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  • SPORTS MOMENT: The Holy Buckeye play at Purdont. I took my parents to that game and, like the entire season, we were on the verge of heart failure hoping that the Bucks would make that 3 yards for the first down. When Krenzel play actioned and scrambled around to pass I thought I nearly lost consciousness -- really! I had to struggle to stay on my feet during the eternal 2.5 seconds that ball was in the air. To this day, I credit Michael Jenkins with saving my life.
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Comment 10 Jun 2016

I'm still amazed that so few young Bucks know about Wes Fesler.  He was my Gramps' favorite Buckeye of all time and he compared every great Buckeye to him, and none ever measured up in his mind.  I knew Hop Cassady when I was growing up (my best friend's dad was the captain of the '54 national champion team), and even he said Fesler will always be the greatest Buckeye payer of all time.  Three-time consensus All-American, and he was a triple threat on offense plus the star defensive player.  Not even the great Chic Harley or Stinchcomb matched that.  Hop tried, as he was the star defender as well as star running back, but didn't match the three-time consensus All-American honors.

Comment 10 Jun 2016

Yep, and that will continue.  Me, I'll always have my kegs and eggs before noon games and carry my whisky flask in with me.  And now, I can finally have a few beers in the stands to go along with that.  Too bad PBR isn't on the beer list at the stadium, but I do like the North High brews; hopefully they have the Milk Stout on tap!

Comment 10 Jun 2016

Good on ya Poco Loco.  Me too!  Today's Natty Light craze started long after our time.  I still drink PBR, as it's the only domestic beer worthwhile.  You can still find places on High Street that harken back to the good ole days and have PBR specials on game days too.  I still miss Larry's bar and have so many memories of all the good times with friends and countless pitchers of PBR together there.

Comment 14 May 2016

As I said, the prep school thing is normal; it happens a lot and is in the student's best interest.  Eddie, Michael, and Cardale are perfect examples of that too, so great examples.

I also agree that a transferring student "isn't necessarily a symptom of oversigning."  However, that is not a lone occurrence; so taken in the aggregate together with the fact that the class is unarguably oversigned, with a huge number of O-linemen on the roster, I am confident that this transfer is in fact a result of oversigning.  Meyer did say this Spring that he was going to have some "tough talks" with some players, and I'm pretty sure this is what that was all about.

It is interesting that on this site so many are so quick to down-vote anyone who points out the obvious, when that contradicts with the lockstep mentality going on here.  It seems to be fine for "fans" here to make unsubstantiated guess-timations that a player transferred because "he didn't want to compete for playing time," or "knows he will never see the field," since those posts get up-voted.  I understand that most here are still kids, unable to entertain or even tolerate opposing ideas.  They're close minded and uninitiated in the real world; so I'm used to it.  But you all need to realize that the students you so gladly wish away in favor of shiny new 5-star prospects are real people. 

Comment 14 May 2016

With 16 new starters, the lack of experience leads me to lean towards the old axiom, "Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results."  If this were the 2014 or 2015 team, I'd feel much more comfortable with the trip to Norman.  Don't get me wrong, there are real studs just aching to get their starts this season; and they will become great players.  But the game being so early in the season for them, against an elite team with a roster full of veteran starters, makes our Buckeyes an underdog for good reason.

Let's hope these guys shock the world and start off the season by steamrolling everyone.  I'll hold off on betting until after I see how they handle BG.

Comment 14 May 2016

The prep school thing may just be a necessity, and it happens.  But Schmidt leaving is something else.  Banana's right.  This is symptomatic of oversigning.  Well, this, plus pushing a grayshirt onto an elite talent from Ohio because you know he has always dreamed of being a Buckeye and will likely accept that to be able to join the team a year later.  I'm more than a little disappointed at the current trend of "roster management". 

This is my perspective, so those who disagree, don't get your panties in a wad. I know most of you on here seem to think that oversigning is fine and just part and parcel of the new age of recruiting, but it is still wrong.

Comment 08 Mar 2016

Spring practices are always nerve wracking for me.  It seems like there are always a bunch of injuries; and players I'm certain will be studs seem to fade into a void.  But, like you point out, there will be players who always rise up.

I'm hoping that Evan Lysle and Kyle Trout step up since they have the the experience and more mature physiques for the O-line.  That's the position group that I'm most concerned about, and I think it's just critical that upperclassmen fill the void there.

Comment 08 Mar 2016

DJ, you make a good point about how many lost sight of how injuries to Buckeye receivers hurt the team last season.  It seemed everyone focused so much on QB-geddon it drove me nuts.

Something else though that I thought hurt the team was limiting reps for veteran players.  I know Urbs wanted to limit potential injuries, and to allow the young pups more opportunities to gain experience, but I am convinced it dulled the edge for the team.  Iron sharpens iron.

Comment 18 Jan 2016

Despite his familiarity with nearly every scheme in the OSU playbook, his focus will undoubtedly be on the technique needed to play them correctly, spending valuable practice time every single day on tackling, proper angles, and causing fumbles.

Kyle, I'm glad that you think this.  It was my greatest hope when I heard Coach Schiano was hired for the position.  I remember how impressed I was watching his Rutgers defense because, although they lacked elite talent, their fundamentals were excellent.  And with such a young D-secondary coming into this season, that must be the priority rather than confusing any of them with scheme complications.  This is not at all like what Ash walked into when he arrived and changed the scheme because he had an experienced, though under-performing roster to work with.

Comment 18 Jan 2016

I can't upvote this enough.  Spot-on with every point here Phi.  I'm looking forward to seeing Coach Schiano's in-game adjustments, especially against some of the offenses we'll see early in the season.  But, as you point out, the lack of experienced players in his unit will certainly limit the extent of that.  But I have no doubt that he will have them playing excellent technique in the fundamentals (tackling, maintaining leverage, etc.)  If Burrows gets back to 100%, that will sure make it easier for him too.

Although there is an embarrassment of riches when it comes to the elite level of talent on the roster (both sides of the ball), the vast majority of it is inexperienced and untested.  Opponent OCs and DCs have many tactics and techniques for their less gifted but experienced players to take advantage of that.  Because of that, I'm most concerned about the defensive secondary and the offensive line.  There is tons more experience among the D-linemen because LJ has them rotate so regularly throughout all four quarters of each and every game; something that never happens on the O-line or D-secondary.  And as you mentioned, the lack of depth for the Safety positions will limit them even more.

I just hope that everybody is ready to enjoy the 2016 season for what it truly is, a rebuilding year; rather than agonizing over how their unrealistic expectations for a special season doesn't happen.  I expect to see a young team, full of special, talented Buckeyes who show flashes of incredible potential, with inconsistent outcomes due to their inexperience causing missed assignments, miscommunication, confusion, bad angles, etc.  But they'll do it with a ton of heart, speed, and aggression, no doubt.  I enjoy seeing young teams grow and get excited about the game and how they improve.  This roster will eventually produce a bunch of All Americans, just don't expect many to be at that level this season.  The future really is very bright for the Buckeyes.

Go Bucks!!!

Comment 20 Dec 2015

Well, I haven't made any comments about the BBucks other than how happy I was when the NCAA finally took the leash off of Mickey.  But I will say this:  I had no objective evidence to argue against anyone saying the team sucked prior to today... because to be honest, the team really was sucking (and that's putting it kindly).  The Matta hatred made no sense though other than the lack of development argument; but youngins are always inconsistent and accident prone (e.g. UK today).  But I ignore those just as I do the #firefickell and #firebeck crowd, as well as all of the ungrateful posters who talk down about the incredible job done by Tress.

On comment boards like this, you should just take it for what it is, opinions (although there are some pretty smart insights by a very few on here at times).

Comment 20 Dec 2015

Darn, my mistake (or, rather, the AA awards mistakes).  For some reason I was thinking He and Decker were made first team FWAA.... probably because they should have imo.

Strange that such a dominant player, pre-season Heisman favorite, has one game with few touches and it eliminated him from the legacy he deserves.  I mean, Henry and the others all had at least one bad game even with lots of carries.

Comment 19 Dec 2015

So glad for Pat and the slobs!

His moving to center is not a certainty, however.  Remember, when Billy Price redshirted in 2013 and changed over from DT to OL he practiced as the center, and for 2014 was at center through Spring and much of that Fall Camp as well.

I think either Pat or Billy will be fine at center, regardless.  But having both of them on the OL interior will certainly help the young OT's and OG to mesh with the slob machine

Comment 07 Dec 2015

For me, the hire is easy.  Cornell Ford, former defensive backs coach at Missouri.  He's had fantastic secondaries, he's a rising star, and although he's from Indiana, he cut his teeth in coaching in Ohio (Maumee HS; Marietta College; then University of Toledo before he went to Missouri).  He's had 8 All-SEC DBs, plus he is a strong recruiter as well.   Since Pinkel was just replaced by Odom, I'm guessing Ford would be approachable for the position.