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Comment 13 Dec 2010

what in the hell is this????? what kind of name is this...you spend millions, and have the potential to make millions and these so called, brilliant minds come up wit dis!!!! LEADERS AND LEGENDS r u serious??????? other conferences al ready think were  a joke now no one will take us serious.....

Comment 27 Nov 2010

I dont think this is the last of RR, somethin tells me he will come into his own, dont get me rong great game great competion, but I know i wasnt the only one worried cause if they convert its a whole new ball game, so dont forget just 8 yrs ago it was different, enjoy it while it lasts cause it will change.....nothin stays the same...WIN THE DAY

Comment 18 Nov 2010

Okay, lets all be honest here! TP was the #1 recruit in the nation coming out of HS, he was highly touted, and some thought he was gonna win the Heisman and win multiple Nat Championships, but honestly I dont think hes ever been comfortable in the offense, actually his numbers would be out of this world and he may have won the Heisman or Nation Champ if he'd went to Mich, yes Mich!!!!!! cause he hasn't done really anything that has compared to what everyone in this small town figured he'd be, lets face it he's predictable....if he's ever in a pressure situation on the field he'll line up in the spread and act like he's gonna pass but run..he just doesnt look comfortable and its been what? 3 years? If a team stuff's the run and blitzes outside in  on third down....."its curtains batman" OVERATED

Comment 01 Nov 2010

do u really think your #1???? child please!!!!!!