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  • SPORTS MOMENT: The Holy Buckeye play at Purdont. I took my parents to that game and, like the entire season, we were on the verge of heart failure hoping that the Bucks would make that 3 yards for the first down. When Krenzel play actioned and scrambled around to pass I thought I nearly lost consciousness -- really! I had to struggle to stay on my feet during the eternal 2.5 seconds that ball was in the air. To this day, I credit Michael Jenkins with saving my life.
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Comment 02 Jul 2015

What you say is true in fact, but the Battle Flag of the Army of Virginia is commonly referred to as the Stars and Bars by the folks I know in Alabama and Tennessee, or most commonly as the rebel flag

Comment 01 Jul 2015

Agree with you Citrus that our status as veterans (eight time combat infantryman vet here, btw) is nothing that should have any affect upon our eligibility for seats.  That's not my point though.  Just saying that those of us who have contributed to our football program for many decades over our lifetime should receive some consideration when we are in the later years of our retirement and on limited income no longer able to contribute as we always have.  IMO, there should be a cumulative points system tied to contributions made that prioritizes for us lifetime members over 70 years old.

Comment 01 Jul 2015

Agree Buckeye3M, I've seen many reb flags on some of the worst dumps in Dixie (probably the most expensive item on the properties).

For all of my Buckeye brethren in the South, here's a couple flag ideas for you to fly so you can join in with your stars-n-bars neighbors:

Buckeye Leaves n Bars


Buckeye Leaves n Bars 2

No offense Ramzy, I absolutely love your Buckeye Nation flag (want one of those btw), but these seem more appropriate for flying in Dixie I think.

Comment 01 Jul 2015

Ramzy, I wish we had The Situational daily.  I always look forward to the nuggets of insight and am never disappointed (except of course by the cocktails).  Good to see Eagle Rare presented as it deserves to be, neat n clean, and echelons above Rebel Yell (which does "taste like the wet spot produced by two raisins in the throes of forbidden carnal passion," lol)

Comment 30 Jun 2015

Agree with you wholeheartedly Jumar.  The golden years aren't so golden.  As a lifetime Varsity O member myself, retired US Army, and retired teacher, I've given freely for many decades to my Alma Mater and the athletics program.  I still donate as I can to both of my colleges, the cancer center, and faculty club activities while I still can.  But it is disheartening to know that when I am no longer able to make donations that I will also fall to the bottom category of the football lottery system.  It seems many of the youngsters have no appreciation for those who have dedicated a lifetime of support for our university.

Comment 27 Jun 2015

Yeah, I got that feeling about Harbaugh too, Cinserious. He's got to be cranked on something there, right?

As for Pipkins wanting to stay, I think he bought into the current mind-set with his team mates that they are going to shock the world by repeating a 1969-like upset in AA against another #1 undefeated defending national champion Buckeyes team with a new coach.  It's all the rage up there these days.  Mike Hart is sharing his stash with these guys.

Comment 20 Jun 2015

TSUN is now a place of bitterness and pain, a place of melancholy previously unknown to mankind.

I was amazed when I watched them losing at home to Minny as ESPN2 constantly showed the scUM fans suffering in the stands all game long.  I've never seen anything like that.  Here's 4 minutes of sad *ichigan fans for your viewing pleasure.  You're welcome  :)

Comment 20 Jun 2015

The Jackson Foundation pioneered TBI research together with the US Army and Navy at Walter Reed and Bathesda.  I had a TBI in the Army in '95, was in a coma for 5 months and discovered they had initiated procedures to put me out on a medical retirement. Luckily, I was NCO of the year and President of the Audie Murphy, so the Sergeant Major of the Army stepped in and had me sent to the TBI research at Walter Reed.  From '95 until '98 I was there in treatment and therapy until I regained everything, how to talk, understanding written language, etc. a whole bunch of issues that would take a book to relate.  Anyway, at the end of that, the Army still wanted to medically retire me, but I fought it and was able to avoid disability and retired a few years later in 2000.  It is difficult, but you can heal from a TBI, although never completely.  I hope more doctors are like you Rockfordbuckeye, who understand the resilience of the brain.  Use Chess and other logic problems to accelerate cognitive regeneration.

Comment 16 Jun 2015

No, nothing like that.  But I did have to buy a guy new glasses and a couple hundred dollars for the broken nose

Comment 16 Jun 2015

Agreed.  Locker room motivation like this could ruin my schadenfreude moment in Blacksburg

Comment 16 Jun 2015

1.  Predictions for CFP in June is a farce.

2.  Stonewall Jordan is for real.  With the turnover to come on the O-Line, makes me think he could be one of the few frosh O-linemen

3.  That helmet is just hideous!!!

4.  Tyvis probably shouldn't be poking the techies, Maddy makes a good point.  The Hokies will be much tougher this year than last.

5.  I can attest from similar experience that attempting the Happy Gilmore shot is not recommended.

Comment 16 Jun 2015

You're right, Oyster.  I remember that interview very clearly and knew at that moment that Tressel did inform Smith.  I'm not good at finding clips, but I tried.  Hope someone can get it.

Comment 16 Jun 2015

45BuckShot:  THIS is the best description of this situation that I've read by any fan on here.  Dean took a chance committing early to the Buckeyes, knowing his injury situation; but, the Buckeyes were unwilling to take a chance on Dean, regardless of his commitment.

The claim that believing the medical staff must have been fraudulent if Dean is healthy enough is not true either.  They give a diagnosis as a snapshot of his medical condition at the time, and would clear him or not in the future as he heals or not.  The football coach is the one who decides on whether to redshirt or to hardship him.  The fact is that, being oversigned, Coach Meyer decided not to redshirt Dean.  That's just simple truth. 

Dean had hoped that by being enrolled early that he would get a benefit of the doubt; and is now bitter that did not happen.  It's understandable.

Comment 14 Jun 2015

The most horrible encounter with alcohol in my life occurred when I was just 18 years old, and involved a few bottles of mad dog (plum... PLUM!!!)  To this day I've never been so sick, and that was 35 years ago.

Comment 14 Jun 2015

"Flag Day" = "Army Day".  On this date in 1775 our senior military branch was created by the Continental Congress.

Happy 240th Birthday to the U.S. Army!

Comment 13 Jun 2015

I love Coach Coombs the mostest.  Am I the only one who sees him losing his mind on the sidelines, and gets a little afraid that he's going to run onto the field and make a tackle?

Comment 13 Jun 2015

Clearly you didn't get your standard issue reading glasses with your subscription dues payment receipt....

Comment 13 Jun 2015

I assume those people are bankrupt and in a gutter somewhere. They had it coming.

Quite the opposite.  They are making six figures at ESecPN, ABC, CBS, and SI.