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    Every time them Bucks took care of you know who...

    That Fiesta Bowl routing of Notre Dame felt pretty nice too.
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Comment 12 Jan 2017

Seems to me (and I could be wrong), that elite level interior d line recruits have been the most elusive of all position groups for us. We've gotten our share of elite edge rushers, and have developed great interior guys, but the 5 star d tackles have been non existent or far and few between lately. 

Bottom line: I don't care how many "stars" a recruit has, I just want big studs in there. With that said, I just hope this position pans out for us, and improves a bit moving forward. Hopefully one of these guys turns into Cam Heyward 2.0..... Go Bucks

Comment 10 Jan 2017

They have raked in their 2 best recruiting classes in a long time in consecutive years with another coming in this year. Alabama/OSU classes? No, but they're not going to exactly be talent poor up there. I gleefully admit, that seems a little high giving what they have to replace, but if they field a capable qb, they could be a legit threat year after next. I don't root for em or anything, but I love it when they're decent and they feel like they have a chance. We get more of their sweet tears that way.  They are delicious. I'll never tire of them. Ever. 

Comment 10 Jan 2017

Whatever. The preseason polls are almost useless. In fact, they probably do more harm than good. I realize there's no way to keep entities from putting them out there (they know they're good for page views and what not), but they tend to keep overrated teams in the hunt for too long, and underrated teams out of the conversation for too long. 

Its very wise for the committee to wait several weeks before releasing their first rankings....

Go Bucks

Comment 14 Dec 2016

PSU played on the same Saturdays that OSU did. McSorley didn't struggle nearly as bad as JT in down field throwing situations. Weather plays a factor at times (and I'm not saying JT sucks or anything, I love the guy), but our passing game has had issues that "weather" doesn't explain. Wind has no bearing on pass protection, and not too much bearing on passes of 10 yards or less which have still looked shaky at times. JT has as much experience as any qb in the country, but the unit as a whole is still young. The line, the lack of separation by the receivers, and slightly less than impeccable accuracy by JT have left the passing game a bit of a question mark when it comes to championship caliber teams. With all of that negativity being said, we all know what the offense's A-game looks like as well.... I think it's unstoppable. When that much talent plays up to potential, it's a thing of beauty. We won't beat Clemson with our average performance. We have to play our best. We play our best two games in a row, we're bringing home more hardware!

Comment 06 Dec 2016

I'm nervous for him. This is his big chance, and beating Clemson will solidify his place in Buckeye lore. I know Buckeye Nation will remember him fondly either way, but I believe he holds himself to a higher standard than we do. Bama is a different beast, I don't care how he feels about it, he doesn't have to beat them, I know he feels he needs (and we want him) to get us our shot at em though. I love his competitiveness, and demeanor. Can't wait to root him on to victory. 

Comment 06 Dec 2016

They have awesome receivers, but I really don't think they have anyone of Sammy W's caliber (at least that's what I'm hoping....).  Hopefully Hooker and company make an interception prone Watson a little tentative in the passing game, giving the rushmen time to corral him, and the linebackers an opportunity to bring him down near the line of scrimmage.... Can't wait to find out!

Comment 03 Dec 2016

Hey, you're exactly right... That's exactly what I did. Thank you for my lashings. I'm not privy to these internet rules of etiquette. It was quite the civic duty you did there, to point out my egregious ways.  Keep that watchful eye watching, and those discipline doling fingers doling. You're making the internet a better place! 

Comment 02 Dec 2016

Look, I (like everyone else outside of the state of Florida) believe Bama will smash the gators... But I haven't heard much about what would happen if they were to lose.... Bama obviously deserves the #1 seed if they win, but if they lose, the Bucks would actually have a very strong case for #1 seed, and a slightly better semi-final matchup. I know it may be a waste of time, but no one ever has to twist my arm to root against Bama anyway, soooo go gators?

Comment 18 Nov 2016

I have to admit I didn't forget that he ran plenty in that game, but I did forget just how effective he was at it.... Gotta give those '14 slobs their due though, Looked like he was getting some good blocking and some good push on plenty of those nice runs.

Here's to hoping the '16 version of slobs play just as well for JT tomorrow!

Comment 07 Oct 2016
Agreed. I was just thinking about how much more grizzled he looks already in that pic. Like the process turned him into a full fledged man.... I think he's gonna be just fine. Probably will settle into a double digit per year sack guy within two seasons.... It will be tough for him to show out this season, but he's going to before it's said and done (barring injury of course).
Comment 26 Aug 2016
Sparks an interesting thought.... The NCAA should let guys come back if they don't get drafted (or in Bosa's case, don't like where they get drafted or don't sign).... Joey isn't going to get drafted nearly as high next year if he indeed doesn't play this year....