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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Just about every game of the '02 season...

    Every time them Bucks took care of you know who...

    That Fiesta Bowl routing of Notre Dame felt pretty nice too.
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: All time: Spielman - Current Buck: Bosa - Honorable Mention: Hawk
  • COLLEGE BASKETBALL PLAYER: Craft - Can't help it
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Comment 31 Oct 2015
Wow, sure am glad everybody set Louisville straight..... Shit, I feel let down too. Y'all seem to be bashin him for "feeling let down". Weird. I mean, I get that Barrett doesn't owe anything to me or Louisville personally, but what is Ohio State football without the fan base? It's nothing. It doesn't exist. Believe me smart guys, Meyer will be talking to Barrett about how this effects his status in the locker room, around campus, and the media (which these days includes social media, or to an extent, Buckeye Nation, ie. Louisville, me, and you turds). He obviously earned himself a suspension (2 games seems right to me). I'm not going to hold it against him, I really admire JT. Young people make mistakes. I'm 38, and still make em. But seriously though, get off Louisville's back for stating how he feels. SMH
Comment 14 Aug 2015
Mine too. Great football player, awesome all around human. Speilman is the man.
Comment 12 Aug 2015
Until we're up 3 or more scores, Zeke needs to be on a 20+ carry pace every game. Once we're up big, we can let some of the young Bucks get theirs. People can credit Jones' arm for Zekes performance at the end of the season all they want, I personally think the added touches are what made the biggest difference (all due respect to the slobs). Keep feeding that dude the ball, and he's going to break one (while racking up first downs in the process). He averaged 6.9 ypc last year. Another hand could get him to 7.3ish...
Comment 11 Aug 2015
In '03 (only one Tressel lost), I was lured up there expecting to have tickets waiting on me, but of course I got screwed last minute. It was about an hour before kickoff when I found out. I had $300, and was getting laughed at for offering every cent of it. I was about to give up and head for a bar when I got Meatchicken student section tickets for face value five minutes before kickoff. We lost, but I loved sitting amidst the enemy. I believe I held my own quite well....
Comment 11 Aug 2015
Last year around "The Game" time, I kept reminding some buddies of the '07 scenario. We lost our second to last game of the year (Illinois), and still made the NCG, ranked #1 no less.... Anything is possible in CFB.
Comment 11 Aug 2015
This schedule doesn't set up too well considering the old adage "you're better off losing early". I know we CAN get in with a loss, just not too sure about that if it's one of those down the stretch. Can't wait to find out!
Comment 07 Aug 2015
I absolutely feel ya there. Ohio born and raised fans of ttun are such freaks of nature. I truly can't wrap my mind around why someone would commit such treason. Honestly though, when I look back on all of the losses we've taken to those scum sucking weasels, the ones that dashed our title hopes hurt the worst. Memories of those bastards with roses in their mouths haunt me to this day. Wouldn't everyone agree that the win in '06 was the most satisfying of this decade?
Comment 06 Aug 2015
I've said it before, and will say it again. The only problem with recruiting at this level, is recruiting at this level.... Of course programs are always looking for recruits that aren't afraid of competition, but kids would be foolish to not weigh their probability of getting on the field before signing the dotted line.
Comment 06 Aug 2015
I see some of the same things in my work place. I know I'm personally more productive and able to deal with adversity better when the mood is light and my crew and I are having "fun" while we get the job done. With that said, when my crew see's me take on a more serious tone, they do as well. People respond better to leaders and others that can have fun, but know when to get serious. This whole team, staff included seem to understand and embrace this. But like someone in the thread already pointed out, it'll be a shame how some media and fans point to the light hearted-ness as a contributing factor if we drop a game...
Comment 05 Aug 2015
Decker has the perfect disposition. He knows that it's not his job to worry or even care about who starts at QB. It's his job to take care of the guy('s) lining up across from him. I have a hard time not seeing things through scarlet tinted glasses, but it truly seems like we may end up with the best (or close to) O-line, D-line, LB's, RB, and QB situation in the country. I wouldn't hold a loss against anyone, but it seems like we should steamroll the schedule.... Expectations are high for a reason boys!
Comment 04 Aug 2015

Northwest Ohio might not be the apex of Ohio football, but there isn't a football playing town in this beautiful state that couldn't churn out a decent recruit every once in a great while.... I'm from West Alexandria (Twin Valley South) in Preble County (SW Ohio). Our little corner of the state doesn't see much elite talent, but every decade or two someone comes along with a touch of greatness in them. I'll never forget watching Curtis Enis (Mississinawa Valley - right up the road) go ape shit all over South his Junior and Senior years.  When you put a kid like that on the field against a bunch of poorly coached farm kids, shit gets ugly. He seemingly went out of his way to run over our "defenders".

Comment 04 Aug 2015

I'm down with this kid. From Ohio, got the size, and performed well in front of the coaches.  He'd be worth having around just for Sparty, even if nothing else.  You know he's going to have that game circled every year.  Buckeye Nation welcomes you with open arms Mr. Cupp!