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Comment 19 hours ago

I hate to be the party pooper here, but... The Buckeyes' offense just isn't up to par this season for a lot of reasons we've all repeated on here.  I do not want to back into anything and only hope MSU whoops PSU so the ninny kitties stay humbled.  Sparty was the better team, period last Saturday so I wish them the best in the B1G CCG.  I think that if the Buckeyes can somehow find a way to trip ttun in The Game, they will earn the Rose Bowl over the B1G runner-up, and that's something worthwhile this season.

Comment 24 Nov 2015

I HATE ttun with a passion unknown to *ankind! 

Every since Bo deserted Ohio, contrived the *ichigan *an fable, and then had the audacity to clai* victory and cry that they had the "right" to represent the Big Ten in the '74 Rose Bowl (regardless of the fact that they were both undefeated with the tie... at the big outhouse).  His arrogance was second to none, despite the fact that he never won a single national title; yet ttun fans still worship the creep.  And then the Cooper years happened, which actually forced *e into full-ti*e anger *anage*ent therapy for nearly a decade and a half.  The snide, arrogant, boastful ttun fans that were forged during that dark age continued to talk trash well into the Hoke era, regardless of results on the field.

Despite all of that, Harbaugh cracks me up.  I actually LOL whenever he gives an interview because of how he handles the reporters like they're idiots (which they usually are).  What is bothering, is that I respect his coaching ability over any other ttun coach I've seen (and I've been a Buckeyes fan since long before Bo waltzed into AA in '69).  This iteration of The Ga*e will be the true test of Urban's football progra* and the *easuring stick for the rivalry between the two coaches for years.  So, looking forward to this one like no other since at least 2001.

As Woody used to say, "Go Ohio!!!"   Beat Blue

Comment 22 Nov 2015

Actually, Bullet is correct.  Look at the rosters.  There is no comparison at any position on the field.  The Buckeyes have superior talent recruited at each and every position.  If they were coached up to their potential then this team would be steamrolling every single team all of the way through the NCG.  Dantonio takes lesser talent and coaches them up to elite levels and game-plans to put them in positions to win.  That's not happening with the Buckeyes, whether anyone wants to accept that or not, it's just a fact.

Comment 22 Nov 2015

I don't think that we can blame the Assistant Coaches because this is Coach Meyer's team, his game plan, his game management.  He blesses (or vetoes) all of the play-calling.  Zeke said that he kept telling Coach Meyer that the zone read was there and would work and begged for it; and he said Meyer ignored him without comment.  I'm not sure why he did it, but Coach Meyer tanked that game.

Comment 22 Nov 2015

To be honest, I wish that this team actually were a top ten team... but it most certainly is not that.  I really wish that they performed on the field up to the level of talent on the roster, but for whatever reason (coaching, individualism, hubris, etc.) that isn't happening.

Comment 17 Nov 2015

Anything can happen, so I'm just focused on the current game on the schedule.

Real chaos can (and probably will) happen.  There are countless ways that this season may conclude before the CFP.

What if's :

tOSU loses to MSU but curb-stomps ttun and Sparty goes on to destroy Iowa?  What then?

tOSU beats MSU, but loses in 2-OT at AA and ttun loses to Iowa in the CCG?  What then?

tOSU beats both MSU and ttun, but so does PSU, then the Buckeyes win a squeaker against Iowa?  What then?

If you follow my thinking here, I"m saying that the only thing that matters is that our Buckeyes control what they can control by taking it one game at a time and win out.  That guarantees them a seat at the final table, which is all that really matters.

Comment 17 Nov 2015

I agree, but it wont work out that way.  12-1 Iowa would drop to like #12;  10-2 MSU would drop to about #16;  and 9-3 ttun would probably fall out of the rankings or be close to #25.  Remember, B1G teams aren't managed by the polls according to the same rules as other conferences (see Ole Miss, eg.)

Comment 17 Nov 2015

uv for you Zimmy.  It makes absolutely no sense that wins matter less than subjective crap like the "eye test" or so-called "strength of schedule" which is mostly manufactured by subjective rankings anyways. 

Imagine if the NFL used this sort of crap to determine who makes the playoffs each year?  Actually, I'd like to see some smart 11Wr make up a NFLPO rankings from last season (remember, conferences could have multiple teams in the po and some conferences have none, just like the CFP)

Comment 31 Oct 2015

Actually, comparing the leadership role is spot-on.  As a retired leader of men myself, I can attest that it is not unrealistic to expect our leaders to live according to those principles.  As a LTC (ret) I am certain that you, like me, have had to process many young leaders out of the Army for this same offense, as well as other infractions that make them non-leadership material.  I would never have compromised my integrity as a leader and I know for a fact that none of my young leaders did either.  Those who did were dismissed.

As for the punishment for JT, like I said earlier, I don't think he should be treated that harshly.  However, I do think that he forfeited his position as a leader for this season.  He should be able to earn the privilege to play again, but not as a starting Captain.  The team needs him on the field, especially in the red zone; but Cardale can and will lead the team as its starting QB just fine.

Comment 31 Oct 2015

In the U.S. Army, one single alcohol related incident results in the end of a leader's career.  Any NCO is barred from reenlistment and Chapter proceedings are initiated, effectively ending their career.  Why?  Because you either ARE a leader, or you are not.  You must live it, it is who you are, and not something you can simply pretend to be.  A real leader does not compromise their integrity for any reason, they don't violate the law, they don't put others at risk for their own selfish reasons.  Yes, that is harsh.  And that is what happens every single day when a leader in the Army fails in their responsibility as a leader.  These are young men, sergeants just four or five years out of high school, or maybe staff sergeants that are a bit older but still young men.  But that mistake ends their careers and effects their lives forever.

I'm not saying that JT should be treated that harshly, but making the point that what he did is more serious than many here seem to believe.  I do not think that Coach Meyer will have him as a starter this season unless Cardale fails miserably (which I highly doubt) or unless he gets injured (which I most certainly pray he does not).  I'm sure Coach Meyer will use him in the red zone again, probably as soon as the MSU game.  Let's hope so.  I really hope JT grows from this and that it doesn't harm the team.  I think that they are close enough and supportive enough that it wont, and that they will continue towards a championship.

Comment 31 Oct 2015

I agree with the spirit of your post here TigerSweat.  But, at the same time I the issue is more serious.

Nobody should be bashing JT, especially not fans like us who simply follow the team and comment on blogs.  He is young and will hopefully learn from his mistakes, but that is for him to deal with and not for us to disparage him about (like you said).

However, JT is (was) in a special situation as the team leader.  Being underage, he made a decision to drink illegally, regardless of his position as the leader of his team on and off of the field.  That is an indicator of poor character.  He then compounded that by deciding to drive after drinking.  That is an indicator of lack of self-discipline and a disregard for others around him.  No way is this a light matter in for someone like Coach Meyer.  The leader of the Buckeyes must be someone who doesn't just play the part or fill a role; it requires that the young man lives according to the principles of leadership.  Integrity, self-discipline, responsibility, they are more than words.  I hope that JT learns from this that he must embody those principles going forward.  Pretenders tend to be exposed as this current incident has shown.

Saying all that, I hope Cardale takes on this role wholeheartedly and leads this team flawlessly.  Go Bucks!

Comment 08 Sep 2015

What's so great about this for me is that Brax has been a die-hard Buckeyes fan since he was a little kid, and LOVES his team and university.  After all of the chatter earlier this year about him "possibly transferring" (which drove me absolutely crazy btw), seeing him go out there tonight gave me the sort of satisfaction that is hard to explain.  Whether or not he is in the Heisman hype this year, I am certain that Brax will be immortalized in Buckeyes lore with the likes of Hop Cassady and Archie.  Not just because of his amazing plays on the field, but because of his dedication and love for the team and university.

Comment 08 Sep 2015

Congrats to 12-gauge.  I am happy for him, and love seeing how excited and happy he was in this game.  If not for a few drops and the O-line's inconsistencies his passing stats would have been awesome.  Even so, I think that the offense runs best with JT behind center.  Although it is obvious that Cardale sheds would-be tacklers easier, I don't think those tacklers would have even made contact with JT because he can flat-out elude them.  When JT ran the zone read, he was able to get around VT defenders where Cardale couldn't.  As for the passing, I don't see as much of a difference.  That pass from JT to Thomas was the longest throw through the air tonight; as an example.

But, Coach Meyer's reasoning is sound and he has the added benefit to see everything that these two are doing in practice as well as in training in the weight room.  Since both options are so close and either will win for the Buckeyes, it's a coin-toss type of coaching decision that nobody can argue against.  It leaves me curious about how he will decide on starters going forward though.  Will it be situational as it relates to the type of defenses opponents have?  Or, will it be according to how JT and Cardale "handle their business" during that particular week leading upto the game?  What's great about that is that opposing coaches wont have a clue about what to expect either.  It's going to make this season all the more exciting to watch, I'm sure.

Comment 08 Sep 2015

As exciting as the explosive plays are, I would much rather see them sprinkled in among consistent progress down the field,. rather than what we saw for most of tonight's game.  It's too bad that the O-line was so inconsistent.  Without all of the pressure on Cardale this game would have been over early.  There is just so much talent on this team that it is incredible to think how they will blow up opponents as they fix the mistakes.

Same goes for the defense.  They gave up a lot of rush yards up the gut without LBs sticking their heads in there. So they have a long way to go too.  But, like last year, I think we will see steady improvement throughout the season.  It's the first game afterall, and every team has rust to knock off at the start of the season.

Comment 30 Jul 2015

and here are those PC police I was referring to.  Go ahead with your moral outrage over something that means nothing if you want.  You need to learn that comedy can be about anything and everything.  Just because outrageous humor is funny should not be confused with making light of real world issues.  The holocaust and the Nazis were not funny at all; but it doesn't stop comedians from using them for humor.  Get real and get over yourselves.

Comment 30 Jul 2015

Great job Maka.  I'm not surprised that the 11W staff didn't look into this at all; or that so many people on here got all negative about your thread and Bass' comments..  I mean, let's be honest, this is really just a cheerleading site where nobody wants to be a buzz kill.  Nothing wrong with that, really; since every fan base has a site like this where other teams' fans can peek in and make fun of for being unreal (I still get a kick out of reading posts in MGOBLOW and Black Shoes Diaries).  If I had an inside tip like that, and wanted it looked into, I'd get in touch with Tim Mays.