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Comment 21 hours ago

Dude has big-time potential. I was in love with the fact that we had 3 top 10 DE's in the same class. With that said, did anyone see that interview with him and Coop at Friday Night Lights? I didn't want to bang on him at the time, but the kid kept talking with a mouth full of chicken strips and it was really pretty gross... Seriously though, how can you blame him for being a little intimidated by the wealth of talent / competition he'd be facing next year.  I think it says something pretty good about the state of affairs at OSU when a recruit likes his chances of getting playing time better at Alabama. I wish him the best of luck. If he wants to play for a Natty elsewhere, he'll need it!

Comment 30 Jul 2015
Do you think a players reputation could really be damaged by a rumor on a message board (especially a rumor about a one game suspension)? The only way it could be damaged is if it were true. And if it's true, this IS kind of a place to talk about it.... If it's not, no one is really getting hurt. Let's put it this way, BD knew what was up. He wasnt dragging names through the mud, he was telling you what was up. It's not BD's fault that you didn't believe him, or needed some other source before you'd cosign his comments on the matter. I'm not hatin on ya man, it just seems like you're still hatin on him, and I don't get it. He was right.
Comment 29 Jul 2015
I once had to use a public toilet at Miami University (Ohio of course), and when I sat down I noticed some very small handwriting at the bottom of the stall door... It was so small in fact, that I had to lean forward a bit just to make it out. It read: "you are now shitting at a 45 degree angle" Poetry
Comment 27 Jul 2015

That's what I'm trying to say man! If they didn't get another in the top 40, we couldn't complain... But you know they're just getting warmed up. The future's gone from bright to practically embarrassing. I wouldn't want to get too carried away and guarantee too many Natty's, but we are going to be just about main-stays in that playoff for years to come.

Comment 27 Jul 2015

You're right about at least one thing; JT > Leak and Cardale > Tebow (at least as a passer and maybe almost = as a short yardage runner). Before I get lambasted for that comment, I know that Tebow was a natural born leader and winner. I guess what I'm getting at is, JT is IMO the better overall QB, but Cardale obviously has the better long ball AND can move the pile in a special way. His 3rd down conversion rate last year was unbelievable. The idea of a 3rd down QB seems a bit like a slap in the face of the guy you have out there on first and second, but that stuff we watched Cardale pull off was real... That was not a dream folks. The biggest negative I've ever heard people bring up when talking about 2 QB systems, is that "neither get in a rhythm". I don't buy it. Bringing in one guy for a play here or there wouldn't foil the others rhythm anymore than calling a running play or two in a row. Bringing in a guy for a series wouldn't foil the others rhythm anymore than the other team going on a long drive, or even a long tv timeout / halftime. That whole "if you have two you don't have one" thing is true most of the time, because it's usually used when neither one of them is awesome. We have two dudes that are awesome, and each in their own way. If Urbs wanted to go with a 50/50 split, I'd be all for it. At least until one outshines the other....

Comment 26 Jul 2015
I know what you mean man. I just can't understand why there are so many Buckeye fans that want to DV other Buckeye fans for an honest opinion or thought (when that opinion or thought in no way trashes the program). You got DV'd for speculating that Wilson might want to go somewhere where he might be the focal point of an offense, hence increasing his likelihood of making it to the NFL. Goes to show, there are plenty of fans that don't actually give a damn about what's best for the players, just what's best for the program. SMH
Comment 24 Jul 2015
Weber's gonna be fightin for carries too.... It's odd, sometimes the biggest hurdle to overcome when recruiting at this level, is recruiting at this level.... I hope all of our commits (and the guys already enrolled) all stick around, but there are going to be very very talented players that never get to start here. Couldn't hardly blame them for trying to get on the field at another perennial powerhouse where the competition isn't as stiff. These could be the greatest days in OSU history. Savor it my friends, savor it....
Comment 16 Jul 2015

I agree 100%. We just can't go wrong IMO. All three have excellent arguments as to why each should be the starter.

Here's a tidbit for thought: Most of us fans that are in the corner of one of these guys over the other two, are doing so based on a gut feeling about ones abilities being superior to the others. It is my personal opinion that JT Barrett is the best overall QB, therefore giving us the best chance at victory. There are no facts that can back up my opinion. There are countless facts that could be analyzed, but facts are facts.... It is a proven fact, that this team CAN win a national championship WITHOUT Braxton Miller. That doesn't mean that we're not better off with him starting, but it is NOT a proven fact that this team can win a national championship without JT and/or Cardale.

 Like you said, I'm glad this isn't my decision. If only one of these guys starts all season, and we drop a game, or heaven forbid, don't make the playoffs, Urban (and the rest of us) could lament his decision for a very long time... 

Comment 16 Jul 2015
I think Zeke breaks the rushing record for sure if he stays healthy, we have several somewhat close games (an actual need to have him in the whole game), and if Cardale or JT start. If Braxton starts, and he runs anywhere close to as often as his Junior campaign, Zeke just won't get as many touches (as it might take to break the record). I mean dude could rush for 2300 no matter who's at qb, but if I was Urban, I'd probably call passing plays more often with Braxton out there because I'd know I'd get to fall back on his superior rushing ability when no one's open or someone gets through the slobs.
Comment 15 Jul 2015

I love y'all, I really do. Buckeye fandom seems a bit like a brotherhood to me. With that said, believe me, I'm not trying to stomp on anyone's opinion, but I can't imagine voting for anyone but Lewis at this point. Holmes and Hubbard seem to have crazy potential, but they haven't even suited up yet.  Lewis has valuable experience (NCG experience at that), and another entire off-season with the best strength and conditioning staff in the country under his belt. Holmes or Hubbard would have to be better than advertised to take Lewis' spot anytime soon IMO. You can call me Missouri, cause them boys got to SHOW ME! I guess I'm always rooting for the guy with experience to take the next step (unless there's some kind of off the field issue with them).  At the end of the day though, I don't care if it's some walk on that none of us have heard of. If Urban, Fick, Ash, and LJ trust him to start, I'm sure we'll be in good hands!  Can't wait for the longest summer in history to hurry up and die already!

Comment 14 Jul 2015
This state loves it's football, and there is an incredible amount of state and community pride as well. I've lived in Preble County (Eaton area) my whole life, but have worked just over the border in Richmond Indiana for 18 years. It's amazing how different things are just twenty minutes away. Basketball is king over there. We take it pretty seriously as well, but three of the 5 biggest high school basketball venues in the country are in Indiana. Another huge difference is their inability to have an allegiance to one school. So many people over there are Hoosier fans in basketball, and Irish fans in football.... I swear I think most of em root for Russia in hockey. Nice article Mr Shoemaker!
Comment 07 Jul 2015
I agee. They do have to point at something, but what if they had played Cardale a little more honest? How many yards would Zeke have gone for then? He torched their assess when they were playing run and aggressively. It would have just been hard to watch if they would have had one less in the box most of the night. I know I should be careful about what I wish for, but I hope we get Bama again sometime soon and put a fork in em. That victory was the sweetest win in Buckeye history IMO.
Comment 02 Jul 2015

I'm wishing the best for Dunn, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't wishing the best for all of the Bucks. If Weber doesn't cabbage up on some playing time this year, it might be tough to ever crack the legitimate lineup. Next years RB class looks ridiculous. 3 of the top 5 RB's in the country. At the end of the day, I just want the ball in the hands of our most explosive/reliable players... If the 2nd best option at RB behind EZ-E is Dunn, I'll be hootin and hollerin for him like crazy.

Comment 01 Jul 2015
I really don't know if Lee is as fast as Shazier, but the dude obviously is a natural at the position. The defense Lee is going to be playing with its definitely more complete than the one Shazier played with, so is tough to predict how their numbers will compare when it's all said and done. All I can say with certainty is, I'm awfully glad Lee is donning the S & G!