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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Just about every game of the '02 season...

    Every time them Bucks took care of you know who...

    That Fiesta Bowl routing of Notre Dame felt pretty nice too.
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Comment 11 May 2015

Not by 247, ESPN, or Rivals... Rivals even had him as a 3 star.  I didn't mean that he wasn't a talented recruit. Buckeyes had at least a half dozen guys in that class that were more highly touted, that's all I meant.


Comment 05 May 2015

I was there for The Game in '03 (it was the 100th meeting). "The Whore" had a particularly putrid smell to her that afternoon... Chris Perry ran all over us, but we were still in it in the 4th. Got my ticket for face value five minutes before kickoff, right in the middle of the Michigan student section. I believe at the time, it was the largest crowd to ever watch a football game. Something like 112,000 - 114,000.

Comment 19 Apr 2015

Absolutely love it... It's funny to me how often the "second tier" recruits end up outshining the 5 stars. I'm not suggesting Hubbard wasn't a heralded recruit, but there were several others in his class that I thought would be contributing before him (Trey Johnson being one). Bottom line, best player plays. If guys like Darron Lee and Sam Hubbard want to step up and lead the next wave of Buckeye greats, I'm all for it.  Go Bucks!

Comment 08 Apr 2015

Absolutely amazing... Greatest of all time.

It's pretty badass that Ohio State can lay claim to having the greatest golfer of all time (Jack), arguably the greatest track and field athlete (Owens), one of the 5 best collegiate wrestlers in NCAA history (Steiber), and the most Heisman trophy winners all call themselves Buckeyes... 

We are spoiled rotten! I pity fans of other schools.

Comment 11 Dec 2014

I agree with running some screens, hitches, and the like, but with the main purpose of keeping Bama's D honest and spread out enough to run Zeke right up the gut. In other words, we might have to set up something small, in order to set up something big. Ultimately I believe they have to find a way to have success with Zeke to give Cardale and Devin a chance to counter the big plays Cooper is sure to have. If the D can limit Cooper to under 100 yards, that's going to help tremendously. 

Comment 11 Dec 2014

I said the same thing at work today. This W would be priceless.... Of course I'm rooting for them to win the whole thing, but beating Alabama would solidify the program in every aspect (confidence, recruiting, perception). Usually I get an uneasy feeling when I think their in trouble, but this time it feels like they're playing with house money. The perception of OSU vs SEC couldn't get any worse, they're playing with their 3rd string QB, they basically have every excuse to lose already built in. This is a low risk / high reward game for the good guys. Alabama is clearly the team that has more to lose. The young Bucks just need to bow up and take it.

Comment 07 Aug 2014

The fight against cancer is such a noble cause.... Love the message, but kinda agree with it not being totally appropriate.  Don't get me wrong, I work in a factory and cuss like a sailor on the reg, but also have young Buck fans in the house that I really don't want throwing that word around (just yet anyway).

The topic though reminds me of the coolest thing any Wolverine ever did. Got a give a shout out to that lovable loser Hoke for inviting that young Buckeye fan fighting "Michigan" to The Game last year (or the year before), that was quite a classy move.  Hopefully, that will continue to be the most notable moment of a long mediocre career.

Comment 04 Aug 2014

Beanie did have durability issues, and I hate to say it, but he tapped on that helmet a little too often too.... but my lord, was his A game astonishing... A healthy Beanie was one of the most impressive ball carriers I've ever seen in the college ranks. I'm kind of echoing everyone else when I agree that Carlos was more dependable though, and he actually was a bit more of a bruiser IMO. In the end, flip a coin. If you had to choose between them, I'd honestly choose both. Could you imagine letting one of those beasts wear down a defense over the first half, and then putting the other one in fresh in the second? Goose bumps just thinking about it.