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Comment 18 Dec 2014

If I were producing BTN programming, this is how I'd handle Forde on the set before and after each and every one of his appearances.

Bitch Slap Forde like a Joffrey
Comment 16 Dec 2014

Agreed.  Bama is NOT like Wiscy.  They have much more talent, depth, strength, and speed throughout their roster than anything that the Buckeyes have faced in YEARS.  Arkansas was able to limit Cooper by only rushing 4 all game long and bracketing him.  Unfortunately, they lost because playing that type of defense against Bama's zone running game will lead to some big plays because only the DL has eyes into the backfield.  The Buckeyes whooped Wiscy handily because they had nothing to worry about from their passing game, and they brought 5 or six after the QB on every snap.  That plan cannot happen against Bama either because they do have a dangerous passing game.  The compromise will be (as some others have hinted at) to use these schemes situationally.  If the young players remember and execute according to the scheme being called, they will have success on defense.  That's an ambitious approach, and is a lot to ask from such young players; but at this point in the season I am sure that is what Coach Meyer will demand of them as "veterans" of a full season.

One other point, one that is encouraging, is that Bama uses the "punch block" technique as Wiscy does.  The Buckeyes showed that they know exactly how to swim through those. 

Comment 12 Dec 2014

To be clear: I never claimed to agree with Coach Meyer's discipline standard.  I am simply pointing out that it does apply to this situation just as it did with Storm and Carlos (neither of whom were at fault, but who did fail to simply remove themselves from the situation as they were warned to do by the Coach).  JT's own admission in light of Coach Meyer's team rule is the point I am making here.  It has nothing to do with "should" it happen, but everything to do with the reality of the consequences that JT now finds himself facing.  I did not like or agree with the punishments to Storm or Carlos; but I do respect the Coach for maintaining a basic standard in his rules and meting out discipline accordingly.

Comment 10 Dec 2014

Agree, the down voters here represent a particularly distasteful segment of our Buckeyes fan base.  Some people just refuse to acknowledge that there are multiple perspectives and thoughts on any issue.  Personally, I reserve down votes for those who resort to ad hominem attacks.  But, every fan base has their share of demagogues, recalcitrants, etc. who are intolerant of others.  Personally I would like to believe that those are not among my fellow alumni, but past experience has proven otherwise.

Comment 10 Dec 2014

I have no tolerance for mixing my whiskey with anything other than maybe an ice cube.  What a shame to waste good Eagle Rare.  Blasphemy!  Personally, I much prefer Blanton's Single Barrel myself; but I am always considerate enough for the tastes of others to at least toast your appreciation for fine whiskey. 

Here’s to women’s kisses,
and to whiskey, amber clear;
not as sweet as a woman’s kiss,
but a damned sight more sincere.


Comment 10 Dec 2014

Agree with you 100% on all points.  The fact that you got down votes for pointing this out is just sad and confirms how society is degrading.  Coach Meyer's entire point, the foundation of his discipline philosophy, speaks to this basic principle.

Comment 10 Dec 2014

I can see self defense .. But if he choked her... 

Actually, in this case, any physical retaliation (even a push) is assault.  She is a pregnant woman, unarmed.  Sadly, the only correct choice that he had in that moment was to deflect her attacks, turn around and walk away, and then call the police to have her removed.

As you point out, Coach Meyer's number one rule is: No domestic violence.  Period.  He has repeatedly told the players to not retaliate and to walk away.  No doubt in my mind but that Coach will have to suspend and discipline JT.

Comment 10 Dec 2014

I don't understand the down votes for this (although I disagree with the "biggest idiot" point).

The fact is that any man when confronted by an irate and violent woman must know to simply deflect and walk away.  Period.  Yes, we've all been in impassioned arguments where emotions flare; but in those moments when things escalate to physicality, we have that instant of recognition and make a choice to either walk away or retaliate.  It's a split second decision, but a clear choice.

JT, by his own admission, retaliated.  Whether he simply pushed her as he stated, or pressed her down with a forearm to her throat as she contends is immaterial.  He admits that he retaliated.  Coach Meyer, by his own standards, is left with no choice but to suspend JT and discipline him accordingly.

I hate that this has happened to this young man who has done so much so well up to this point.  Let's just hope this doesn't harm his progress and personal development going forward. 

Good Luck to you JT.  You can overcome this setback.

Comment 08 Dec 2014

That was the greatest defensive performance I have ever seen.  However, one game is not proof that the Silver Bullets are back.  The Silver Bullets play lights-out defense consistently, every game, regardless of the opponent.  The jury is still out on this group.  I think you should have added a third choice in this poll:  3) Hope so

Comment 08 Dec 2014

Getting 10 teams into bowl games is important for the B1G and for our Buckeyes. The extra 15 practices will help make the conference stronger and more competitive next year (so we hopefully don't have another season where they collectively implode OOC again).

What bothers me is the unfairness in these match-ups. Not only are most of the B1G teams matched against stronger opponents, but most of the venues are either out-right home games or within their conference footprint.  Michigan State, Nebraska, and Maryland all play at opponents' homes.  Iowa, Minnesota and Wisconsin all play in SEC friendly Florida.  Rutgers got the only B1G area bowl game advantage in Detroit.  The only truly neutral site games are Penn State and Illinois.

What it all means is that, once again, the post season cards are stacked against the B1G.  I expect another losing bowl record, so we can't depend on it to improve national perception.  The only thing that matters will be the Buckeyes performance in the playoff.  Beat Bama, shock the world, earn respect!

Comment 08 Dec 2014

I sure hope that Dontre heals well and is able to get back onto the field in time for the Sugar Bowl.  But no need to rush it and risk further injury either.  But having him in the arsenal for 12-guage would be outstanding!

Comment 08 Dec 2014

Great breakdown here Kyle.  Love it!

All season long I've seen each of the D-linemen and LBs play solid technique.  Their athleticism was evident also as they beat opponents.  The real problem has been that it only takes one to make the wrong decision to take the wrong gap, lose outside contain, overrun the play, etc.  In this game, I was amazed by how well they avoided mistakes and played together as a unit.  I have never seen a better defensive performance.  Not in over 4 decades in the sport.  Never.  That wasn't just Silver Bullets good, that was the most complete defensive performance in the history of college football.  Just amazing.

Comment 21 Nov 2014

Beating a ranked Minny who would have beaten both Nebraska and Wiscy on the road would be just fine thank you, and they would be ranked plenty high enough for the purpose.  That's my perspective.  Feel free to have your own.  Sorry, but I don't think a rematch in which the Buckeyes played even better would hurt their chances for the playoff.  I can not stand Wiscy in any way whatsoever and will never wish for them to win at anything.

Comment 21 Nov 2014

I sooo want Minny to win the West and have a rematch at Indy.  I can't stand Wiscy, right down there with the whale dung covering scUM.  Besides, it will give the Buckeyes the opportunity to show what the game should have played out like in the first place (sans arctic environs and sans turn-overs).

Comment 21 Nov 2014

It's fairly common to redshirt linemen and ends on both offense and defense; so it's not really a surprise to us is it?  I think many have mistaken Meyer's intent, where he expects his coaches to recruit players who they believe may be able to contribute right away as freshmen.  Look at all of the great players from the trenches who weren't able to contribute until their Soph years and became beasts as Jrs and Srs.  Players like Bosa or Spence are outliers from the norm (and that norm includes 5 and 4 star recruits who will become great players in the future).  As for Meyer's comment about those players not being good enough, it speaks for itself.  It doesn't mean the kids aren't giving it all that they have, or that they are slackers; it is simply that the more developed and experienced players ahead of them are better.

Comment 11 Jun 2014

When Smith was made a Buckeye, I was soooo stoked!  He could have been our next Beanie Wells.  But then, after the fumble problems, he showed that he just lacked the ability to be a student-athlete.  He still fails to take being a student seriously.  Sorry, but that should be the first priority for every Buckeye athlete.  Sorry, but this article was a mistake because he cannot be considered a leader for the Buckeyes.  Yes, he is an example of what happens if a player fails to dedicate himself; but his team mates see that without needing him to say it.  He says that he "wants" to be on the field, but there is a big difference between "want" and "desire".  And although he did "put in his time", it is more about what he didn't do during that time.  So sad he had to throw away such a fantastic opportunity.  It is time for the young talent to fill the shoes he couldn't (or wouldn't) lace up.

Comment 28 Nov 2013

Michael, you have picked at a huge scab on my heart. Oh how I despise everything about the skunk weasels! 

November 22, 1969. A day that will live in infamy.  I was crushed. I will never forget it and never forgive it because of the former Ohio turncoats who took so much pleasure from it.

Hate is a trite word that can never encompass how I feel about the skunk weasels. It is an abject loathing, incessant malice, and nauseating detestation that pervades my very being from the root of my DNA to the darkest shadow of my soul.


Comment 25 Nov 2013

See, there you go, thinking like a non-SEC fan.

Oh, I guess I really didn't need to reemphasize that you are a "non-SEC fan" after already stating that you are "thinking". Too many labels.

Anyway, "quality losses" matter to the SEC and their corporate media mouthpieces. I mean, you can't expect teams to make it through the meatgrinder that is the SEC unscathed. If a team was to actually accomplish that, then there would be no need to even have a BCS title game.

Conversely, losses by Wisconsin and Michigan State show how weak the top of the B1G really is. And the ease with which the Buckeyes have dispatched B1G teams only emphasizes how weak their conference is compared with the SEC. I mean, that 30-6 win by Alabama over an outstanding Mississippi State team is much more meaningful. And the head-to-head comparison of Mizzou and tOSU against the Hoosiers means nothing since Mizzou spanked them prior to being forged into greatness in an SEC crucible of greatness! Learn to go along to get along, will ya?  Sheesh

Comment 25 Nov 2013

Reece: So Jesse, who do you think has the most compelling argument to compete for a national championship, Ohio State or Auburn?

Jesse: Without a doubt, it has to be Auburn. Just look at their resume. No question.

Reece: Really Jesse? Do you really believe that? Afterall, some might say that you're just bitter about Urban Meyer leaving your Gaytards to go coach for The Ohio State University. Especially just a day following the historic butt whooping your Gaytards suffered at the hands of the FCS Georgia Southern Eagles.

Jesse: I'm not bitter at all! Meyer ruined the Gaytards, I mean Gators!!! His terrible recruiting left the cupboard bare. Anyways, Georgia Southern is a great Southern Conference football program. They play against and win as many games against the same schools as any other SEC team. They beat Chat just like Bama did, and Appy State just like Georgia, and...

Reece: Jesse, calm down, take a breath and let's get back on topic shall we? So, what exactly is on Auburn's resume that you feel would trump the Buckeyes 23-0 win streak and a win against #13 Wisconsin?

Jesse: SEC! SEC! SEC!

Reece: Security! Can we get security in here please? Jesse has lost his mind again. Didn't the Directors promise us that he would stay on his meds this time around?