group speak, you should skip over this right now.

If this means I now support "oversigning," then whatever, throw a lil' hot sauce on that bullet, and I'll dine on it without protest.

DJ, you lost a lot of respect with that statement.

I've been concerned for a while now about Coach Meyer's roster management, but this recruiting class just had me shaking my head in disbelief and shock.  He had this same crap happening at UF where players were forced out medically.  Yes, there were some obvious career ending medical conditions and injuries; but a lot were low-key under the rug stuff and vague.  (e.g. Tanner and Reeves were fine through the playoffs and saw the field in every game..., I felt the same about Adam Griffin and Jamie Wood).  Sure, there could be some very strange coincidence that has increased injuries; but with the physical conditioning program there, that's unlikely.  Plus, the injuries combined with the large number of transfers is the fingerprint for oversigning.  Players who were obviously displeased that left, I just figured it's their loss.  Players who screwed the pooch by breaking laws, failing academics, etc., I was unhappy that they wasted the program's time.  But there have been too many transfers for no apparent reason.  IMO, anyone who doesn't think it's sketchy has their head in the sand.  I hope that someone at the University takes this up with Coach Meyer and gets him on the straight and narrow.  Some other Alumni and I were talking about this at a dinner last weekend, and I'm sure that inquiries are being made.

I have a God-Son in Texas who was screwed due to oversigning four years ago.  He ended up transferring to a FCS program as a Sophomore and has been a star player there.  But it did cost the family quite a bit to do it.  I do not like seeing this happen at my Alma Mater.

Comment 07 Feb 2015

Actually, that is a misinterpretation of what was said on the broadcast.  The "interview" that was referred to on Thursday was the official announcement of Drayton's hire by the Bears, it was not one of his job interviews.  At that level, the vetting and interview process occurs over weeks.  There is no such thing as a walk-in interview and hire in a day.  Same goes for the Buckeyes replacement hire.

Coaches do have their resumes out there each year to numerous programs, and may or may not be called in for interviews 1, 2, or 3 throughout the year, even though the final hires for the NFL doesn't occur until post-season.  At the finalization of the process, they select the hire and negotiate terms over days prior to making the final decision to put it on paper, and then decide when to announce.  As you see, the consensus for the press releases seems to be common on the day following NSD; since there were dozens of them.

Comment 07 Feb 2015

Very well stated, GoFor2.  A Graduate player has every right to pursue his masters or professional degree wherever it best suits their needs.  That must be the first priority.  Four years is the deal, nothing beyond that is guaranteed by either the player or the school.  When a position group is loaded already, many players aren't offered a 5th year even when they qualify.  And yes, that happens at Ohio State just as it does at all other universities.

Comment 07 Feb 2015

^-- This --^  It really has bothered me to read so many "fan's" posts that have marginalized Brax as a QB; or outright disrespected him.  I can't count the number of times that I crossed my fingers hoping that he doesn't visit this site and read the trash.  He carried this team on his shoulders beginning as a true freshman and did a phenomenal job, and has earned our respect and admiration.  It is one thing to say how impressive JT's decision making is, or marvel at the sheer strength of 12-Guage's running and passing is; but it is unacceptable to denigrate Brax because the other two are great also.

As to the context of this article, I am so glad that Coach Meyer isn't taking this lying down.  It has bothered me that the media keeps beating this drum, seemingly hoping that Brax transfers.  If some from the media have interviewed Brax and actually encourage him to transfer, that is unethical journalism to say the least.  I hope Coach Meyer has the press credentials for those people revoked by Ohio State.

Comment 07 Feb 2015

Harbaugh's use of the plural subjective pronoun, "we", is quite appropriate considering his previous deception.

I haven't made any statements about this situation before now, but with the hiring of Tony Alford just 2 days after Coach Drayton's announced hire at Chicago, it is clear that the Buckeyes have been working on this for a number of weeks.  Clearly, Drayton accepted the Chicago job after an interview process that took weeks.  And, just as clearly, Coach Alford went through the same process with the Buckeyes when it became clear that Drayton was moving on.  So, yes, since Weber was not made aware that Drayton would not be his coach, the Buckeyes did deceive him.

However, it is common protocol that we do not inform anyone outside of the hiring process about being hired.  Doing so could (probably would) lose the new position.  So it is understandable that the coaches do not inform recruits or their parents about moving on to other positions.

Bottom line:  Weber (and all of the other recruits around the nation who were recruited by the dozens of coaches moving this week) just learned their first lesson about the professional world.  What a great way to begin their education!

Comment 04 Feb 2015

THIS is probably a good indication that Weber sticks with the good guys too...